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Implanted Memories
A Tribute to Blade Runner & Vangelis
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November 2019

The iconic movie Blade Runner (1982) takes place in a dystopian future set in November 2019. And here we are! To celebrate the fact that synthetic humans, known as replicants, have not taken over the world as of November 2019, myNoise releases a tribute to Blade Runner and its cult soundtrack composed by Vangelis.

The original movie assumed that by now, replicants would not only have existed, but be difficult to distinguish from humans. The plot relies on the Voight-Kampff test to distinguish one from the other with a series of questions related to empathy—or the lack thereof. If replicants were superior to humans in many ways, they would indeed be incapable of human traits such as emotions and empathy.

While the replicants don—t rule our world yet, we humans share the same planet with companies that are just as powerful and frightening as the Tyrell Corporation in Blade Runner. Rather than building replicants in the real world, these companies quietly harvest information from our digital world instead. All of this is done invisibly, behind the scenes, using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and psychographics in an attempt to alter our behavior in the real world. They even succeed.

AI has made huge progress over the last decade, supplanting humans in many areas. This soundscape, for example, could have been the outcome of an algorithm trained on the music of Vangelis and the sounds of the Blade Runner soundtrack. Would you be able to tell the difference between AI and a human composer? Unlikely. And now, we realize how visionary the Voight-Kampff test was... because the answer to the question is: look for the emotions. It is, after all, one of the defining characteristics that make us human.

Published on November 12th, 2019

User Stories

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  This is the most valuable generator to me of all your creations. Because of it I am in a good, productive mood while spending all day at a job which is necessary but, without this generator, would be insufferably boring. So, thank you, thank you, thank you!

  Quiet and motivating with nuanced undertones of apocalyptic reckoning.

  While playing Blade Runner, the RPG, this is the perfect background music!

  Funny: this combines real good with the Tibetan Choir! At least that's what I think ;-)

  I needed something that was weirdly haunting yet beautiful, it was nice to listen to this while reading books. It feels like an other worldly place!!

  Never heard of this movie, but I love this music, so I think I'd like it. Awesome! Helps me concentrate.

  Such a great generator. This is amazing paired with Twin Black Lodges.

  Maybe all the replicants work for Cambridge Analytica… Joking aside, this sound generator brings me peace.

  Calming, yet scary at the same time. Like something is going to happen soon, the humming giving a sense of hope, which I think we all need in these times. I don't know what the future will look like, but I know this soundscape helps me feel better.

  Uncut gems!

  Try mixing it with Warp Speed, the sci-fi vibes are incredible.

  I love this soundscape - and read your description with interest. I wanted to point out that at least 2 replicants (Roy and Rachel) seemed to have obtained empathy, making that characteristic an unreliable differentiator. The plot of Westworld seems to have taken a page out of the Blade Runner book, and expanded on the frightening corporate control machine theme. Thanks for all you do.

  I'm sitting here trying to put together safety protocols and measures in place so that our primary school students can start school again during Covid 19 lockdown. Dystopian and surreal... and terrifying as hell. This soundtrack has somehow managed to calm me , though. Strange times indeed.

  I can't believe how spot on this is. "Implanted Memories" and similarly "Enigmatic" are wonderful background music. Perfect to relax and or leisurly do creative exercises.

  Goes wonderfully with Himalayan Chapel, ancient earth wisdom in the lower registers complementing techno-replicant dystopian moods.

  Niche, but with these stems (minus the explosions) plus the Irish Coast gen I'm very much living in cult 80s Bill Forsyth film "Local Hero". Which is a very good thing indeed.

  I really like the Blade Runner movies and the soundscape you created is wonderful. Great intro too!

  I combined this with 'Call of the Andes', my favorite, and now I'm listening to South-American Vangelis! They are amazingly in tune, it's wonderful.

  I want to write a comment just to let you know your comment section is way too well written.

  Oh thank you!!! Thank you!!! Thank youuu!!! Blade runner is a love of my life! I used to make Blade Runner experience with GT masters (5-6), Mournful Chimes excld 1-3-7, 88 keys (1-2-3-9-10), Distant thunder excld 4-5-6-7 and some dark trumpet. Actually, it's more like Tyrell office/Rachel theme :) Oh precious sounds!

  Try it together with "Black Hole", Cyberpunk AF.

  Try with Contemplation Cave!

  Reading last chapter of Neuromancer to this, thank you <3

  Amazing soundtrack remastered! Feeling like in another universe, skyscaping...

  Just like Tyrell said, "More human than human," and this proves it.

  It really captures the mood of a rare cinematic gem. Love it.

  Just... Thank you. This is wonderful.

  This is currently blowing my mind. I can't believe this isn't pre-recorded. It's that good.

  This gave me a full-on chill when it started! I feel like I'm in my own movie...

  One of my favorite soundtracks and artists honored on MyNoise? Well, that does make my day. I'll be locked onto this one for a while. Thank you!

  This is a masterpiece.

  Since I discovered this I haven't shut it off. This in combination with rain sounds makes for perfect sleep. Thank you for this!!

  Just wonderful.

  Seeing Earth from space never gets old. Preparing yourself for the long voyage to the outer planets, you settle back into your acceleration couch and gaze out the window upon our tiny blue planet nestled in the infinite jeweled black tapestry of space...

  I've been looking for something like this for a long time, this is beautifully made. It's clear you put a lot of time and effort into this and I hope you're properly rewarded for it.

  What time is it? It doesn't matter, you say. And you can't wake up on the wrong side of the bed if you don't have one, either. You're on a doorstep again, but you chose to be here. You're thankful that you're up so soon, you were jolted awake. You've slept too long before. Your body thinks that you're rested well enough, you're still drunk, you still have cigarettes. A warm welcome to Chicago.

  This is simply a fabulous tribute to one of my favorite movies of all time! Calming, ethereal, never boring or too repetitive. It's a perfect background for work today.

  An hurrah to Blade Runner music! I paired this with Northern Lights for a calming feel during work. One of my odder yet favorite pairings to date I feel.

  Blade Runner is my favourite movie of all time... I’ll never forget the opening scene when Deckard is flying over the city on the way to HQ... the combination music and imagery will stay with me as long as I live... This soundscape evokes the whole Blade Runner experience for me perfectly. Thank you so much!

  Thank you for this homage to Blade Runner. The majestic horn sounds and the slow pace of the sound progression fit the autumn season here in Eastern US.