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Free Falling with Enlia

Let Enlia be your guide during a weightless journey up into the sky: All you have to do is to relax and close your eyes. Soon, her wonderful vocals will bring you into a peaceful state of mind where you may leave all your worries behind. Focus on the harmonies, the slow melodic line and the various stems of tones floating around you. Only then can you allow yourself to drift away into dream land. As myNoise generators never repeat exactly the same, a feeling of eternity will soon emerge... Like a free fall that never ends.

Enlia is an independent singer-songwriter from France with an beautiful, ethereal voice. She specializes in dream pop and ambient songs, and is available for collaboration here.

Do you know that all myNoise generators are carefully designed to blend perfectly with each other? Try combining this generator with other myNoise generators such as the Canyon Drone.

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  Hello everyone! This is my personal mix of In The Sky & Aeternitas :) I love the Heavenly sounds of it!

  I paired this with nocturnal garden and it was absolutely beautiful. Instantly made me relax. I just know I'll be coming back to this one a lot.

  This, together with Siren Song, is absolutely magical. It's like truly swimming in the oceans' depths and draws me into a sense of calm. I've had them playing together for hours on animate. Wonderful and soothing.

  "In The Sky" + "Twilight" = GREAT!

  I usually combine this with the right three sliders from Evil Charms. Love it!

  This makes me think of being in a enchanted forest or something as mythical.

  I like to pair this generator with "Ultimate Wind" and set them both to animate with the lights off and the fan on the highest setting in my room. The experience is amazing.

  Beautiful, this one truly makes best use of the animate! button - some excellent random sequences!

  I think this is what the voices of the Tuatha Dé Danann, the ancient fairy people of Ireland, would have sounded like. I'm spell bound, uplifted and awed. Another beautiful generator, Dr. Pigeon. Thank you.

  If you want to experience flying through the clouds, match this with Wind Noise and Paraglide <3

  There's something about this sound that stirs the soul. On the slowest animation, it's like gliding through an ethereal sea of clouds; along with Primeval Forest it makes me think of a forest of elves, of magic and beauty. This is my new favorite generator.

  Listening to this with some light wind and looping the song "Chopin nocturne in C# minor". Pretty magical, certainly recommend!

  The wolves felt their eyes growing tired, paws clumsier, listening to the sweet voice of the flower maiden. Their ears remained ever perked, cold, wet noses occasionally nudging her with appreciation, the sun warming their fur, dappled as it shone through the shadows of the leaves overhead. Drowsiness overtook them, an overwhelming peace, the impossibility of negativity... Paradise. At last.

  I'll admit. This one kinda makes me want to cry. It makes me think of what the afterlife is like and who I'll see again. :)

  This and Yakutian Voices are pure gold. Thank you!

  Wonderful. No other sites can ever touch the MyNoise experience.

  This reminds me of The Voice Of Shenka, from the science-fiction TV series Heroes. There was always something like this floating around.

  I'm lost for words... You've done it again. Absolutely beautiful.

  Dive deeper. The mermaids are calling...

  This combined with Orchestron is truly celestial!

  Absolutely beautiful. It's definitely one of my favorites now, combined with the rain generator playing lightly behind it.

  This really is the ultimate relazing sensation. Amazing sounds that combine very well with the sky theme. Enjoy, relax and don't let the world and it's problems distract you. Good job and keep it up.

  Sounds like that dream bit in some movies where the main character is told his/her story, but in video form.

  This feels like that scene of Harry Potter where he opens the egg under the water for the first time; serene and calming when before it'd all been panicking static. It feels like coming home.

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