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Canyon Drone
Meditation Soundscape Generator
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Birth of the Native American Flute

As darkness came down, the hunter decided to rest, leaning his back against a tree. The forest was filled with strange noises, and he couldn't fall asleep easily. Suddenly, he became aware of a distant sound he - nor anyone else - had ever heard before. This sound was something like a sad and beautiful ghost-like song.

The sun was already high when the hunter woke up the next morning by the sound of a woodpecker hammering on a branch, just above him. A gust of wind arose, and the hunter heard the sound again, but this time, just above his head. Looking up, he discovered a dead branch on which the woodpecker had tapped: the wind just whistled through the holes the bird had drilled.

Native Americans are known for their rich oral tradition and numerous myths. The birth of the Native American Flute is one of them. It inspired the creation of this particular soundscape.

Published by Stéphane on February 8th, 2014

User Stories

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  I love the calmness and the flute in the background. So good for blocking out the background noise.

  A beautiful and haunting soundscape.

  Wish I could hear this sound after death.

  If I turn 'off' the final one to the right... the light-pink switch, it suits me better. I was trying to find something low and slow. 'Canyon' works quite well.

  Layered with some low singing bowls, this provides the perfect background for meditation and writing. Sublime!

  This setting feels haunting and ancient.

  A perfect spiritual chill out combination: 'calming' Canyon Drone + 'chill out' Telecaster Licks + 'animal calls' from Yakutian Voices. It's almost like going on a floating trip to the spirit realm.

  This generator is one of my favourites. The Native Flutes setting sounds really good combined with Northern Lights!

  Reminds me of many soundtracks I used to leave on overnight.

  Nice haunting ambiance... also serves well as a noise blocker in the workplace, when paired with some gray noise.

  This is my absolute favorite of all the online noise generators. It reminds me of my summers spent in Los Alamos as a college student research assistant, in the juxtaposition of a national lab amid the ancient mesas and pueblos of Northern New Mexico. Thank you so much for this website! It's perfect for keeping me alert without distracting me while I work at my computer.

  This is good for hiding the white noise of my fish tank for when I get tired of hearing all those motors, but still love my fist sized goldfish.

  I live on a Native American reservation and I run an after-school tutoring program with Native kids who have trouble focusing. These kids really appreciate this generator. Thank you.

  This is definitely my favorite one! Canyon. It is... Like... Everything I want if I dream of a peaceful ambient. Sometimes I combine it with other generators, but... This alone... It just calms me down. I feel like an eagle, flying above the Great Canyon, watching wild life and humans doing their own things. But I just watch, I have no care about them. I am at peace, flying through the sky...

  ← This one sounds like a movie. Pretty neat. Good job myNoise-man.

  I grew up in the American Southwest, and this soundscape puts me right back in the Sonoran desert. The first time I turned it on, it almost brought tears to my eyes! Thank you for working so hard to create this beautiful website.

  The Canyon soundscape really helps me get into a flow with work I have to concentrate on, particularly writing. It's a bit sad and soulful, but a nice mood contrast to Stardust and Northern Lights, which I also use to focus.

  I love to pair this with Ice Drone, Circular Breeze, and Cave Water all on animate. The flutes in Circular Breeze give the drone a wonderful, peaceful variety. I've been listening to it for hours at work and it does wonders for my anxiety.

  I love how you can layer different noise generators on top of each other and they beautifully compliment each other. In this case I used Canyon Drone (Canyon Spirit) preset layered with African Trance (3-against-2, and 6-against-4 work great) and thrown in Tibetian choir (Trance preset) into the mix and bam! My mind was utterly blown :D

  Thank you so much for this. These settings are so mesmerizing to me.

  May sound strange but I'm listening to this in the background while I play the Honest Hearts DLC for Fallout New Vegas witch takes place in Zion Canyon. This really makes the whole thing more captivating and immersive!

  This is so lovely. It is helping me through my A-level revision. I have been using this site on and off for a while but had never found 'my' perfect sound. I think this may be it! Try mixing with the desert wind. Thanks so much for this amazing site.

  This is the most beautiful thing! Really helps me when writing story and video game ideas, seeing as my latest theme is set around this style!  it

  Mixed this with Tibetan Choir on animate, knowing Monday is a crappy day for me, I figured it would help. It did. I was doing mindless work which usually leads me to start playing with my phone. Instead I managed to get 4 binders worth of work done from 9 am to 3 pm.

  Very calming and peaceful, especially when I'm doing a bit of Art!

  I mixed Canyon with Orchestron. Both were set for "animation". The sound is haunting and beautiful. Very relaxing. The drone of Orchestron is periodically interrupted with a bit of Native American flute. I am coming back to this one often.

  THANK YOU FOR GIVING US THIS SOUND!!! IT'S AMAZING!!! It's so calming and works well with other sounds.

  Try listening to this with Healing Water. Don't forget to turn up the bird sounds.

  Tranquility. Nothing around but nature. Looking up the towering cliffs above you... they were here long before I was, they watch over me now, and will be here long after I'm gone.

  This has got to be the best! Certainly! Flute has the most charm for me. I am instantly transported to a magical place.

  This is beautiful. I'm usually disappointed by so-called "Native American" tracks, but the way these presets work together when animated is really magical and grounding.

  This one plus Polyrhythm feel like the only music I'll ever need.

  The 'Native Flutes' sounds great-better than I would ever play my flute- not too repetitive, but sounds even better when animated. Thank you for making this! ^^

  Amazing experience of noises and sound. Very Good! Relaxing!

  I need something, to make my highs, even higher. And canyon exceeds beyond all expectations. Much respect, Blue Wolf!

  This sounds so amazing, but it reminds me of Avatar: The Last Airbender. I used to watch the show when I was younger, and this really brings me back to the days my brother and I would sit together and watch TV.

  As a student at university, I needed something to help me concentrate. I tried all types of music, but they'd all eventually get distracting, since I get too emotionally invested in the music. The canyon generator on this site is the perfect balance, though. The flute has a quasi-melody that simply flows, with the drone in the background having a calming effect, it's perfect for me to study with.

  Sometimes having just one of the flutes playing helps set this mood of feeling like a lone traveler in a vast dry setting...

  I just used the Canyon Flutes preset and animated it 4x faster. It made getting all of my studying and cleaning go by so much faster!

  I've been listening to this as I read "All The Pretty Horses" for my AP Lit Class. It really helps keep me focused!

  Perfect when mixed with northern lights <3

  Really helps me to study, and meditate! I'm getting pretty sleepy though :P

  It makes me feel as if I'm that Hunter, leaning against a tree, listening to the sound of the Canyon, breathing in the breathtaking view from where I'm sitting, and trying to take it all in. With a deep breath, I take one last look before I close my eyes, and drift off into a beautiful slumber...

  Certain sounds just give me goosebumps and bring tears to my eyes they're so beautiful. Love this one.

  ← Very peaceful mix!

  This setting is the best way to go asleep, stay asleep and dream. Only problem is waking up in time for work. I love the results of it though, soooooo relaxing!

  Canyon Drone (animated/meditation room) + Northern Lights (pink/default) = a relaxing journey into peace at the end of the day.

  The Canyon drone is probably my favorite soundscape -- I set it to "animate" and turn it up and it's both relaxing and effective at washing out disruptive noises. (I tried it with the African Trance setting based on one of the comments by another listener and it's great!) Thanks again for all that you do.

  Try using this setting. Unforgivably beautiful.

  I love listening to the sounds when I work or when I'm in the truck. I've visited Moab, Utah a few years ago and fell in love with it. As a result, "Canyon Drone" has become the sound of life. I love the way it makes me feel, it reminds me of the desert and canyons that I love so much, it brings me back to that place that calms me and makes me feel at home.

  The man approached the hollow branch as the wind continued to blow forth, creating the tones he had been hearing. Seemingly entranced, he kept walking, and carefully picked up the branch. He didn't want to disturb his gift from mother nature. He held the branch up to the wind and listened to the whistling once again. He later made a second, but with a lower harmony, and let them play together.

  Very powerful... yet beautiful at the same time.

  I take music pretty seriously. There's just something about hearing actual instruments instead of the new junk that really calms me down.

  I was having a hard time with summer since I am locked up in the house with an irritated mother and 5 barking dogs. It was driving me insane until I was looking up distracting noises and MyNoise popped up. I was curious as to what Canyon Drone was. I checked it out here and these relaxing tones with high enough volume to block out noise is very relaxing indeed. Probably my favorite out of them all

  Very relaxing. These realistic and soothing sounds put me into a different world that I wish I could always be in. Amazing website. Amazing sounds. Thank you so much!

  Canyon Drone & Indian Drone together. Try it.

  I play this with the 'Tribal' African Polyrhythms preset and the Jungle Noise mixer on animate. Magical.

  I've loved many of the noise generators here for quite some time but this one in particular is important. While listening to the climax of the audiobook Hell Is Empty (7th Longmire book) I turned to this generator to fill in the ambient noise. I really added something special to the story having this palying.

  There are a few haunting sounds in 'Canyon Drone' that crawl and pulse through my imagination, helping me melt into sleep at night. I use this site almost every night and plan to donate more as soon as I am able to help keep this beautiful site elevated above the chaos of advertisements.

  I play Native American flute and this site gives me the exact same feeling as the notes on my flute. Meditation in music.

  This mix helps me reign in my thoughts and relax, which is especially helpful when I'm feeling my thoughts race more than usual.

  I tried the calming tab with a little less flutes and to get more of a sense of the immensity of the American plains. Turned out absolutely perfect!

  I wanted to really emphasize the flutes here with the aura of the American Rockies.

  I have used this site every day since I discovered it. I absolutely love it. I happily donated to the site and just unlocked this Canyon drone - my new favourite (though Osmosis is great too). It is a beautiful, mesmerizing piece, I love isolating the the 2 Native Flute faders and just let them play off of each other, as everything petty in your mind falls away, and your spirit rises...

  Really helps me to concentrate and study calc.

  Takes you away to a place lost in time which is all yours. Close your eyes, relax, let the stress fade away as you journey into an environment of peace, calm and relaxing light. All you know is love, love, love.

  I love that I can customize the sounds. I have difficulty hearing certain tones, so the fact I can playing the calibrations to fit around my hearing is lovely. I am constantly using this site to help me focus when I'm writing. It's been one of the biggest helps to staying on my target and keeping me from getting distracted by everything else that's goes on around me!

  I have no words to explain how amazing this is. Not once in my entire life have I found a sound generator that calibrates perfectly to you... I deal with anxiety and insomnia on daily basis. I can't even begin how. not just this but all the tonal sounds, explain how soothing it is.... especially to a person who is constantly dealing with anxiety issues.

  Playing for the Ancestors

  I think that this is by far my favorite generator on the sight. I love the sound of wooden flutes - the tones are very calming and soothing, especially for someone like me who suffers from anxiety. Setting it to Canyon and letting my mind wander has so far really helped to relieve my stress.

  All I need now is a peace pipe and some peyote!

  The journey to the burial grounds is not a novel experience to you. A profound sense of loss has overwhelmed you once before. You are older now, and this time loss is not all you feel. A resounding respect for the cycle of life has blossomed in your lonely soul. You will carry the eternal memory of your loved one until you join them once again at the end of your journey. You are not alone.

  So relaxing and peaceful.


Third and fourth sliders are derivative works from Haunted Canyon Flute by Kerri, used under a CC-BY license.