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(Pebble) Rock and Roll

As a natural source of White Noise, waves crashing on the beach help blocking out distracting noises or even your tinnitus. Their relaxing sounds will gently lull you to sleep.

myNoise already offers many realistic soundscapes build around the ocean theme: Irish Coast, Intertidal or Subaquatic Dreams to cite a few. This one is different, not only because of the myriad pebbles shaping its sound, but also because this one is calibrated. Calibrated noises on myNoise can be precisely shaped to any spectral color (brown, pink, white noises, and so on). They can even compensate for your hearing loss (see below).

Calibrated Output

This sound generator is calibrated and outputs a pink-like spectrum when the sliders are horizontally aligned. Calibration is unique to this website, and can be used to compensate for your own hearing, audio equipment, and listening environment deficiencies: follow our Calibration Procedure once, then access Your Hearing Curve from the right column.

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  My roommate and I came to an agreement over playing sounds at night to potentially help us both sleep, and after an hour of searching around and playing with the controls we decided on this. So far this has really helped me to feel more relaxed at night and my roommate doesn't mind either, she says that it helps her mind to settle down.

  I love this noise generator! I have always been most content at the ocean, but I live in the Midwest. This generator helps me feel at ease when I am stressed out!

  I combine this with Distant Thunder, and From India. Gives you that feeling of being on a beach in Goa. Amazing escape from my mundane day job.

  This on 'Distant Shore' setting, combined with 'Intertidal' (bass only) is the closest I've heard to the sound of a surf beach. A very relaxing reminder of summer days and nights.

  Thanks again Doc. Your soundscapes have changed my entire life. Know that I have done my part in donating to your operation! I bought the full set of soundscapes and have told all my friends and family about myNoise!

  This is one of my favorites on here! I love to use it at work with Meadow Land softly behind it, it's perfect for my tinnitus and mood overall :)

  I remember being on a beach near Seattle while on vacation with my family. The sound of waves rattling the tiny pebbles and draining between them was so beautiful, and being from Colorado it was such a different and distinct sound. I'm glad to have the chance to re-create it here.

  There is nothing better to emulate the sounds of the surf when I want to block out my tinnitus and distractions so I can work, and when I add "A Bird's Paradise" and calibrate it for only certain bird calls, it's just like being at the beach - it sounds like waves and seagulls, and takes me back to where I grew up in Hawaii. I close my eyes and imagine the sun on my face, and I'm home.

  One of my favourite sounds on this site, especially with the speech blocker frequencies! I like pairing this with Mermaids Calling and buckling down for several hours of studying.

  Every night I have turned on myNoise on my phone and gone to sleep to the sound of waves, or rain, or distant thunder. This one, pebble beach, hits just the perfect balance of calm.

  I love this! It really helps me concentrate while drawing.

  I can see the shoreline with this setting... Waves crashing on the beach forming a thick bubbly foam at the edge of the water.

  Feels like I'm really at the seaside!

 I set this on Speech Blocker and turn on my own personal configuration of 88 Keys,and it crates the perfect atmosphere for brain simulation as well as relaxation that works wonders for writing.

 I love listening to this while playing Of Monsters And Men in the background. The ocean waves fit so well, and it drowns out background noise without overwhelming me, thank you.

 This reminds me so much of the shore near Tilamook Oregon. There is a stretch of beach next to Maxwell Point that looks out at Three Arch Rocks. There are hundreds of round black rocks on the sand and as each wave comes in they roll and tumble over each other with a wonderful clacking sound. Listening to this, I can close my eyes and feel like I'm there. Thanks Dr. Pigeon. :)

 I love this thing! Help me relax and concentrate.

 Preparing for a beach weekend that might get rained out with Pebble Beach (set on noise canceling for working while ADHD) and Ferryboat (with motor turned off) for seagulls and flavor!

 This is so soothing :] I especially love the lower-pitched sounds.

 I applied my calibration curve to Pebble Beach; immediately beautiful and relaxing. Then I paired it with Enya's "Orinoco Flow" on Spotify. Incredible! I'm sailing near with Rob Dickins at the wheel...

 A song kept playing in my head while listening to this...and when I figured out what it was I found they do indeed complement each other: Sixth Stop from Spirited Away.

 Great for blocking outside noises and workplace chatter. It really helps me forget everything around me, relax and focus on what I'm doing.

 This is one of my favorites. Alone and for adding to a super generator. <3

 A nice alternative to Thunderstorm and other water noises. The deep bass rumble of the surf and the "sizzle" as the waves recede from the pebbles is a nice combo.

 I love the Distant Shore setting. It's so soothing.

 This generator brought me right back to my honeymoon in Hawaii. The first time I heard the waves pulling back over the rock beaches, I thought I was in heaven--something about the sound just enveloped me and made me feel like I was in another world. Finding this sound generator today took me totally by surprise, and I am so grateful to you for choosing to create it.

 Pair with Sleeping Dragon in C, extreme mode, 2x speed.

 Another favorite in the water/beach category! Perfectly soothing and varied for mindfulness sessions.

 Calibrating this to my hearing curve reminds me of my last night in Lima. I was having dinner with new travel friends on an outdoor patio on the cliff overlooking the ocean. The some of the rocks just offshore are much bigger than pebbles, but the force of the waves caused them to bang into one another, creating a distant booming noise. It's a special memory of a wonderful trip to Peru.

 Wonderful ... default animation and slow the tape speed down one notch, see how long your eyes stay open.

 Love this one! So incredibly relaxing.

 Reminds me of my trip to a beach in Mexico ten years ago. The way I edited it (click the heart) makes me think of that beach at night.

 I'm glad to be writing one of the first testimonies for this, and I knew I had to just seconds after it loaded up because I knew that this had to be my new favourite generator. I can close my eyes, relax, and imagine all the prettiest stones around me as the shimmering beach rolls over them, leaving them glistening as it falls back again. Wonderful generator! <3

 We used to go to Turkey on holiday with my family when I was little, and this sounds just like the pebble beaches we went to! Wonderfully nostalgic. I think I still have a collection of the prettiest stones I found there...

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