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Feudal Power

Villages scattered the medieval landscape as they played a vital role in the agrarian economy, feeding the inhabitants of an entire kingdom. These villages grew around rivers, providing water to the community, and hydraulic power to watermills. Grinding grain into flour - the most valuable processed food back then - was a profitable business for feudal lords who alone had the resources to build these mills. The power developed by water also served their own power, enforcing mandatory milling and collecting taxes around their mills.

From time to time, village people came to the town's market to trade. This soundscape recreates both the pastoral ambience of a small village, and the busy atmosphere of a bigger town.

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  I mostly like the sound of wood crackling while its burning, but to my surprise the sounds of light horse trotting, blacksmith, and small conversation was so soothing.

  I'm usually more drawn to water sounds. I like the natural feel of this sound and the humanity and bustle a fair distance away is like a peaceful balance of both worlds.

  Beautiful. You’re more of a nature person than a people person, you always have been. Now your mother just gives in whenever you say you’re going to the stream. It’s a bright day outside and although most everyone else is at the market, you linger behind your house, watching. You admire the trees swaying in the light breeze, the crystal clear water bubbling and flowing above the smooth stones.

  For anyone fighting writer's block, or any RPG player in need of an immersing yet not distracting background, this is it! My new favourite!! (Don't overlook the Fanfare slider, it's really amazing!)

  It's really peaceful, entertaining and noise-blocking. I'm used to listen to generated mix of "Japanese" or sea sounds, but this one with something forest (or stream, or riverbank) and the "walk" noise, it's perfect to think of traveling on the road from a village to another. It sounds terrific with The Pilgrim, too.

  I usually listen to Cafe or to the Starship Enterprise, but Medieval Village is my new favourite!

  Not sure where the time went but I spent hours on the Watermill setting. I still have to explore so much more and the possible mixes with custom generators!

  Yes! This generator has rocketed to the top of my faves list. Love the hectic mix of noises that offer long listening time with lots of variety.

  Wow, an instant favourite! It's amazing how many different 'settings' this one generator provides. I'll definitely be using this in future D&D sessions :D

  Fantastic! This one is so much fun and great for noise-covering.

  This is somewhat like the opening screen in Age of Empires II, or a scene from one of Peter Jackson's movie adaptations of Tolkien: a small and pastoral village, but one full of life and colourful strangers passing through, very unlike the quiet and desolate villages of Northern Europe of the modern day.

  So many options in one soundscape! I think I like the fanfare with a bit of everything else sprinkled in between for that ultimate RPG feel.

  First thought: "ooh, the perfect thing for village roleplaying sessions" and then "wait... what if I combine this with now loading" ... And now I am able to focus and get this code at work done (:

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