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The Sound of Rain, without the wet feet

The sound of rain is one of the most relaxing sounds in existence. This sound alone eases away stress and makes everything outside look more calm and quiet. The sound of rain is great for helping one to fall asleep and for covering background noises.

If you like this generator, try Rain on a Tent, White Rain or Distant Thunder, the other rain noise generators available from this website.

Have you ever heard of It's an online rain generator that perfectly blends with this one! Try combining both, you will be surprised. Click the orange link to add another layer of rain sounds.

Published by Stéphane on April 12th, 2013

User Stories

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  Listening as I finally have a comfy night of a binge-reading session, I love the many custom noise settings. My brain is being tickled.

  I always use this when I'm studying, especially speech blocker works great!

  I suffer from ADD, and this really helps me focus.

  I’ve always struggled with falling asleep. My brain can’t seem to calm down enough to rest but with the rain sounds I’ve been able to slowly get back to resting peacefully.

  I have trouble sleeping and I get headaches quite regularly. This website has helped me relax so many times. It really is a lifesaver <3

  I suffer from anxiety, depression and germaphobia. This helps me calm down and relax. Love listening to this and adding some white noise and drinking hot cocoa. <3

  Get this, when I amp up the red option, it sounds like rumbling thunder. Somehow, it's for me to remember which option is which.

  Ahhh, the nice, low rumble of rain to calm me down. The nice sound of relaxing rain outside your window is SO nice, especially if you have a crackling fire playing in another browser tab. Water and fire go very well together, nice, dark rain outside, warm, crackling fire inside. Nice and low, not too hard, not too soft. So nice and relaxing for sleep!

  Soft, dark rain is the kind I like. Not too attractive, not too soft, but just right for soft background noise while sleeping.

  I have trouble sleeping at night, but for some reason, playing with the sliders makes me very tired. Helps soothe my headaches too!

  This is the true definition of peace. The sound of rain from this website has helped me overcome several difficulties and I'll be forever grateful for it!

  Love this so much. I have anxiety, and I get panic attacks sometimes, but rain has always been so calming for me. Thank you <3

  I often get very stressed and occasionally have panic attacks when different noises or other things pop up in my life, but this website has been a life saver. The rain and thunder have been so calming and I love it so much.

  I am someone who is mostly calm and collected, but it happens that at some point events that are happening in my life trigger me more than other people. Since I was a kid, the sound of rain and thunder was the ultimate solution to erase any weight that could lay on my heart. I feel good now, thanks for this website and its awesome tools.

  I have misophonia (a neurological disorder). Working at an office for years and being triggered by keyboards 8 hours a day severely impacted my mental health, up until I found this site. Adjusting the frequency of rain sounds depending on the keyboards surrounding me has saved my sanity and my days for the past few years. No other website or application has helped. Thank you so much

  Effectively blocks my annoying husband's excessive nagging! Thanks, Dr. Stéphane :) You helped save my sanity.

  I've been going to online university since 2019. After years of wasting time, I decided to get myself in gear in November of 2023. I've done 8 months worth of schoolwork in 4 months, and this site has proved to be a valuable resource. I was able to effectively drown out distractions and do more in those 4 months than I did in the previous 18. Thank you again for this!

  This app has saved my life. This is hardly an exaggeration, I have horrible panic attacks and insomnia and this app has let me sleep every night, focus on my work, and calm down when I start to spiral. I am so grateful this website exists.

  I've been using myNoise for a couple years now, and it has and always will be the best productivity tool I've ever used. Thank you devs for helping me focus and creating an amazing tool!

  I really enjoy the plonking sounds in this generator, as if the rain is hitting a window or porch. It makes me feel like I'm inside, safe and warm, while a comforting rainstorm goes on outside. The rest of the generator is great as well! It works perfectly as a speech blocker, and drowns out all the distracting sounds whenever I'm working.

  Studying for my exams right now, and this noise generator coupled with lofi music is the perfect mix. I usually have trouble with staying focused, but not since I found this site!! HUGE thanks to all the devs, you've saved my grades :D

  I began using this website since October and I swear it's the BEST thing ever. Like imagine editing the sound the way you want it with all the parameters possible. made my sleep way more faster and that feeling I crave of cocooning while it's raining made it a constant thing. Thanks to the dev of this website, yall made a man happy.

  My family and I use this every night, and it completely blocks out all noises. Thank you! Now we can get peaceful, uninterrupted sleep.

  This sound makes me feel calm and focused, finished a lot of work, don't give up!

  I'm ridiculously ill right now, and this has been helping calm down the headache that comes with the fever. I can't thank this site enough. Between this and needing a general noise to help me concentrate, this site has helped me years and years now.

  I'm autistic and have sensory processing issues (misophonia) and this helps block all the bad noise right out. HIGHLY recommend playing this with noise cancelling headphones + NRF30 earbuds if anyone is looking for relief!!!

  I love it, it helps me fall asleep so quickly, and it makes me feel calm and relaxed so that I can enjoy my night.

  I was looking for too long songs that weren't distracting,and then I found this!! It's so calming and relaxing, when I'm studying I can't live without it I absolutely love it PERIOD.

  My games are silent so I came to this app to make it not-so silent. Thanks for making this app, I LOVE it a lot.

  I'm a 23 year old fella who likes spending time with friends in voice chats on Discord. However, if I'm wearing my headphones and things go quiet for too long my ears start to ring. A good friend of mine recommended me this rain sound generator and it's really changed things for the better. Now I can stick around in VCs for as long as I want without worrying about that infernal ringing sensation!

  Amazing I work in a loud, high stress office, and this has being a life saver for inbetween calls to relax.

  I love the sound of rain; it makes me concentrate and calm. I love to listen to it when programming.

  This is awesome! It helps me study and work even through distractions. I love listening to this with some unobtrusive, instrumental music on low volume side by side with this. It sounds like standing on your porch during a rainstorm with a far-off orchestra playing in the distance. Thank you so much for making this, Dr. Pigeon!

  Sounds almost exactly like rain on my balcony, most of it hits the screen, but some makes it through. Balcony on the go!

  Great sound to calm the soul and mind.

  This is great for writing!

  Just the amazing sound of a nature, what a pleasure to listen.

  Programming + Rain is all you need in life.

  i love it because it helped me focus and I got all As on tests and exams.

  Beautiful natural sounding noise! Can't imagine life without it!

  This website has helped me focus, relax, and sleep more times than I could possibly remember. I was on graveyard shift for 3+ years, and even when it's quiet outside, your body just doesn't want to go to sleep at 1 PM. Now, it helps block out the construction, obnoxious bass-boosted music, and loud illegal activity happening all around my house. Thank you for this site.

  We've been using this site for about 2 years now, and finally just got around to making a donation. It's perfect for helping mask our noisy youngest child, so that the older one can stay asleep.

  Exactly like listening to rain in my bedroom.

  I developed tinnitus in my early 20s that consisted of both a low frequency thumping and a high frequency whistling sound. This rain generator lets me cover those sounds surgically, and I really couldn't focus on reading without it. Thank you for making this app for the browser!

  There was a running joke among friends that I was always listening to "rain sounds [BASS BOOSTED]." This site is a massive help for my misophonia, and was key to managing my undiagnosed ADHD in college. A life-saver for those who have trouble focusing or are hypersensitive to sounds.

  Almost can't sleep without it. The best rain noise on the Internet. Period.

  Thank you to whatever wonderful brain came up with myNoise. I have anxiety and I find it very hard to relax without some sort of quiet background noise so myNoise has helped a lot with homework and panic attacks. Thanks again to the marvelous creator of myNoise, you will have my eternal gratitude. My anxiety thanks you too!

  I freaking LOVE myNoise. I find it very difficult to focus without having some sort of noise that isn't distracting, yet is engaging enough to keep my brain from wandering while I study (which is what I usually do in super quiet environments). I finally feel like I can focus on my college assignments without instantly wanting to turn off my laptop and sit on my phone. Thanks myNoise!

  Hey, I just wanted to say thank you to the creator of this website and hope he has a nice day.

  Love putting this while gaming or just relaxing especially the Getting Wet preset I recommend if you need something to listen to while doing something.

  As someone with hypersensitivity, especially with hearing, it can become quite hard to focus on anything, especially during the day when the world is so noisy. This page has helped me the last couple of years, the noise of rain being far more effective at shutting down the outside world than any mere white noise. Thanks for everything!

  I have been listening to this rain noise on top of a music from Tony Anderson - Dwell (snowfall) and have been writing my whole thesis like this. It is so good for focusing and get into your writing without noticing time passing. LOVE it.

  For relaxation... Amazing! To drown out the office noise and still concentrate, the best!

  Rain is coziest when you're safe from it, but not isolated from it. I like to imagine myself in a secure shelter in the wilderness with a canopy of trees. The blue slider corresponds to the water hitting leaves and dirt and dripping from the canopy onto the ground. The orange through green sliders all sound like rain hitting a shelter with various levels of insulation.

  I've opened the 4 rain generators, gave the best setting to all of them, and then it was awesome, it made me remember my vacations in South Africa when I was a kid (with the giant tiger plush from back then I was still cudding with), it's perfect when I'm sick and just want to relax.

  Okay, I've already written a review for this one, but I had to say more. I've been coming back to this generator for months on end now. I use it for so many things, & notably today when my sensory issues have been bothering me, I turned off the lights and turned on this plus some music, & I've slowly but surely been taken back to a calm place. It's just rain noise, but I can't thank it enough.

  I use this generator to mask low frequency noises that otherwise wouldn't be stopped by earplugs or earmuffs. Helps me prevent panic attacks and allows me to sleep more comfortably.

  Rain noise is so so good for studying. It really helps with focus & it's free!

  I never get enough thunder where I live, having this site is a calming blessing, thank you.

  I'm really in a hurry with an assignment but this helps me to keep calm! Thank you!

  Such great study music, especially when paired with 88 Keys. Very relaxing and soothing and helps me focus.

  I love this rain noise! It really relaxes me while I'm studying. It hasn’t rained like this in a while so this is the cure to my "disease" lol

  Absolutely amazing when your trying to study (like I am!). Would 100% recommend.

  Really soothing and relaxing. I don't remember a night where I haven't used this app. It's a lifesaver.

  This is brilliant! Great job!

  This is pretty much the only way I've been able to study. Countless hours have been spent learning weird math with this tab permanently open.

  This is exactly what I needed. The perfect indoor rain sounds... A real blessing!

  This helped me relax and get rid of and anger and problems I had. It makes me happy and enjoy life.

  I never realized how useful white noise could be. It helps me focus, calm down, and study! There are so many interesting sound combos I've made on here, some of which sound very realistic with headphones. Thanks so much to whoever made this website-- you're a total G

  This is crazy, legit puts me in my childhood and opens up so many memories.

  I love this site! I live in a desert, but that doesn't stop me from loving rain. I was doing math homework and getting frustrated, so I popped open this bookmark! Now I can finally finish trigonometry.

  What a great way to spend long days and nights trying to meet countless deadlines. Thank you so much for saving my llife!

  Amazing for studying. I love this so much; it sounds so real with headphones! All the great sound of rain without waiting for a storm!

  I love the rain, but I don't get it often where I live. But today is more blue & cloudy than usual, and I just HAD to break out this trusty site & put on my favorite music. Writing instantly became easier for me! Thanks for helping me live vicariously haha

  Very good, makes studying easier.

  My wife and I share the same space. I can sleep, read or work at my desk with perfect focus. The rain in my headphones transports me to a place where there is no TV or other distractions.

  For many reasons I'm very bad at falling asleep, but making the sound of rain + my comfort music a part of my routine at night before/during bed was one of the only things that helped. The settings also make it perfect for my room/ears and I sometimes use it during the day to mask noises that are too foreign for me to concentrate. In other words, thank you!

  Great for studying, stress-management and insomnia.

  I don't have words anymore. I don't need them. I can finally rest...

  I work night shifts and this helps me sleep.

  I love it it is great for studying and helps me to relax!! Thanks <3

  I had been trying many different kinds of noises and music for work until I found this. This was it, the ultimate focus boost. No nonsense, no distractions, just steady, refreshing, soothing rain. I cannot recommend this enough.

  Ive used this for almost a decade now, would put it on in the background of my tumblr dives as a teen. Now, I use it while sleeping and writing in my adult life. Love love love.

  You are taking shelter under a wooden roof during a long hike in the mountains.

  This noise helps me focus on my work better than anything! :)

  This helps so much with getting into the flow of writing when music doesn't help. Really clears my head out.

  Thank you so much for this. I have anxiety and trauma related problems, so most of the times I can barely get some sleep. But this helps a lot, especially if I listen to it with some instrumental music.

  Just mix this with some lofi and you're set. I'm almost certain I have some sort of mental health issue that makes it hard for me to sleep without difficulties but this really helps. The Car Interior works well too. If I could donate I would.

  I've been using my noise for over 7 years now, and I'm not entirely sure how to relax without it at this point. It has been my primary sleep aid and tool to ease my anxiety for so long, it's hard to envision life without it.

  Using this with the fire noise ambience. Simply perfect.

  Lo-fi and the sound of rain really helps me just exist.

  Sometimes I find it very difficult to focus on my work or my lectures. I don't know why, but the sound of the rain really helps me focus!

  This is my favourite. It's rain with the window slightly open. I can have it on in the background for music and videos, and it blocks out noise without being distracting to other media.

  This is the closest I've been able to get, of the experience I had back in my parent's home, when I was in my bedroom. Clay roofed tile, and a very muffled noise. There are a few noise details missing to properly emulate it, but still, the closest I could get.

  This is a great service and it pairs well with music while I'm reading!

  I suffer with tinnitus which can really drive me to stress sometimes with insane amounts of anxiety, but when I put this noise on my tinnitus begins to fade out and helps me calm down. I also adore pairing this song with relaxing video game music, it creates a different kind of feel and can even "amplify" the tracks emotions sometimes.

  Lovely, realistic rain noises. Chill music and this generator set to animate really helps me concentrate on my writing.

  I've been using this exact generator for so long now, since the site was just a few different radios. Helps me fall asleep almost instantly after long days. Absolutely wonderful.

  I have OCD and rain sounds combined with lo-fi music is really saving my life.

  My wife has PTSD and it really helps her in her stressy moments, especially combined with forest sounds

  Stress disables me from studying. This rain noise relieves me of stress. Complete the equation.

  it's so soothing, I feel like I could fall asleep to it!

  So soothing and nice, it does sound really real.

  Sounds like rain on a tent. As if I'm camping with my family.

  Makes me feel warm, I sleep with this running in the background every night. Truly relaxing.

  Very relaxing, especially when paired with instrumental lofi hiphop music.

  It is SO usefu! It really helps me falling asleep!

  Amazing, really helps me with relaxing and studying. I can just imagine myself being under a tree in the middle of a peaceful field while subtle rain keeps falling.

  Beautiful! Pair this with Black Lodges and... it's just so enchanting.

  This sounds so good and helps with your work so amazing right! Hope you have fun and don't forget to try all the other sounds and have a good day.

  It's great! I can have just enough noise (and at the right levels) to keep me focused while doing college work.

  Makes me feel like I'm under a tin roof on a misty porch in the mountains. Always so thankful for these sweet drip drops.

  This is so good, this can help me with so many things! Meditating, sleeping, drowning out undesired noise, breaking the awkward silence, you name it!

  WOW! This helps me do a lot! Sleep, study, focus, it even somehow motivates me to read a book for once! Thank you!

  This is amazing! Really helps me focus to do my work.

  I really like this website as it helps me get to sleep when I'm worrying to much. Thank you!!

  Due to the COVID situation this year, I've had to work from home. But, I'm not able to have a dedicated "office" area in my home, and was being distracted with my family and pets. Because I like so many of the sounds, I decided to open several web tabs, of which 2 or 3 are MyNoises! with different sounds playing at different volumes. AND, I have a Christmas music page also playing!!

  This one is a lifesaver on the daily for me! Having noisy neighbors that walks with their shoes on all the time and moves furniture at anytime of the day, the low frequencies on this one kinda covers the sounds they make. Thank you so much!

  Ahhhhh! As someone who lives in the Mojave, I miss the rain. This sound makes me feel like it's raining outside. Refreshing! Thanks a lot!

  A quiet Speech Blocker setting helps me to focus in Zoom classes and block out outside noises like shouting, while simultaneously I can still hear my teacher's voice. Helps so much, thank you!

  I very often get distracted thinking about random things. After I found this site, I realized how much it helped me focus. I tried playing music in the background before which somewhat helped me focus, but this site helps me focus so much better. I've recommended it to a few friends already and will probably recommend it to more.

  Love it! Great for almost anything, and when you get the sound just the way you want it, it's amazing. I turned the Mids sound highest because I love how it sounds like rain falling on a window.

  As someone who dislikes loud noises but also dislikes silence, this really helps me to relax because the sound is not too overwhelming at a quiet volume. I can just leave it on a low volume in the background and it will be just fine.

  I use this everyday while studying to help me concentrate and forget about the outside world. I'd be much less productive without the gentle rain.

  This is what you hear when you're safely under an umbrella. :)

  When you're sitting in an idling car, and you just hear this sound. Love it!

  This is a really great tool to use to collect your thoughts and think about things, it's way more enjoyable with the shuffle at the fastest speed.

  I really like this. It helps me focus on what I am doing, and helps me read. Sometimes, it even lets me ignore the things going on around me. -Ethan

  This myNoise sounds like the first part of a storm is starting to hit and there is daunting thunder that will only get worse. At least you save in your house and can enjoy the noises as you work.

  Brilliant for having in the background of a lesson - quiet enough to still hear what's being said but prevalent enough that the regular sounds of classroom 'silence' are drowned out.

  This rain generator is the best I have used it has the most natural sounding rain. Thank you.

  This has been my go to site for years when it comes to having background sounds, to work to, meditate to, or fall asleep to. It's the website I point everyone toward if they want good rain noise or other soundscapes. Rain noise is always the one I come back to again and again. So perfect and soothing.

  I have been using the Rain Noise generator for years, and it's been a critical work tool. It keeps the outside noise away without distracting me, and actually fools my brain into cooling down my body a bit on hot days! Thank you for your amazing work!

  OMG this made my heart rate drop 60 bpm and made me relax so much.

  This is fantastic, I have trouble focusing really bad on tasks, and the subtle rain sound, along with some lo-fi really helps me get work done!

  I'm an RV nomad, and the "Under the Porch" preset here is a great simulation of rain falling on the fibreglass roof above me.

  I've used this site in the past to help with my studies, but a while ago I decided to use this to help me sleep and it really works! Not much helps with my sleep insomnia, but last night I had such a deep sleep, not even my family snoring in the next room woke me up! XD Thank you, rain sound.

  The absolute best! A real lifesaver for my at-home work.

  I’m in a bad place in my life. but putting this on in the background, listening to podcasts where I can escape to, really improves my spirits. Thank you!!

  I love putting on treble heavy lofi and listening to this sound. It's so good for concentration and the rumbling helps distract me :')

  OMG this app is bonkers and it really helps me focus :)

  I am currently laying on the hospital bed, trying to cling onto the last few days of my life. I see no enjoyment in the world anymore, and no one comes to visit me, not even my own parents. But I have realised something as I lay away my life on this deathbed. Sometimes, it's the simple things in life such as the sound of rain that you should cherish before life fades away before your eyes.

  Oh my god, this works so well with lofi. So many people said this before me BUT, I cannot stress enough how well it helps. Just for chilling, sometimes. I'm listening without doing nothing right now. Drowns out my ear ringing that pops up from time to time.

  I love this sound it helps with my sleeping and even if my cousin or someone spends the night I use it and they like it too.

  I use this along with the generator on and it's super helpful for blocking out noise when I'm studying or doing homework.

  This has been truly helpful to me, I've been having the worst day today, and I was so happy to come home and listen to this. It sounds like an actual storm outside, and my broken earbuds sound like crickets with this. Just a peaceful summer's night.

  I love this one! It helps me with my work.

  Best one I've found thus far on my search for rain noise. It's just the thing for blocking annoying sounds.

  Love to use this when I’m studying! Cuts all the noise out.

  These settings along with the fire generator set to "warm and cozy" sound like a bubbling cauldron over a fire. Very cool studying vibes.

  My neighbor's smoke detector started beeping for a new battery, and they're away for the weekend. I was able to tune this generator to mask the frequency of the noise. My apartment is now filled with only the calming sound of a rainy day. I can't thank you enough for saving my sanity!

  Dr. Pigeon is a music ninja ! I am so lucky to have discovered this website and thankful to Dr P for creating this, it has helped me concentrate and study for my exams despite all the distractions. I am still taking exams to get fully licensed and as soon as I get that, this effort will be the first one I support! Thank you to everyone who made this effort possible!

  It is so nice! Thank you so much!

  This helps me relax when I'm alone with some lofi.

  I work in a busy office and I always found it hard to concentrate when I had to be focused on taking in information. I've used static sounds before now but find them a little irritating. The rain is calming and really helps me focus.

  Sometimes, nights where I live are really really windy. I'm a heavy sleeper, but when falling asleep, I'm ridiculously sensitive to sounds and noises like wind or music. This helps me soooo much, I never thought it would since little things like even the sound of a fan would do a good job of keeping me up at night, but I was quite pleasantly surprised by this. Thank you so much!

  This genuinely helps me with my anxiety at night, thank you so much <3

  I found this thanks to Jacksepticeye playing The final station! I am grateful for this website! Thank you so much!!!

  This is amazing, I have been using your site for a while, and could never find just the right sound, but this one, is so relaxing. I can use it to help me study, go to sleep, or even when I'm just chillin'.

  This sound is so perfect for helping me relax, and go to sleep, or even just doing my homework! The other day I was having a really rough day, so I put this on, and it helped me so much!

  Walking down the street, under an umbrella.

  I live with my loud family and I have to study but my family sadly doesn't show a bit of empathy... so I put on my headphones and turn this generator on (only mid-frequencies and high ones up for a white noise ish effect) and voila, I can study in peace.

  This is really helpful, actually. You can change it any which way you want, and is really good background noise if you're trying to sleep or something of the like. It sounds like a rainy night at my aunt's house, out by the garden; the rain running down the gutters and the sides of the house, the plants outside soaking it into the soil as the starlight dances behind the clouds. It's really nice.

  I always feel more upbeat when it's raining, and just the sound definitely helps keep me upbeat.

  Thank you so much <3 It's also great you're planting trees thanks to all of the supporters.

  I don't have a favorite noise yet, but I like everything I have tried. I think you have created a new art form. I could play with this all day.

  I have ADHD and love rain so this is the perfect thing to exist for me. It helps me tune out unwanted noises while I study.

  I feel like it is raining outside my window! I love customising the rain sounds as it helps me play the sounds depending on my mood, like with a bigger bass when I am sad or a higher treble for something face-paced. Overall, this is a wonderful free resource that I hope stays the way it is so that many more would be able to experience this beautiful website for free!

  A deep, relaxing noise. High bass helps with anxiety, and high treble helps with focus.

  Such a nice under-the-covers, protected rain sound... play w/ Cat Purring and Fireplace... so cozy!

  The white noise setting (and the high frequencies in general) is very helpful for blocking out mouth noises in audio recording of people speaking, which is good for youtube and podcasts!

  I'm a masters student with a small family in a small apartment. I have my little school corner, but sometimes I need to tune out nearby TV noise. Here's the recipe that works for me! Rain Noise + The Fireplace + Distant Thunder + 88 Keys. This combo tunes out just about everything, and transports me to a cozy den where I can work in peace. :) Thank you!

  I love how I can cover up noise without overwhelming myself. The ability to adjust the sound is fantastic. This is the only background noise I can really focus with.

  Mmmm, cozy. Love this with the fire noise generator.

  The perfect amount of noise for blocking out sounds around me, without distracting me from my studying!

  I'm noise sensitive. Currently have construction going on next door and this is keeping me sane and productive.

  This is absolutely perfect with my Piano Guys playlist going in the background. I feel incredibly calm while listening to this. Thanks so much for creating this!!

  Put any relaxing music in the background with this. Perfect for relaxation.

  The hearing curve noise calibration was perfect!

  Perfect for pairing with piano music and ocean waves.

  This free and customizable website has helped me focus on work when nothing else has. From presets, to changing it yourself, and even turning down the volume - it's a charming little website that helps and does so much. <3

  This was introduced to me by a friend whose entire family has this on nearly every night. Decided to give it a go myself. This setting has a fairly even spectrum of rain, with a good bit of thunder that isn't too loud. Very good sound maker. Highly recommend.

  i'm not really sure how vulgar I can be in these or not, but slamming a bowl and kicking back with some Emancipator or GentleBeatz playing along with this in the background is an experience everyone should enjoy. the future is now and it brings on-demand rain noise.

  This has some of the most organic and realistic rain sounds I've ever heard. Coupled with some slow jazz, amazing. Thank you.

  myNoise's rain generator has worked wonders for my hyperactive brain. genuinely don't know where i'd be without it.

  Been suffering with high level tinnitus, there was another app I was using but it wasn't doing the job correctly, then i found myNoise. Extremely helpful with drowning out all noises... there is a sound for just about any situation.

  I work in an office with nine other people who are actively doing business both on the phone and in person. This makes for an extremely loud workspace. I love myNoise because I can adjust the different levels to perfectly cover the pitch of each voice. That means I do not need high volume to drown out the noise. You are a godsend.

  I really enjoy this generator! I listen to it with Mozart to help me study :)

  Whoever made this has provided many people to be blessed by relaxation.

  I wrote a story with this! Thank you! :) This is only half of it, hope u like it! Idle. Its 2024. Megan just moved into her dream apartment in New York City. She could see the beautiful city glowing as she walked out to her deck. The musty scent of rain filled her body. The coldness surrounded her, but the feeling of happiness warmed her.

  This is so relaxing! I am an insomniac and have had trouble sleeping, but playing this through the speaker has allowed me to sleep better. Thank you!

  I can blend my music really well with this! The Halo 3 Main Menu Theme is absolutely perfect for resting, I highly recommend it!

  This is the best rain noise generator for studying! I like how it really sounds like raindrops and not just some staticky white noise.

  This sound helps me remember about when I and my brother sitting in our house just watching and listening to the rain outside.

  The rain noise is honestly so calming and helps me focus when I am studying. This is is amazing! Thank you.

  Perfect for getting out the midday stress.

  Perfect. Feels just like home.

  Open plan offices aren't for everybody. Thank you for maintaining my sanity!

  I can't thank you enough for this. I have tinnitus, and I've been looking for a decent rain sound generator forever, and being able to individually tune frequency so I can specifically tune out the ringing in my ears is amazing. I can finally get normal sleep again thanks to you.

  I was doing my homework and unable to focus. Frantically trying to find something to help, I found this generator. I love how I can change the frequencies to my liking. They really calm me down and help me pay attention. 10/10.

  I made this to go with "The Pilgrim" noise generator. Together, they sound like a mystical journey! Alone, the rain is a soft, low, and comforting. I'm in such a good place listening to this.

  It helps me focus on my homework and makes me feel very calm. Love it!

  Living in Southern California I don't get a ton of rain, but every now and then I'll pop in some headphone, relax on the beanbag in my room by the window, grab a book, and pretend like it's the real thing.

  This makes me feel really calm, like watching the rain pour on my window while huddled up in a blanket drinking coffee! Love it.

  I love to listen to this with music for homework. Great for destressing C:

  This is really awesome... I have heard other Rain generators online as well but this is so natural, the best of all of them. This is so calm and if I close my eyes, I really feel that its raining outside. It is much needed in a hot and humid country where i am staying currently as there is no rain, never in 12 months and I miss my Home country so much where it used to rain.

  Definitely de-stresses me and helps me get work done!

  This is incredible. It's the perfect background noise for focus, and for drowning out those peskey key slammers that I find so distracting. Ever since I found this site, my essays and assignments have been so much easier to complete. Thank you so much!!!

  It's often perfect sunny weather here throughout the entire year and sometimes I terribly miss the cold, rainy weather and when my room is cold enough, I put my headphones on and listen to the rain noise here and it really feels like it's raining outside.

  As I'm currently juggling writing a novel and working on homework for college, I find the sounds of rain to be impossibly soothing in the midst of chaos.

  Love the variety.

  I have really bad adult onset ADHD, which causes me to not be able to focus on reading very well. Not being able to concentrate on reading is quite a bummer for me because I used to read very frequently when I was younger. Using the rain noise in conjunction with a fireplace screensaver I'm finally able to get through stories again without issues. I just sat down and read some Stephen King!

  I've struggled to concentrate in the office all my life- even the sound of other people typing on keyboards distracts me. I've tried other "white noise" sites and this is the best- I like being able to adjust the frequencies. It's still a struggle, but Rain Noise really helps!

  I get headaches more often than I like. I know what my triggers are, but I can't always prevent a headache from cropping up. Putting this website on doesn't remove the headache, but it allows my mind to unfurl enough to start relaxing, which is step 1 in the headache-be-gone plan.

  I love this setting because it feels like rain on a small river.

  The rumbling thunder associated with the relaxing trickle of rain, helps me relax when studying or trying to sleep. A little bass boost would be really really good if your sound systems support it.

  These settings make me feel like I'm driving through the rain, which is really relaxing and helps me sleep.

  I discovered this site two months ago. For the software development indispensable. Very good!

  I've always loved the sound of the rain. This site mimics it so well that I've sometimes even found myself looking out the window!

  I always feel like there is a looming threat in the clouds, now I can hear it!

  I love the sound of rain and I also love the sound of being underwater so I tried mixing the two together.

  This setting really helps me to unwind and relax. It helps blocks out my computer's fan noise.

  Rain Noise has eased anxiety I have around living with an unstable housemate. I don't react to the sounds of doors slamming and angry muttering much any more. It's running day and night. I wish it was on a machine other than my computer so it wouldn't be dependent on the internet. Much gratitude here. Will donate now.

  Rain was always one of the things I liked in school. It always meant getting home early and sitting under the dark but comfortable atmosphere. I only use this at night because it doesnt work when the sun is out.

  Definitely de-stresses me and helps me get work done!

  Nothing helps me focus on writing, as well as come up with the scene much more clearly in my mind, than these noises! Thank you so much!

  I use this every night. I cant sleep without it!

  The noise is beautiful, it helps me to do my homework without hating it. Thanks :D

  So relaxing!! I love it for sleeping and relaxing. :D

  This reminds me of a heavy storm and it is perfect for me to fall asleep with. It surrounds me with thunder and rain and really gets me in the "sleeping zone" as I like to call it. Thank you so much to this website for making my sleep more peaceful.

  ← This setting makes you feel like there's a storm gathering, but you know your safe. It fills you with relaxation. : )

  This is one of the most beautiful websites i've visited, professionally made and perfected with the custom slider.The perfect website for anyone searching for rain heaven.

  I absolutely love this website! It is so relaxing and it helps me calm down and concentrate on work that I need to get done.

  Last school year, when I initially discovered this site, I fell in love with it immediately. I would play my favorite genators (Rain Noise, Japanese Garden, and Healing water) while doing schoolwork, and it really helped me focus and relax. Nowadays, I still use it for schoolwork, but I found that its fantastic to fall asleep to, especially when paired with

  I use this noise generator every single day in the office and it is absolutely fantastic. Rain Noise is my favourite by far, and the high quality sound, depth, and custom settings immediately calm and focus me. My productivity and stress levels thank you, and I cannot recommend this site enough!

  Hi, I am a student and from Pakistan. I often find it difficult to actually concentrate on something when not in library but somewhere else for example at home or any other public place. This sound generator has helped me a lot since it reduces extra stress and helps me concentrate. I'll definitely recommend to my friends.

  I always knew that the sound of water was relaxing, but I had no idea that playing rain or streams in the background constantly would reduce my anxiety, help me to be more productive, and get more restful sleep! Animated rain sounds are my go-to, switching between several to keep it non-repetitive, and my overall quality of life has improved tremendously! Thank you so, so much for this gift!

  This is by far the most relaxing noise, that I can make by adjusting the sound. You guys are bloody brilliant. Heck, how did you even make these sounds in the first place?

  Love this site! Thank you. My partner and I both work from home, and sometimes I find music too distracting, so this is great for avoid being disturbed by his phone calls and Skype meetings!

  I'm from North Western Oregon and this program helped me massively when trying to do things like write and do homework. Reminded me of listening to the rain as I fell asleep, which is basically the only weather setting Oregon has, so thanks.

  It helps me focus get things done. The sound of the rain is so calming even though I don't like rainy weathers.

  A true gift when you are in a home full of well-meaning yet noisy people and need to get some reading done!

  Your noise generators have helped me in so many ways. If I need to focus at work, have a chatty coworker in cubicleland, who I need to block out, or simply need to calm myself after a stressful meeting, these noise generators have achieved just that. Thanks.

  I have loved the sound of rain for a long, long time, despite the fact that grey weather does make my depression worse. Paired with some relaxing piano, this sound generator has helped me fall asleep, study, and relax during a panic attack.

  This website is the best, I love using it when I need to drown out the sounds of my classmates in school when I have a headache. Thank you so much for making this awesome website! -Bendy

  This is really relaxing and helps whenever I'm doing something and need background noise to help me focus. Would definitely recommend this!

  Thanks for this. It's 3AM. I have more homework than I ever had in my life. This helps me relax and focus. -a

  I love putting this on while I'm at school. It helps block out the chatter of my classmates when I have a headache and it also helps me concentrate when I want to write. I love it! -Sarah (17)

  I love it!!!! Thank you for making this great program for free.

  Amazing! Helps me focus while working on schoolwork and very relaxing. The custom settings are great, I love that I can adjust it to the perfect frequency, I love having a good amount of bass while not being overpowered by the higher treble.

  This helped me so much. It helped me focus when I was studying for my SATs! Now I am a full time funder to help keep this website alive for people like me! Sincerely, Kelly Hash

  There's a youtube channel that plays jazz, and I simply love it. Sadly, their videos meant for rainy days don't have the rain effect that loud. I can barely hear it. So I turned to this site and play the rain as loud as the music. Perfect! <3

  I'm a part of a Creative Writing class, in which a lot of people, sadly, don't enjoy writing, but simply needed a laid back extracurricular, so they fill the room with whispers and giggles. This site is perfect for such an environment, just plug in your headphones and you are perfectly immersed in your work.

  I couldn't concentrate on writing my essay due tomorrow, so I turned to this generator to block out background talking and clear my head, and I was surprised by all the settings, and I absolutely love it! It has increased my productivity level to an all-time high. I will be back.

  This has helped so much while writing my thesis. Dealing with migraines and headaches alike, this helps me to stay focused and pain free.

  The best sleep has been made by this wonderful website!

  Great website, really immersive atmosphere.

  OMG... this is the best Rain Noise Generator ever created! I LOVE it SOO much! This is why I listen to two of these.

  When the thunder roars, I get nothing but shudders down my spine. When the rain droplets sing, I feel peace. This has helped me find myself as I always turn to myNoise when I need to meditate, reminisce or introspect. I have fallen in love with this website because I never get disappointed, there is every customisation for every mood I am in.

  I really do love the noise of the rain. It's relaxing and easy to the ears, and when it starts to get loud at night for whatever reason I just turn it up and close my eyes. It also works well when sitting in class and needing something to help keep me focused on my work, and not on my classmate's chit-chat.

  I feel more concentrated when doing my work with this because it's relaxing. With this, the days of me feeling stressed over heaps of homework are finally over! :)

  This is the perfect noise to help me fall asleep. The deep rain and thunder surrounds me and I can just drift off as if nothing bad is happening in my life.

  This reminds me of the rainy afternoon drives my father used to take me on the way home when I was little. It feels very comforting to listen to when I feel lonely and when I want to relax.

  The thunder settings help me concentrate on my work without the distractions. It is endless and has no loop which makes it a great experience. Truly transforms me when I work. Also helps in my procrastination.

  It reminds me of the rain before or after a storm, which is usually either relaxing or exciting if we've had a lot of hot and bad weather.

  Getting Wet with my personal hearing curve really feels like I'm in a bubble in the middle of a rain storm. Extremely soothing and helps drown out most noises at work.

  This was the very first generator I used when I first discovered myNoise. I was struck with tinnitus as a teen. For two years I could barely sleep at night because of it, until I found this site. I used rain noise mainly to mask my tinnitus, but a year later I noticed - I could sleep without it. I could still hear my tinnitus, it just didn't bother me anymore. We made peace!