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Bamboo Garden
Water, Wind & Chimes
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Waiting for a missing piece

The sound made by the wind blowing through a grove of bamboos was one of the earliest requests made by the users of this website. And myNoise has been around since 2014! Most of the recordings were collected years ago, but it took me a long time to complete this set. Something was still missing, and I had no idea what. Then, recently, I came across a water basin in a garden in Portugal.

That basin was being continuously filled by a trickle of water spilling over a plant. A leaf in the stream was swaying back and forth, sometimes letting the water reach the basin and sometimes diverting it away. It reminded me of the perpetual motion of a Shishi-Odoshi with the motion replicated here by a plant, naturally and accidentally.

To learn more about the Shishi-Odoshi, discover our exquisite Japanese Garden

Thinking about that Japanese Garden reminded me of my unfinished Bamboo Garden. I then realized I had just found the missing piece: that exquisite sound of a tiny stream broken by a swaying leaf, a movement generated by the stream itself, like yin and yang. That delicate sound recording hides behind the dark blue slider in the series.

Pictures from Portugal will be released soon. In the meantime, take a look again at a couple of the pictures I took during an earlier sampling session in Japan, which is where the sounds of the bronze wind bell and the chimes come from.

This soundscape is particularly effective at masking tinnitus. Try playing it quietly in the background of your room. Adjust the sliders until you like what you hear, and then enjoy a peaceful night's sleep while pretending that your window is wide open and looking out to a magnificent bamboo garden.

Published by Stéphane on March 21st, 2022

User Stories

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  This bamboo forest has been my retreat during my master's thesis and exams period. What a calm place to retain knowledge. The random sound of the water in the "Fountain slider" was perfect to keep my brain up. Thank you Stéphane!

  Wow, finally! Had one of my first pleasant work-from-home days using this - paired with my air cooler and some real birds outside, it creates just perfect soundscape to soothe my mind and to make my focus and temper immune to random kids screaming outside, neighbor reconstruction, barking dogs or my diverging thoughts :) This stuff is prayers answered.

  When my grandpa died I used this to help me calm down. Now I use it to make my bedroom feel much calmer and serene. Thanks to the creators of this I really appreciate it!

  Great with Fireplace, also good for sleep!

  Thanks for the fantastic work :)

  Thank you for this piece. I really love the bamboo sounds, the leaves and the sound of gentle clashing soothes my mind. It reminds me of my high school. I was a lonely kid, bullied and isolated, and I found great peace wondering in a tiny bamboo "forest" in the corner of school during weekends, when no one was around. For my personal liking I would like to add cicadas for the sense of summer.

  Love this stuff! Thanks for the vibes!

  It made me feel relax. I can’t stand a silent house so it’s helped me so much, I’’m enjoying thank you very much.

  This landscape reminds me of one of my favorite places as a child. My godmother used to take me to the hotel in the mountains here in Costa Rica where she worked; there was a small bamboo forest there. Some times the bamboo was dry and its sound scared me a little bit, but after many years of going there, I was appreciating more and more its beautiful sound. Thank you for this nice memory.

  I can work for hours without being distracted. Well done.

  Thank you so much for creating this beautiful place... This is so relaxing and so inspiring... God bless you.

  This is my new go-to generator for going to sleep. The winds are crisp but not too howly/stormy for my tastes, and the water noises top off the experience of being in a cozy garden.

  Bamboo Gardens is my new favorite! I select a "Surprise" on the presets and I'm off... To a dreamy but never sleepy, engaged but not distracted, private world . It's perfect for a noisy office, and helps me maintain focus on detail oriented tasks. Thanks for the escape!

  Forever grateful for these! These helped me clear my brain fogs everytime and helped me escape my bedroom at midnights.

  I like to leave the water sliders fixed and then animate the bamboo and wind sliders.

  So thankful for this. Japanese garden is my most used sound for tinnitus relief, and this one is an instant new favorite. Perfect to mix with sliders from Japanese garden too.

  This is a great background to work to, the variation and subtle developments mean I can focus without being drawn to listening fully to it (unlike music). The gentle trickle and the susurration of the leaves is peaceful without being soporific. Lovely.

  I find Bamboo Garden very calming especially when my body still has the edgy feeling and hasn't yet caught up with it being time to slow down. I find the windchime and bell distracting so grateful for the option to minimize those. Pure nature sounds are just so lovely.

  The Bamboo Forest preset with the addition of the wind bell is such a meditative treat. Feels like I'm sitting on temple grounds surrounded by bamboo.

  After years of waiting for the 'missing' water feature to make this come together, I immediately muted those sounds. A man just wants gentle wind noises without bladder tingling water sounds.

  It is the first noise that I find that helps me relax and focus at the same time. Loving it.

  It's so calming! Thanks! All your efforts are truly appreciated <3

  Another jaw-dropping soundscape added to the favorite collection!

  Perfect balance, sonic yin-yang harmony, with just the right amount of accents with birds, bell, and windchimes to match the flowing waves of wind and dancing bamboo. Truly peaceful--a breath of fresh air for the weary.

  WOW! This is the soundscape I was waiting for! I listened to Japanese Garden on "Wildlife" paired with the "Eerie" Deserted, and here is the great change!

  Always expected this, bamboo! Let’s go! This is going to stay with me during studies. I love this!!! God bless this website! This is a blessing... ~[Nitin]

  This is definitely one of my favorites on this entire platform. Nice work!!!

  In 2020 I'd visited the Arashiyama Bamboo Grove; this sounds far better than the actual experience haha. Lovely addition to the site.

  This is great. I started enjoying it the moment it came out.