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It's a long time since I've been on a sampling session in the wild, recording fresh sounds for myNoise. Blame it on the special situation we are currently facing with the Covid pandemic. Although I took advantage of being confined in the studio to produce more musical soundscapes, I gradually started to miss working on the sounds of nature. I know these are a favorite of many of you, too.

So I listened to past recordings and found some gems that were never published. I particularly enjoyed these recordings, made during the first days of spring, early in the morning. The session started at 5AM, when the tawny owls would soon be going to bed, and with the other birds slowly waking up. It ended at around 9AM, with titmice singing vividly. Winter is over. The mornings are still cold, very cold. But they all know it won't be so for much longer. Deliverance is near, and the good days will soon return!

Discover how the same forest sounds at night, a little further from the creek, with Moonlight Forest.

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  So incredibly relaxing! I feel like I am actually sitting on a rocking chair in a log cabin, in a forest at 6 AM. Beautiful job!

  Love this one. Was looking for a recording that was mainly birds, reminding me of sitting on my deck in those early hours, when the world is just starting to wake up.

  This generator naturally and unconsciously makes my breath deeper. It brings me to the perfect bliss of a bright spring morning, a place that my daily worries just can't reach. A more than welcome bowl of freshness!

  I traveled through Norway a few summers ago and found a little campsite in Jotunheim and setup camp right near a river. The snow melt waters raced past us and bounded over and between the rocks.

  Sounds involving wind are always my favourite and this sounds just like a forest at dusk on a windy day.

  Oh my gosh, love that this has a speech blocker setting! And the fact that it's nearly from the same spot as Moonlit Forest (one of my absolute favorites) is so awesome! Thanks for another great gen.

  Such peaceful sounds! I suffer from tinnitus and this noise truly lifts my spirit in the morning!

  River with birds. So calming!

  This setting is so perfect <3

  This is lovely! I can feel the forest around me but it is not overpowering, I love this particularly because the forest is apart of who I am. Thanks for the beauty of myNoise!

  I love Morning Forest! - MF

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