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When myNoise started, I was so excited. I kept releasing new sounds on a weekly basis – and I am still trying. They all sounded interesting because the whole concept was interesting: ten sliders to create never-ending soundscapes. Though these sounds still appeal to newcomers discovering the website, what about the die-hard fans, those who have been with me for years? How do I keep them amazed with fresh releases, now that there are already over 250 soundscapes available on the website? And, just as importantly, how do I keep inspired and happy at work? Hard work is only sustainable if I can find satisfaction, too. So, I thought about the future of myNoise. And this soundscape could illustrate what it might be.

I enjoy making no compromises in sound quality, even for noises! And, for musical soundscapes, I like the sound of real “organic” instruments, not samples. This soundscape, though it sounds Lo-Fi, is a good illustration of what "quality" means to me. You hear me playing a real Rhodes electric piano, a real bass guitar, and the sound is processed through real magnetic tapes in order to produce that inimitable vintage feel. Not only does it end up in something both the amateur and the purist can enjoy, but it gives me so much satisfaction at work. Interacting with hardware instruments makes such a difference.

This philosophy has a cost, though. I am very grateful to all the people who have contributed to the project, allowing me to work in an environment that makes me happy – happy to improve myself, day after day.

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  Another immediate favorite, thanks so much! I love these moody lo-fi generators.

  This takes the (in my opinion) rather mundane sounds of the Rhodes piano, bends and twists them, sculpting ever-changing sound collages of otherwordly beauty. One of my new favourites, it goes on forever in the background when I work long hours. Thank you.

  I am one of the long time subscribers you mention in the description of Tape Memories. I love so many selections on this amazing site you've poured your heart into over the years... but this is my absolute favourite. I can listen to it for hours. Hard to explain why it is so perfect, but it just is. Induces a gentle, trance-like state of contemplation every time. A deep, heartfelt thank-you.

  Listen to this with Distant Thunder generator. It's absolutely brilliant. Thank you so much for sharing your work with us.

  Wow, I love this! Reminds me a lot of Biosphere and Lucrecia Dalt, but is infinite. This has become a go-to for my home "office".

  This is so beautiful. It's like all my favorite aspects of the music I focus well to be combined into one soundscape.

  Sounds like a Michael Brook soundscape with his infinite guitar style. Beautiful.

  I've tried out the recommendation of a myNoise user to layer this with Pebble Beach. Yes, it is lovely!

  Incredibly warm, slightly fuzzy, definitely impressed! The description too is impactful. Thank you for what you do.

  This is lovely, especially when layered with Pebble Beach! Instant relaxation.

  I've been listening to this composition non-stop for 8 hours while working. It helps me keep calm and focused. The chimes remind me of Blade Runner movie. This is great!

  This soundscape reminded me of Daft Punk - Something About Us, and they blend really well together!! The sound quality is amazing, thanks for this awesome soundscape! :D

  I'm very happy that this is the direction in which Dr. Pigeon chose to move this project. This soundscape is in between trippy and soothing, slightly resembles the music of Boards of Canada and Tycho, I really like it.

  I think this is my new favorite one!

  Real treat! Gratitude. Much Love from Infinity Calling.

  This is my new favorite thing for work. Still don't want to do what I'm supposed to, but my focus when doing it is improved eightfold.

  There is a level of depth and meaning put into this soundscape and website (and the open-hearted testimony at the top). A kind depth that is missing in most of our modern world and in its modern offerings. I wish you will continue to produce art and by that, hopefully, we will enjoy more art in our world, in products, offerings and value people are making.

  It's April, which means salary review time in our company. And I want to do this seriously, so I'm meticulously going through my (large) team's work of the last year. It's very stressful, as I don't want to make any mistake, this is about people's salaries. Tape memories completely relaxes me, yet keeping me focused, it's (again) a fantastic soundscape!

  Instantly loved this. The cackle of the magnetic tapes is so soothing, I can imagine a vinyl record playing in the background and I can feel the live music as if it was flowing from a neighboring room in my house. Instant peace with this soundscape.

  Tape Memories takes me back to ambient 80's vinyl, but yes, I can hear the tape's soundshaping in there. Well done, as always!

  A gentle and variable texture to this soundscape. It takes me somewhere thoughtful and productive. The resonance both soothes my anxiety and tension and blocks out unwanted sound. Thank you so much for your incredible and ongoing work, Stephane!

  It's really fun to play music (e.g. through Spotify) with just Tape Noise behind. Sounds like you're listening on an old-fashioned tape deck :D

  This is really good! Really helps me concentrate! 10/10 very calming.

  This is so relaxing, this is my favorite website! Thank you!

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