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Poltergeist : from German, from Poltern to bang + Geist ghost. Poltergeists are spirits supposed to manifest their presence by making loud sounds such as banging doors or moving heavy objects.

Do they exist? In 'The Acoustic Properties of Unexplained Rapping Sounds’ [Journal of the Society for Psychical Research, 2010, Vol 73.2 Number 899 pp 65-93], Dr. Colvin writes : "Ever since my personal involvement in the investigation of a rapping poltergeist at Andover, Hampshire, in which it was absolutely clear that no normal explanation could account for the observed phenomena, I wondered whether the recorded raps were in any way different to those produced by normal methods. It is now clear that they are indeed different".

Should we worry? Maybe... but worry about the quality of the Society for Psychical Research's reviewing process!

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  It feels like you're standing in a dark abandoned place, large concrete pillars surrounding you. You aren't sure of the purpose of them, but you know they aren't the only things here...

  I'm reading Rapture, by John Shirley, a novel set in the world of BioShock. This track, with some adjustments, combined with the Underwater track with a few as well, topped off with a few sliders from the Haunted Manor, is just perfect for the mood of the spooky, abandoned, and quite haunted underwater city of Rapture!

  This is fantastic! Sets a mood and atmosphere that can really help with writing!

  Poltergeist, combined with Old Manor (with all sliders flat, except nr.5 (gramophone track, and slider nr. 6 slightly lower) is completely recreating the soundscape of 'Eraserhead' by David Lynch...

  I'm writing a horror novel, and I find myself often turning to myNoise for inspiration for different scenes. This really gave me the feeling of being followed by ghosts, like my characters. Very Ooky Spooky, I do recommend.

  A real pleasure :3

  This is very nice! Reminds me of the TV show ´Ghost Adventures´!

  It's honestly just relaxing. Very subtle, but effective, background noise.

  Well this is absolutely terrifying in the best way possible!

  Very incredible sounds, extremely ambient and inspiring.

  I know this is supposed to be scary but it's so relaxing! I put it on at night and I'm asleep in minutes.

  I suggest putting it together with Church noise, quite an original experience.

  This - with the 'shushing' generator...

  Such a creepy, yet intriguing atmosphere. Love this one!

  Don't turn around... It already knows you're here.You'll just anger it more... Don't make a sound.It's behind you--

  Amazing audio, absolutely stunning. I love to listen to this one piece because it reminds me of when it's about to storm for days on end, the sound of the rumbling sounds so realistic. Well, I guess that's all I wanted to say, so thank you for making this! <3

  This is amazingly calming, giving a sort of monstrous effect to the feeling... It's amazing to listen to these different and intriguing 'noises', thank you for making these, I really appreciate these sounds! It sounds like thunder in a way, giving a more normal sound and the crashing noises send it back into insanity, a beautiful effect, I must say! ~ A grateful customer

  You can make this really creepy by changing a few things like I did. Click the heart, perfect horror game material :P

  Sooooooooo creepy! This is really helpful if you want to make a creepy setting on Halloween or if you just want to scare someone.

  I kept hearing children's voices while listening to this. Sooo creepy. Then I realised there are no children's voices in the audio... AAARGH!Then I realised the neighbour's kids were playing in the garden. Sounded like little ghosts with this amazing generator.

  I LOVE this one! This one perfectly emulates the ambiance of STALKER. Exactly the sound I was looking for.

  Very creepy!

  This might be weird, but this helps me fall asleep... So amazing I think I am in love! My parents always complain though. Whatever mom! It's not a phase! >:(

  An immense, unearthly, force exerting influence upon the vicinity...

  This setting makes me feel like I'm underwater, in an old, rusty one person submarine, exploring the wreck of a ship. But something supernatural swims in these dark waters...

  Guys click the heart. It sound so eerie and cool I could use this on halloween XD. But The sounds are soooooooooooooo fake poltergiests - I dont believe in them.

  Don't let anything know you're here...

  If you mix this one with the church soundscape, with just the Priest and the whispers turned on, it sounds like an exorcism. It's so beautifully creepy and I love it.

  The 'Drone', 'Moving', and 'Eerie Wind' sliders combined with just the whispers from the Evil Charm soundscape reminds me of when I had some problems with psychosis a few years ago. Are the whispers malicious or benevolent? Somehow, I feel at ease with this combination. It's beautiful yet nerve-wracking at the same time. I feel almost inspired to get back to writing short horror stories again!

  All the eerie thuds, echoing winds, and things that go bump in the night that you could ever hope for. I had to slip into a sweater to ward off the goosebumps.

  Hollow - Rhythmic Slow Things - Moving - Wind Singing - Timeless Lament: Poetry.

  This one sounds to me as if you are stranded in one long hallway and can only see a few feet in front of you. You must move to the end to escape... but there is no end in sight.

  This is going to sound weird (or should I say eerie?) but I really like listening to this while studying literature, it feels like the authors are here next to me, wanting to be remembered. It makes studying feel like an adventure.

  Fantastic with the eerie wind turned all the way up.

  Go back to sleep!

  Indeed. I shall worship Satan to this. lol jk... I don't worship Satan. But I really like the way this sounds.

  Try this with Orchestron  you are now on an abandoned ghost ship, alone with the sounds of creaking decks, wind rushing through the rigging, and floatsam and jetsam gently striking the hull.

  Sleep? Who needs that?

  It's just the wind. Go back to sleep.

  I'm only 11 and I love this! The picture in the background makes me feel like a jump scare is coming up!

  I played this when waking up, in some weird way it feels relaxing.

  Yup. Terrified. So realistic and such sounds like someone trying to break in... or should I say something ;) Definitely use headphones if you can, really lets you hear it and the frequency

  This is super creepy

  Loving this sound. It's the perfect weather and season for it too!

  This, coupled with Evil Charm RPG Soundscape, is so unbelievably creepy. This is just the environmental noise I needed to write horror late at night and home alone. Nothing like creepy scraping tremors to really set the pulse roaring. Love it!

  This with just the middle sliders, combined with Church bells, noise, organ and steps in the background makes me feel like I'm in a haunted mansion or something possessed. I can hear the rattling of the glass in the pane, the footsteps, and the eerie organ playing just out of reach when there is no one there. Just add some screaming, and you would have a vampire cave.

  This one sounds so soothing to me :)

  I don't know why I find this so fascinating, but Poltergeist in particular (set to Animate) really helps me to focus. The first time I listened I thought that it should be disturbing to me, but I realized that it's varied enough to engage a tiny part of my mind so that I don't tune it out and I actually enjoy the slightly creepy nature of the sounds. Who knew? :) Perhaps I'm secretly emo...

  Thank you for creating this one. It's perfect when I'm writing my ghost stories.

  I'm listening to this while reading 'The Fall of the House of Usher' by Poe and it's really setting the scene nicely while blocking most notification noises from my phone! (then again, my volume is all the way up, so that may also be why this is helping me focus on the story :,))

  This makes my childhood fears come back...

  Enter the Meditation Room, and let your imagination take you on a grand tour.

  Soooooo creepy. I'm home alone way too often, and these sounds have me looking over my shoulder!! Awesome for writing and reading scary fiction.

  My favorite generators are the eerie ones, so I was ecstatic to see there was a new one! This one is excellent! :D Makes my creepy little heart leap with joy. I was born on Halloween for a reason ;)

  Amazing sounds as usual. This setup I have is perfect for playing any scary game. Kept only the occasional sounds. I think it makes it creepier :D

  Just the thing to get into the Halloween spirit!

  Nightmares are made of this

  Very disturbing! Very inspiring! The Rumble is intense enough to make you wonder if there's an earthquake nearby that you're not feeling (I live in an area prone to occasional shifts). DEFINITELY check this out with Headsets on, but be warned! It's INTENSE.

  They're trying to tell you something. Do not listen. Don't let them get louder, understand? Keep them at a whisper. The taps in the walls, the knocks on the floors, that chair which seems to move... Don't forget the door, it's open again, you've shut it at least four times today.

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