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Nature sounds as test tones: the fun hearing test

Simply enjoy the sound of this summer night ambience, or dig a little further: behind this soundscape, hides a valuable tool that will challenge your hearing!

Don't be fooled by the fun factor of this noise generator, and by the fact that we use natural sounds instead of synthetic test tones. The whole challenge was to find in nature the exact sounds needed to build a serious hearing test. This is not a classic hearing test though. Regular audiograms - as those produced by audiologists - do not cover these frequencies, which are considered too high to care about in a strict medical point of view. This is exactly what makes this soundscape special: it relies on these "useless" frequencies that we only hear when we are young and in good health. If you are interested in a classic ENT hearing test, try, an online hearing test, with an audiogram printout.

Have kids around you when you are playing this noise, and let them proudly describe the sounds that remain inaudible to you. Looking at your nearby pets can give you interesting clues too.

WARNING: you will be tempted to increase the volume on your computer, trying to hear sounds that will remain inaudible to you anyway. DON'T DO THAT or you may end up in deafening people around you - especially younger kids - or your pets; and, there is a risk of damaging your speakers' tweeters too. SERIOUSLY.

The sounds

Let's now review each slider separately. The three first sliders test broad frequency ranges; the next ones are centered around given frequencies.

Click the first slider link, then set your computer’s volume level so that the sound plays comfortably loud, then, DON'T CHANGE YOUR COMPUTER’S VOLUME ANYMORE - see the warning above – and start exploring the other sounds.

Slider 1 - the upper range of the classic hearing test: 4-8kHz
Slider 2 - at the verge of the classic hearing test: 8-12kHz
Slider 3 - beyond the classic hearing test: 10-16kHz
Slider 4 - various cicadas with one particularly active around 12kHz
Slider 5 - one particular around 14kHz
Slider 6 - one particular around 15kHz
Slider 7 - a bat sonar (isolated chirps) around 15k-17k
Slider 8 - cicadas around 16-18kHz
Slider 9 - another bat sonar, now around 18-21kHz
Slider 10 - cicada around 20-21kHz

Testimonials - write yours here

Click the blue hearts to load their associated settings

  ← This particular setting actually sounds like a Virginia field in the early morning when the sun would hit the tall grass, years ago when we still had fireflies at night. Sometimes I'd hear this in the shade on a quiet summer day. I've been looking for the sound associated with the "insects" slider for ages.

  I am 43 and can hear up to slider 8 depending on the headphones used. With my over ear pair I can't hear past 4 without increasing the volume. One set of buds goes to 6 without an increase, and the other set I can hear up to 8. None of them work past 8, or I just can't hear it. The speakers definitely skew the results.

  Very cool. I'm 28 and I can hear slides 1-9. I think I can hear 10 but I'm not sure. The funny thing is that on my phone speakers I can only hear until slide 5. From 6 onwards I have to put the phone right next to my ear to be able to hear the sounds. That or headphones, so I'm not sure if I'd be able to hear the sounds in the middle of nature as this is supposed to be about.

  18 Male here, feels bad. I can only hear 1-5, anything past that is just nothing. Will be coming back to try and see if I can retrain my hearing

  18 Male: I can hear 1-8 but I can feel 7-9. 9 especially feels like a bump at the back of my throat at irregular intervals.

  I'm 64 and can hear Sliders 1-5. Nothing on the rest!

  I am 61 and can hear Sliders 1 & 2 clearly. Very faint hearing or perhaps "sensing" of sounds on Slider 3. Nothing above that. Yikes.

  I'm 28, hear bats in real live, and I can hear slider 1-8 at low to medium settings (those cicadas are so annoying I had to set them pretty low!), #9 at about 90% and #10 is barely audible to me, it's more like feeling something is there (like being annoyed but not really knowing why) and just on the highest setting - without changing the overall volume - I hear something when really focusing.

  I am a writer and I only ever use this website for noises. I generally use them for background noise to not only help me write, but also to set the scene for me. This is my favorite one! I tend to write a lot about people being outside at night and I am not sure if that's on purpose or if it's because I just love this generator so much.

  I'm 17, I can hear every noise but the 10th one. It is actually kind of fun to listen to the 8th and 9th noise, for they felt more like vibrations/sensations and less like usual sounds.

  I can barely hear the ninth slider (bats) at high volume. It sounds like an occasional light dabbing sound. Perhaps I am missing some part of the sound. It's supposed to be 18-21 kHz, and the highest I can hear on other hearing tests is 18.8 kHz. I am a 38-year-old woman. I have always heard sounds that other people can't, although I am probably losing it now.

  This is so cool!! I can (thankfully) hear them all, but the 10th is just really quiet for me, so I have to turn my headphone volume all the way up to hear it haha. I really like this one <3

  I'm 30. I can hear up to 9th. 10th is very faint, but when I set the speaker volume to full, it's very audible.

  I'm 51.5 and can hear up to and including no 5. The others are silent but I do hear the bats outside sometimes so maybe all is not yet lost... Too much loud music in my youth, probably. Hold on to your hearing folks, because it's precious stuff!

  After a few weeks (about 3) into that experiment, this generator doesn't hurt anymore and I can more clearly hear the 9th slider. I still can't hear the 10th, though. I'm 25.

  Those damn bats! I'm the only one in my family who can hear them, and when I was little I was scared and I keeped telling my parents but they didn't understand.

  I can hear up until the 9th, the last one is just inaudible for me. I'm 20 :)

  I love these! I've been missing the outdoors so much since I had to move to the city for college. I'm 18 and can hear all but the last slider. It's driving me nuts because I can tell something is there but I can't actually hear it. Great sounds though <3

  I can hear all the sliders but the last (it certainly makes my head hurt, though.)

  I'm 24, I can hear up all the slides :p

  I'm starting that experiment. I'm 25, and currently I can hear up to the 9th slider, but not the 10th. I don't usually listen to this generator because the higher sliders hurt or are very irritating. I had to turn them down some to make it tolerable. I'll try to keep them at the same level for the next few weeks though.

  I'm 22 and I can hear up to the sixth slider.

  The summer nights sound has simply saved my sanity. I have a constant hissing sound in my left ear and this program can mask the hiss entirely. I'm looking forward to ensuring this site gets funded FOREVER! A treasure has been found, and I will treat it as such! Special Thanks to the audio genius who created this, remarkable in every way!! Brian

  I have tinnitus and I've tried so many noise generators, this is the only one that works. Best of all it seems to work through having the right frequency, rather than just blasting white noise at a loud enough level. Thank you for creating this project. It has seriously changed my outlook on life since getting tinnitus. For the first time in months I am able to actually think normally again.

  I have had tinnitus for approximately 2 years now. Extremely affecting my life. I have downloaded the app on my I phone. I found a sound called Summer Nights and I feel as though it has been a life changer for me. It hasn't cured me but it is the only relief I get.

  Can't hear past the 6th Slider... Interesting!

  Male, 23 here. Can hear up to the 9th slider at normal volumes with earbuds, but had to turn the volume up in order to hear the tenth. The peaks of the chirps made my ears feel pretty weird though. Not bad for my age I guess.

  I'm thirteen, and I can't hear the ninth and tenth slider. It's kind of worrying me... However, this is a great generator in general!

  A lush silvery moonlight night falls over the meadow where we are camping out tonight, as the kids are roasting marshmallows over a campfire. Insects chirp in the background while the sound of bats is faintly heard overhead. When paired with the "Pine Logs" setting from The Fireplace, it sounds like I'm right there! :)

  The first thing to ever help block out irritating high frequencies from the factory next door! I wrote in to ask for suggestions on what might help, and you nailed it, Stéphane! (In record time too)

  22f, can hear everything but the 10th slider

  I'm turning thirteen, and I could hear clearly until the eighth slider, and maybe something very faint at the ninth? I've only started listening to this, though. I love this site and hope to donate when I'm old enough to. Thank you for this! This noise combined with the cat purr feels like home.

  I'm 14, and I could actually hear all sliders, including the 10th! The summer night always has very cool natural sounds to hear - from the species that live in your environment! Seems like I am a person who can hear over 20,000 hertz.

  32m from Singapore here. Unfortunately, I can't hear a single thing on the 7th, 9th and 10th sliders. I wonder if the experiment would help... Just gonna give it a try!

  I am 54, I could hear bat slider 7, 9 and Cicada slider 10, in combination. Or, bat slider 7 and cicada slider 10, in combination. But each stand alone, I could not hear anything. Cicada slider 8 is very loud alone. All the rest (slider 1-6) I could hear easily. A month ago, I could not hear slider 7, 9, 10. Thank you for a lovely set up.

  51 yrs old. NO hearing aids, I can only hear 1st slider - Hearing aids IN = 5th slider. Tinnitus & very slight hearing loss for over 10yrs but not bad enough to go for tests. Got so bad 3 to 4 years ago had tests which showed approx 20% hearing loss so was given hearing aids. Tinitus now sounds like a combo of kettle whistling, someone using a vacuum & a washing machine on spin through a thin wall.

  I [18f] can hear all of the sliders. My least favourite is the ninth 'bat' slider.. unlike others who report hearing it in their throat, I feel it towards the base of my skull and the back of my neck instead. By the way, for some nice nature noises, layer this over the Camping Noise Rain Generator. I use it to fall asleep.

  It's like I can feel the bat sonar in the back of my throat. It's a very weird sensation but I'm glad my hearing is better than I'd thought!

  Thanks very much, it's a great test for my just built bat detector and for scouts to learn about it.

  I'm 14. I'm sitting here at 3 am, and this is the best thing to listen to when you're tired. I absolutely love it. I love the summer, and I feel like I'm in a tent at a private camping spot. I think I'm the first to hear all 10 slides, too...

  I've always taken great precautions to protect my hearing, but the 9th and 10th slider only produce very very faint noises for me. I can definitely feel them, they give me a bit of a headache, and there is a verrrrry faint highpitched noise in my ears, like a very far away animal. I'm 24!

  I was disturbed that at 32 I couldn't hear anything at all past the fifth slider. I thought my headphones weren't functioning or that I had permanent ear damage from rocking out too much over the years. After occasional listening for two weeks, I can make out faint sounds! They sound like a very distant parakeet to me. I hope the sounds will become even clearer as I keep listening.

  Strangely enough, while you said that increasing volume doesn't help, I can hear sliders up to 9 perfectly on normal volume, but slider 10 only becomes perceptible to me when I increase it. It actually causes some headache, as well as bats' sounds. I am 22.

  Oh god! That was hellishly painful! Owwwwwwww.... I suffer from Hyperacusis. Please never ask me to do that again! Back to the distant thunder generator to get rid of this instant migraine. (Nah, I don't blame you, I should've known better than to try this. You know what they say about curiosity and cats...)

  Oh boy! Remember? We were able to tell whether a tape was copied or not. Because copying would add high-pitched noise, that we could hear. Kids also hear the vibrations of a damaged deflection coil in a CRT TV. For us, planned obsolescence was literally audible - we could hear which brand was built to fail. Sales people never believed us though... Should have "listened" to the kids ;-)

  At 21, I can hear up to slider 9, it is very sparse "churps" like little tinny sounds and I feel like I can feel them in my throat. Sounds weird I know but the only way I can describe it is I hear it deeper within my ear.

  I (40) can hear the sounds up to the 7th slider. My serval girl, though, finds the higher frequencies quite interesting, too :D

  I actually just keep the higher frequencies muted. I really just love the ambiance, but I do see how this could be used as a better hearing test!

  At 26, I can hear only the first five sliders clearly. I can 'feel' the next two, like tiny pulses in my skull; they make no sound. (Yet! I have them on a moderate volume. Maybe my hearing range will improve over time?) This sounds almost like summer nights in the southern US where I live, so at this time of year when it's too cold to sleep with my window open, I sleep with this on instead!

  It's really nice. I wish I could donate, but I'm only 13, and my Mom nor Dad have a Paypal account. And we don't have Euro nor USD, we pay in PLN (1 USD=3 PLN). 3 PLN isn't very much, but 15 is about the prize of a big chocolate box. Maybe if I'll be old enough, I will donate. But I can make a movie on YouTube about this site, everyone should know it! I like it a lot! Answered : Hey, that is fantastic to be a fan at 13! Don't worry about the money. Your enthusiasm is worth any donation! And you are right, nothing beats... chocolate! Cheers!

  I put it on animate and pull the blankets over me and I fell like I'm in a tent. Very smoothing.

  I like it this way, and combined with Palm Garden. It need not be night. When the crickets chirp along with the birds of the palm garden, I get a feeling of a warm and sun-drenched Mediterranean landscape full of olive trees, cypresses, stone pines and the occasional palm tree, straight out of Classical myths and pastoral poetry.

  The bat sonar sound (7th slider) is right on the edge of what I can hear. It creates an interesting sensation in my head. I don't like that I'm missing sounds. I'm only 22.

  I love this! I usually have a hard time concentrating on my work but this realy helps. At 16, I can hear all but the 10th slider.

  At 13, I got to number 10. It's vverrryy quiet, but it doesn't really sound, but is more of a feeling, if that makes any sense. It's almost like a tiny chirp in the back of your neck. It's really cool. :D

  I'm 16 yrs old and i can hear them all pretty clearly, except for the last one, which i can barely make out at half volume, and sort of make out at full. Interesting! I thought my hearing was better than that...

  Egads, I can only hear to 5, then it all goes silent. Humbling. I'm 49.

  At 28 I can hear all but the last one. Oddly, 1-3 were nice, but 4-8 were kind of painful! But 9 was nice again, and definitely the highest sound I've ever consciously heard. Really fascinating!

  I'm 40 and I can hear all but 6 and 10, as long as I concentrate. I'm in a busy office, so it's possible that the cicadas are being drowned out by keyboards. I'll have to try again at home. I had no idea bats sounded like ray guns, what fun!

  I'm 26 and I can hear all but number 10.

  So accurate! Quite exactly what I hear at evening, when my window is open (well, because in my country it's summer now).

  I can hear all of them except 9 and 10. Better than I thought I'd do! o:

  This summer night makes for excellent background sounds while listening to Joe Hisaishi's music, particularly Summer, One Summer's Day, and The Sixth Station. Gives a whole new atmosphere to the music, as if I'm on more of an adventure.

  When I hit mute, I can even tell that this is off. My brain can't tell the difference. This is a true Florida night. Brilliant.

  I tried every slider to see which ones I can hear (this is my first time hearing), but when I reach the last two sliders I can only feel a kind of pulsing...

  Been listening to this almost every night, and tonight I was able to hear the 8th slider much more clearly than before! :O

  I'm 33 and can only hear sliders 1-5... Guess I've been to too many gigs and listen to too much noise at work.

  Mix this with the Water Stream, and the Fire Noise Generator for that special campfire feeling.

  At the moment I can say I only hear up to the 9th slider, but strangely when I play the 10th one I can feel it... but I can't hear it. Beautiful sounds regardless, love this!

  21 Years old; can hear all but the 10th slider. Interested to see if I can hear that last one eventually!

  I can just BARELY hear that Cicada.

  Fascinating! I'm 28 and can hear everything but the 10th slider... that must be some cicada!

  Love this one mixed with some fire crackling. It feels like I'm camping. I can smell the fire too!

  After about 45 minutes of listening, my ever-present tinnitus has abated significantly. That's the first time that's happened in months.

  I love this sound, its my favorite thing to play to help block out my neighbors loud television when I'm trying to sleep. I find that I can hear all the sliders at some times, and other times I can only hear the first seven? Maybe it depends on my state of mind? super weird...

  I like to listen to this setting to relax. It reminds me of when I still lived at home in Georgia. Every summer, I'd hear the crickets outside my window as I lay in bed in my dark room. It reminds me of when it was just me, my mom, my stepdad and my brother living there. This really makes me really nostalgic.

  I can only hear 1,2, 5, kinda 5, and barely 3. I'm only 17 D:

  I knew my hearing was wonky, but I'm surprised that the range I'm missing is in sliders 3-6, so approximately 12-15kHz. That seems odd. I can hear the top and bottom of the range, no problem. I am going to start using the Summer Night layered with my other favorites to see if I, too can improve my hearing range.

  I can hear all but the tenth slider. For some reason, hearing the bat chirps seems to brighten my mood and make me smile. On the other hand, it gives me a headache if I listen to it for too long.

  I tried to align all sliders so that I could hear each noise just enough to be able to distinguish it and discovered that last 2 sliders are completely silent to me, I seem to hear something from 8th but can't really say what and 7th sounds really really unpleasant to me (I can somehow feel it in my throat). This is my first time listening to this noise and I put my laptop's volume at 30.

  I feel so accomplished. I can hear all the noises :0!!

  Achieved! Now able to hear all the noises!

  Backyard star-gazing

  Since its cold, snowy winter right now as much as I don't like bugs I have to say it's really nice to hear these sounds again.

  I've been using this for noise masking at work -- a lovely resident with a terribly squeaky walker likes to take his walks in the foyer! The lower sliders are perfect for blending his squeaks into the sounds of nature.


  I can hear currently to the 9th slider, however this likely has to do with my 2 years in band class to where I HAVE to discern certain sounds.

  Wow, When i first tried the different settings - a few hours ago - I was hearing well sliders 1 and 2 and then ok for the fourth one, All the others were nothingness. I can now hear slider three...

  My favorite sound on this site. Brings back so much nostalgia as a child and the cool comfort of a summer night!

  I can hear clearly up to the 9th slider but can't hear anything on the 10th. this is my first try, I'll try listening again for a few minutes each day and report back in a few days.

  Maxed bugs. This brings back those summer nights at my father's house in rural Southwest Louisiana. On a hot night the cicadas can be almost deafening, but I don't know of any better natural white noise. So glad I found this generator.

  At first my hearing only went up to the 7th slider, after listing to to higher frequencies for a bit I immeadiately was able to hear the 8th clearly so there might very well be something to this theory

  LOVE this one. This is the best website that has happened to the internet.

  Hey, combine this + Isochronic + White Rain Noise: My 8kHz tinnitus has a hard time of reaching my brain now. Also, the Isochronic pulsing puts some other-worldyness to the natural rain and cicada sound. All in all, smoothing for a too-hot brain!

  This reminds me of summer nights spent at my grandparents' house at the lake. I could listen to this all day.

  This is perfectly paired with the Jungle noisescape. It reminds me of a forest that comes alive after dark.

  This is the third day I've listened to this generator, and I've gone from hearing the lowest four sliders to being able to hear all ten! I have unusually good hearing for my age anyway (I'm 38) but I'm amazed how quickly my experience of this generator has become richer.

  I've been hoping for this noise generator for a while now. I live in the American southeast and our summer nights are incredibly loud with the noises of grasshoppers, cicadas, and bats. This is just like that. I'm also glad to report that I can hear every slider except the last one. Thanks Stephane!

  Reminds me of hot summer nights sitting out by the lake, falling to sleep under the stars.

  Really good soundscape. It puts me in a state of calm and energises me all at the same time.

  This is so great! Reminds me of the nights I spent in the village that my father is from.

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The Experiment

As we get older, our sensitivity toward the higher frequencies decreases. This phenomenon is referred to as age-related hearing loss or presbycusis. Some theories state that we can re-train the ear by listening to these missing frequencies. It would be interesting to set up a large scale experiment around this page in order to verify such a claim. Listen to this generator a few minutes a day, over a couple of weeks, only at a moderate volume, then look for some evidence that your hearing has improved, such as sliders that were silent to you before that are not silent anymore. Please report your findings through a User Testimonial.