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A Collection of Composite Sounds Generators Managed by Patrons
Welcome to sub-site where generators created by myNoise patrons are shared. This place is dynamically managed by the community, without moderation from myNoise. As a patron, you upvote the generators that you like the best by tagging them as a favourite favorite. By analyzing the votes of the entire community, our algorithm keeps this page fresh and healthy
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How does this page work?

• While anyone can create their own composite generators on myNoise, only patrons can contribute to this page, with a limit of one submission per day.

• To enter a submission, create a composite generator. If you are a patron, instructions will appear on the bottom of the page.

• The patrons community decides which generators live on the Community page, and how long, by voting for the best ones.

To vote for a generator - or many of them - click the empty favorite star  favourite  associated with the titles that you like the most. Stars will then turn a solid blue  favourite  The starring system is invisible to non-patrons.

• The total number of votes that one generator gets from the community is displayed in dark grey, next to its title.

• myNoise runs on a relatively small server. The contents of this page - your votes and the new submissions - are refreshed every minute, not instantly.

• Do not vote for generators that do not reflect the values of myNoise, so that our algorithm can get rid of these automatically. This page is still experimental. Make sure this experiment is a success! Be kind, be respectful.

Creating your Composite Generator

Use a laptop or desktop computer, as you will be asked to use keyboard shortcuts.

To create your custom composite generator, browse the site for slider contents: open any generator on myNoise, and select the sliders you want to use in your custom set by 'zeroing' all others, then hit [c] to collect all active sliders into a hidden stack. Move to a next generator and repeat the process until you have accumulated 10 sliders. Now hit [shift+c] to render your custom composite generator. At any point, press [x+c] to clear the hidden stack.


favoriteRedwood Beach Camping  5
favoriteLibrary During a Storm  5
favoriteCalling the Spirits  5
favoriteDagobah...  5
favoriteGregorian House  5
favoriteMtg Breeding Pool  5
favoriteDeep Forest Sanctuary  5
favoriteEnchanted Rain  5
favoriteTime Machine Damage  5
favoriteSoul's Quest  4
favoriteMarsh Mellow  4
favoriteTuonela  4
favoriteRhode Trip  4
favoriteVictorian Eve  4
favoriteCyberpunk City  4
favoriteMidnight Memories  4
favoriteSummer Vacation Bliss  4
favoritePlanet Earth  4
favoriteMidnight Swimphony  4
favoriteSolitude in Music  4
favoriteWuthering Heights  4
favoriteThe Herbarium  4
favoriteTurbulent Beauty  4
favoriteCrossing the Nefud  4
favoriteDunkirk [with Waves]  4
favoriteWinter Cabin  4
favoriteHoth Ride by Tauntaun  4
favoriteSerendipity  4
favoriteAquatic Yearning  4
favoriteKatahdin Woods Camping  4
favoriteLive Jazz  4
favoriteThe Mirrored Blade  4
favoriteTwin Peaks Forest  4
favoriteA Shattered Mind  4
favoriteBehind the Waterfall  4
favoriteConcrete Conflagration Cluster  4
favoriteLong Road Home  4
favoriteAmmonite  4
favoriteCave of No Escape  4
favoriteOrbital  4
favoriteChill Out Rhodes  4
favoriteA World Without Perspective  4
favoritePerfect Beach Sunset  4
favoriteEasy Loading  3
favoriteDamascus Rose  3
favoriteDeath of A Knight  3
favoriteFirefly  3
favoriteFalling Harmony  3
favoriteJamie and Sassenach  3
favoriteBonfire in the Snow  3
favoriteHarmonised.  3
favoriteWallace Corporation  3
favoriteOld North Sea  3
favoriteSo Say We All . . .  3
favoriteWeeping in the Rain  3
favoriteAfternoon Thunderstorms  3
favoriteThe Color of Magic  3
favoriteAshlands  3
favoriteEnter the Divine Temple  3
favoriteStar Child  3
favoriteAircraft Engineer  3
favoriteMeeting an Old Friend  3
favoriteSyreens Call  3
favoriteSuperimposition  3
favoriteCoffee Shop  3
favoriteSomewhere Far Ahead  3
favoriteDunkirk  3
favoriteStarship Ambience  3
favoriteArtist's Studio  3
favoriteRainy Reverie  3
favoriteUndying Confusion  3
favoriteTimebomb  3
favoriteDeep Space  3
favoriteWalden  3
favoriteNanite Jungle  3
favoriteOur Silver River  3
favoriteTime Crystals  3
favoriteSparkling Huu Waters  3
favoriteControlling Earth  3
favoriteEternal River  3
favoriteArrow of Time  3
favoriteWasteland Radio  3
favoriteIrregular Rhythm  3
favoriteClub Mynoise  3
favoriteThe Mad Mechanist  3
favoriteSonder  3
favoritePrimordial Soul  3
favoritePines by the Sea  3
favoritePortrait of One Dead  3
favoriteDo Not Go Gentle...  3
favoriteGreat Plains Ranch  3
favoriteTropical Beach  3
favoriteChant From the Abyss  3
favoriteCampfire Blues  3
favoriteMagic Icy Bells for Focus  2
favoriteDriving Home  2
favoriteThe Fountain of Dreams  2
favoriteHacking Rush  2
favoriteSummer Song  2
favoriteAperture  2
favoriteSunset in Burjai  2
favoriteOld Dream  2
favoriteSnowy Morning Coffee  2
favoriteTogether by the Lake  2
favoriteShip in A Bottle  2
favoriteThe Dining Car  2
favoriteNifelheim  2
favoriteHeadmaster  2
favoritePilgrim in Andes  2
favoriteStuck in the Game  2
favoriteTyphoon Garden  2
favoritePatterrain  2
favoriteSunday Evening Downtown  2
favoriteSwamp Rave  2
favoriteEye of the Storm  2
favoriteAutumnal Expanse  2
favoriteSirens of the Rain  2
favoriteMaster and Commander  2
favoriteShadow Cast  2
favoriteAcoustic Dreams  2
favoriteNorthern Focus  2
favoriteShame Slack  2
favoriteVery Deep & Lucid Dreams  2
favoritePicard's Lament  2
favoriteSauna Rain  2
favoritePresage  2
favoriteStorm Before the Calm  2
favoriteInterrogation  2
favoriteSoul-searching  2
favoriteHeart of the Ocean  2
favoriteShamanic Ritual  2
favoriteA Wind to Carry You  2
favoriteEnki's Call  2
favoriteMusic School 2nd Floor  2
favoriteEchoes in the Wind  2
favoriteLakeside Lullaby  2
favoriteRain Bell  2
favoriteBreakdown in My Mind  2
favoriteAural Focus  2
favoriteOn the Fells  2
favoriteA Spiders Lullaby  2
favoriteFloating on Air  2
favoriteDark Matter  2
favoriteYosemite Valley Camping  2
favoriteBilateral Rest  2
favoriteAperture Test Chamber 16  2
favoriteWistful  2
favoriteBeach Day  2
favoriteBinaural Meditation  2
favoriteDreams Lost at Dawn  2
favorite(ASMR) Rim of the Plains  2
favoriteAmkast Tyu  2
favoriteTribute to Eve-online  2
favoriteTalos 4  2
favoriteGroup Study After Hours  2
favoriteComing Home to Kish  2
favoriteThe Long March  2
favoriteBilateral Relaxation  1
favoriteMtg Stomping Ground  1
favoriteNorthern Lamentation  1
favoriteSpace Cowboy  1
favoriteA Truth Charm  1
favoriteCozy Cottage  1
favoriteGormenghast  1
favoriteMayn Rue Plats  1
favoriteCelestro  1
favoriteOutdoor Lullaby  1
favoriteMerpeople's Choir  1
favoriteMusic School Practice Room  1
favoriteThe Local Hero  1
favoriteMystic Mountain  1
favoriteThe Defender  1
favoriteMetalter  1
favoriteTrain Ride in Wind & Rain  1
favoriteRio De Cuzco  1
favoriteHeading Up the Mount  1
favoriteEve Over the City of Peaches  1
favoriteHaller Lake  1
favoriteAwakening  1
favoriteNo Stepping Stone  1
favoriteThe Cool(ed) Server Room  1
favoriteDesert Edge  1
favoriteThe Pirate Raiding Party  1
favoriteReading Minds  1
favoriteDream World  1
favoriteLanded Alien  1
favoriteDinner Before the Climb  1
favoriteSpirit Guide  1
favoriteJazz at the Fountain  1
favoriteReflections at the R&R  1
favoriteSomeday I’ll Find Home  1
favoriteNeil Rüzgar  1
favoriteHealing Star Journey  1
favoriteSolaris Station  1
favoriteForward Momentum  1
favoriteAtmospheric Healing  1
favoriteSoothing Spectaculum  1
favoriteThe Riverbed  1
favoriteAsgard  1
favoriteRainy Day at the Tavern  1
favoriteGirl in the Shower  1
favoriteNative Drums & Song  1
favoriteDrawing in Florence  1
favoriteSleeping Baby  1
favoriteIsochronic Focus  1
favoriteCocoon  1
favoriteTerminus 2021  1
favoriteHeart of Darkness  1
favoriteDeep Space Lullaby  1
favoriteCarnatic Music Festival  1
favoriteTwilight Shift  1
favoriteDestral De Foc  1
favoriteOrbital Maneuvers  1
favoriteTemple Festival Japan  1
favoriteThe Conservatory  1
favoriteJazz Festival  1
favoriteAll Over All of the Time  1
favoriteShepard Intensity  1
favoriteTatooine Moisture Farm  1
favoriteThe Great Oak  1
favoriteRhodes Babble  1
favoriteMacbeth  1
favoriteSwedish Nature 
favoriteAndroid #32, Dr. Ginelli 
favoriteRomantic Comedy 
favoriteMaelstrom Beach 
favoriteAtlanta at Night 
favoriteFan Singing 
favoriteStaying Awake 
favoriteInstant Tim Hecker 
favoriteThe Bard Princess 
favoriteJust Enough Uneasiness 
favoriteCave Adventure 
favoriteWilderness Canoe 
favoritePost-rock Ambience 
favoriteDark Arts Laboratory 
favoriteInstrumental Mishmash 
favoriteSmall Sails 
favoriteCalm Cafe 
favoriteAmityville Manor 
favoriteIn the Sky... 
favoriteKnight and Jailer 
favoriteSiren's Song 
favoriteWaiting in the Wings 
favoriteA Five of Hearts 
favoritePilgrim Bass 
favoriteAll Gong 
favoriteThe Office 
favoriteA Cyberpunk Bar 
favoriteBackstage Rock Star 
favoriteInterstellar Tunnels - Run 3 
favoriteDune Desert Rose 
favoriteMtg Godless Shrine 
favoriteOne Mystical Night 
favoriteHaplo’s Flight 
favoriteMoonlit Scavengers 
favoriteVirtual Storm 
favoriteGuitar in the Rain 
favoriteSplit Second Tragedy 
favoriteRejuvenation Tank 
favoriteDesert Chef 
favoriteMaglev Commute