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A contribution by Mike3

(Upper preset) Daybreak: time to shower, shave and shiitake because there's work to be done on this glorious day. But first, coffee.

(Odd) As you settle into your morning, a productive groove begins to emerge. Emails answered. Tasks accomplished. Calls returned. But idea hits. You flesh it out and set it aside to sleep on it. Nothing is more important than today's goals.

(Default/Reset) Back at it: flow state takes over and the day's annoyances fade away. You are calm, collected, and focused. Mountains of paperwork are reduced to mole hills as you make progress. Nothing can disturb this groove.

(Even) As day fades into night, you're just about ready to put the pencil down when... that idea you had from earlier suddenly floods you with more fresh ideas... for tomorrow... when we begin again.

The day coming to a close, you take a (Slower) pace and begin your nightly routine to make tomorrow even better than today. Sweet dreams.

Published on July 28th, 2023
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