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Taiko's Acid House
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A contribution by JohnGalt544

Welcome to Taiko's Acid house, the evolution of this collection as the loops carry forward is flawless & magical.

This is the 3rd "Taiko" themed generator in the series

This is amazing for positive motivation as the aura of this generator creates a bouncy happy track.

This one is synth & marimbas based.
Thanks to Stephane for tweaking the syncing behind the scenes & all his hard work, were finding all the taiko & drum based composites are syncing flawlessly right from the get go now.
One thing I noticed is that after the 5 minute mark the sequence goes into peaks & valleys creating an ever evolving song with deep layers & an upbeat happy feel.

Published on April 21st, 2021
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  This is awesome! It helps me feel hyped up. I wish there will be more of these types of upbeat, motivational combinations.

  This one keeps me focused and energized at the same time. Love bouncy generators! Working and bopping to the rhythm of the music without getting too distracted is awesome.

  The other commentator is right! This is bouncy and motivating! I, too, am bopping while I work! :) Thank you :)

  Put the tape control speed on faster and it sounds like a videogame soundtrack!

  This one is a banger, thank you!

  This is amazing! Featuring my all time favourite gen, Marimbas. Thank you!

  Whoever made this deserves infinite love and to be president of something. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G

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