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Dark Academia
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A contribution by Lev57

Late autumn rain, a fire burning to warm the stone study hall, and the tolling of the night bells to remind you how many hours you have left to finish your work for the night. Water echoes, dripping somewhere in the ancient building, and thunder rolls in, isolating you in monastic solitude with your books and your pen, nothing more.

Published on December 1st, 2022
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  I love this composite, it's perfect for reading. I have covid right now so I can't go to the library or a cafe anymore, plus my ears are all out of wack. The church bell is the cherry on top of this awesome composite.

  Yesssss! I'm getting Wednesday Addams vibes XD

  Awesome composite. I love dark academia and this was the perfect audio to play while I read my least favorite assigned reading for class. I feel like a handsome jane austen love interest.

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To create your custom composite generator, browse the site for slider contents: open any generator on myNoise, and select the sliders you want to use in your custom set by 'zeroing' all others, then hit [c] to collect all active sliders into a hidden stack. Move to a next generator and repeat the process until you have accumulated 10 sliders. Now hit [shift+c] to render your custom composite generator. At any point, press [x+c] to clear the hidden stack.