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Church Cat
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A contribution by Lucretia27

You took shelter from the rain in an ancient cathedral. Inside, it was dark and still, and you thought you were alone until you heard the echoes of distant voices. Shivering from the rain, you walked the echoing stone halls. No matter where you went, though, you never seemed to get any closer to the source of the song. But you found something else: a small room, its open door casting golden light like a beacon in the cold, dark church.
Inside, there is a soft and shabby armchair, and on the table beside it, under the glow of an antique lamp, a sleeping cat. As soon as you sit in the chair, the cat stirs, stretches, yawns, and steps daintily onto your lap. Within moments he is asleep again, purring with contentment.

Published on May 16th, 2022
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  I did not realize that this one wasn't on my favorites. I found it a while ago and I loved it. The rain, the singing, the purring. It's all very soothing.

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