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I ♥ Optimistic Sci-fi
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A contribution by Nell395

Exploratory, thoughtful, and bold. Brave and necessary, too — maybe we should push to get it back into style.

Published on February 22nd, 2022
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  I ♥ Optimistic Sci-fi too. This should be more a thing. Thank you for this.

  Great stuff! I usually don't let much rhythm into these, but I really like what you did with the rhythms here. At one point Steve Reich seemed to show up!

  Settings without beats for smoother mood.

  This manages to appease and energize me at the same time. It is extremely well named!

  This is great! I have it on with rainy day noise and it's great for drifting off.

  Has become my nightly lullaby. Thank you!

  This is great! I chose it for the name (I'm a Trek fan) and kept it on while working late at night. The sounds were not distracting--in fact, the slow synth waves focused my mind and the gentle rhythm calmed my body. Well done!

  Gliding through space in my cozy vessel, little pulses and beeps, little glowing orbs that let me know everything is running smoothly...

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