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A Quiet Evening at 221 B
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A contribution by cinneide26

For once both the consulting detective and his ex-army doctor are home for the evening; John nestled in the armchair using the little Union Jack cushion as an elbow-rest, and Sherlock sitting criss-cross on the carpet, half-buried by a veritable snowdrift of dusty papers. John is typing up a blog post about their latest mystery while Sherlock amuses himself by piecing together a cold case from 1930s Patagonia. Outside, traffic murmurs along the wet London streets and rain-riddled wind rattles the windowpanes. Inside, however, all is calm and cozy, as the fireplace crackles and the clock ticks on into the night.

Published on April 5th, 2022
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  This is great. It's like the office environment noises, but with the imaginative setting of Sherlock & Watson!

  Playing this with some solo violin or cello music and it really encapsulates the vibe.

  This is the perfect soundscape to get lost in a book. Absolutely love this!

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