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A Forsaken Journey
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A contribution by Rosewood5

Thunder rolls in the distance. You thought you would have found it an hour ago. Soon, the blood trail leads into thick woods. Sighing, you pursue on. After what seems like years, you realize you're thoroughly lost. A light rain starts. You sit down at the base of an ancient tree of unknown species.
"I wish it could be over," you think to yourself. "That I didn’t have to be involved in this mess."
A light fog sets in, stabilizing your disorientation. You lean your head against the tree. A teardrop rolls down your cheek, intermingling with the raindrops. "Where do I go from here? What if I never find it? What then?"
Seemingly out of nowhere, soft music fills the atmosphere. Whether it be real or hallucinations, you care not; instead, thankful for the mental rest it provides. Soon, it is accompanied by a mixture of sounds, from humming to a tribal esqe drum beat. You lose yourself in the noise, ignoring reality. The music soon envelops you as you slowly fall asleep.

Published on November 3rd, 2022
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  It's reminiscent of a mythological creature. Maybe a mythological creature who is scared of water, lives in his female progenitor's underground cave and isn't used to being around other females. Very evocative!

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