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The Shire
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A contribution by 107

This is home. The breeze billowing across the meadows, the sheep and goats, the warm sun on the hills. They're setting up for the festival tomorrow. In the distance you hear a very old friend approaching...

Published on April 21st, 2021
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  The wind and the pipes lend the soundscape a nostalgic peace, but the animal life and traffic keep it in the moment. Just what I like to ease my anxiety and keep my mind in a calm frame.

  Well Done!!

  This is my new "I have a migraine and want something soothing" page. I always thought that the Shire was meant to be Tolkien's personification of "home":... and this is definitely "home."

  wow, i get an ancient vibe

  I've been re-reading "The Fellowship of the Ring", and this certainly captures The Shire...dare I say, even better than the movie did in some ways!

  Wow, amazing! This is just right, and so soothing. I never thought you could *hear* sunshine!

  I keep returning to this... the distant joyful laughter, the stream, the birds, all evoke a deep longing to be here for real. Thanks for creating this! This also demonstrates the lastingness of Tolkien's vivid world. This is the land we're all longing for, even if we don't know it.

  So lovely. Tolkien's work resonates so deeply that here we are, 80 years later, bringing his work to life in online soundscapes. The Shire offers a glimpse of something we all both long for.. simplicity, comfort, light, true and lasting joy. Good job with this contribution, and thank you!

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