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Astral Sea
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A contribution by Micah3

The rough feeling of unpolished wood is what wakes you up again. Your head is pounding. What has your gambling gotten you into now?

You open your eyes. You're sounded by a grimacing ensemble of humanoids your aching head can't seem to place. As you scan for some purchase on reality, you spot the base of a mast and also a hatch that seems to lead below deck. A ship? You've never sailed a day in your life...

As you look up, a figure steps forward. Human. Ornately dressed in yellows and blues. Commanding. Confident. She leans down and extends a hand. You grasp it and she helps you up smiling. "Let's try this again. Welcome aboard Shanti's Gambit."

You look past her. Somethings wrong with the sky... Stars brighter than possible, swathed in gas clouds of blue, green, and purple. A school of some sort of whales passes overhead. Overhead? You push to the rail and look overboard. Not water, but the teeming expanse of the Astral Sea surrounds you.

You black out again.

Published on March 23rd, 2023
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