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A contribution by Jonathan227

You face a wall of neon and lights extending below and above. You feel your heart pumping an eerie beat. Immersed in the fog of dystopia, you feel your mind in utopia.

Published on February 8th, 2021
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  Delta, do you copy? I repeat, Delta 45ZA, do you copy? Star-trapper 45A12W reporting on stardate 45.334.e333.443.e3. Mission << Loofus >> affirmative. I repeat mission affirmative. Returning to home base. Over and out Star-trapper 45A12W

  As I climb the skyscraper to see the sunrise, I feel a twitch in my left shoulder where my tendons meet titanium. I jerk back a mere moment too late - it seems that the corporate dog has finally caught up with me. He shocks me with his gun again. I feel the paralysis kicking in, much more painful than I thought. I guess this psycho enjoys it. I desperately look for the first rays of light, to see

  my god for one last time - and a few manage to hit my retina just before I switch off, permanently.

  That barren pasture. Empty, and salted. The dead space between the stars. Right here.

  i use this while programming!

  Oh wow! Combined with Cinematic East this is a wonderful soundtrack!

  Thank you.

  This paired with Sweep Noise is a fantastic meditative journey. Thank you.

  I'm absolutely in love with this! I hope we would get more of these ambient video-game loading screen generators, because they're the best!

  That was the dream. That ocean of darkness, surrounded above by a never ending thunder, the light in the distance and I stood in front of the very thing I feared. You can finally be free... but do you want to be alone? Set free completely? Stay down, they say, it's dangerous to be free. Yet I stood up. Nothing happened to me. The same ocean with a floor of glass, and thunder keeps on roaring past.

  I'm reliving many favorite movie soundtracks: Blade Runner, Chariots of Fire, 2001: A Space Odyssey, Risky Business.... All at once. Thank you.

  Good Morning, Night City

  Getting a few Tron vibes out of this.

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