Gregorian House
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Meditation Bell

A contribution by Dyb44

This isn't what it looks like. You're not a cultist. Once you've made it to the warehouse, you're going to trade the robe for a rave. Your boyfriend's the DJ; he spins Gregorian House on the weekends. Let these heavenly harmonies and earthly beats take you away - tonight, you're going to party like it's 599.

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  Gregorian House was a throwaway gag in Neo Yokio, but for a fake genre the sound is surprisingly coherent and genuinely lovely. I recommend 'deep' animation for this generator. The tape speed is fun to tweak on this one, too: zeroing the Gregorian Voices and increasing the tape speed results in a sound that reminds me of Yoko Kanno's "Inner Universe."

  I love this Gregorian House generator!! It's my favorite so far in the whole community page!! :) ~ Britta

  totally unexpected, interesting listening, the best kind. thank you for composing this! it transformed the last friday push of my work week into a delightful final flourish.

  I was expecting some kind of creaky old church... what a fun surprise!

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