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A contribution by Riku66

Dark river, underworld.

Tuonela is the realm of the dead or the Underworld in Finnish mythology.
According to traditional Finnish religion, the fate of good and bad people is the same and the dead wander the afterlife as shadow-like ghosts. Tuoni, god of the dead, and his wife Tuonetar are the rulers of Tuonela.
According to scholars Felix Oinas and Juha Pentikäinen, Tuonela is described as being at the northernmost part of the world, but is sectioned apart from the world of the living by a great divide. In the divide flows the dark river of Tuonela. The river is wild, and the dead can be seen trying to swim across it. The dead must cross the river, either by a thread bridge, swimming, or taking a boat piloted by the daughter of Tuoni. The river is guarded by a black swan that sings death spells.

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  I wonder if that could be took in as "The River Styx"? In anycase- Its on a grand scale and sounds excelent. -mw

  Creator: Yes it's very similar to Styx, and the river appears to be an Underworld myth in several cultures. The black swan is what gives this one its special touch, a mute swan being a symbol of Finland. You'll see the swan in Tuonela related paintings, and there's a famous classical piece called Swan of Tuonela. Tuonela occurs in the Finnish national epic Kalevala, + Fi translation of the Bible.

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