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When It Rains It Pours
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A contribution by Micheal4

A family of deep cumulonimbus clouds slowly drifts in providing a steady deluge of showers. Nary a breeze to be found the symphony of raindrops fall vertical like matrix code drowning out all sounds. Intermittent thunder rolls cut thru the hypnotic precipitation as the storm passes outside...but there is one brewing inside as well.

It's past midnight and you are finding it difficult to get to sleep with thoughts of the day in the back of your mind. Yesterday’s to-do-list undone and tomorrows to-do-list not yet begun all weigh down upon your present spirit of lack of accomplishment. It's as if your cloud of despair materialized into moisture feeding the actual clouds overhead.

Just as you are basking in the melancholy of the weather you realize this storm too shall pass. Nature rejuvenates the ground with life giving H20 just as trials are shaping your resiliency and focus. When you awaken the rain will give way to the morning sun. are able to drift off to sleep...

Published on May 4th, 2023
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