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Palace of Knossos: Night
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A contribution by Holly43

King Minos and his guards already left the feasting hall. You walk around, on the way to the Shrine of the Double Axes to pray for luck in the boar hunt. You hear the many night creatures: owls, cicadas, and crickets; pass porticoes out which you glimpse the shadows of cypresses, cedars, and olive trees. The houses in the village below the palace begin to darken as servants douse lamps. Your torch lights the way through the Central Court, down a staircase and around a corner before you reach the Shrine. Small votives for the gods surround a horned plinth between two labrys axes. Sitting before it, you pour a rhyton of wine into a cup to offer up to the gods, in hopes that the boar hunt will yield wondrous feast. For now though, you travel back to the North Insula, for surely the sacred bull slain earlier today and your prayers will ensure the court's happiness.

Published on February 28th, 2023
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  Very nice!!!

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