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A contribution by Britta17

This is what it sounds like to walk around New York City on a sunny, summer day. Listen to the traffic, taxi drivers beeping, a construction site in the distance, people chatting at the cafe tables on the sidewalk, the occasional horse clip-clopping on by, airplanes intermittently taking off or landing. The city is alive, and you can almost taste the sunshine.

(Animate for best results, slowly, so it's like you're walking!)

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  A very nice combo. Didn't expect NYC to be that cosmopolitan... and horse friendly :D

  I really like this one. Thanks for much for making it! The conversation in the background in a language I can't understand is perfect, as the illusion of other people without having my brain try to figure out what they are saying. Nice to have in the background while I work. I did turn off the horses clopping, it was distracting for me.

  The clip-clopping, the traffic, the random conversations remind me of visits to Central Park when my daughter lived nearby! A really good background for working. Thank you.

  Awesome work! All that's missing is the smell of the subway and/or pretzels coming from somewhere.

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