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Sea Shanties
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A contribution by Jenny LaVada151

Having seen the RPG sound generators, I decided that what I needed most was a way to get into the mindset of a character in the fantasy land in which my homebrew RPG campaign takes place. My one friend plays an old salt who sailed the seas of that land, and I wanted to evoke his persona.

Published on December 21st, 2021
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  This is hauntingly lovely. Thank you, Jenny!

  Very nice!

  I like the increased boat and ocean with a bass line of the humming!

  This is such a fantastic combination. I love soundscapes that tell a story and teleport me, and this is right on the mark. Great work!

  This is a masterpiece! Well Done! I can listen to this all day and it's a great hiking tune.

  Oh this is such a nice one! I've had pirates spooking in my head for a while now and this helps a lot when it comes to actually writing their story down :)

  I love the humming, and the faint sea sounds in the background from time to time.

  This is one of my absolute favorites, the haunting but calm piratey feel is such a good vibe and has been great bg noise while I write. Sets the mood of the setting really well!

  Nicely done Jenny! Love it

  I couldn't find any music to help me concentrate. This was the perfect remedy. The humming melody is both haunting and yet so soothing! Thanks Jenny~

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