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A contribution by Lissa12

You enter a large library, lit by multicolored candle flames, and the fireplace. It's quite cozy, really. You glance at the shelves, running your fingers over the spines. Greek playwrights, Shakespeare, it seems that every musical, opera, or theater performance in existence has a script on these shelves. There are also books on costume design and RPG games like LARPing and Dungeons and Dragons. A man with green dreadlocks dressed in a white magician's costume sits at his desk, scribbling something on a piece of paper, his curious yellow eyes peeking out of the red band of his white top hat.

You smile at Maestro Balan, who throws a grin and a wink back at you. Then you sink down in a red velvet chair by the fire and begin to read on the mysteries of the theatre...

Based on the Square Enix game Balan Wonderworld. It really should have been made into a musical tv show.

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