The Longing Clockwork
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Meditation Bell

A contribution by Flavio37

Within the backdrop of the clockwork beat lay the clashing melodies of sorrow. A slightly dissonant experience with a rhythmic backdrop.

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  Totally unexpected. Very musical, but in a style that is hard to define. So interesting!

  Nice! I like it. Reminds me of a couple of my favorite generators.

  This community based page is a gamechanger now! Love it! Thanks Flavio!

  This is a truly top quality compilation for a desolate audioscape. I highly recommend the low end preset.

  Highly unusual and interesting! No wonder it has 27 stars! The rhythm is perfect! And there's a sense of lonely solitude while waiting for something to happen, or a nighttime ride on an empty bus to a place far away from wherever, probably the end of the line, and looking out the window, counting car headlights on the highway until you fall into a numbing trance...

  I really enjoy this! Thank you Flavio!

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