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A contribution by JohnGalt544

Deep inside the "mind" is a seemingly insurmountable & nearly infinite web of Architecture designed by the essence of what it means to be... well, Us.
Psychitecture is the invisible structure of what/who we are & like it or not, you create it everyday with every decision you make.
These stems fit VERY well together & form a dreamy, hypnotic, melodic & upbeat soundtrack that weaves from simplicity to build ups & peaks over time then back again.
Keep your ear pinned to the low end in the background & how all the staccato style sounds compliment each other.

Published on August 29th, 2022
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  another great work music piece, for this listener. thank you again JGalt!

  Turn up the bass sliders and get ready for the most productive work session of your entire life. This mix hits that magic level of hypnotic motivation, it's a game-changer

  You contributions are much appreciated. This is a sweet beat to dream behind open eyes to.

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