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Van Life
Custom Composite Generator
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A contribution by Vanessa123

That's it. You're done. A 90k a year software job can't pay for a broom closet in San Francisco. You just can't stomach moving to an affordable house that will give you a 3 hour commute. Time to stop the rat race. You buy a '93 Westfalia and decide to take a year traveling from National Park to campsite, campsite to National Park. You have your 500 hr yoga instructor certification, a decent Instagram following, and ideas about a YouTube channel. You park in fields with distant mountain vistas, taking 20 minutes to compose social media shots. It's all OK though - at least you're outside, you can go where you want, and no one's making you do standup in an Agile sprint anymore. This is your soundtrack.

(...oddly specific, isn't it? Upvote if this reminds you of someone :)

Published on March 17th, 2021
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  This is a nice generator. I like animating the car sections and leaving the music sections still. It feels like a car in motion and I'm listening to the radio.

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Use a laptop or desktop computer, as you will be asked to use keyboard shortcuts.

To create your custom composite generator, browse the site for slider contents: open any generator on myNoise, and select the sliders you want to use in your custom set by 'zeroing' all others, then hit [c] to collect all active sliders into a hidden stack. Move to a next generator and repeat the process until you have accumulated 10 sliders. Now hit [shift+c] to render your custom composite generator. At any point, press [x+c] to clear the hidden stack.