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Antarctic Base
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A contribution by Jeff36

Three days ago Dr. Jansen and his team found something in the ice. A fossilized creature that hasn't yet been identified. Strange things started happening after that. Jansen has since locked himself in the med lab with the specimen and won't come out. We hear strange noises coming from the lab sometimes, but he insists he is alright. Then yesterday Metcalf, our geologist disappeared. We conducted a thorough search, but there was no trace of him. Where could he have gone? Now someone has destroyed our radio equipment, the only way we have of contacting the outside world. Who would do that and why? Dr. Ashkar thinks some kind of cabin fever has broken out and he has warned us all to be watchful of others. No one trusts anyone now. A storm is coming, one I hope we can survive....

Published on March 16th, 2022
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