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Under Vostok Antarctica
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A contribution by JohnGalt545

In the Antarctic valley beneath the triangular mountain above, you have descended 3000 ft. beneath the icy surface.
They call it Lake Vostok and it is over a million years old. You are 1 in a party of 8 sent down to explore.
Pristine beauty and crystal waters is all you see at first & as you descend further you start hearing frequencies & sounds.
Is this the anomaly our satellites were picking up over the last year?
You jerk your head to get a fright of an enormous rock head on a statue that is the size of a truck. Your still able to make out the facial features and look down to see the constructs of the body below it.
It must be at least 200 ft. tall. It is NOT of a human being.
Further down you can see faint red glows... you feel an overwhelming sense of calm rush through you...
Your wonderment paralyzes you, How can all this be?
Who or what made this, what else could be further down..

Published on March 31st, 2021
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  I think this might be my favourite of yours yet! It feels like a quiet sense of wonder.

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