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A contribution by Nathan14

The tale of the Gruul Clans' inclusion in the Guildpact is a tragic one due to how abruptly it ended. Their goal was to watch over the forests, to protect them from harm. But as outsiders encroached on the land, they lost what little they had. Guilds such as the Simic and Selesnya took their place, while guilds such as the Orzhov and Boros took their fill. They have now splintered apart into many tribes, from the powerful Burning Tree Clan to the terrifying Scab Clan to the religious Zhur-Taa clan. These warriors know only of conflict, from both themselves and their city, and their day of reckoning is quickly approaching. So beware the axes on the horizon, and beware the firey drums of war. Beware, all who can hear, because one day, destruction and chaos may turn their ugly heads towards Ravnica.

After a brief hiatus, here is part three of my series on the Guilds of Ravnica. Thank you to whoever suggested the Rubblebelt on my Simic soundscape. The input is greatly appreciated!

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  Brings back memories of playing Domri stompy against an Izzet emerge deck. You know they're going to eat your big boys, but it's always satisfying rebelling against the odds and dogpiling them anyway. Plan on making an Azorius office or perhaps a Rakdos circus (might be hard to make that one)?

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