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Final Voyage
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A contribution by Arend255

This soundgenerator is dedicated to Klaus Schulze. (4 August 1947 – 26 April 2022)

After playing in several bands he created more than 60 albums in six decades.

"Music is a dream without the isolation of sleep in fact whilst listening to music,
your ego is living but your universal ego- your principle watching of your self ego -
is taking a new level of participation, the dream is reality because you are living
the dream, and your dreams control your reality."

"The principles of my music are to make the listener powerful and happy to endure
our dying planet life by using their own creativity, and being aware of emotion."

"I wish everybody a pleasant exploration of themselves, I cannot say it properly
in words. I'm not a poet but a musician. - In Love, K Schulze (1977)"

[ Text extract taken from 'Mirage' ]

Published on August 8th, 2022
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  Love this sound! There's a great yearning and mystery in it.

  Loving this!

  This suspends all doubts about the nature of reality.

  I live in a super noisy environment. This noise machine allows me to calm down and focus in my work. Thanks!

  I get so much homework done listening to this and the War Drums setting on Cinematic East.

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