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The Fate of the Crystal
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A contribution by Gaspar - EA6AMM17

#Borealis. Part 2. Ch VIII

After the successful restart of the main engine and once the flight parameters were restored, there was still one thing left for captain Harris to do.

Checking the Hydra's logs he learned that the initial course change that had driven the Hipparchus toward its new destination, causing the incident on the cirsumstellar disk of the HD 77581 star, had been introduced by the spacecraft's AI, when it detected that the crystal samples collected on X-1 were unstable.

He went down to the laboratory and inspected the condition of the samples. Indeed, their X-ray radiation level had increased dramatically, potentially endangering the lives of the crew. He unfortunately had to get rid of them asap.

#Borealis, a Space Suite: 2 Parts; 23 Chapters / custom composite generators.
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Published on December 5th, 2022
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  After being absorbed for several minutes watching the glowing samples moving away from the Hipparchus, the captain returned to the spacecraft and, once he was back in the cockpit, he communicated the situation to the Astranova station and to the base on Earth.

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