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The Witch's Kitchen
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A contribution by Alexis13

Double double toil and trouble, fire burn and cauldron bubble.... We've all heard the phrase that conjured the image of an evil, wicked hag lurking in the shadows to curse unsuspecting heroes. But this isn't your grandma's bedtime story - it's the gentle bubble of soup cooking on the stove, the soft scratch of a pen giving life to a new recipe, the curious sniffs and hushed purrs of animal companions. This is your mother, your sister, your aunt, your grandmother, your partner, your friend - brewing with love in her heart.

Published on October 5th, 2021
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  Hi! You're listening to my first composite audio, a mix I crafted to help me focus whether I'm working in person or at home. I love snuggling with my animals while I work, as distracting as they may be. This composite is dedicated to all the women in my life who bless and heal with magic in the most mundane ways. I hope you enjoy!

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To create your custom composite generator, browse the site for slider contents: open any generator on myNoise, and select the sliders you want to use in your custom set by 'zeroing' all others, then hit [c] to collect all active sliders into a hidden stack. Move to a next generator and repeat the process until you have accumulated 10 sliders. Now hit [shift+c] to render your custom composite generator. At any point, press [x+c] to clear the hidden stack.