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The Goddess' Hall
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A contribution by VJ20

You've been fading in and out of consciousness for a while... Still feeling foggy and lethargic, you lay in a comfy bed, in a simple, clean white room. Light filters in from the large curtain beside you, the curtain acting as a wall between you and whatever strange world lies beyond.

A timid voice whispers from the back of your mind, a voice that isn't yours... they reassure you that everything's okay, that you're safe here.

What is this place? Is this... heaven? Or a dream? You could just drift back to sleep, and see if you wake up at home...

Or you could explore this place. Meet the strange spirit that's taken up residence in your head, maybe have breakfast with the angels that have been flapping about outside... perhaps even say hi to the spirit goddess herself?

Published on July 5th, 2023
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  Hey so I just wanted to let you that you created a really pleasing soundscape here that is enhanced by the context given in the description. I am getting some serious ASMR tingles while listening and imagining this scene. The goddess healing motifs remind me of something familiar and yet I can’t place it.

  Thanks so much! I'm a roleplayer, the goddess is a character of mine and her hall is a setting I use often in basically the context I've described here. It's also something I imagine a lot when I'm trying to sleep. I actually made the "Timid Spirit" generator to go with this one, it's from a different perspective and far more surreal... anyway, I'm really glad you enjoy it. Happy listening! -VJ

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