Mountains and Moonlight
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A contribution by Riku64

Nocturnal wind, creatures.

A vast starry sky fills most of your field of vision. You can see the moonlit silhouettes of vegetation and trees sway as the wind brushes through them. It's not a cold wind, but the kind that feels refreshing to inhale.
You're alone in the dark and you can only hear the nocturnal animals that you can't directly see, but you're perfectly comfortable in this solitude: Titillating, but not scary.

For variety, enable animation with default settings.

Update note: This was called "Mountain in the Moonlight". I wanted to edit the description afterwards by adding the descriptive keywords to the beginning so they show up in the mouseover bubble in the community submission list page. But after my initial submission, the title character limit had been set to 24. The original title exceeds it by 1 character, so I had to rename it in order to save the edits. It's the same content, with a new snappier name!

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  I like the atmosphere created by this generator: there is a sense of mystery, but it's not unsettling. The rustling of leaves and animal sounds add variety and make me feel like I'm visiting a forest at night as intended.

  Great combination! Very peaceful.

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