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User Stories

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Bacta Tank "That's a pretty rough landing you had back there. You just sit tight in the tank overnight- 2-1B will have you right as rain come morning."

Dunedesert Village Deep within the great dunes of the Emirates... Lies isolated oasis's. -MW

Amityville Manor "Just simply bless they house" they said. "Are you kidding me...." You say out loud as you first have sight of the estate. "There must be 20 rooms". Turning off the motor, you immediatly get an unwelcome feeling and is if to agree, the wind picks up. You stay focused as you swat at some wasps that you notice have came from one of many nests along the eves of the roof. "Fear no evil" U begin. -MW

If You Must Blink, Do It Now A gen inspired by the film Kubo and the Two Strings.

Gripped By The Hivemind Your head is filled with thoughts and memories that are not yours. It feels like fingers digging deep into your brain as you fight for control, to control your own mind, but it is futile. You are with them now.

Mermaid Lullaby The night descends on the sea and the mermaids will sing you to sleep.

The Jerusalem Office A momentary respite for a weary assassin, while the rafiq dutifully scribbles his notes, and the Holy City's evening noises seep into the courtyard. (Inspired by Assassin's Creed)

Jazz Club Come in from the cold, down a flight of cement steps from the city sidewalk and through an unassuming door. Take a seat, you're among friends. Order a bite to eat, maybe a drink, lean back in your spartan but comfortable chair, and enjoy the talent of the city's top jazz performers, just feet from your table.

Rpg Frozen North A meagre fire crackles in your tent as the wind outside beats against your tent walls. You know when you look outside come morning, you'll see nothing but snow.

Rpg Medieval Tavern Good food and drink, a crackling fire, and the company of others - what more could any inn-goer want? One patron is so comfortable he's fallen asleep by the fire...

Live Jazz The basement lounge is dark and empty, even for a Thursday night. It's been a long day, and your thoughts start to drift between the pure notes of the present moment and the connectedness of the whole of life. Is the band still warming up or already deep into the improvised song? Are you?

Lava As you descended into the volcanic caves, deep beneath the earth, there is no darkness, the earth is molten, boiling and flowing very slowly, the temperatures are hotter and hotter the deeper you descend into the depths the planet, closer to it's core.

Strength Get it.

House Slitherin Laboratory It's that time of day again. Descending to the darker reaches of the castle, the air itself & atmosphere change heavily as you approach the main portal, going under ground to the potions/defense against the dark arts laboratory. Your mind always spins like a 4 armed galaxy with possibilities.

Snaxburg There aren't any animals out here, except us.

Lycidas A heavenly pastoral soundscape inspired by John Milton's poem, "Lycidas." Mountain pastures, a quiet village, and the sounds of monks in a distant church.

Maelstrom Beach Huddled in your beach tent during the storm, try to stay calm until it passes

Icebound Frozen wind over the tundra.

Cove Of Rejuvenation This shallow cove, deep inside the jungles of the equator - houses a earthy bed of soft feathers, tottaly immersive to lay on as your hands float off the sides and gently touch clear running water on both sides. Two very tame common cats jump up and curl fast asleep on each side of you as the healers - one on each side- start invoking healing vibrations. - MW

Regenerator Like being in one of those floaty healing tanks you see in space operas.

Arctic Exploration You are walking along with your team, listening to the calming noises of the Arctic. Don't forget your parka!

Aperture Science Turret Testing Facillity Hello. Is anyone there? Target acquired. I don't hate you.

Cyberpunk You face a wall of neon and lights extending below and above. You feel your heart pumping an eerie beat. Immersed in the fog of dystopia, you feel your mind reaching a utopia.

Seattle Rain As you walk along, you hear cars rushing by, people talking, and calming music. Enjoy!

Spirit Rythm Your chakra's are balanced- Your Animal and spirit guides are present- Your circle of light shines brilliant- & you are ready to evolve- not to mention transcend your awareness conscious to a passive level... There is still work to do. - MW

Interstellar Tunnels - Run 3 It's been a while since you saw your friends. You race through a couple tunnels, then sit down against a ramp, turning down your running music. This should be a good place to rest. You create a fire, not too large but to warm your tired limbs. You take out a communications device, watching your friends text back and forth. Your last thought as you drift off is, "Did someone draw on my map again?"

The Stormlord's Call He comes to her in dreams, calling out to her. He severed her bloody strings, his lone warrior now a puppet on the ground as he waits for her to rise, for her to realize her shackles have been shed. For when she rises, she will carry with her his fury, his strength. She was a gentle rain moulded into a violent storm, and when she finally rises, she will be the spark that sets the world ablaze...

Dagobah... You need to save your friends, and the Rebellion in general, but first you must learn to master the Force - make it your ally, says Yoda - to try and put a stop to Vader and his Emperor. With your faithful droid Artoo by your side, beeping and chirping consolingly now and then, you learn to find your inner Jedi. And stop the Dark Side from reigning over the galaxy...

Peaceful Drops You sit in the darkness, letting go of your past, little by little. What once was anxiety is now peace, serenity, and calmness. Your eyes close. You listen carefully to the drops falling. For the first time in your life, you feel safe. You open your eyes. You're back in your silent bedroom. A cold plate of ravioli sits by your feet; all you hear now is the breeze outside your window. How peculiar.

The Last Salute Returning home: After a battle - in an enclosed railcar has got to be the toughest thing a soldier can do. -MW

Productive Park You sit down in a park to write your story, craving the inspiring sounds of nature to give you an idea of what to write. Suddenly, you hear the people around you chatting and writing their own ideas. It seems that you weren't the only one who desired the park's inspiration.

Forest Tone I have combined forest tones, the background noise when you strip away most of the animal and stream sounds, in this composite. You can hear the trees creak as they sway in the gentle wind of this quiet forest. I like to use this composite as a "base" for layering additional sounds, such as birds, streams, or gentle music.

Rhythmic Swirls Rhythmic marimbas and flute circle around each other, impossible to tell where one ends and the other begins. These sounds are as melodic as they are rhythmic, anchored by the ethereal drone of the circular-breathing flute. I can study or work for hours while listening to this combination. I recommend playing this composite animated in default or deep mode, at a reduced animation speed.

Rainy Book Cafe You want to finish studying, but a strong rain kicks in. You step into a nearby book cafe to hide from the strong puddling rain and embrace the quiet cafe's atmosphere, as now you are safe from the growing rain. "I should order a coffee," you think to yourself.

Psilocybin Ambiance for a vision quest... Potent forward travel - MW

Hollow Scratches “Knowing your own darkness is the best method for dealing with the darknesses of other people.”

Airship Take a ride on Cloud Piercer, an older wooden airship. A galleon with sails and elongated balloon. Sure, she's a little creaky, after all, she's from the time of the first Soldarian Air Wars, but she's airworthy. She's also faster than most of these modern metal-bodied things you see these days, I just like to keep her a lazy pace as to not attract attention.

Wizards Tower D & D Companion - MW

There's Something Outside It's hard to sleep at night nowadays. You put on some vintage music and try to relax, but there's no shaking the knowledge that the night outside your home harbors something you wouldn't dare to imagine. You can hear it even now.

Spirit Guide Glide Through Existence with ease- "Quickened" Meditative state. - MW

Circles Of Thoughts Flawed and inevitable :)

Temple Of Void The temple is deep into the depths of nothingness, far beyond the reaches of existence, into the limitless fog of uncertainty, a singular place that inhabits life. A miracle? Chance? Mathematical perfection of that which should not be possible? And yet, one's journey stops there, to admire the harmony inbetween the eternal storms of chaos.

Tiamat's Demise Once the jewel of the Solar system, Tiamat fights for her planetary life as the millennia long battle engaged by Marduk is lost. Repeated orbital swipes have broken her to pieces finally and a centuries long weeping begins before re-birth can begin.... as she drifts inwards towards the sun she gets caught in an orbit and earth is born.

Mary Lennox "One of th' gardens is locked up. No one has been in it for ten years." (Inspired by The Secret Garden)

Cabin Night A quiet fall night at the cabin: the wind outside, the fire and clock inside, and the creaks of the wood beams.

3 Wise Men The Journey of One Thousand Miles; Starts with the first step. -MW

Sweet Surrender Blurry soundtrack for a dream.

Green Rhodes "To think of these stars that you see overhead at night, these vast worlds which we can never reach" :)

Out In The Cold The gates of Bryn Shander open on to the deep night, the harsh winds howling over the barren tundra. You can already feel your hands and feet going numb. Even though every part of you wishes to retreat back to the tavern and its stuffy warmth, you and your party set forth into the bitter frost of Icewind Dale. Ambient exploration music for my DnD campaign's Icewind Dale game!

Acoustic Twilight A blend of brass, chimes, and guitar that lends itself to a relaxing ambiance that engages the mind while at the same time freeing your thoughts to be spent where you want them and not where they might wander unattended.

The Wonder Of The Feywild For all the stories you heard of the Feywild growing up, you know you could never have dreamed it this bright and beautiful. The very air here tastes sweeter, a hint of magic in every breath as it fills your lungs. Trees grow impossibly tall and somewhere in the branches above you can hear laughter and the playful flutter of small wings, the sky a burst of pinks and blues with the ever setting sun.

Fujili “Without music, life would be a mistake.” :)

Temple Meditation Meditation in the temple garden, the sound of running water grounding you to the physical plane as you delve into deep thought on matters that have left you questioning the world.

Santa Muerte Savasana in your ear, underscored by sleep binaural.

Frank And Fred And Frankie Welcome our new team member.

Ascension A haunting, vocal collection to lose (or find) yourself in. I hope this generator will help and inspire some people. Great for meditation and astral projection exercises :)

Fujila Wonderful things unseen :)

Drifting Introduction Cymbals. Piano. Bass. Guitar. The audience is silent as the musicians drift slowly and gently into the next tune...

Wandering Through The Forest You're wandering through the moonlit forest, the creaks and groans of trees leaving you slightly unsettled. You can feel the eyes of hidden creatures on you as you make your way, following you through the dark. The footsteps you hear are your own, but there's a creeping feeling in the back of your head that maybe it's not yours alone.

Himalayan Rain Meditation Drone- It worked surprisingly well. - MW

Mermaids On The Shore Mermaids bask in fog and mist, rain and sun, across the rocks and sand, singing down the coves... with the changing waves, on the ocean's edge, blowing their shells, and brushing their hair. The gulls have come for meal. The nearby seagrass, undulate in the wind.

Mermaids In A Cave Among submerged and emerging stalagmites and stalactites, glistening pillars of microcrystalline minerals, the mermaids move through the bones of the earth... They know the caves, and swim to the crayfish, and secret pools... the underwater caverns and lakes ring with their voices... in the dark. They are calledto gather by the shell...

Mermaids Dance Under The Moon Among droning whales, beneath the argent light of a changing moon, they make their way... the stars glimmer over head, dipping behind swirling waves, far above, and the voice of the mermaids calls across the deep, riding the bubbles and trails of flukes.

Mermaids In The Sun They swim, in the sun, under glinting waters. The gulls fly overhead, dolphins teeming below, chasing the fish. Old and young, making their way... Species with species, in harmony... where do they head? The shells will tell... lift one to your ear, and listen... the swells.... the swells...

Vast Now try to clap.

Mermaids In The Storm Their voices can be heard, moving through the crests and troughs, dancing like the reflections above, crackling in the storm. Light makes the sea effulgent, bubbles and loose kelp, swirling beneath... They ride the movement, or dip into the still. Rain slants on curling waves above. Wind caresses tracts of foamy spume, silver ribbons, nacreous like shell. The moon, a pearl in the violet of night..

Mermaids Among The Reef Tenders of the reef... they come to watch the whales journey, to ask the fish, "How are you?", and brush tails with the coral, under lapping waters.

Fish Market Bigger and smaller fishing boats bob and rock on the waves in the harbour, their ropes and wood squeaking, and there are flocks of chatty seagulls, curious market goers, and fishermen around. A lively day by seaside in late summer.

7 Layers Of Hell... When the noise starts- tap the "faster" button in a consecutive beat.

Quietude For Me A quiet forest, light rain, distant thunder. a small, meditative space for one to sit and find peace, even for a moment.

Mermaids A dolphin swims with you. It is raining above you. You keep on swimming. That voice... it seems ethereal. You've never heard anything like it. You can't stop swimming towards it, and you won't stop until you reach the source. Until then, you preserve your oxygen and keep swimming. How mystical.

New Year's Party What a wonderful party! The dinner table is being set. There are so many glasses of champagne, you can hear all of the bubbles on top bursting. The crowd is rather large. The DJ is going to town, and you can hear fireworks bursting in the distance. Happy New Year!

Fog Over Coffee It seems you can't put words on what you saw while sleeping. So, pour some coffee over them to dissolve.

Head Back, Jaw Slack Slow and animate for maximum aural drag.

The Rainy Cafe Enjoy a nice coffee while watching the city pass by.

Seagull Beach From the window of a cozy coffee shop in Mar Del Plata, it is possible to watch the seagulls fly over the sea – and evoke a sense of peace.

A Truth Charm Like a Truth Serum- but Liquid Sound... When birds see more than just color & when rhythmic body language is cut short; by the second guessing because of a lie. (Great for mentally troubleshooting problems).

Camping In The Woods This sound generator is based on some of my wild camping experiences. It's late on in the evening, some have gone to bed. I sit and watch the flames die down, with just the owls and infinite thoughts for company.

Jungle Mammoths These gentle giants of Earth, would raise there proud heads high above the trees and gaze into the stars.

The Three Of Ether Of all the cards you could have drawn....

7am Anytime At least you're moving through the haze, even if you're not quite sure how.

Close Up North A haunting sound of frozen ground and icecold water filled with pack ice - all around.

Voice Of The Forest She calls along the waterfalls; many voices is she... and walks the mossy stones, drip by drop. Her voice is the voice of the health of the wood. May she sing... may she sing... May we listen... and drink her in.

Tundra Mammoths For millions of years, these majestic interstellar giants, rise their proud heads high above the treetops to gaze into the stars as they journey on there non-stop endless migration across their planets. In perfect harmony with seasons, moons & stars. Little does man know that these giants eyes - can see across the stellar and visually inspect life, no matter how small on distant worlds.

Taoist Qi Meditation Canoe paddles on water. Sun shines through the mist. A loon whistles free. Below the water surface. Koi swim left and right. Still another day.

Enchanted Waters You've heard of the tales of mermaids enchanting sailors growing up, but one day you find yourself stranded on a pebble beach connected with smaller rocky islands nearby when you start to hear their song. Do you dare risk searching for them and see if they'll help you or do you believe in the stories that these mermaids are really dangerous, but you're trapped on this island with no help in sight

Emmie's Nice Ditch Chill Spot She's laying in the ditch at the edge of the park, and you sit next to her. You can still hear the music from the party two blocks away, but it doesn't drown out the sounds of nature that overtake the park at night like this. It's warm enough that the light rain doesn't bother you. Now you know why she likes laying in the ditch like this.

Calm Tea Shop This soundscape is an alternative to the amazing "Calm Cafe" we have on this site. You are always welcome in this cozy and quiet tea shop when you need to concentrate on something or when you just want to relax and pretend the weather is cold and there's a storm coming.

Aboard The Halberd The Halberd- the biggest starship in Dreamland, perhaps in all of Popstar. You sit in a chair in a corner of the bridge, where you can still hear what is going on: the roar of the anti-gravity engines, chatter of passengers and crew, you can even imagine the tune Sir Meta Knight is humming as he walks through his beloved ship, checking statuses, lost in thought. For all the Kirby fans in here!

The Station A soundscape I made for writing sci-fi. Somewhat reminiscent of a space station or something along those lines.

Stardew Valley Background noise for your farm at Stardew Valley. No farm animals, since they make enough noise as it is!

Dune Desert Rose V.102 Dungeons & Dragons; Campaign setting Soundscape.

The Shame Of Maywood We all need someplace to hide.

Virtual Storm We harness the unseen systems of nature and subsequently sculpt the world around us: radio towers dot the plains, satellites cloud the heavens, pipes line the earth. What if the world sculpted us in turn, attenuated our dreams to leak into the unseen and- for a moment- mixed into us like an incorporeal estuary? When you sleep, what would you hear from that tenuous veil of subconscious?.. Nature?

Primordial Soul There is an old, collective spirit that binds the earth to the sky, the sky to life, and life to vigor, that which moves us. She flashed a smile as she led me up that hill and waved, not to the starlight that enchanted our forest, not to her sisters who played incomplete rhythms from stone and wood, but to the world that answered that old magic with practiced melody, a vigor plucked from its soul.

A Confession To The Moon A romance soured is never a life ended. The midnight air left between the two of you glistens with the tears of regret, shades of resentment, but there were never promises, never more than hope. Ethereal moonlight mists off with the pain and dries stinging eyes. Should dawn return, will there be room left in that tender heart?

The Great Oak "To be one with nature, One must be protected from evil."

Sadness Hidden Away At The Falls You can't take any more bad news. You burst out of the building, calling back to people, "Be right back!" At first, you don't know where you are going, but soon you think of the place. Your run, through your small town, up the trail, to the top of the falls. The flat rock dividing the streams is dry today. You fall to your knees there. Amid the roar of the Falls, no one else can hear you cry.

Dune Desert Rose Dungeons & Dragons = MW

Tribute To Eve-online To one of the Greatest MMO's of all time!

Vision Quest The Shaman gives you a blanket while your body loses temprature from the mushrooms. smiles. As your quest begins.

Fantastic Flats A day of white noise and water.

Belle Slow harmonics for peace of mind.

Boating Through The Sewer A gentle, if eerie, boat ride through a sewer canal.

Nervous Burble Intrigue, calm, and nature.

A Sound Of Thunder Time Safari, Inc. Safaris to any year in the past. You name the animal. We take you there. You shoot it. Survival NOT guaranteed! A sonic tribute to the classic short story by Ray Bradbury.

Enya Simulator Enya has always been my favorite artist ever since I was a small child. My mother has an Irish background and I've always wondered if genetic memory draws us to certain types of music. It's hard to dissect the types of sounds that Enya uses in her work but here's my best attempt.

6 A.M. Everywhere You're still not sure which way your conscious mind is going but at least you can focus on the waves now. But where are they coming from?

Maeiea "In the sky.... you, fall." -MW

Lindisfarne A lone monk sits in quiet contemplation while the waves crash outside Lindisfarne Priory.

Shadow Cast Channel in which you can see your stress brought in by the tonals, then watch the birds whisk them away. - MW

Late Night Office Beats For those who like minimal beats and the sound of office work and machines, this is meant to capture the image of an office that does their work late at night rather than the traditional nine-to-five hours.

When Nightmares... blame you for giving them life. Sleep Generator.

5 A.m. Someday Are you headed towards sleep or slowly waking up?

To Save Her "You're a disappointment, you're a credit to the team. There's a coldness in your blood, and you know what that means. You're Mike Townsend, and you knew what you had to do. Welcome to the shadows, Jaylen's saved." A soundscape based around what I think the shadows mentioned in Blaseball sound like.

Very Deep - Lucid Dreams This mix of select enchanting Noises, will place you into such a deep sleep you will wake up confused for a little time but very very refreshed with a twinge of guilt - MW

Walmart Garden Center If you like the sparrows and people in the walmart garden center then listen to this.

Winter Sparkle When you are looking for a the right feeling for the season without being sappy or distracting. A sweet combination of light snow, bells, laughing children, and a crackling fire. Relaxing and uplifting.

A Rainy Day A The Office Just a rainy day at the office...

Great Plains Ranch Relaxing out on the ranch, anticipating the looming storm.

By The Brook Just you and the gently gurgling water -- and there's a lone raven around here somewhere.

Snowy Morning Coffee You stay close to the cozy fire inside, nursing a mug of coffee, while the snow comes down outside. You can't really go anywhere until the roads are cleared, but who cares? You don't have anything on the schedule. (Turn off the Cafe Restaurant sliders to move the scene to your own kitchen.)

Feywild The sun never rises or sets in the same direction, and as you walk, your footsteps appear in front of you.

Bah Rue Gah Tah A windy drone for all occasions.

Clockmaker's Home Quiet and peaceful and perfect to get work done.

A Quiet Evening At 221 B For once, both the consulting detective and his ex-army doctor are home for the night. Traffic murmurs along the wet streets of London and rain-riddled wind rattles the flat's windowpanes, but inside all is calm and snug. John collects his notes from the latest case for a blog post and Sherlock examines old Patagonian criminal investigation records online, as the clock ticks on into the night.

In The Mouth Of The Cave There is a light in the mouth of the cave, it can be seen along the shore- through the misty air. Who sings there; their voices carrying off across the coast... you approach, up the stony bank, pushing aside the tall grass and peeking into the crevasse, alight with sound.

Cozying Up In The Storm Cozy in the storm, distant thunder squalls, it brings life- the sound of rain; in the hearth a fire crepitates. The room is warm, the bed is cozy. The wind creaks outside.

Plains Home Where the grass sways, when the breeze hushes over the field... in the plains, you listen- to the rain on the stones, by the small, turning creek, as the birds keep dry in the trees; chimes sway on ancient roof corners. A meal is steaming inside, ready to be eaten, after you enjoy the weather. Your home in the plains... peaceful.

Wrong Man The evidence has piled up.

The Fanged Sister Underneath the Lady Dupont's sprawling gardens and courtyards lies an ancient, labyrinthine web of wine cellars, each collapsing into the other. They say some wicked thing seen only in the moonlight, some outcast sister of the cloth that never ages and sustains herself on blood, dwells deep in those cellars. You try to announce your approach, but you aren't sure she'll be leaving quietly.

Finding Psychosis Pierce most people's skin, they'll bleed. A scab will form. They move on in a year- if that. Pierce their thoughts, and they'll be left with the incision for years more. It's 2055 and with it the biggest thing to hit the market yet: bioaugmentation. Like a drug, one little chip will ease all your pain in moments. But the science was new, untested. How could they know the long-term side effects?

Winter Scriptorium As he sat down to his work, enclosed by books and confronted by blank paper, his agitations rising like the winds winter whipped against the library walls, his hands frozen fast, his mind feeble as the brief sun, the weight of his task numbed him whole… A far bell roused him. He let the great hearth give him vigour. The sure clock and humble industry of his fellows steadied his thoughts. He began.

Deep Breaths A peaceful mix of sounds. Potentially a little noisy with all sliders on, but lots of good combination possibilities. Hope you like it :]

Running Across The Sky Racing across the cloud tops with the voices of the sky and the rhythm of your spirit.

Good Dog I was thinking of my dog cousin Zuki while making this one, she is newly blind and learning to make her way around my aunt and uncle's basement. She is a very sweet dog and I am sending good thoughts in her general direction.

Thinking Of Heaven Getting there one day at a time.

Hellish The siren goes off and the world changes.

Gray Dream Sound asleep. Everything dim inbetween the tides; don't distinguish dark from light.

Arisail At the margins of the sea: a lone traveler, a bonfire, and the chants of the northland.

Coda's Apartment Just a little Sci-Fi/cyberpunk apartment sound inspired by my characters Coda and Simon. They have really loud aircon and even though they are on the top level, traffic noises are a constant.

Just Rain A mix of many of the rain generators to create a feeling of being surrounded in rain.

Minecraft Theme (day/loading Screen) You've logged on for the day and you can't wait to get back to building. When your world finally loads in the day time theme greets you as you head to feed the sheep and cows. Ah, you relax after your daily chores and just sit there, enjoying every second of it.

Atmospheric Healing Psychomatabolism is a real thing, This is a tool for a Psionic Cleric, and the basic atmosphere to any house of healing and good vibs. God I love this website.

Novigrad Inspired by The Witcher 3's biggest city, I couldn't sleep, so I decided to create a generator that reminded me of the prosperous port city!

Siwa Inspired by Assassin's Creed Origins. I was aiming for something both serene and suspenseful to best emulate the overall feel of the game (and Sarah Schachner's composition). I highly recommend messing with the presets and sliders to get your preferred ambiance. Enjoy

Rime Of The Ancient Mariner Unsteady crew... Rumors of what lies ashore, washed up in those stinking crags... The Stygian night haunts even the dawn, and what is an investigation but a welcome for the darkest secrets dug up in the moonlight?

Asmr Whispers And Clicks A soothing mix of whispers and random wooden tapping and clicking that makes my brain tingle.

Christmas Pianos By The Fire You settled down by the fire, stretching your fingers getting ready to start playing. You take a sip of your Hot Cocoa and relax. The music just comes to you, and you love it. Nice relaxing piano music on Christmas Eve by the fire. What could be better? (Inspired by custom generators Christmas Fireplace and Merry Vibes, Jazzy Tidings. Try them out!)

Our Final Test We prepare to head into the most grueling battle we'll ever face. Now that everything we've fought and bled for is at stake, there's no turning back. Let's go.

Small Village Welcome, traveler! To our quiet little hamlet in the middle of nowhere. :)

Christmas Fireplace You've lit the fireplace. The wind is howling outside. The tv shows some really old movie about the importance of family. You curl up in the sofa with a blanket and gently fall asleep.

A Circle Of Wrights Scribing their ancient tongue..

Earphone Jack Warm bass and gentle guitar, a rocker's heart with a laidback wallflower feel. Good for when all you want to do is steady your pulse and listen. You wanna be a hero, don't you? (Inspired by Kyoka Jiro, My Hero Academia)

Piano Study You sit at the piano, working methodically through the stormy night.

Whisper Wind V.104 On the uppermost level of pandemonium, You stand- Confronting the Demon within...

Golden Sunrise Since the dawn of mankind, early risers of all cultures have contemplated the tender gold-and-crimson sunrise, rallying their strength for today's stretch of life's long pilgrimage. Here's to all of you musically-inclined morning larks out there! :)

Wizards tower with a forge- Has all 4 elements, crafting & with a familiar if needed. Dm- Exxoduss

Magickal Metalsmithing D Wizards tower with a forge- Has all 4 elements, crafting & with a familiar if needed. Dm- Exxoduss

Boss Battle (remastered) A new version of my old boss battle song.

Dungeons And Dragons - The Upper Planes Of Existence Mount Celestia: Sliders 2 and 9 • Bytopia: Sliders 6 and 7 • Elysium: Sliders 2, 4, and 10 • The Beastlands: Sliders 1, 5, and 7 • Ysgard: All except 10 • Hopefully, this generator will help you build noise for a DnD campain.

Whispers In The Wind Alone at night - fighting the demon inside.

The Sudoku Code Oh-oh.These stupid aliëns took my sudoku-puzzlebook, and scanning it in their supercomputer, they are trying to decrypt hidden messages...

Relaxing Bad Weather Maybe doesn't make too much sense, since there are too many insects and birds in too bad weather, but I like it.

Screaming Sighing Sky For fans of sound and melody.

Champion Of The Wild Everything is gone except you. You... the birds... the wind and the water. But behind it all, an age-old darkness lingers. Rest for a while, Champion, for we are depending upon your victory...

Wheat Road The royal family of a faraway kingdom have a secret. They keep the secret locked in a deep vault of stone, under a land of farmers and of course, wheat. the only way to access this land is to go through a vast road, through the golden fields.

Mother Computer The Mother Computer is one of the hardest bosses of the indie video game Phoenotopia Awakening. She is also a very enjoyable boss, so I want to devote this "song" to her. If you've ever played Phoenotopia Awakening, remember she's waiting for you, at the end of everything.

The Scorched Lands The great war is over, though it has ruined the land. The humans live underground, neglecting what is above. A great empire, no more. Great walls on one side, bug-infested caves on the other—this is no place to be.

Dungeons And Dragons - The Blood War On Avernus, the first level of the Nine Hells, Tiamat sits, watching the movements of the angel Zariel. She sees as Zariel is ripped down by the endless hordes of Dretches, and how they laugh in her defeat. She smirks, knowing that someday, the fiends' war will eventually destroy them all. This generator is inspired by Dungeons and Dragons.

Dungeons And Dragons Soundtrack - Everything You Need! This has everything you need to run a Dungeons and Dragons adventure! Here are some functions for the sliders. Slider 1: Scary Forest/Feywild Night • Slider 2: Underwater • Slider 3: Dungeon • Slider 4: Dungeon 2/Castle • Slider 5: Tense Moment/Showdown • Slider 6: Night/Shadowfell • Slider 7: Underdark/Sewers • Slider 8: Introduction • Slider 9: Epilogue • Slider 10: Church/Castle 2 •

Electrobeat For those that value rhythm above all else.

The Singing Ghost This generator has electronic sounds in the background, in a ghost singing as the main feature. Listen to that ghost bop! So, soon the pop industry might be dominated by ghosts!

A Full Soundscape This piano soundscape will adapt, so that sometimes you will be in a city, sometimes at the beach, sometimes in the forest, sometimes in rain, but always in perfect bliss.

Eastern Melody Just a melody for those who like music.

Sirens Calling A long journey on the seas, caught in a rainstorm. A song reaches your ears, beautiful and not of this world... The sirens call.

Boss Battle This song is great to stress you out while fighting a video game boss. The Guitar Mashup, Circuit Bending, and Demolition Site really set the mood for an intense battle.

Video Game Oasis Video game music has always inspired me, so I have set out to create a video game inspire generator. I think this one really fits that theme, especially for an oasis. Please enjoy :)

A Loaded Second Question And you walked right into it.

Sparkly Used high-pitched sparkly noises. Snow? Glitter? Water? It's up to you. Sparkly!

Lo-fi A muffled kick, some scratch, melodies drifting in and out.

The Glade A dreamlike little haven of silence and bliss. You lie down beneath that old tree by the brook, not caring much for the passing of the hours. Closing your eyes, you breathe in the cool, gentle breeze, and you let all your cares and worries wash away for a little while.

Chill, Yo 2020 has been a crap year, and we all need a little chill, yo. Have some beats and chill ambiance to help with that. (Contains Tape Memories, Route 50 & Hands of Time)

Otherworld Garden Step into another world, where the sky is dark and the plants make their own light. You may not recognize the shapes and colors of the plants in this garden, but they are sure to delight and amaze! Maybe there's some creatures hiding around here too... (These sliders reminded me of the music from the garden scene in the movie Coraline, so here's my attempt at a looped version.)

Celestro It was discovered that in the deep reaches of transgalactic space that a journey outside of the stars was a journey deep into the souls of the travelers. Darkmatter stepped from behind the curtain to reveal itself as the web of connections between every living thing.

Last Call Of The Last Choir Sing along if you know the words, and animate deep for maximum depth.

Tumultuous Tugboat Theme These waters run deep.

Corner Corner: a private, secret, or remote place.

Synthesise Take it Easy, Slow Motion, Hydrogen, and Now Loading. Doesn't sound good until you find the combination that works for you. Turn Animation on and enjoy!

Dismal Drone Drag Let the swarm swim you towards sleep.

The Lost City Of Rapture Journey to the depths of this defunct city, where public announcements and smooth jazz echo on end. Bask in awe at its oceanic realm and know that this is where Man lives while the Parasite drowns. Fear not those erratic ghosts. Or the rumble of the Big Daddy. He's a harmless lad unless provoked. Welcome to Rapture! (No gods allowed past this point). | insp: Bioshock

88 Keys And Gentle Rain A soft, mellow, bittersweet soundtrack to accompany your musings.

Phoenix Arrives In The Moonlight Silent no more! As we fade off & hope seems lost, far in the distance the long awaited Phoenix is seen. When all seemed lost, a small grin as we dig deep to greet the messenger bathed in the silver moonlight.

Rain Sweep White Rain spliced with Sweep Noise for a synthetic wind/traffic element. Good speech blocker.

The Way Always on the move, one hand around the child and one on your blaster. Right now you're in deep space, and nobody's following you... so far as you know. Just in case, you set your radio to scan, chatter blending with the hum of the engines. This life isn't what you planned, but this is the Way. (Inspired by The Mandalorian. Pairs excellently with Cinematic East.)

The Vineyard After a hard day of work you stand among the grapevines. It's late summer, and the air is thick with the smell of sun-warmed soil. The grapes are plump and sweet under the rough, dark green leaves. It's almost time for the harvest.

Genoveses A virgin beach on a calm summer morning. A couple of sailboats sway in the water, the sun warms your skin and the livin' is easy.

Ambient/moody Test 1 Well it seems I can't change the name but it really works. Mellow synth and piano with distant waves/underwater noise. Give it a listen for that far-away, melancholy vibe.

Vale Of Tears The journey back to Wonderland was very upsetting, but at least the place you've landed is somewhat familiar. You're in a green valley with a river running through it. Across it sits the Cheshire Cat, waiting. (Based off the game Alice: Madness Returns)

The Great Escape A drone with friction, or perhaps another intrusion. Works best with headphones and deep animation at the speed of your chioice.

Ultimate Focus The Ultimate Focus generator. Listen to your own never-ending focus track. Use this while studying, in the office, etc for the ideal environment!

Moonlit Invitation She can hear the sound of others like her outside, playing in the moonlight casting moonbows through the pattering midnight rain. She isn't sure if she wants to go... paws tucked under her tail and chin, the wind gently blowing in through the open windows, and the palpable tingles of sleep running its fingers through her fur are just as tempting.

The Pink Palace Ambiance from Coraline 2009.

Galaxy Within Just as the title suggests. We spend lots of time searching outwards, focusing on the external. It's time to focus on the internal, where lies the cosmos inside of us.

Staying Awake A purposefully unpleasant sound generator I have made to stay awake during long nights doing my homework. The occasional bells to shock you back into place when drifting off and the sounds of the morning commute to trick you into thinking the day has started.

Kitchen2 They've been cooking for hours now. It smells delicious! Adjust the sliders to reveal what your friends are preparing for your special meal. Is that a pot of soup bubbling away? Something is sizzling in a frying pan. Your friends really are the best. Cheers!

Vaporizer Whenever kids of my generation got sick, out would come the vaporizer: a kind of humidifier that blew a fine, cool mist of water into the air. Whether or not the vapor did any good was beside the point. What was more comforting than that combination of sounds: the drone of the motor, the trickling of water, and the softness of the mist?

Cellwork You are floating--Suspended in a liquid with a gentle, nurturing touch. Around you, little worlds go on-- As they always have and always will....

Nor'easter The pleasures and terrors of weather in Northeast USA. One day of basking in the sun, drinking a cold one, listening to the radio while your neighbor mows the lawn...the next day snow is blowing sideways and you're fumbling with a roll of duct tape to seal up those rattling windows.

Azkaban A tattered cloak glides by your cell, a chill passes in it's wake. You shiver, the cold wind and dread, eats at you. Going to sleep once again, you hope to never wake up.

Astrojazzo Another fantasy band constructed from the different musical samples. Fun to set the animation cycle to feature the bass, flugelhorn, and oud as soloists fading in and out.

Ai Dreams Sometimes it can be nice to take a break from being human; allow yourself into the mindset of a simple program. Wouldn't it be nice to know your purpose?

My Happy Place Drift away in your dreams... Imagine your most delightful dream, hold it there. Now close your eyes and take deep breaths. Your transported there in your sleep. Now you can relive your happiest dream. Maybe make something magical happen...

Valley And Village You find yourself standing on a mountaintop, looking down at the vast green valley below. The wind blows a harsh cold through the air, alongside a lonely song. Early mist partly obscures a village, clinging to life in these windswept lands. Desolation calls this place home.

The Lucky Clover Just a moment ago you were dying... But now you find yourself sitting in a comfortable armchair, whole and safe, a warm fire blazing in the hearth before you and a sleeping cat purring by your feet. Hm. How peculiar.

Rainy Day At The Monastary While hiking in the forest in France you become separated from your friends and seek shelter as a storm approaches. You follow the sound of voices and find yourself at an old monastery where you wait for the storm to pass.

Knockturn Alley A glass case nearby held a withered hand on a cushion, a bloodstained pack of cards, and a staring glass eye. Evil-looking masks stared down from the walls, an assortment of human bones lay upon the counter, and rusty, spiked instruments hung from the ceiling. Even worse, the dark, narrow street Harry could see through the dusty shop window was definitely not Diagon Alley.

Rain Outside Your Dorm Room You’re studying in your shared dorm; a cold cup of coffee sits at your desk alongside your dying phone. There’s a test tomorrow and you need to pass it, no matter how much your partying dorm mate pleads you to go with them. It is getting late and the rainstorm pattering on your window is still going, just like you are at your slightly damaged textbook. Five minutes until your break; keep working.

Hyperborea A place of eternal spring, Apollo's home during the colder months.

Merry Vibes And Jazz Tidings The smooth sounds of the flugelhorn and heavenly vocal harmonies put you in that holiday state of mind. The cozy crackle of the fireplace keeps you warm as ice and snow patter on the windows. Outside, you can just make out the tinkling of sleigh bells. With a contented sigh, you settle deeper into your favorite leather armchair, open your book, and start reading.

Rainy Beach With Vocals I just grabbed a couple of my favorite natural sounds, that is the seawaves and thunder and replaced the highs with the vocals from In The Sky. It worked out a bit bizarre, but I still like it :)

Interstellar Jam Session Objects in space, played by people in space. The station creaks and groans and in the distance, a star is born.

Scotland's Ghosts I have attempted to create a sound scape that reminds of the highlands and scotlands rich history. Here is to finding our way back home, wherever we go.

Crushed From Above It's slow, but it gets the job done.

Violent Vigil Reminder to self: No more opening letters from law firms from Tokyo. You don't know any of these people, they just let your great-uncle's corpse lay out in the open, and this is taking valuable time away from kinda-sorta saving the world. Of course, things like this don't just happen... (Inspired by World of Horror.)

Traffic and Rain at Night This simulates the sound of traffic as heard at night from my bedroom's window, with cars driving under the rain, a random vehicle speeding by, the occasional tram rolling on the tracks and the addition of thunders. Perfect for falling asleep when you are used to a traffic background, but the night has become too quiet. Sounds the most realistic on Extreme animation (at normal speed).

Tropics Very simple custom gen composed of just 2 different generators to help with my anxiety. I've always loved the noise of the tropics, hope these nature sounds are useful to someone else, too.

Land Of Light And Rain The rain pelts a white-sanded beach. Even though it's pouring out, the beach radiates with its own unique light. A girl stands on the shore, staring into the horizon. What does she see?

Wasteland Radio It's a miracle that this shack is still standing, considering how far into the blast zone it was. I wonder what the radiation has done to that stereo over there. I wonder what these ghosts would listen to. (Suggested Settings: Deep & Fastest Animation)

Nostromo On the main deck of the Nostromo.

Wuthering Heights Cathy and Heathcliff steal out to the moor beyond the mist which envelopes the manor. They will get caned later, but you keep to yourself in the isolation of the Heights with the routine ticks of the clock, warmth of the crackling hearth-fire, footsteps of the maid, safe from the winds. Is that a bagpipe you hear? You shiver with the thought of its ghost, then return to your studies...

For Frodo: At The Black Gates Of Mordor "My brothers. I see in your eyes the same fear that would take the heart of me. A day may come when the courage of Men fails, when we forsake our friends and break all bonds of fellowship, but it is not this day. An hour of wolves and shattered shields—but it is not this day! This day we FIGHT!" | Inspired by Lord of the Rings, but would work for building suspense before any RPG battle.

Dear Esther An introspective walk around a lonely island. Inspired by the interactive experience of the same name.

Spectral A ghost of what once was.

So Say We All . . . Music to search for Earth by, inspired by the Battlestar Galactica (2004) soundtrack. It combines otherworldly vocals with haunting instrumentals and the energetic pulse of taiko drums. Perfect for anything from space battles to plotting coordinates in the CIC for the Fleet's next jump—one that will hopefully bring you closer to the lost 13th colony. Extreme + Slow animation sounds best.

Among Us - Mira Hq High above the clouds, within the outer reaches of Earth's atmosphere, lies the research base known as MIRA HQ. Some of the brightest minds of our generation work here, sorting through alien samples, and the base is known for being a point of contact for all ships currently on intergalactic missions.

Frank And Fred Drones and dragging.

Scolded Aural Poem Don't bother making sense of it all.

Among Us - Polus This snowy planet is your new home away from home, and the distant ice cracking will be your companion as you run between the buildings for your tasks, praying you don't freeze over.

Among Us - The Skeld Whether you're merely onboard to get to one of the outposts, or you're an official crewmate, these are the sounds that will accompany you on your assignment.

Thunder Sanctuary Seeking refuge from a thunderstorm, you wander into an old church, finding nothing but echoes and a surprisingly comforting atmosphere.

Piranesi Piranesi lives in the House. Perhaps he always has. In his notebooks, day after day, he makes a clear and careful record of its wonders: the labyrinth of halls, the thousands of statues, the tides that thunder up staircases, the clouds that move in slow procession through the upper halls. The Beauty of the House is immeasurable; its Kindness infinite. Inspired by Piranesi by Susanna Clarke.

In His Study People say he is rather an odd, unsocial character. It's true. Still, he is your friend; the fact that you're here now is proof of that. While you read in your armchair, savoring your cake and tea, you can hear the crows and the leaves through the open window. The fire crackles; the logs pop. The old clock ticks away in its corner. And, off to the side, on and on he scribbles, lost in his work.

Spy Far Away From Home You're a russian spy far away from home, surrounded by people you don't know, speaking a language you barely understand. While everyone is oblivious about your activities - you await your further instructions. Don't let them down. Turn on "Animate" to mix the sound up (recommended). Put on your headphones and enjoy. Contributed by Povilaz.

Orbital It's hour six since you reached planetary orbit. Reentry clearance hasn't been given and probably won't for a while. You stare at the harsh screens of your HUD that make your eyes ache and then look out into the vast dark of space and the bright, but warm glow of the planet below. As your comms gently chime in and out, you lean back in the cockpit chair. Maybe you could close your eyes for bit...

The Hollow Places This is a soundscape for T. Kingfisher's "The Hollow Places", in which Kara and her friend Sebastian travel through a hole in the wall to a world of water, willows, and eldritch beings, where temporary safety can be found only in mysterious island bunkers, and the only way to make it home alive is to not think about the things that want to eat you--if you're lucky. Pray they are hungry.

Thuder In A Garden A quiet garden, with rumbles of distant thunder. Mixing two of my favourite soundscapes, Japanese garden and Thunder rumbles.

Rejuvenation Tank Inspired by the healing pods from Dragon Ball Z, many noises went into this. In the bass is a ship rumble, a 1hz "lethargy" binaural harmonic, and a 50hz electric hum. In the mid range are many water sound effects and some sci-fi flutters. In the higher range are both real and synth breathing noises.

Braced And Facing Space An open-ended ambient adventure.

Ahtohallan Where the Northwind meets the sea, there's a river full of memory... (Inspired by Disney's Frozen II)

Coraline You probably think this world is a dream come true... but you're wrong. (Inspired by Henry Selik's 2009 fillm Coraline, based off Neil Gaiman's book of the same name).

Kilometers And Kilometers The journey continues day and night through the unforgiving chill... And yet, your companions never leave your side.

Unseen, But Not Forgotten Drifting though the deepest reaches of the arid canyons, chimes of long gone creatures echo, their watchful eyes following you from somewhere beyond.

Hygge A first attempt to reach Hygge : fireplace, far babbling and a cat...

Cozy A warm café-type setting makes for a comforting shelter while rain patters outside. Perfect for working or writing. Also pairs great with white noise.

Reality Waves The gentle distortion of the present rises and falls with each breath they take. You ride on those waves like a catamaran in a pitch black ocean. The universe is at peace.

Practice Room Behind every musical performance is hours of practice, and behind every hour of practice is the practice room. Every musician finds both homely comfort and incessant annoyance in the disjointed melodies that surface from a hall of practice rooms.

Cafe Ethereal A place where ideas are born and magic happens. (Pair with Twilight for best results.)

Moments Remember that night...

Among Us - Alone In The Void It was just you on a small crew aboard the Skeld. The mission was to be like any other, maintenance and exploration, but no one could have predicted what kind of monsters would be hiding among you.

Rhythmic Hypnosis You close your eyes sitting at your desk and slowly open them waking to the sound of her voice calling you, only to find you are not at your desk anymore but ancient lands devoid of all life with only one distant figure beckoning you to follow and begin your journey.

Stormy School Day Quiet working time surrounded by a stormy day. I like listening to this with typing sounds.

Xibalba Travelling through expanding universe, to witness it and be in awe.

Night Of Turmoil The whistling winds though a crack in the window, rumbling heaters and the spray of rain on the window. Drift away with me as the noise drowns out all thought, all anxiety and all worry.

Fox Valley You sit in a small den, tucked under a fallen log, a small fire burning near its opening to keep your paws warm. The coming summer storm is nothing new, and not even the bugs are silenced by it, still singing from their own little nooks away from the light rain. The thunder only occasionally tries to join in the chorus from your kin, and in the distance you can hear the wolves from their woods.

Bueno You can be complacent in embracing your beautiful dreams; you don't necessarily need to chase them.

Guitar Mashed A mashup of a mashup of mashups.

Somnolence Programmée You came from this metallic womb, what feels cold and mechanical sounds homely to you. So, sometimes at night, in your soundproof tower, you need the old machines' lullaby.

Dark Cave Pitter-Patter.

Working Riff Sitting on the back porch working , you can hear sounds drifting in from neighboring musicians and garden chimes.

Infiltration Just stick to the plan.

Studying At Hogwarts Last minute trips to the library, power-naps in the common room, a potions exam, late night thunderstorms, and others...

Burning Nightmares Don't blow it. Litterally. It will only make it spread.

Steel Glow A metallic sound sculpture.

Abandoned House Anybody home?

Convalescence The first thing you notice is someone singing, their voice pure and strong. The second is the sound of birds and water. Where are you? Wherever it is, it feels soft and warm. What happened? You're exhausted, everything aches, it's so hard to remember... You manage to open your heavy eyelids, and, blinking in the afternoon sun, finally wake up...

The Backrooms You're lost in what seems to be an endless place that has room, some lead to other rooms, other are just a dead end. As you travel alone, you start to feel like someone is following you, you think you are alone, maybe you're not. Why do I feel like someone if breathing down my neck? Why can I hear people walking around? I hear water, I hear coughing, I hear things getting moved around.

Alone With The Other This was all your fault. You trusted one over another, and you only knew the truth when the light fell from their eyes, and their form fell apart. The better end would be that your fate alone was sealed. To try and survive would bring this menace to another populace. But you are the last of your species on board, and you are not alone.

Wood Side Apartments Three needles stand of three different heights. The fat, the tall and the thin. From slow to fast they move to the right. Scott rests not on three, but fifteen.

Weightless Inspired by Marconi Union's "Weightless", scientifically proven to be the most relaxing song in the world (apparently).

Waters Of Doom Doom & gloom & wet... Celebrate autumn and leave the sunny days behind.

Asgard "Then sought the Gods their assembly-seats, Those holy, holy Gods, and council held; Names then gave they to Noon and Twilight, Morning they named, and the waning Moon, Night and Evening, and the years to number."

Summer Nostalgia Summer is dying down and kids are going back to school. For you, those back to school days are a thing of the past. Suddenly, long forgotten memories of daily adventures are brought back: An empty world that you ruled, an imaginary friend who died, the day you became a superhero...Just how could you forget all of that? A sudden sense of longing for those days creeps back to you. It's Nostalgia.

Manou Drone on.

Lighthouse Keeper A lighthouse by the shore, a crackling fire on a crisp morning, gulls calling and you, leafing through your weather logs as the tide comes in.

Old Library In A Storm You are stuck in the old library until the storm passes, with only the fireplace, and your books to keep you company.

House Of Leaves The house on the corner has sat vacant for decades. Sometimes you and your friends passed by and thought you saw a woman in the window. All of you used to dare each other to go into the yard when a ball accidentally ended up past the old iron fence. You're all daring teenagers now, intrepidly entering the old manse just to have a look around. A flashlight suddenly dies. Then another...

Bonfire Near The Beach A small shore near the forest one autumn twilight. The group gather around the fire to ward off the chill beginning to set in. They are safe here, hidden between the trees and the beach, the wildlife dampening their chatter from any inquisitive ears.

Darker Jazz In the deepest places you find the strangest music.

Busy Airport People talking, eating, typing, and mostly waiting for the plane.

End Of Summer Night Hear people talking, and crickets chirping, and dogs barking. Smell grass, and bbq.

Vigilant Night The hunters are sleeping, but... you will stay awake.

Jötunheimr "I remember the giants/born so long ago/ In those ancient days/ they raised me..."- Poetic Edda-Völuspá, 2

Before The Supernova The suspense and inspirational energy of the final death of a Star, stretched to infinity.

Marooned Moon Secrets Far away beyond the Prism, keep searching for the black beam although you know it doesn't exist. However, R0-G0-B0 is all around, even if surrounded by light. Hands on the thrusters controls, decide; or set the auto-pilot for a flight on the edge of the horizon. Everything is there. Try it with "Shiny Crazy Cluster", but keep calling -.-. --.- / . .- .-. - .... / .--. ... . / -.-

Just Work They set to their task, lending their voices to the rhythm of muscle and machine, and with their engines they restored ends into beginnings.

Garden Dream Dozing off, half-aware of what's going on around you.

Springtime Café It's a gorgeous day in spring! You can smell the early flowers as you walk along a quiet street in downtown. A café has their door propped open to fully enjoy the weather, and you stroll inside for a latte.

Conduced Confusion Don't look at me. You did this to yourself.

A Haunted Storm After a long travel your car breaks down in front of an old abandoned mansion. Why stay cooped up in the car when you can stretch your legs and escape the thunderstorm approaching? You light a fire and as you lay down you start hearing bangs, and pops, and an eerie wind sweeps through the run-down old home.

Agatha's Forest Somebody stole the G off the graveyard sign so many years ago, and they took it as an invitation. Not many will stay here overnight, but you don't know why... sure, it's haunted, and you can hear noises all around you, but the rain is warm and you can almost convince yourself that what you're hearing are normal people doing normal things. The wolf smiles at you, her eyes gleaming across the fire.

Desk By The Window The rain patters against the window, making little rivulets that reflect on your desk in the calm blue-gray light. You have a deadline soon, but you don't mind. Right now, there's nothing you'd rather be doing than just sitting here working as the rain pours down, freshening the world outside.

Party Jam Session Another successful campaign. Around the campfire, the human bard lazily plucks her lute. The elven rogue offers a mournful countermelody. The dwarfish warrior hums along.

The Hallow Den The storm outside tries to reach you, but in the cozy den lit by strings of pumpkin lights and comfortable flickering candles, it only makes you cozier. The open window lets in the sounds of the forest, and through it you can see the rainy night outside the treehouse window, the rain harmonizing with the sound of one of the other den-izens working on some spells.

Siddhartha's Awakening Sitting beneath the Bodhi Tree, an awakening occurs that could change everything forever... if only we could see it for what it it is. It's nothing supernatural, it just is!

The Treehouse You sit in the treehouse you always wanted as a little kid. You carefully placed it in the middle of the woods where no one would find. You sit on the balcony and hear the stream in the distance as well as the storm. you enjoy the last minutes before the rain sets in.

Light Focus It's a beautiful Sunday afternoon. The sky is clear and the air is filled with bird songs. You're sitting at your desk with the window opened, a gentle breeze flowing into your room and smelling of spring. With a pencil in your hand, you're writing down notes and studying for the upcoming pop quiz. The thought of school can't ruin your mood - in this moment, everything is good.

Stormy Night With The Window Open It's late, and you're lying in bed after a long day of school or work in the city. Thunder rolls softly overhead as it begins to rain, so you open your window to let the sound come in with the breeze. The fan on your bedside table hums quietly as you listen to the sound of cars far below you on the city streets. A good environment for some lofi music, don't you think?

Sevastopol Station You are lost in the corridors of a doomed space station. You are not alone...

Praying For The Storm To Pass Take refuge in the cloisters of the abbey. Rain drips off Gothic stonework as evening prayers are sung nearby. Your world is both enormous and intimate as the rolling of thunder and the ticking of the clock bring you to this very moment.

Silver Shadow He who dwells in the secret place of the Most High shall remain stable and fixed under the shadow of the Almighty (Whose power no foe can withstand). - Psalm 91 : 1.

The Reality Or... You pass out at the zoo. It's actually really calming.

The Study Of Magic Your newest discovery has kept you up long past the setting of the sun. Here you still sit in the quiet hours of the morning, your globules of magic light casting a soft golden glow across your work. You scribble notes and reread pages of the broad tome before you, hoping to finally coax whatever secrets and spells you can from its aged pages.

Within The Machine The Gears of Humanity will turn, until they age and rust away. The Clock of Life will tick, marching toward our inevitable death. There's no going back now - we are all mortals, trapped within the machine.

For A Girl... ...whose name has many meanings: "to twist and whirl", or "to languish," or "to suffer pain, bring forth", or "a bundle", or "a stretch of sand", or "the land where there is gold".

Rainy Morning Coffee You wake up to a cold spring rain melting the half-melted snow outside. You shuffle down to the kitchen to start a fire and a hot cup of coffee, and ponder retrieving the damp newspaper from your doorstep.

Abandoned Church You are walking through the woods, and you can hear the thunder. You enter a clearing and decide to shelter in an abandoned church. You enter the church, whose spires still stand, and see that ivy now grows on the stained glass windows. You can almost hear the singing, and the bells that used to ring in its youth. It is unkempt, but beautiful.

Damascus Rose "God willing, the name Alexander of Brennenburg still invokes bitter anger in you. If not, this will sound horrible." - Daniel, Amnesia: The Dark Descent (2010)

24 Hours Of Le Mans You decide to travel to France to watch the 24 hours of Le Mans. Like every year, it starts raining and lightning streaks across the sky. It is the best time to be there listening to nature, the rain, and the beautiful noise of the GT cars.

E-motive Lose yourself in cyberspace and find your motivation there.

Storm On A Deserted Barn You walk through the field of wheat, and end up at a large rusty structure. You can hear the impending storm as it quickly approaches. However, you stay and decide to wait until the rain comes upon you.

Old Dream As time goes on we forget old memories, they become distorted and shadows of what they once were. But even through the aliasing and crumbling of past experiences, there is intrinsic beauty.

Sargon's Mortal Coil As Sargon assimilates Sumer with Akkad he bears the burden of the last hybrid King and establishes things as we know them today. HE bore "the Great" label with great burden & hardship.

Keys On The Shore These are two of my favorite generators, mixed together to create a soothing soundscape. I have ADHD and I find that it really helps me focus when I need to do long readings for school. When I listen to it, I imagine looking out onto the ocean while a talented pianist friend narrates the scene in the background. Hope you enjoy!

Evil Ash nazg durbatulûk, ash nazg gimbatul, ash nazg thrakatulûk agh burzum-ishi krimpatul.

Witch's Kitchen Your familiar purrs gently from her chair while you stir the bubbling cauldron. The ancient grimoire in the corner gives the next instructions for the potion; a few more branches on the fire to keep the flame crackling, then two shakes of eye of newt. Outside, an owl warns of the approaching storm. There is magic in the air tonight, and it's at your command.

Home Classroom All your classes got moved online the day before the fall semester. Guess you'll just have to bring the classroom to you.

Bird Calls Something sweet for your kitties, or an intriguing view into bird calls from around the world. Do you recognize any?

Orion: Breath And Being In a space of breathing, there is peace, there is openness, infinite and nothing. Here is a space of rest, kindness, comfort and love. Here is life, and death, solitude and solace. Connection to all things flows through you. You are the answer, and the question, filled with ancient and re-birthing grace. Flowing. Steady. Shifting. Within the inhale, the holding, and the exhale, resides all.

Old Study Hall You've come to study, maybe to sit and read a book, maybe just to relax. The high ceilings and the vast array of desks sitting around, scattered with students makes you sleepy just thinking about it.

Waiting In The Rain You've just finished work, and you're in the middle of town waiting for your bus. The cloudy skies are deep dark blue, almost indigo. The street lights have just started their own shift, bathing the roads with an orange glow. Many people are doing the same as you in the moderately crowded pavement, on their evening commute home. Now where is that damn bus!?

Kagerou Daze August 15th at 12:30, noon?

Dining Car A relaxing bite in the dining car, while voyaging across the countryside by rail. Sit back and enjoy. You'll be there before you know it!

Mountain Storms Looming I may travel the world but I always sleep best to the sounds of home in the mountains with a summer storm looming in the distance.

Randomized Noise A series of pleasing noises combined at random to produce the desired effect.

Healing Mud Feet in the soil, inhaling the smell rain has left. Thoughts start decomposing. Let this sink in.

Working In A Storm Soft music, thunder and alpha bilateral harmonics to keep you focused AND relaxed.

Stormy Cafe You're in your usual spot, a cosy table in the corner, while the rain and traffic goes by, people heading home for the day. You take a deep sip from your stained, off white mug, and let the warmth suffuse your body as your laptop boots up. You've got a deadline tonight, but it shouldn't be a problem.....

Dreams Without Sleep An autumn rainy day, soft contemplation, and warm tea. A good enough reason to let your mind concentrate inwards, to let your thoughts drive a story yet untold.

Custom Deep Ceremonial Chanting High in the mountains or deep in the wild forests, far away from their tribe and folk, old shamans and medicine women come together. They initiate their old ceremonies with drums and ancient chants, taking them away from the everyday world and connecting to the otherworld of the spirits.

Northern Drum Song In the far North, wild wolf women sing the wilderness into being.

Lakeside You stumble across a small opening amongst the trees, as you head through the sun shines pleasantly down. It's light dancing on top of a slowly trickling stream. The fresh smell of moss mixed with lavender is brought in as the wind strokes the leaves. Leaning up against a tree, you allow yourself a moment to breathe and reflect on the beauty of the world.

Convex Vibration The thrum of space, the first frontier.

Dark Contemplation Contemplate the darkness. In it, you will find yourself.

Talos 4 The singing plants of Talos IV with their distinctive broad blue leaves and white flowers are known throughout the galaxy, but few make the trek to the Talos star system. The howling winds and the lovely erie songs are reminders of the wonders and dangers below the surface of Talos IV. Now, enjoy the sounds of the planet without any worry of unwanted mind control.

The Way Things Ought To Be An exercise in empathy.

Anamnesisfall It is what I shall sleep in tonight. BD

Shelter By The Sea The shelter on the beach is where I like to stay. It's often raining. I like it this way.

Train To Nowhere The faceless conductor doesn't speak a word. When I show him a blank ticket, he disappears. I am alone, he was never here. As I look through the windows there is literally nothing to see. There is no horizon, there are no stations. There is no time. Destiny unknown. And now I know I'm on the Train To Nowhere.

A Guitar In The Tropical Woods The rain is about to start in the woods. It will be a relief in the tropical heat. A lone minstrel sits besides a tiny river to rest, wondering what will be his next destiny.

Mojave Night On a mesa at night, looking out over the town you call home and the road that leads to it, you can't help but wonder what more could be out there. Just out of reach, just beyond the stars...

Technothunder Techno. Also thunder.

Psychedelic Tanker This mortal vessel. Hurtling through time & space. Soul resting within.

Outside The Universe The sounds of loneliness. On the outside, looking in, at all the things you can't have.

The Sparkling Murmuring waves mirror the sun; tiny diamond stars float on the water.

Distant Bells The distant bells can barely be heard over the hot wind and the frantic fluttering of fans that try to overpower the heat. Meanwhile, a subaquatic dream lulls you into a cold, restful state.

Meso-american Visions The Jaguar is no longer asleep as the deities meet on the plateau at the ends of the earth.

Rafting At Night Could there really be no way to escape the mist? As it curled around him, that was what Eduardo thought. But the jungle's mist soon enveloped him and his raft. When it clears, he is nowhere to be found.

Toltec Cloud Forest Slashing through a soaked rain forest on the mountain side you climb through the sky up a 1000 yr old tree trunk to find an overgrown forgotten city above the cloud line. What mysterious people once lived here and what happened to them? Records re-claimed by mother nature; were we ever meant to know?

Pagoda Courtyard The Jade Pagoda towers ahead of you. You knock quietly on its great gates, hoping someone will notice you, a simple farmer, come to seek refuge from the approaching bandits. No one answers, and you fall asleep on the floor. The bandits are so far anyways...

Rain Fan Wind Motor Bd A similar collection of all the sounds I use often all in one place. Simply adjust the faders to your liking.

Wind Rain Fan White Bd A mixture of everything I need. Simply mix the faders to your liking.

Magicant You've collected all eight melodies, now all you've left to do is fight the evil inside your mind. A soundscape inspired by what I like to imagine EarthBound's Magicant to sound like, hence the name.

Primordial Hearth In the cave of the mother, water runs, life grows, wind blows... birds call, echos flow... in the ancient song of the primordial hearth... you surrender... you receive.

Traffic, Train, Industrial Revolution Low end is rumbly and metronomic, the rest is a mix between traffic and train noises. Helps me to block out intermittant traffic noise while sleeping.

Custom Cafe A bit of something old, a bit of something new. Rain and coffee, and bunches of people huddled in the warmth of a cafe. Some of my favourite sounds to help focus or create a comfortable atmosphere for reading. Voices keep your brain active, while the more natural sounds drown out unnecessary thoughts.

The Ride Home It's been a long day at work and it's getting late. You're ready to go home. The rain pours down as you fold up your sopping umbrella and step onto the train. Sagging in the familiar upholstered seats, you gaze through rain-spattered windows at the dim headlights of passing cars.

Brunch At A Far Off Square Many days of travel, harsh winds and strange sights assailed you on your journey, but at last an oasis appeared. A hot meal and the distant chatter of merchants and the howl of a ceaseless breeze surround you. Wheresoever you hail from, all are welcomed here at the square. Now you sit in a city whose name is foreign to you. Maybe not a place to call home, but a place to rest... for now.

As Vultures Circle Somehow you knew it would end this way. Flat on your back, squinting at the never-ending desert sky, watching the lazy turning of black shrouds against all that blue. It happened so fast; you and the gang riding away with gold aplenty, then a stray bullet from the sheriff's posse drops you off your horse. So this it it, your last ride. The wild west won't hold a funerals for an outlaw like you.

The Mountain Temple High in the mountains there is a place where the mist is thick. If you hike into the swaying wood, until you cannot remember from which direction you came, you may hear the ancient voices of bowl and bell. Follow the stream. A stone roof will part from the shrouds, it's chimes dripping with rain. There is a seat for you there...

Forbidden Portal It's nothing like you've seen before. It's new and it's strange and you're alone, mostly. You think you saw something, someone, but they're long gone now. It's strange and it's new, and you're alone. It's strange, and it's new, but it's comforting.

Walled In 2 am, a little while after you finished performing at a concert. You're unwinding in your apartment with the windows open; cars pass by below, the talk radio drones on, and the gentle rain taps on the balcony railing. The clock ticks gently as you noodle around on your guitar and piano... not producing anything of substance, but just making sounds for the sake of it.

Public Library "Information helps you to see that you're not alone. That there's somebody in Mississippi and somebody in Tokyo who all have wept, who've all longed and lost, who've all been happy. So the library helps you to see, not only that you are not alone, but that you're not really any different from everyone else." - Maya Angelou A sound generator for anyone else missing their public library right now.

Horses In The Park A summer day in the park with horses. Their tack creaks and jingles, insects buzz, the river flows, and the riders and park-goers enjoy the good weather. There's an option for acoustic music or reading and writing, or just spending the day with the horses uninterrupted if that's what you'd prefer.

Stormy Nights In The Suburbs Better version of Stormy Nights in the City with more varied rain sliders. Also works well with Rain Radio... Your warm and wrapped up in bed, the sound of rain and wind hitting the window can be heard above faint water run-off and distant circling thunder. You snuggle down a little further; pull the blankets up around your neck and listen to the low but relentless traffic passing by on wet roads.

Himalayan Meditation This composition was inspired a Tibetan bowl player who creates a drone in the background by singing two large bowls while gently striking smaller bowls. This composition attempts to recreate the sound with Tibetan bowls, and binaural beats and harmonics. A faint chant in the background adds to the Himalayan experience. Enjoy.

Thunder At The Beach I went camping at the beach with my family when I was a kid, and there was a small cyclone on the last night. It turned out that the kids tent had a pretty fantastic leak in the roof, but I didn't want to wake up my parents so I snuck the keys to the car, folded all the seats down, and piled us all in. This is what I heard as I sat in the front wrapped in a towel, watching the glass slowly fog up.

The Mystery Machine We don't know where it came from, we don't know how it works and we don't know how to switch it off.

A Forgotten Place On a rainy day you have managed to find a place long forgotten by the world. A surreal place lost in time.

Haplo’s Flight “He arrived on the bridge, stood staring down at the steering stone. He’d made his decision. He had only to put his hands on the sigla-covered round stone and his ship would break the magical ties binding it to the ground and sail into the rose-hued twilight of the Nexus. Why did he hesitate?” — Serpent Mage, Vol. 4 of The Death Gate Cycle

Hestia's Hearth Hestia, the Greek Goddess of hearth and home, invites you to stay awhile at her abode. A quiet stream runs nearby and a minstrel occasionally wanders through. Sit and relax by the crackling fire with Hestia while her priestesses prepare a warm meal.

Oracle At Delphi Delphi is a sacred sanctuary off the coast of Phocis, Greece. Though no Oracle remains there now, the ancient whispers of their memories are carried on the winds of Mount Parnassus. If you listen closely through the wind, the rain and waves, you can hear their teachings.

Alien Planet Explore a new alien planet, colonized by a primitive species.

Enchanted Sleep Your body lies in the heart of a dark forest, cursed by an evil witch to eternal slumber.

Calm Drone All is calm.

Tonal Groove Groovy bassline, interesting tonal combination from 6 generators.

Dwindling Light The light fades, the universe plunges into a deep twilight as the last dyson spheres surrounding neutron stars begin to lose inertia. While it is tragic, there is also a comfort and awe in the descent into void. Suddenly, this moment, the present, is all that matters because it is everything. Each stem is from a different generator.

Cobalt Sky 200 thousand light years away in the Andromeda Galaxy, a being looks up through its home planet's atmosphere and wonders if anyone else is out there. The sky is a deep, clear blue. It sits in awe and curiosity, wondering if anyone up there is thinking something similar.

Myst Island You find yourself on a abandoned island in a world that is not our own. There are strange symbols, puzzles, and mysteries everywhere, left by the people who were here before. Where did they go? What happened to them? Inspired by the 90's point-and-click PC game "Myst" and it's iconic music.

Falling Short, Jumping High Remember not to wake up.

The Stars Do Not Wait For You The Nothing consumes all. Look up "The Stars Do Not Wait For You SCP."

Sea Cloud The sea is strangely still today, and the sky seems perfectly mirrored on its surface, dotted with floating clouds.

Nostalgic Echoes A reality beyond space and time, bright and new with the discovery a child feels when exploring yet simultaneously familiar and comforting.

Black Hole -A Beginning Inspired by an album of the same name I found on YouTube. As a lot of the sounds were strangely familiar (and some could be found as part of the aptly named Black Hole generator from a couple years ago), I whipped this together for anyone who thought the album might be just a little too short :)

Cosmic Stasis You don't remember who you are, or where you came from, but that doesn't matter. As you feel yourself melt and merge with the cosmos, your body spreading into a nebula, the laws of physics and true nature of reality become apparent and clear. There is chaos and balance. It is beautiful.

Cinememories Mood-setting music for heightened focus and relaxation!

Dystopian Desert The year is 2360. 150 years ago human civilization obliterated itself with warfare. The climate dried the forests and killed most remaining people, now the entire planet is covered in red sand sweeping through the few standing structures and mountains, dotted with androids rebuilding and terraforming the sediment.

Deep Robot Vibes You're traveling in the vast emptiness of space with only your consoles and helper droids for company.

Valley Of The Wind Cresting the sand dune, you finally see it: the canyon leading to your home. Your respirator wheezes slightly as you exhale in relief, and your steps feel lighter knowing you will rest tonight without fear of the toxic spores.

Space Preserve In space, the preservation of everything is the key to existence. Preserve fuel, preserve oxygen, preserve food, preserve water... preserve and persevere.

Low Rain Low frequency sounding rain. This really helps me with my high tinnitus, after a few nights listening to this my sensitivity to high pitch noises begins to fade and my tinnitus decreases.

The Search From the car, you get a glimpse of each empty street and alleyway as you pass. Ten miles per hour and only one eye on the road, your heart pounding out of your chest. You catch a glimpse of a passing bicycle and almost crash. Was that her? But no; the search continues.

Beheld A charm invests a face, imperfectly beheld.

The Elemental Plane Of Sound The adventurer walks through an infinite grassy field, illuminated by a warm sun whose direction is impossible to discern, and whose light pierces the clouds above. She occasionally walks by isolated ruins of marble structures, broken, but still untouched by age or erosion. There is nothing to guide her through this plane, except for the lyrical sounds and ethereal voices that float upon the wind.

Fishtank You are a fish. You lead a simple life, living in a tank of water. Through the glass walls, you watch the people walk around outside as they pay you no mind. It is calm, just as it has been, and always will be. This generator is a combination of calming drones, underwater bubble sounds, and a hint of human chatter.

New Hope There are good and bad things on earth.

Astro Miner You are sitting on a boulder on Ceres, watching drones mining and building habitats and space elevators. As you look out at the blue speck of Earth in the sky, and see how the stars take up your entire field of view, it becomes apparent how truly far away from your home you are.

Rythmic Chant Entering another realm, you lose yourself in the rhythmic chants of an unknown female voice. Everything you knew before this moment is irrelevant, you are fully consumed by what you hear and every inch of attention is given to these sounds giving you chills. You lose perception of where and when, but that doesn't matter anymore, as the sounds fully consume you, and for a moment you are in nirvana.

Battle Of Britain Flying above the channel, trying to find a way to jam the German guidance signal, distant bombs implying the stakes for the RAF crew as they jostle through the skies.

Sheltering From The Storm In The Bird Sanctuary Kitchen It's been a long day spotting the rarest of birds through your binoculars, and now the rain has come in. Time to go inside for a well-deserved rest and a snack.

Stormy Nights In The City Your warm and wrapped up in bed. The sound of rain hitting the window in time with the howling wind can be heard above faint echoes of water run-off and distant rumbles of circling thunder. You snuggle down a little further; pull your blankets up around your neck and listen to the low but relentless traffic whooshing by on wet roads. Relishing you comfort, gently but surely you drift off to sleep

Second Grey's Anatomy They're back, this time you know for sure!

Cat Calmer This one stops my cat from peeing on the floor during fireworks and thunderstorms... hope it works for others, too!

Oideion Calming notes ring out beneath the trickle of light rain.

The Cave Wolf In a long-lost millennium, a pack of wolves stalks through the forests of Bavaria. They will never see a human being, never learn to fear the arrowhead. Unafraid and free.

Mind Your Step Buckle up and take off, fly into the unknown! This may be the most complex mixture I've created. It includes a slider from at least 8 different generators! Give it a few minutes to let your ears settle in. Zero out the Flying Fortress slider if the radio chatter is too much for you, but I think it adds character. :)

Owls All the hoots, whoops, and howls I could fit into one generator!

Northwest Coast Ocean, forest, gentle keyboards. Wait.... is that a werewolf growling in the woods?

Lonely Canyon Trail The wide space of the canyon beside you. Rocks underfoot. Your mule picks his way over the narrow trail. Creatures rustle out of your way. You hear birdsong and the call of the crows. The wind rises. Was that a wolf howl in the distance? You picture a huge, grey wolf with deep yellow eyes. Your mule gets nervous and quickens to a trot. How much farther till you're out of the valley?

Windchimes And Thunder The feeling of sitting on the garden porch while an afternoon summer thunderstorm rolls in - chimes and bells ringing as the wind picks up, distant thunder, but the birds still singing before the rain hits.

Mindscape The past is gone. The future is yet to be. With deep relaxation and full awareness, what can we experience in the present moment?

Exploring A Crashed Spaceship Strange sounds engulf you as your come across a crashed spaceship in the desert. You're dressed in your hazmat suit checking radiation levels as beeps, and strange sounds come the bow of the ship, is there something still alive in this alien craft or is it your ears playing tricks on you? What exactly do you find inside the ship?

Do Not Disturb Working at home in a private office, a storm churning outside, fire-place burning, clock ticking... how much work can you get done tonight?

Songs Of The Mountains The child wriggles closer to her mother's knee. "What is that?" "It is only the Ceremony voices. And someday, little Miru, you shall lead them...

Peeping Tom Newspaper Headline, Kansas City Star, dated May 19th, 1925. "Beloved Opera Star Found Stabbed to Death! Suspect In Custody!"

The Endless Steppes It seems like a never-ending sea of grass: in every direction you look, it stretches onward.

Reading A Mystery Book An evening thunderstorm, a hot cup of tea, a roaring fire in your private library, and nothing to do tomorrow. Perfect conditions to read an Agatha Christie novel!

Calling Me Away What do you hear?

High And Low Contrasting the High and Low Fq channels is a never-ending task that reflects your changing emotional landscape. Two themes are at work here, the black lodge and the (wonderful) piano. Fire sounds give high-fq contours. I'm still to discover how and when to use it. Please experiment and enjoy it.

My Room A suburban room cloaked in nostalgia. The often quiet road is bustling again while the rumble of a freight train reaches from somewhere not too far away. The persistent wind chimes on the porch remind you of the air conditioning that's threatening to freeze you in the middle of summer - you really should shut that off by the way - as birds in the backyard brush sing and someone inside plays music.

Move Even though this forest seems peaceful, something out there makes you feel... disturbed. Something urges you to move, to escape as soon as possible. Even the chirping of the birds seems panicking. What is it you smell... Could it be smoke?

Backwards Found the beauty in reverse & perpendicular noises. Treat your senses & hear for yourself! Animate at normal amounts & regular speed!

Kargyraa Transport yourself to the steppes of Mongolia and the Himalayas to hear the call of your ancestors.

Mechanical Hardship Being lost in space is tough, especially when you're a robot with no hands.

Counterweight For focus, relaxation.

Dream Stream Let yourself be carried by the current... where will it take you?

Deep Cave You are in a deep underwater cave covered with bioluminescent life. You float and gaze in wonder at the glowing algae and coral. Your only company is a few fish gliding along the bottom of this room.

Mystic Mountain We have travelled many light years through the stars to gaze upon this stretch of space. Its sight is awe-inspiring, majestic, and I feel a mesmerizing sense of wonder.

Village Edge You are a young kid living on the edge of a medieval village. Your father, the blacksmith, is busy at work while you explore the forest behind your house. Everything is calm and as it should be.

Crashed Ancient Starship I was meditating one evening and asked my spirit guide to bring me to a place that would inspire curiosity. We made several attempts but always found ourselves surrounded by nature sounds. I insisted that I'd been here many times and found it boring, I was ready for a new place. I felt like my guide said, "Fine! I was saving this for last. I don't know what this place is but you will--enjoy."

The Grey's Anatomy It might be a dream but it seems almost too real. Your eyes see horror as "the greys" open you up, but your mind says that your calm. They are not harming you but you want to be scared. Letting go and closing your eyes again you drift back until this is over. Did it even happen!

Houston Mission Control The Mercury Control Center (also known as Building 1385 or simply MCC) provided control and coordination of all activities associated with the NASA's Project Mercury flight operation as well as the first Project Gemini flight, Gemini 3. It was located on the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station near Launch Complex 14.

My Vocals This collection of voice tracks allows me to visualize an ancient ritual

The Chieftain's Daughter A warrior princess. A daring quest. Three faithful friends. A wolf with silver eyes... and an unavoidable destiny.

Japanese Garden Singing Bowls Favourites from Japanese garden, Japanese oase and singing bowls. A mix of nature and meditative sounds for focusing or daydreaming.

Naval Engagement You take refuge in the cabin and lean against the wall, panting. The rain hurls itself onto the thin windows separating you from the storm. And the enemy vessels a few hundred metres away. "What a stupid idea to engage the enemy in such a tempest," you mutter. The captain yells your name from outside, but you take a few moments to catch your breath, listening to the waves and thundering cannons.

Seaside Town A small seaside town. Ocean sounds, the creaking of the masts, gulls screeching, and in the background some chatter and babble.

Perception Bells A haunting, otherworldly song.

Undella Town Inspired by one of my favorite towns in a video game its Undella Town in Pokemon Black/White. Its a beachy town with one of the most best calming sound track i have ever heard and i wanted to share it with you. enjoy the sound of night with various weather conditions built in. on coming storm, clear and starry, or even cold vibes. Enjoy this sound machine made with absolute love.

Cataclysmic Vicissitude Inspired by the tragic story of the 1996 Mt. Everest disaster, which resulted in eight lives lost in the highest mountains on this earth. As you listen to the howling winds and the haunting noises, you might get a sense of the dread and terror the climbers felt during their ordeal on Everest.

Osmosis Forest Sitting in a green forest glen near a river with nature all around. My happy place.

Koholint This island holds more than just you and me... Find the instruments of the sirens, and don't ever forget my song! (Inspired by the Game Boy Color game, Link's Awakening DX.)

From Across That Lonesome Ocean A lonely sort of tune.

Ego A haunting place in the back of your head.

Ghost Boy Walking There’s something I can't face. I can hear something. Like a breath, a voice, or a wish, it cries delicately, earnestly, and all too temporarily. Is it me? A memory? I can’t tell experiences from thoughts, but that doesn’t matter now. Though I can’t leave, there’s something I can’t face, so I’ll keep walking.

No Stepping Stone You should be at school. Instead you were in tropical purgatory. You should be relaxing. Instead, it was a deathmatch in slow motion. He should have been a friend. He may still think that, but good God, you wanted to erase him from memory. Yet even as you stare at the stars, knowing they have no answer, that laugh rings in your head. He was no stepping stone. He just made two bodies. So far.

Overbearing Courtroom The cross-talk is already bearing down on your psyche as the debate heats up. The machinery of this deep hums in repose, with the knowledge that it will certainly destroy either one of you, or all the rest. But no matter who you are by, even if that is no-one, there is a responsibility upon your shoulders. Think. Focus. Concentrate. Fire the truth through the lies.

Nemelex Xobeh King of cards and card of kings. Whose lost deck is it anyway?

Electric Rain Comforting rain and creek sounds, low chimes and occasional birdcalls.

Noble Truth Shines Through Deep in meditation we realize that the reason we hold on to our beliefs and hatred. Once we face them we accept the fact that we are scared to let them go as we sense we will be forced to deal with pain. However, without this we cannot grow and shine. Take the pain for nobility's sake.

Tibetan Forest It is a nice little pine grove by a mountain stream somewhere at the foot of Himalayas. In other words, what chill beats to study/relax to would sound like if you were a tibetan monk :-)

Walking 2 A refresh of my original "Walking" noise gen “So we saunter toward the Holy Land, till one day the sun shall shine more brightly than ever he has done, shall perchance shine into our minds and hearts, and light up our whole lives with a great awakening light, as warm and serene and golden as on a bankside in autumn.” - Henry David Thoreau

Music Festival Camping It's 1 AM, deep in the woods at the Music Festival. Your friends in your tent are sound asleep, but you're lying awake, listening to the drum circle in the distance, and the dance party that goes till the wee hours. The thumping bass doesn't bother you; it's as much of a lullaby as the crickets are.

Headmaster You're the Headmaster at a rural boarding school. There are only three days left before summer break, and this evening, you're in your office hastily trying to finish typing the end-of-the-year reports. All your windows are open, and you can hear dozens of kids playing on the lawn and by the brook, looking for fireflies... not for long, because bedtime and a thunder storm are both approaching.

Mansion Library You sit by the fireplace in the library of the mansion. There's an old clock and the old wooden floors and stairs gently creeks. Through the open window, you can hear the birds by the pond and a distant thunderstorm.

Airway The final stand begins here. The temperature drops, water freezes, and the Dark Star lurks around each corner... You're shivering a bit much, don't you think?

Mysterious Isle The last thing you remember was a strange book in that old forgotten part of the library. You did not recognize the language inside, but that illustration of a tiny isle dotted with strange machines was so vivid you could not help but brush your fingers over it. Now you find yourself standing on that same isle, alone save for the tiny birds you may spot flitting among impossibly tall trees.

Merpeople's Choir When sailors drown, merpeople gather among their sinking bodies for a last lament under the waves.

Local Hero Bill Forsyth's 1983 film "Local Hero" is a cult favourite around the work, and this collection of stems aims to recreate some of the atmosphere of the film. Imagine yourself walking on Ferness beach with Mac and Olsen, dreaming about Marina and discussing the very many things that can be made with oil...

Aziraphale's Bookshop From the Good Omens novel/TV adaptation. Aziraphale reads by the fire. Even though is late at night, the london traffic never seems to be completely shut down, hearing passing cars here and there. The other sounds that can be heard from his backroom are the low snores and breathing from a sleeping demon sprawled on his couch, resting his legs on Aziraphale's lap. Life is good.

Far And Happy It's late and you've walked all day in a foreign country. You've come across a small concert in a isolated town near the ocean, and you decided to lay on the warm sand, listening to the surroundings, and slowly, you're falling asleep...

Crash Landed You were trying to escape enemy space ships and crashed yours into a forest. You have a fire going and can only wait for someone to answer your distress beacon.

Cave Adventure Though the surrounding space is dark and damp, a sense of hope and wonder fills you as you explore endless tunnels and caverns on your cave adventure.

Cottage Shelter A peaceful evening by the fire in a remote cottage, sheltered from the rain outside.

A Restful Night By The Sea Tie up your hammock between the two palms and enjoy a rare night on the shore of a sleepy, breathing ocean. No bugs, no traffic, no noisy beach parties. The perfect weather and a mild breeze brings on an indelible long can you last before you close your eyes and drift to sleep?

Aperture Aperture Science. We do what we must, because we can. I like to picture GLaDOS cleaning up the facility shortly after the events of Portal 2, muttering sarcastic comments to herself and reminiscing on her little adventure through the abandoned parts of the facility.

A Library A not so quiet library. People writing, typing, flipping pages, pen clicking... We have but one rule here, no talking please!

Night Rain Rain is pattering on the pavement, while crickets chirp from the grass, and little spring peepers make their presence known around the garden. The perfect sound of a wet spring night, waiting to lull you to sleep.

Twilight At The Cloud Recesses The Cloud Recesses at Gusu are quiet tonight. Cicadas whir in the grass, frogs mumble in the pond, birds murmur to each other in the forest, rain drums on the roof, and two melodies--one plucked from a zither, the other wafted from a flute--become one.

Resiliance Of The Human Being Through the worst we get the best, this has always been. We do not see the world for how it is, we see it how WE are! Resilience can prevail with patience & gratitude.

Studying Under The Storm It's finals week. You have a piping hot mug of tea, the rain blocking out any other sound, except for the gentle rumble of a distant thunderstorm and the fire crackling beside you. Study on.

Rain Song I like how the Dukuk solo pairs with thunder. I feel like it shines on it's own, but with some rain to feel in the gaps. Goes well. I prefer thunder to also be louder than the rain too.

Pre-wind This is no ordinary dream, you dreamt ten-thousand times before, and you don't have a clue, but another you remembers the reminder from the future taking place at this very moment, because he's been there, ten-thousand times before.

Brightlow A twinkly, tinkly tune, good for either concentrating or zoning out.

The Call Silenced One warrior had forced the beast to be still, keeping it down as it screamed its right to life. The other had delivered the final blow. The siren's call had been forever silenced. Finally, finally, they had their victory. They became interwoven with each other upon the floor, laughing as they touched. "I love you," said one. "I know," said the other.

Desert Of Arrakis An endless expanse of barren land, desolate, yet not uninhabited. The fate of the galaxy lies beneath these sands. This is the song of Shai-Hulud, calling to you, welcoming you into its embrace.

Desolation A simple, poignant blend of instruments and vocals.

Korolyov Inspired by soviet space program.

Picard's Lament Twenty years have gone by since Captain Picard lost his best friend, Commander Data. His inner light has dimmed, yet he longs for the stars. Is it even worth trying to right past injustices and save humanity before his time is up? On the other hand, the spark of a hero can't help but light a fire.

Sedna According to Inuit legend, Sedna, a goddess of many names, was not always divine. In one tradition, she scorns everyone her father suggests as a husband & marries a dog instead. This infuriates her father, who takes her out to sea to drown her. When she clings to the boat he cuts off her fingers, which then become the first seals, & Sedna sinks into the briny deep to rule the sea & the underworld.

Tranquil Park Amidst A Bustling City Sit in a peaceful park with chirping birds and a cool breeze that rustles the leaves of nearby trees, while a busy city rumbles in the distance.

Artist's Studio A recreation of what it sounds like when I'm working on a painting or drawing in my studio. With the window open I can hear my garden, the road nearby, the ambiance of a sunny Wednesday afternoon.

The Place Between Reality And Dreams Let your physical body drift away, forget about what we call time, explore new realms of your own consciousness and find yourself in a place of serenity, the place between dimensions, the place between reality and dreams...

The Miracle Nobody had really expected The Miracle. Nor would they have wished for it. But there it was, always there for them. It would never intrude. It would never overstep. It would simply be there. And nobody asked why. Why would they?

Meditation Bubble Encased in an iridescent bubble of delicate shifting lights and gentle sounds, you drift over the ocean waves till the stars fade from the sky and the beautiful colours of dawn spread across the horizon. Hanging in space, you are secure, relaxed and at total peace.

Bluebell A bright synth-y mix of hand-pans and marimbas!

Pines By The Sea Mid afternoon. After a solitary walk, you decide to have a rest. Around you, thyme, rosemary and lavender smell good. Some bees are flying and foraging, locusts are heard, hidden in the bush. Under the pines, the shadow is warm. Dry. You feel sleepy, and the Mediterranean sea a little lower in the rocks, mesmerizes you with its blue and its bursts of sun. What a gorgeous day!

Waiting For Shai-hulud Be prepared to appreciate what you meet — Fremen proverb

November In New Asgard A crackling hearth warms the cabin while distant waves crash against the cliff edge along storm-swept forests, where howling wolves answer the caw of crows under a sky of foreign constellations. It's a people, not a place.

Softly Volcanic Settle uncertainly amidst the summer murk, and shuffle if you dare.

88 Keys Dark Keys And Distant Thunder For Speakers Normally I don't care for music and nature sounds together, but something about this combination and the unique sounds on this site calms my anxiety, and it's always a little different each time I listen. Speakers also sound good with this balance, at least to my ear. Hopefully this will help others as well.

Cold Read When you asked the fortune-teller if he really could tell fortunes, he gave a half-baked smile. People pay for fortunes, he said. What they don't pay for is the future. Nobody would pay for a future like that. ...The implication unsettles you, and he can tell. He offers a drink as compensation. Something Cassandra could have used, he says as you pop the tab and pour it down.

Twin Peaks Forest The rain pours down as you walk by a stream in a northern forest. You are looking for an abandoned shack, hoping to find a clue which will bring you closer to solving your case..

Willows Stars gradually pierce the twilit sky, their twinkling mirrored in the windows of townsfolk & on crystal snowbanks below. The North Wind hisses & groans through a leafless willow copse on the edge of town; glistening flurries cascade from slender branches. Panting against the wind, steps smothered by the sudden squall, wolves softly pad among twisted trunks in a small pack pursuing the Pole Star.

Zankyou No Hana, Les Fleurs Du Mal I can't go back anymore... Today, my 'normal life' comes to an end... 5 AM melancholic suburban spring ambiance inspired by episode 8 of Aku no Hana (Les Fleurs du Mal) and Fukasawa Hideyuki's wonderful track Zankyou no Hana.

Malicroix Soundscape to accompany the novel MALICROX by Henri Bosco: river running, relentless wind, rain and distant animals.

Quarintine There seem to be thousands of voices inside your brain, you want to get out and away from every one, but you can't, you're trapped here inside your house, with fighting siblings, nagging parents and video calls galore.

Fireflies It is the middle of the summer, too hot to go outside until the sun is down past the horizon. No one knows that you are out here. It is a full moon and the stars are out. You lay on the cool grass and listen to the crickets and cicadas. Above you a light flickers, then another, until the grass and sky is lit up by fireflies.

Private Library Studying beside the fireplace in your own library. Outside it's cold and stormy, but indoors is cozy. Page turning, creaky floorboards, thunder, fire, and writing sounds.

Shinrin-yoku Based on the Japanese practice of "forest bathing." This composite generator uses the classic trio of relaxing sounds--wind, water, and birds--to simulate a walk through a gentle but lively forest. The waterfall in the background is robust enough to block external noises while working, too, which can be convenient for any fellow work-from-homers.

Single Serve Trance A single-serve induction into the world of trance. Alternating tones padded with natural noises, rises and falls. Find your cave, then focus on your spirit animal.

Wind Chimes In The Rain My bedroom is in the basement near the front porch, so when there is a rain storm, I can hear the wind chimes. It's very soothing.

Dark Soul Something moves in the dark, a woman steps out of the shadows. you are afraid and alone, her red eyes glow in the night and when she opens her mouth silver fangs shine in the moonlight. She steps near the fire, a wolf barks in the night. she lunges on top of you. You know that it's over but still you struggle. Finally she sinks her teeth into you and begins the ritual...

Oceantibet Mostly noise, very faint ocean and monk sounds.

Pilgrimbas Pilgrimbas - pilgrims with marimbas and a little solfeggio.

Forerunner The cavern is enormous, older than human civilization, and glittering with the lights of a long-gone civilization. Can you ever hope to understand their technology? What can compare to such wonder? (This is my attempt to create something reminiscent of the ambient soundscape of Halo's Forerunner installations.)

The Witching Hour You knew you shouldn't have accepted this assignment. An old cemetery is no place to spend the night, especially during a full moon... if it would come out from behind the clouds. Maybe you'd be less on edge if the crows would stop looking at you like they know something you don't. As the rain soaks your cloak, you hear a sound in the distance. Is that a normal wolf? Or your quarry?

Open Spaces This is fun to play with an animated Modular Life.

Frozen Angel Outside the window there's a glance from the other side: a snow white dress, a slow sinister dance. The widow at the window with a re-wind storm inside her mind got a score of her own, no one ever touched it. She's staring back through double glass whith old, cold mesmerizing eyes, like a frozen angel.

Pure Land A contemplative combination of water, wind, cicadas, drumbeats, and monotones.

Windchime Song In The Rain The passing rain shower and distant chimes join in a melody that call to slumber a troubled mind.

Around And Below The underside of above and beyond

Atlanta At Night Driving around in Atlanta with the windows down at night time. Recreating that "sitting in the backseat of the car when you're a kid" feeling.

Step By Step When it's hard to focus, let the steady beat carry you along, one foot in front of the other.

Intensity Grinding electric guitars accompany an intense drumbeat, voices rising and falling. Listen to this for a few minutes, and you'll feel like you could beat up a volcano.

Hart House Library You've somehow managed to find a comfortable nook in the heart of December exam time. The warmth of the fire relaxes you and the paper in your fingers is smooth and soothing. You've studied well; you're prepared for tomorrow's exam. This is what I imagine the beautiful Hart House Library at the University of Toronto would sound like if the fireplace was on.

Old Forgotten Church You're walking through the woods when it begins to rain. Eager to avoid getting soaked, you run to an old, abandoned church, somehow standing even after all these years. You can almost hear the choirs singing, even now, muffled by the thick foliage and the sounds of the birds and the rain.

Dmt Portal Travels A short while in & we are landed in a strange place. Looking up & squinting; the beings are all now staring at you. They don't speak but they tell you in bewilderment that your not supposed to be there and asked how you got there. Before you can respond, you are gone again. Finally we know we must experience the darkness in order to see & be the light!

Working By The Window The world tries to go on business as usual, as do you. You work from home, but you keep the window open--something deep inside you longs to be out there, back where you came from.

Synthetic Rain A natural soundscape generated entirely by a machine.

Rainy Day Cafe A thunderstorm rumbles overhead, but you don't mind. You duck in the doorway of a cozy coffee shop and find a spot by the front window, right next to the fireplace. You sip on a latte and start writing. (Paired best with smooth jazz!)

Country Church It's summer and you're in the middle of the country. You can hear the instruments playing and voices drifting past the doors and windows. The church is pretty warm and the combination of ceiling fans and hand fans only makes the heat barely tolerable. The next thing you hear is people crying out in prayer but you can't understand what they're saying. Are you entering the threshold?

Swamp Bottom As you step off the platform, barely more than a few decaying boards set on a dry spot, the train pulls away, leaving you alone in an endless forest of mangroves. In the distance, a light beckons you to follow the single path; the only sign of civilization. All around, you hear the choruses of frogs and insects and the gentle lapping of water, and you ask yourself, "was I right to come here?"

Castle Dracula Deep in the heart of Transylvania lies the castle of the Count. Will you dare to spend the night?

A Melody Of Chimes A song of meditation on the shore of a gentle rolling sea.

Happy Place Are you looking for background for studying/working? Try out my favorite sounds!

Lingering Limbo This is the sound of the four seconds between feeling drowsy and falling asleep, but stretched out to infinity.

On The Brink At first it was gradual. Now you are caught in the current, you cannot escape --- 'you cannot escape, you cannot escape' the demons of your own fevered imagination ... gleefully taunt you. They are mocking you.

Fireplace In The Rainy City You've come home after a long day at work . Immediately after setting down your bag you put the hi-fi on to listen to some jazz. You start the fire just as the rain starts to gently fall. The small window nearby lets in just enough sounds of the city as you finally relax.

A World Between Liminal space doesn't have to be a physical space at all – sometimes it can be a feeling instead.

The Gorge This arrangement of voices, synths, and instruments produces a strangely calming music and the artificial sound of running water.

Equinox Vocal drone + water, rain, & thunder sounds.

The World In The Walls It's a rainy day in Fillory.

New Tin Shower A combination of Tin Roof Rain, Bath Noise, and Tanker at Sea. The sound of rain striking reverberant objects.

Tourmaline Island Inspired by a recent game release. Enjoy a rustic island paradise surrounded by the sounds of spring and the distant oceans. Listen to the birds and let the gentle breeze caress your face.

Rain Ice A simple yet powerfully relaxing, and focusing set of sounds. A sampling "Ice world" mixed with "Tropical Rain".

Go West, Young Man On his way to the west, this young man dreams about his final destination, while the scream of an eagle is welcoming him. Will he find his luck in the gold mines? During this neverending train journey, however, the tension of this rough territory is getting to him. Did he really made the right choice to leave his loved ones behind...

Feelings A lot of sounds distract me, but I put together a blend that really helps me focus.

Pastel Tones Surrounded by clouds, made out of sound.

Springtime Library You're revising once more before exams. The library is full but quiet, and someone's left a window open. Students chatter in the corridor, the choir practices in the chapel across the way. A spring storm is rolling in; the rain's already started up, but one stubborn blackbird is still chirruping in a tree.

Dog Days Of Summer, V2 "Waking up to sunlight streaming through open windows as birds sing beyond the screens, a warm breeze drifting in, rustling the curtains and mingling with the air current already circulating from the ceiling fan... Your day may be only beginning, but for others around you, it's already in full swing." Now with less fan rattling and more natural breeze

Interisolation What happens when interisolary travel fails completely? Do you throw yourself mindlessly into the pale, giving up your sanity and your memory in hope on a better life in a better land, or do you become lost within yourself, first forgetting yourself, then the world around you.

Crow Beach Crows, songbirds, seagulls, gentle waves, and deep vocals

Seasons All four seasons in one generator (with music)!

The Dining Car Dinner is now being served in the dining car; the chef's specials this evening are: half chicken with a garlic-yogurt sauce and rice pilaf, steak tartare with a side of fingerling potatoes and seasonal vegetables, and baked sea bass with herbs. Please refer to the sommelier for pairings for these exceptional offerings, or any other entree listed in the menu. Fruit and sorbet will follow your meal.

Outdoor Cafe It's summertime and you are sitting in an outdoor cafe/restaurant. Birds and Chatter.

Khthonic Somewhere deep within the earth's heart, a savage god who has long lain sleeping begins to stir – and, at last, he opens a tawny eye.

As We Set Forth We are embarking on a journey to an unknown destination – are you coming?

Molten Morning You lie by a roaring waterfall on a brisk and bright morning. As you laze on a warm rock, surrounded by soft birdsong, you notice the deep and gentle music of a flute, filling you with a peace that could almost make you melt right into the sunlit stone.

The Last Leaving Of Rivendell The time of the Elves has ended. To the chiming of bells and the echo of farewell songs, the last of the dwellers of Rivendell set out on their journey to the Grey Havens, never again to be seen in Middle Earth.

Rainy Train Ride Sit back and relax through an old-fashioned rainy train ride. Don't worry about where your from, or where you're going...just sit back and watch the world go by.

Thaumaturgus Is he a saint or a witch-doctor? A man of God, or a diabolist? He himself couldn't say for sure: all he knows is this strange, miraculous power he has had since birth.

Early Spring It's early spring at the edge of the woods. A few songbirds have come out, but the dominating sounds are crows, the wind in the trees, and the occasional light rain.

Etherum The home of light, breathing with life, serene as can be. Here, you can remain undisturbed.

Beneath A Warm Blanket A solitary bird, frogs, crickets and other insects – they are singing for you as you drift into sleep, accompanied by another chorus: voices that are human, but distinctly unearthly.

Ariadne A recollection of an archaic paradigm – one that is not gone, merely forgotten...

Juneflower Powers of Earth on mountain high, Powers of Fire shall fall from the sky, Powers of Water, born by the falls, Powers of Wind beneath adamant walls. Fly and swim and burrow together, Over the sea and under the heather, To find and conquer the Prince of Lies, And free the Wolf of the Silver Eyes.

Japanese Garden At Night A Kyoto garden at night.

Crying The first clamor of the street is over. But you are lost. Alone. And crying.

Dog Days Of Summer Waking up to sunlight streaming through open windows as birds sing beyond the screen, a warm breeze drifting in, rustling the curtains and mingling with the air current already circulating from the ceiling fan... Your day may be only beginning, but for others around you, it's already in full swing.

Rainy Lakeside Pavillion The roof over your head is keeping you as dry as possible, but the wind may still leave you a bit damp. Ah well, you're so at peace here that you don't really mind. It's a warm summer rain, anyhow - truly the best kind.

Hidden Shelter Safe, warm, cozy, and dry.

Choir Near A Dripping Stream This is really really nice. Its good if you like singing and voices with a background of crackling and running water, makes me really relaxed.

Aquatic Captivity Yearning to discover the world beyond the glass. Drifting in the artificial currents under the blacklights.

Forest Families Too far away from the city, some kids left on their own...

Boardwalk The sound of people enjoying the first day of summer by visiting a bustling shore town. The warm breeze carries the smell of fresh dough and taffy, as the gulls circle nearby.

First Robin Of Spring It's officially time for spring – and time to say hello again to our feathery, red-scarfed friends!

Alca Systhompoi On a rainy morning somewhere deep in the Amazon Basin, a wilderness explorer documents her findings in the shelter of her partially-enclosed research cabin nestled in the trees.

Synergy A handfull of dreamy sounds to ease the soul.

Ancient Ancestors Recollect and reconnect.

Outdoor Lullaby I'm so tired, and these are the things that help me to relax and drift into healing sleep, unplagued by nightmares or restlessness.

Looking Glass Feeling a bit like Alice? Why not take a peek through the looking're sure to spot something strange and magnificent.

Harmonium A lone harmonium plays through the ages, accompanied by ghosts and spirits of bygone era.

Dreamtime A soundtrack for the days when the world seems no more than a ghostly imprint of an ancient age of gods.

Wizard's Observatory A sorcerer pores through his spellbook on a rainy spring morning, before having a nap beside the crackling fireplace. A vast collection of gems, scrolls and enchanted trinkets clutter his shelves, some of them glittering and humming as if they were alive with magic.

Druid's Retreat Dimly glowing ponds and toadstools are the only source of bluish light beneath the tall, massive canopy. This beautiful corner of the forest seems serene, yet you feel as if you are being watched.

Tea In The Garden The sounds of a garden in spring blend with light touches of classical Chinese and Japanese instruments to produce the perfect ambiance for savoring a meditative cup of tea. Try adjusting one or two of the instrument sliders to evoke different moods.

That Feeling... Its in all of us, we've all had That feeling... when we just know something somehow. Be vigilant and keep your circuits open always. A switched off circuit receives no signal and is of no help to oneself or others. You'll know the frequency when you hear it, time to tune in is now.

Melt Let your thoughts descend and sink beneath the surface of consciousness, just as droplets fall from thawing icicles to melt into the earth.

Gallery Atmosphere If you're stuck inside at the moment, online gallery tours are a great way to pass the time. This is my attempt to recreate the atmosphere of a quiet (but not empty) art gallery, for enhanced immersion.

The Omnipresence Quantum Realizations have revealed a lot we didn't know, yet it raises more questions as we walk through the doors. Like it or not we face some uncomfortable realities, so many in fact we don't know where to begin. It was always there, now it's time to face it.

Bilateral Beatnik A blend of Isochronic Tones and Bilateral Harmonics, shifted up to a third and pushing the tones up from the delta and theta waves.

Time to Make the Donuts By "make," I mean "save," and by "donuts," I mean "world." Good thing you're the best donut-maker we've got.

Heart Beats Arrythmatic counts in uneven steps. What creature could be sustained by such irregular blood flow? Or is it instead the beating heart of a universe, of a solar system, of a sun, of a world, of a planet, of a people.

Ten-fold Road Gossamer threads of paths fold ten times. Each junction leads ten directions, and each junction manifold across ten dimensions.

Spelunker Dream of the blind salamander, who hears the music of the water around and above him, and the engine of the earth roaring deep below.

Song Of Grey Cloud Everyone thought the old man was crazy, no one could call rain clouds, but as the rhythm of his drum became hypnotic and his voice carried over the plains, an eagle glided across the clear blue sky. And from the north, far in the distance, came the rumble of thunder over the mountains.

My Space Journey Traveling through space surrounded by the ships low hums and high mid sounds....destination planet unknown. After all it's not the place you end's the journey that took you there.

Sostenuto The voices change; the note sustains. Companion to Fermata, with female voices.

Journey Of A Shepherd He rises at dawn: he drives his flock over the fields, sees the flocks, the streams, the grass: tired at evening he rests: expecting nothing more. [G. Leopardi]

Post Deluge Gathering Call Human Beings Fortitude & Determination shines through as we beacon & summon the others to come together in order to start over.

The Great Hall Inspired by Tumblr user @flavoracle's description of a Great Hall, occupied by the entire village during a terrible storm. I had to work with what I could find, so the noise of the snow isn't perfect, but I do like the constant, distant thunder, and the sounds of plates and silverware clattering as those who are still awake talk quietly amidst nature's chaos occourring just beyond the walls.

Cruise On The Lethe We don't know why or where we travel, nor who we are when we wake. There is no day nor night in this hellish landscape, just endless water and the nagging sensation of what once was, but has since been forgotten.

Deepwoods Drone The forest embraces you. You are welcome here, amidst water and moss.

Song Of The Marsh This is the heartbeat and soul of an ancient land touched by magic.

The Stars 'Listen, a star fell with a clang!' / Ambience for Edith Södergran's poem 'The Stars'

Unfurling We are accordingly lost to any sense of continuous tradition. Perhaps if we lived on a crest, things would be different. We could at least see.

Feral Instincts You can hear the distant cries of those you know echoing in the night. You wandered away for a little bit, and though you're not far away, you can still barely hear the sounds of traffic as you scamper around in the dark ditches and underbridges where your feral instincts lead you.

Most Realistic Indoor Thunderstorm V2 The final version of my most realistic thunderstorm as heard from indoors, now there is rain on roof, lower wind, and even furniture rattling enjoy. Gather up with your blankets and enjoy this realistic remake of any thunderstorm as heard from indoors.

Bladerunner 2049 (test) Trying to recreate a vibe from the Bladerunner 2049 Soundtrack. Cheers!

Sunburst It's cold outside, but a bursted sky beams warm bright light as a promise.

The Long March It is a long march to get home, with the unending rain, and storms that make you watch the sky for lightning. Crows follow the army, they always do, waiting for the battlefield and the slain. Oh, how you hope there will not be another battle before you reach the safety of home, where there are others to take the brunt of the barbarians, and you can finally take a moment to breathe.

My Favorite Liquid Music Splish, splash, sploosh. I wonder what the fish are thinking.

Calming Down Cool as a cucumber. Stay calm. No freaking out.

Night Aquarium The aquarium complex has shut down for the day. The employees have checked out, the crowds have gone home. But you linger in the echoing halls, lit only by the glaucous blue light that glows dimly from the tanks. You slowly approach the largest of the tanks. Face to the glass, you peer through the dark blue water. What do you see?

Restless Dragon Eerie twist on one of my favorite gens.

Birds And Song Beautifully haunting birdsong echoes the song of the earth.

Ancient Land The wind rushes over age-worn hills and grassy plains, whistling through stones placed by a people long forgotten. Civilisations come and go, but the land sings on.

Digest A trip inside a mouth and stomach for headphones.

The Sole Role Of The Rigamarole Or, The Soul Roll Of The Remigliore

Ethereal Song Walk along the stream on a full moon, and you might find yourself lost in the realm of the Elves. Stay a little while and listen to their songs. It's almost dawn.

Abandoned Alien Facility The aliens who built this place disappeared from the historical record three centuries ago. But as soon as you finish cracking the passcode, the door wooshes open to reveal a pristine—and active—control room. Consoles chirp, servos whir, and under your feet, you feel gargantuan pistons rising and falling in a vast, subterranean cavern. What secrets are waiting for you here?

Fear You sit alone. Surrounded by nothing but the spirits and the rain, you hope for company in which you know you will not receive. The ghosts surround you, singing their lonely, gasping songs, and you can't help but love them and hate them at the same time. The wind blows in harder rain as you curl up tighter, willing sleep to come, willing this to end.

Linked One's destiny will intermix with many others in the tangled web of Time.

Symposion What I imagine one might have heard at a classical symposium... The chatter of drunken banqueters reclining on pillow-strewn couches. The curious echo of flutes floating in & out of earshot as their players weave lightly among the throng. Drummers keeping pace with the revelers' frenzied movements. The distant thrum of bullroarers. The crackle of braziers & the low roar of fire-dancers' torches.

Far Gone Far away, to where you've gone, but long ago and no longer anything but a fleeting memory.

Acoustic River Look deeper. Don't stay on the surface.

My First Soundscape Mood of a mediator on the verge of awakening!

Fama Fraternitatis But we confess that it shall first happen that the stones shall arise, and offer their service, before there shall be any want of executors and accomplishers of God's counsel.

We, In Rain Inspired by the dark dreams of the soul.

Stepwise Motion Moving in meat 'steps' across the notes of a musical key, either ascending or descending. Each increment should be no greater than a minor or major second.

Fermata While one voice breathes, the others lift the note. A haunting male choir.

Greenspire Mountains On a distant planet in a faraway universe, the Greenspire Mountains rise from the mist. Lose yourself in the fog that conceals ancient cities and blankets forgotten battlegrounds...

Rainy Beach Night Lying in bed in a tropical resort on a hot and humid night listening to the sound of the ocean when a storm approaches. The rain hitting the tropical forest and leaves and thunder approaching sends you quickly to sleep.

Gregorian Chants Of Japan Gregorian chant lands up in Japan.

Cave Animations Tuned Caves animated with Alpha & Omega.

X~it Sweep Clean The X~it Sweep Clean is a deep sleep Brainwash Machine. You have no recollection of what happened. All thoughts are gone.

Rpg Space Battle! Enemies engaged! Approaching from multiple vectors! Shields up! This soundscape will put you in the captain's chair right in the middle of an intense space combat. Adjust the sliders to hear the frantic commands of the crew, the sound of ship alarms, and the explosions as your ship takes damage.

Rpg Final Battle! You have journeyed far and suffered much. Now, it has come to this - the final push. The last great epic clash between the forces of good and evil.

Easy Loading A mix of "Take It Easy" and "Now Loading". I found these generators mixed very nicely.

Morlocks! The year is 802,701 A.D. Humanity's descendants have degenerated into the placid surface-dwelling Eloi and the horrific subterranean Morlocks. You don't want to descend into one of the Morlock wells that litter the surface, but you have no choice - they have your time machine. A tribute to the classic novel by H.G. Wells and to its spectacular 1960 film adaptation.

' Lines ' [ Tintern Abbey ] — William Wordsworth Five years have past; five summers, with the length / Of five long winters! And again I hear / These waters, rolling from their mountain-springs / With a soft inland murmur. —Once again / Do I behold these steep and lofty cliffs, / That on a wild secluded scene impress / Thoughts of more deep seclusion; and connect / The landscape with the quiet of the sky.

Worm Adventure The worm is off the string now, following a long-lost friend fallen out of a pocket on an impromptu journey at the park several months ago. What will he do? The forest is no place for a worm on a string.

Medieval Monks Gregorian Monks singing in the RPG Medieval Village.

Space Wreck The battle may be over but your job has just begun. You are a scavenger exploring once great starships after a climatic space battle.

Demogorgon In another world that mirrors our own, our worst nightmares take living form.

The Butterfly-bush A butterfly-bush inhabited by tiny insects, releases it's purfume. Several seeds float on air, while diminishing raindrops and scattered sunlight create a brand new rainbow.

Sjleep Under a tarpaulin, deep inside the Exclusion Zone. The distant tribal chants of other survivors lull you to sleep as the machines continue their tireless searching.

Most Realistic Indoor Thunderstorm Gather up in your blankets and enjoy the most realistic thunderstorm you can..

Cavern Of Lost Souls Narcotics cannot still the Tooth, that nibbles at the soul.

Nightswimming Deserves a quiet night. A few nocturnal sounds, the splash of pool water, and a hint of guitars in tribute to the performers of the song.

Valhöll On the crest of a hill, under an inky black sky, Valhöll stands in all her splendour. The Hall of the Slain, gloriously strange and macabre.

' Portrait Of One Dead ' — Conrad Aiken Here she could stand with one dim light above her / And hear far music, like a sea in caverns, / Beating away at hollow walls of stone. / And here, in a roofless room when it was raining, / She bore the patient sorrow of rain alone.

Hitchhiker In the long rustling grass on the edge of the freeway you sit, listening to the bees and cicadas, watching the cars pass. The warmth of the sun lies heavy on the back of your neck. This is the limbus, the in-between, where you linger to watch for the next chapter of your life in each car coming round the bend.

Ski Lift The wind is making the chair sway, and the snow is tap-tap-tapping on your visor. Little snowflakes settle on your coat, but the rumble of the machinery could make you drift off. Go on, have a quick power nap before the next slope.

Indication The Lord by wisdom founded the eurth, by understanding he established the heavens, by his knowledge the deep burst open and the dew condenses from the sky. (Proverbs 3 - 19,20)

Beautiful Flashbacks On the edge of the waking mind; memories from before the beginning.

Never Sixteen You still don't know why this is happening. Fifteen, twelve, ten, seven...It can't last like this. Who could have put steel over your window? Who could have done this to a gaggle of teens? Who could ever call you lucky? And can that bear shut up?! (A little homage to the original Danganronpa)

Coming Home To Kish We had to find the silver lining of the inevitable but the road home is paved with the golden sun... we stagger only with our wounded minds & souls but with our noblesse oblige in tact. It feels like home... but were not sure.

Water Spirit's Son Water-liquid, flowing, dripping, rushing, eternity.

I Want To Believe Life is full of mysteries, but one remains unsolved - are we really alone in the universe?

Witcher A lone witcher hunts his prey.

Simulated Strings If a droplet falls into the ocean and there's no-one around to hear it, is it truly part of the sea?

Magic Forest You stand in the middle of a classic fairy tale wood. The trees shine with a hidden magic, and the very air seems alive.

Fire From Within Something stirs within– an incandescent heat roils inside your belly, crawling up your throat– will it escape you, or can you learn to control it?

Seattle It's all in the name.

Shadow Temple While exploring the Kakariko Village graveyard, you found the dark and hidden secret of the Sheikah.

Salty And Savory Treat yourself to the sounds of a solitary seaside picnic coupled with some harmonized humming to get you in a calm and contemplative mood.

Traditional Elements I've always been enamored with the concepts of the elements of magic, despite being a skeptic myself. The idea of the energies of all things in balance appeals to me, and understanding the world through the lens of Earth, Fire, Wind, Water, and Spirit really speaks to me. I've been trying to make a multi-generator that combines all 5 ever since I discovered this site, and I've finally done it!

Witches Hut You're in the wrong part of the woods.

All Those Who Wander... ... are not lost. This is supposed to give off similar vibes to that of some fantasy films and RPGs, with droning strings and an almost-familiar humming echoing throughout the hillside.

88 Lodges Exactly what it says on the tin: A cross between 88 Keys and Black Lodges. I'm astonished at how well these two soundscapes work with each other, so give it a listen and see what you think!

Looming A black, sticky substance coats the soil, brought by the rain, and there hasn't been any sun for months now. Everything is withering. The end is nigh, the void is looming, breathing down our necks.

Farmers Market Busy livestock market.

Bonfire Distant Thunder You and a companion have decided to make a nice bonfire in the woods, near an old church. As time goes by, you begin to hear the call of distant thunder bellowing through the woods.

Past Bedtime Curled up in the backseat, you listen to the rain splattering on the car, glad to be warm and dry.

Cargo Flight Were you ever lucky enough to spend a few hours flying in the cargo hold of a good old government issue C-130 aircraft? Do you miss sitting on that fold-down ballistic nylon bench and enjoying a mystery-meat box lunch provided by the in-flight kitchen? Then grab a lawn chair, make a cheap deli sandwich and enjoy a sound that's sure to make your ears pop.

Maelstrom Where are we now?

Heart Of Zenith Enter a derelict realm, long forgotten.

Hover State What are you, a hacker? A wizard? A zen master? A Discordian pope? The answer is: YES. All possible states of information and being are superimposed into a single moment, and that is where you hover, deliberately moving through everything, motionless. Orchestrating and relinquishing. Amazing! You must tell me how you do it.

Dream Fantasy Drift into a floating world of delicate tones that will lull you to sleep and fill you with gentle visions.

Ghost Ship 2 Bulk heads moan, wooden decks creek, and chain rigging jangles as the massive, ghastly vessel presses on in an endless journey destined to wander the dark seas of the underworld, forever reported as overdue on the passenger manifest of humankind. Spirits whisper while ghosts and animal spirits howl in the chambers of the vessel. The voice of a priest offers supplication for your soul.

Orbital Maneuvers Guided by your ship’s readout, your cousin’s voice over the radio, and long practice, you nudge the ship’s thrusters to gradually match the station’s spin, your eyes on the dock at its hub. ¶ ”Rotation lock,” your cousin informs you. “Welcome back.” ¶ “Thanks,” you tell him. “It’s good to be home.”

The Silver River The moon’s face hides, leaving you unanchored in the sublime current. You forget the air’s dry, chill bite inside your nose and the nagging gravity beneath you. You are a mote suspended in quiet majesty billions of years old.

Horn Catharsis Soft round sounds calm you down within a gloomy golden light like a smooth sunset.

Empty Hall You found an abandoned factory hall and fled inside when it started to rain. You see all the dust on the old machines. Noone was here for a long time.

Rustic Roman Villa Evening falls as you return from festivities in the village to your resplendent hilltop estate.

Grasping The Infinite A symphonic wash of sound, dissonant yet comforting, droning yet continuously moving. What awaits you in the depths?

Awaiting Resolution Pacing the hallways of my mind. The results should be coming in soon. Nothing left to do but nothing.

Ashlands In The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind, you are, perhaps, the reincarnation of a long dead hero whose return was foretold thousands of years ago. The wisewoman of a tribe of nomads guides you in your attempt to fulfil the prophecy. In the evening, you sit by the fire, in the circle of their yurts. Windchimes and bone wards are nudged by the ash-laden winds. She tells you things you almost remember.

Momento Memories surface in moments of truth. It all comes togheter. Forgotten emotions take their place. You become what you were.

Wail-song A haunting song from the depths of the ocean, or perhaps a dirge. What do the wales mourn for?

Mother Nature Crashes The Party Inevitability, thy name is weather.

Backstage My closest approximation of being backstage at a dance school's springtime recital.

Anodic Dance Music Hardcore to the max! From out of the ghost of revolution comes a thrumming beat overlaid with discarded melody and bass derived from a 2mm hole in the world.

Lazy Bee A lazy bee flying around a temple while he riffs licks on his guitar.

Desert Chef I work in a cold office and also have to cover speech. I put the fire and the speech together, thought it sounded like a restaurant, so I added some other sounds. Now I'm warm, undistracted by sound, and unnecessarily hungry. Cheers!

Restless Tavern You have entered a tavern looking for shelter but as you open the door you are thrown against a cacophony of noises of people talking, eating, what sounds either like a party or a fight (you can't tell) and a band of players drowning behind the other noises.

Silvric I created this as a reflection of the mind of a character I once saw in a dream. He is a Healer, and part of a quartet, all of which shared in my dream.

The Ferryman You can't remember quite when you began your duty as the Ferryman of the Dead. You aren't sure you existed before it. You don't know if you'll exist after it. All you know is the quiet muttering of the deceased, the steady beat of water against your ageless boat, and the creak of wood as you carry them towards a destination you will never see for yourself.

After The Rain Vocal drone.

2020 Ain't What It Used To Be Hang on, everybody.

Lonely Owl In the garden on a blustery evening, you hear an unexpected companion.

Ian Vault I designed this for a character in my head. He is part of a group of five. As he lives in his own head most of the time, this seemed to map the pattern of his abstract thoughts.

Rpg Camp I have severe unmedicated ADHD and I finally found a thing that my brain will focus with! I kind of based it on old RPGs that I miss and the cozy feelings of a fire in the rain.

Space Flaps A race to the stars...

Space Flaps Newbie to this site but in one afternoon I have been all around the globe (and beyond) sonically. I have written a short story to the sound of the Twin Lodges on a Pebble Beach. I am so happy to have found your noise and offer up my noise...

Halfway There You always thought you were special. Halfway fair. Certainly more invisible hands than anyone else you knew. But only being halfway didn't help you when something more called you to his home.

Halcyon Volcano Volcanoes, and calmness.

Concert On The Shore Of Lake Léman At Dawn Every summer in Geneva, free concerts are organised by the shore of the lake, while the sun rises above the Alps. A peaceful way to start the day, enjoying the quiet view over the city and the mountains, swimming, and listening to the live music.

Slowbot Moving slower I need less. Gradually sliding into subcounciousness.

Oxygen Cycle Hear the thrum of a strange, organic exoplanet and glimpse a foreign sun setting on a sparkling seaside. Try breathing in time with the synth pattern: in (one, two) and out (three, four). Allow yourself to breathe deeply, and close your eyes if you're inclined.

Black Angel The headstones inside the foggy cemetery are crumbling, so weathered and moss-covered that all of the names are obscured. The angel, however, shows no marks of age on her black marble skin. Just inside the gate she crouches darkly, expressionless, standing sentry over the forgotten dead.

Evening In A Bali Village My neighbor back home just sent me a text. He said it's nice and sunny outside and with the air temperature up to minus 4 you can stand outside for quite a while before your feet get numb. I smiled , turned my phone off my phone and let the gentle breeze of the ceiling fan lull me back to sleep.

A Sound From Within Can you hear it?

Enlil's Return To Eridu Ancient Sumer comes alive as Enlil returns from a voyage & Journey to Nibiru.

Serial Experiments Lain [layer 04] Here is the fourth installment of my Serial Experiments Lain inspired Composite Sound Generators. I hope you enjoy. Stay tuned for more! -NaterOfTheWired

Beneath The Cathedral A musty scent hangs in the damp air, and you shiver despite the strange warmth emitted by the stony walls of the cavern. Above you stands a holy place. Here, you can't help but feel closer to Purgatory than to Paradise.

Lady Of The Netherrealm You awaken – except you are not awake. At first you aren't sure where you are, but when you hear the running water you begin to remember. Then you open your eyes and see her: she sits across from where you lie on the rim of the fountain. In a shining hand she holds a cup. Smiling enigmatically, she dips it into the dark water, and offers it to you.

Harvest Moon A harvest moon is suspended in the sky, bathing the rustling forest in an unearthly orange glow.

I Miss Summer... What it sounds like to watch a watermelon popsicle slowly melt into the rough concrete sidewalk.

Floating, Drifting Away They say there is a silver cord that connects the soul to the body during astral travel. Disconnecting from it can leave a traveler unable to return, but others say it restricts them from traveling freely. Ultimately, it is your choice to stay tethered to safety and certainty, or risk it all and cut yourself away.

War March The road is long, the mood dour: many of you will not return. Determination drives you forward on this melancholic march. War is hell, and all its devils are by your side.

Suburban Cafe, Japan Outdoor cafe concept ft. windchimes, water and a mild dose of unintrusive chatter. Simple, effective.

Mammet The moment you step into the Ul'dahn workshop, the proprietor's mammet approaches and looks up to you. You can hear the creature's body -- the clicking clockwork, the hum of aether, the beating of its mechanical heart. It appears to possess an awareness you hadn't expected of a machine as it peers up at you and then, wordlessly, turns and totters back to its craftsman.

Indian Panflute And Tibetan Singing Bowl Feel like you are in the spirit realm and completely relaxed.

Breath Of The Wild It’s a secret to everybody.

Healing Star Journey Travel through the cosmos, gently passing by stars and galaxies. The perfect transmission space fans.

Serial Experiments Lain [layer 03] This is the third layer in a series of Lain inspired myNoise Composite Generators. -NaterOfTheWired

Eye Of The Storm A summer storm is descending upon you. There is no rain but lightning flashes in the sky and the trees around you are bending in strong but warm wind. It's eerie yet beautiful.

Undergroan Muck and murk complete the circle, mind shuts off and breathing gurgles, dirt and dust and slow decay, I can't think of an ending to this rhyme cause I'm bummed out now.

The Perfect Storm Since the dawn of boat building, there has always been one thing keeping humanity from conquering the waves, and it continues to stand in front of even our biggest and mightiest ships. On land, while you may get knocked down, you can always get back up. But it's a much harsher game out there on the sea. Hopefully this is a sufficient substitution for being out on the Atlantic during storm season.

The Return Of The Return Here's an earful.

Sane Place Your private getaway where the jungle meets the shore. Relax on the veranda as a gentle breeze rustles the leaves and wind chimes, while a fountain burbles and the birds serenade your cares away.

Subconscious Monument A missing cornerstone, a very slow crumbling. The remnants drifted, building something in you.

Summer Night Studies Studying near the bonfire on a warm summer night.

Drowning You've been drifting for what feels like eternity, here right under the surface. Your struggle ceased long ago, and their voices are getting clearer now. Voices from the Other Side. A warm embrace takes you; you feel at peace.

Meditational Aid 2: Harmony Harmonic tones, bells, humming and drones join bilateral harmonics in the delta and theta waves for a sound that is as phonically distracting as Cacophany, but a little easier on the ears.

Tripping Through Time Float through the forest on your tip toes. Imagine you're suspended only by air and darkness. Just let go. Breathe in the dark rot underfoot knowing life will bloom again. Breathe.

Ghost Talk Several haunting incomprehensible fragments of long forgotten conversations from the past.

One Light Burning Stoop in from the storm outside to enter the dim meditation hall with its burning lamp.

Japanese Paradise Imagine to walk and relax in a Japanese garden. Few mystic figures float around a water stream and chant for you to reach interior peace and consciousness. Get back in contact with nature and inner selfness.

Ultimate Rainstorm The soft patter of rain on leaves, the rush of wind through wet branches, and the rising climax of the coming thunder. Recreating the unique sounds of a 'line' of thunderstorms as they roll past all night. Use the animation feature on 'Slowest' for best results.

Metalter Slow and low frequencies for focus and relaxation.

Stranger Things Ambiance Hawkins approved. Mess around with the settings and enjoy!

Prelude To Rebirth Your mind is in its death throes. Thank all for that. You'd begged Him to kill your mind for weeks, and now, he finally extended that mercy. It's painful. It's torture. It's terrifying. Yet his voice always guides you through, giving you the only reason you've ever had to move forward. The end of you is at hand. You are ready to die, and finally become something useful.

Wild West Night Listen to the sounds of the wild west and imagine life as a cowboy, sitting at camp with nothing but a horse, a handful of supplies, and a trusty hound.

Starport Terminal Attention please, thank you for flying Orion Spacelines. We will begin the boarding process for the flight 1101 to Rigel Centaurus Beta. Please have your boarding passes and photo ID available before entering the checkpoint. -Rocket Corgi

Waiting On Fate You are left in solace, freer than you ever have been. Nobody knows it's you at the helm, or Him guiding you. Yet here you are, always simply smiling as you live the life your better has commanded of you. Within these walls, humming with the power of the air filter running and electricity crackling, you have never been so happy. You wait for him. You love him so, so much.

Abandoned Vessel While traveling through deep space, your ship encounters a distress signal, originating from a vessel that appears to be abandoned. You venture aboard, but there are no signs of life. What might have caused the crew to flee?

Convergence 2139 That day it happened, no one knew why or what it was. It came silently upon us and was awe inspiring and beautiful. We can only feel it within and express it without. It is that; also not that at the same time. Everything has been different since then.

Forgotten Forest For those who want to walk in a long forgotten forgotten forest. The trees here are a hundred feet tall, covered in moss. The entire forest is coated in a slick layer of water, making everything darker in color than normal. The sky is grey, it appears to be day but the overcast is so thick that all you see is the dim constant light that manages to pass through the clouds. Enjoy yourself and relax.

Rain And Singing Bowls You sit in the rain near the river. In the distance, someone plays signing bowls. You are at peace.

Wheel While the wheel turns we experience repetition. We become experienced by repetition while the wheel turns.

@everyone A battle-cry for a new generation! One that may be greeted with love or with hatred, with indignation or with pride. Context empowers everything, and @everyone.

Turbulent Murmur There's something in the water...

Deep Om I enjoy deep near infrasound. It induced deep focus, meditation, and calms sensory overload. Need some good headphones and boost up that bass.

Fragrance Of Dark Coffee Best when matched with "Gyakuten Meets Orchestra: Godot's Theme, Fragrance of Dark Coffee ". There was a trend on YouTube a while ago based around matching this song with some rain and fireplace sounds, and this noise gen is modeled after it.

Awaken Magic There has always been something. Something deep inside. It calls to you, pulling you forth. Let it wake.

A Pleasant Drive Feeling a bit stressed, you decide to go for a nighttime drive. You play the disc that was already inserted, not really needing the music, but appreciating it regardless. You don't care where you're going, the destination doesn't matter.

Atlantean Envoy Adrift in a small boat near a reef whose upper coral heads just break the ocean swells, listening to the nereids gentle lullaby carrying over the deep.

A Night In Future We were promised a future. A future that change the face of humanity - forever. Yet in this strange world that we live in, perhaps the future has already arrived.

After The Fallout In 2077, the nuclear war wiped out 95% of humanity. With only wind as a witness, you're walking the deserts and settlements of California as one of the few survivors. If you're lucky, you might not bump into the raiders tonight. You might even get to eat something.

Fallout War. War never changes. The end of the world occurred pretty much as we had predicted. An atomic spark struck by human hands, quickly raged out of control. A quiet darkness fell across the planet, lasting many years. Few survived the devastation. The scars left by the war have not yet healed. And the Earth has not forgotten.

Aingel Draft of a childlike cybernetic familiar.

Willpower Let's do this thing.

Tranquil Coast Washing waves, full of grace.

Tree Living The sweet but musty air fills your lungs as you lay in the treetops. Calm but melancholy, the tones lull you into a peaceful sleep.

Ear Smear This will keep your mind off of things.

Journey Outwards Staggeringly beautiful, reluctantly calm & seemingly mysterious. This journey outwards is all of these things. Slowly hypnotizing you to float off while grabbing you back at the last second; try not to grin as you close your eyes and open your conscious.

Meditational Aid 1: Cacophany A hyper-focused mind will always find something to fixate upon. This mix presents a wide variety of interesting sounds, tones, binaural beats and isochronic tones to keep such a mind forever dancing between them, never becoming complacent with a single one.

Tension You are surrounded. You don't want to back down. Your life is in danger. The energy surrounds you.

Zen Zone Vocal drones gently mixed with some watery ambience, pan flute, guqin and rainstick - this generator is sure to help you relax and unwind.

Shiva's Infinite Spiral From the Atoms in our bodies to the largest galaxies in our universe... nothing ever stays the same and in true order creation of any kind cannot happen without destruction of another. The infinite spiral that we can merely observe must proceed, in is the essence of beauty.

Swept Memory The noise of your palm, randomly erasing dusty souvenirs.

Sea, Cave, Gardens Strange and paradoxical, these endless caves, interconnected by tunnels... This one alive with plants and birds, and overlooking the sea. The next cave somehow under the sea, domed in glass, illuminated by shafts of blue sunlight. Swim down the tunnel to another cave, and now we're high in the mountains, a waterfall roaring nearby...

Synthetic Oud Warm tones, familiar feeling, infatuating fragrance. You fatally float towards it. But as you believe to get closer, you wonder. Are you ever getting through this vaporous zone of attraction and doubt ?

Alytes Lullaby Sweet song of the "common midwife toad", served with rain, thunder and crunchy cicadas.

Waft Chariots of the Gods.

Undersea Thunder Far out over the dark ocean horizon, distant flashes: massive thunderheads are gathering. But we're safe here, just below the rolling waves, sheltering in the coral cove gardens of Mr. Octupus. The storm's grumbles mingle with the gurgling currents, the booming of the breakers. There's not a lot of hissing sand or rainfall. A good backdrop to enhance your favourite ambient musical feed...

Solitary Symphony Memories in a cold dark night sing a solitary symphony. Alone with God, yet not alone. Praying over empty streets, people, awake or asleep, with scattered thoughts and feelings. Nothing is hidden from the eyes of the Allmighty. Our thoughts are One.

Hearthery Preparing an old recipe by the great stone hearth of the house in which nine generations of your foremothers have lived, died, and cooked, you hum with pride of the memories of your people. The old ways may be dying, but by your fireplace you are proud to be a witch, you are safe and content, and for once you are caring only for yourself, as you stir healing magics into your nourishing meal.

The Sea Of Clouds I feel a storm brewing...

Android Jazz Titanic The first of the super space stations is nearing the end of it's life. It was never designed to last this long and no-one has the resources to correct its deteriorating orbit. All the biological inhabitants are evacuating, some of them in what used to be ships integrated to the station. In the abandoned bar the android jazz band play on with the last of the reserve power...

November Night It's been a hard day. Your friend's home is warm and welcoming. You leak your sorrows out while the rain pours outside and a warm hand rests on your shoulder.

Library, Rain, Fireplace A quiet day studying at the library near the big open fireplace, with rain outside and the occasional gentle roll of thunder.

Wandering Song Hear the strange pace of a wandering song, caressing walls and plants on the way.

Brahma's Journey It began Billions of years ago.... In the ever changing cycles of the universe that it created, its been 3500 years and here it comes.

The Shrieking Shack (hogsmeade) The Shrieking Shack in Hogsmeade is an infamously creepy place. Considered the most frightening building in Britain, the Hogwarts students often dare one another to get close or go into the ruined structure. The villagers agree that it is haunted.

Remembering Earth We sent out the Voyager probes to show what earth was, what we didnt expect was a parcel crashing to earth with audio diaries of our own planet. Made millions of years ago. Someone was here long before us and they too relished in earth's beauty and bounty. Along with the quest to find out who or what we received the probe from; we learned of a dire warning to cherish, be mindful & grateful.

Hogwarts: The Owlery Atop the West Tower of Hogwarts School is the owlery. The school's owls and those of the students sleep and socialize here between times when they are needed to carry messages. Sometimes the counds of bells and choir practice can be heard wafting up from the village church in the valley. Watch your step on the stairs!

Convergence 2136 They Intervened so many times & finally they revealed themselves as a final warning of what could happen. That paradigm shift changed everything and then we began to understand; the journey, the destination, the point & most importantly why! It was the only way it was going to happen and it only took 120 years.

Welcome To Hogsmeade Alight from your broom and enjoy a stroll through the village of Hogsmeade, the only non-Muggle settlement in Britain, and the northern stop of the Hogwarts Express line from London. Founded by Hengist of Woodcroft, fleeing Muggle oppression, there is much to see and do here. Hogwarts students at third year or above may visit town on certain weekends.

Apothecary Downpour Outside the potion maker's house, it rains. Thinking that means a slow day for business, she leaves some concoctions brewing, grabs a book, and wraps herself in a warm blanket.

Numb November Fog. Cold nose. Calm animals. Damp. Sad. Soon to be Thanksgiving.

Lighthouse Storm You pull your wool blanket tightly around your shoulders, praying the stone tower can withstand the crashing waves, gusting gales and roars of thunder raining down on your refuge.

Hogwarts Express Chatter murmurs and magic shimmers in the air as the scarlet steam engine rattles through the rugged Scottish countryside.

Grismire A necromancer's graveyard where many an unwary traveller has been ensnared by murky fog woven through the waterlogged woods of the mire. Creaking cedars teem with crows, frogs croak amongst the drowned bones and an eerie wind is tinged with the distant howl of wolves.

Bound To Earth The Spirit may wander why it's bound to earth for a while. Nevertheless, it lives forever.

The Wild Hunt In the darkest part of the year, the Riders come. We cannot see them, but we can feel them in gusts of blistering cold wind and the skittering of dead and frozen leaves on concrete. We can hear them if we listen close - the howling of wolves between the branches of trees and the thunder of hooves on the walls of apartment buildings. This is why we string up lights - to ward our homes against them.

Splodge An unearthly sound from our own planet.

When Sound Becomes Music The deep instruments are so alive and welcoming. Walking through a canyon, watching rocks fall off the sides as this music fills you with joy. What A SOUND.

The Beat Goes On! The circle grows as more people join in. People dance rhythmically, following the beat as though in a trance. You approach, curious. However, you soon realize that you are dancing as well. You begin to hum in harmony to the others, elevating the sound of the music. The voices beckon you, the drums hold you, and the rhythm will never let you go.

Cozy Winter Evening You sit with a cup of hot cocoa and a warm blanket. The fireplace is radiating heat and comfort. Your cat is purring on your lap as you read your favorite novel. The snow lightly falls outside, coating the hills in a fluffy white sheet. Home is the best place to be.

What's In The Deep... Don't listen to this for too long, but if you want to give yourself a fright, go ahead. The dark rumbly sounds surround you and you can't see anything. Suddenly you are submerged in frigidly cold water. You feel almost peaceful amongst the whispers underwater and the rumbles. Until something brushes your foot...

It's All In Your Head As you close your eyes, you can hear the abyss of nothing inside your mind. You feel scared, comforted, and sad all at the same time. The music takes you to the stormy caverns of your own imagination, where you are lost inside. But don't worry, it's all inside your head...

Story Time You're 11 and you're bored on a cold and lonely night of fall. Youre grand-father want to cheer you up so he tell you to sit by the fire, while he choose a large book with gold letters and sit on his favorite armchair. He put his glasses on, frowns, got a bit away from the book and start reading with a soft and warm voice the story... (Work the best with a audio book in the background)

Innsmouth You've just arrived in the deserted port of Innsmouth, the moon is obstrued by a thicc and smelly fog and you see some shadows moving in the dark and narrow streets of the port. You can see a glowing light through the mist : "That's the motel, sir, you should go there, it's past midnight and I must leave now, Goodnight." says the only sailor who accepted to take me there.

The Forest Of Spores The air here is thick and hard to breathe, and for the most part, the only light available is that of the glowing mushrooms growing everywhere. Who knows what creatures live here.... and how hungry they might be.

It's Raining Outside A noise blocker: unobtrusive chatter, gentle piano notes and the rumble of a storm outside the window.

Lonely Walk Most of the leaves have fallen off the trees now, crunching under your feet. What remains on the near-skeletal branches shutter in the chilly autumn wind. As far as you can tell, the only signs of life for miles are the crows circling above you and the loons crying far away, but... You still can't shake the feeling that you may not be alone.

Olympic National Park Take a walk where the forest runs into the sea, in the beautiful Olympic National Park. Hear the nearby shore as you shelter from the rain among the evergreens. Cold fingers and damp jackets not included.

Artificial Life Her bionic eyes open. The first thing she sees is a blue sky full of rolling clouds above green grass. She sits up and takes a step. Her legs are whirring machinery; her hands are delicate metal manipulators. She has just been born into this world... What will she become? What will she do?

Regengesang This city seems entirely deserted, although somewhere machinery is still running; then, through the rain, a solitary voice can be heard.

Sullen Voices A cacophony of different voices melds together into a harmony, and then into a wall of sound, and then into nothing.

Cicadas Just a collection of all the cicada stems across the different gens, plus some birds and wind. Put this together for people like me who find the sound of cicadas weirdly relaxing. :)

Treasure Cherish yourself you precious soul, because you are beautiful.

Horizon After Horizon Like the string of a kite unraveling faster. Best enjoyed with slow animation.

Adoration Adoration (n) - Adoration is an act of religion offered to God in acknowledgment of His supreme perfection and dominion, and of the creature's dependence upon Him.

Chaleur The rippling action of stirring hands and feet while bathing in a hot spring.

A Mansus Glimpse The Lantern shows you the way through the Walls to the Chambers beyond, although, as all students of history know, the Mansus has no walls. But what Hours still linger in these lower rooms, not yet ascended? Is it they whose voices crackle in your ears, or has the Lantern revealed everything, so that now, like a synesthete, you hear what is seen? Chants grow, then fade, over... and over...

Deeper Balance Vortex You didn't ask for this. You awake, alert but at rest. Your eyes still closed, you see only see a speckled landscape and with only a thought, begin to glide over it. It dawns on you that this is your ceiling. Your resting body below, both infinitely close and far. You understand in an instant that there is more than meets the eye, yet in time your journey reveals that all is still not as it seems.

Instant Sleep This generator is a perfect mix of the most sleep-inducing sounds on the site. It takes me to my bed immediately, with rain falling heavily on the roof, the fan running and the cat somewhere nearby--the heartbeat and breathing also soothe loneliness and anxiety. I challenge anyone to listen to this without becoming sleepy.

An Eerie Wind A sudden change in wind often foreshadows a change in fate. For better or worse... good luck...

Terminator The clank of an approaching terminator, the drums of determination, and the mournful 80's synth come together in this soundscape to help Sarah Connor save humanity. No fate but what we make. Tune the sliders for hope, drive, or sorrow.

The City Back in the city, where it rains all the time. And the streets are busy as rich men dine- above the clouds, oblivious to the dreary atmosphere below. Down in the city where the neon lights glow.

Ziggurat In Ur Standing amidst the bustle of Ur; you pause and take in your surroundings. Staring at the Ziggurat ahead of you, you notice the purple beam flowing straight into the sky. The priests chanting, the aqueducts filling; the wind picks up and you begin to hear the sonic frequencies and sounds. The Deities are spotted in their mechanical metal birds as they fly overhead to commence celebrations.

Lunar Reverie If you listen closely enough, you can hear it. The quiet, gentle song that the moon sings for her children every night, lulling them into a peaceful slumber. You too, should sleep, child. Rest your eyes; tomorrow is a new day.

Brighter Days Rain, embers, electric piano, and a touch of anamnesis build a sonic haven. Take a long breath. In the end it will all be okay--and if it's not okay, it isn't the end.

Rainstick Cascade A simple cascade of rainsticks for the simplest focus helper without the continuous fall of raindrops.

All Gone Daniël drove us deeper into the basement. “I'm sorry, man. This process is irreversible”, he sighed. “Dark matter, antimatter – it doesn't matter anymore. These scientists provoked God and finally destroyed the fabric of His universe.” I noticed the spinning needle from our compass. The arrows on my watch stopped moving. Time as we know it had disappeared, but the explosions/implosions continued.

Andromeda Tether Invisible Hydrogen Rivers with "Dark" Qi Energy constantly flowing between Galaxies. Like a Tether of communication to each other we sensed they were present but now we know how to listen to them. The sound of galaxies speaking creation to each other. Teetering on the edge of a Paradigm Shift; if only we knew what they were saying!? We need Carl Sagan's help on this one.

The Cybernetic Familiar . . . Initializing setup. Rooting cognitive processes. Syncing neural impulses. Loading. Loading. "Please remain calm. Your neurological disturbances will cease momentarily as your Familiar adjusts to your unique patterns of mental activity. Please rema--". . . .'//;';..\]['//']--_- -- - - - -- - - - - - - - - - - -=--Hello,_World--=- - - - - - - - -

Wolves Combining only the wolf noises from Arctic Wolves with Crow and Bird noises from Winter Walk (with a touch of wind to keep it real.)

Walking "So we saunter toward the Holy Land, till one day the sun shall shine more brightly than ever he has done, shall perchance shine into our minds and hearts, and light up our whole lives with a great awakening light, as warm and serene and golden as on a bankside in autumn." - Henry David Thoreau, Walking

Smells Like Oranges A soundscape inspired by Naples Florida, perfectly capturing the sounds of many vacations I would spend there in my youth.

Siren From the rocks she sings a song of hope, a song of dreams, a chance to escape the rocks that she is bound to. For like the sailors of old held captive by her song, so too she is now held captive by the very rocks that once were her weapon: she is bound to them. She can never leave.

Annunaki's Time Slip Lately we notice a tare in the cosmic ether, they say that they have cracked the code to get from there to here while defying the known laws of physics. Quantum entanglement at their fingertips they slip through and transverse the universe as we think we know it. What could go wrong... eventually?

Fc39 Lab The other researchers may be asleep, but that doesn't mean the station is quiet. Who knows what secrets of this mysterious planet you will uncover tonight...

Angel's Flight And yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I shall fear no evil; for thou art with me.

Ride the waves of melody as the distant wind carries you on blown musical note.

Melodic Journey Ride the waves of melody as the distant wind carries you on blown musical note.

Monastery Warping Add warp engines to a monastery and then travel across the universe. Ring the bell if you spot the TARDIS along the way...

Uncharted Planet Crash Landing Aftermath Aftermath upon surviving a catastrophic crash landing onto an ominous alien planet.

Calm In The Core Hidden safely, deep in the bowels of the starship. Quietly monitoring the flashing lights and screens as the universe passes slowly past the viewfinders.

The Sacred Grove With Bees A sacred grove, where the natural order meets spiritual fulfillment. Now with Bees!

Song Of The Woodpecker The joy of spring.

Napping By The Lake The shade of a tree. The shore of a lake. The heat of a summer afternoon. Is there any better place for a nap?

Autumn Exam Studying inside/outside with birds and leaves and wind and rain... very aesthetic.

Orion Star Nursery On the other side of the Orion Spur is our local Star Nursery where matter of all kinds come together to create existence as we know it. It radiates "The auditory everything" that is.

Monica Monica got good vibrations. She says: Listen to me, harmony doesn't need a melody.

Mytown I finally did it! I made a sound generator of my town, the island of Alameda, CA. Across San Francisco Bay from San Francisco, off of Oakland Harbor, near the Bay Bridge and Oakland Airport. I used to call it, "Mayberry on the Bay". I still have 27 trees on my lot filled with birds, squirrels, insects, and sometimes a falcon or turkey. We have a large beach and multiple marinas.

Polar Monitoring Station We detected the energy blast 10 miles west of Platsup Polar Station an hour ago and sent teams to investigate. With the storm coming in it's getting harder for you to hear them over the radio. Whatever it is that caused this, it's massive...and now it's breaking through the ice -RocketCorgi

Subterranean Retreat The cave was cold with the reflected sunlight illuminating the smooth ceiling as it shines through a nearby crevice and bounces off the calm subterranean water. A small stream flows past nearby, and water drops fall constantly from the ceiling into the water. You found a dry spot beside the water and sat down with your singing bowls for a meditative session. It was a symphony of tranquillity.

Oncoming Unease An uneasy noise for when you're watching on with dread.

Weightless While Swaying Swing on your hammock and pick up that dog-eared story while you play your favorite island tunes. Take deep breaths and float away to your cozy little island.

The Wasteland 2 A slight variation of 'trying.' This time you're on a mission, perhaps in combat, with a beat going. Only a moment's break here and there. Turns out the desert wasn't as empty as you thought...

Woodpeckers Vs Drums The sounds of taiko drumming syncopate with the natural drumming of woodpeckers, set against a soothing drone and the sounds of a woodland stream.

Campfire By The Loch It has been a long day walking in the hills and the sun is setting. You head towards the loch, set camp and light a fire. As night falls and everything quietens down, a chilly breeze rises and you notice the atmosphere has changed. The comforting warmth of the flames. The soothing ripples of calm water. The nocturnal fauna slowly awakening. This moment is yours to enjoy.

Space Marine "I don't keep it loaded, son. You'll have to find ammo as you go." Sparked by the greatest names in space military fiction, become the hero fronting the alien menace.

Trying You look out over a barren landscape of dust and cliffs as far as the eye can see. You sit in a ramshackle hut propped precariously near a sheer drop. The bandit hideout is abandoned except for you. Someone left a radio playing somewhere. These familiar sounds are now bittersweet. You're lonely, but for now time has stopped, and it still feels like home.

Source Unknown After years of investigation, it remains a mystery...

Weightless While Alone Desolate sounds for a sunken shipwreck... "You've been stuck here for ages, not sure which way is up and which way is down. Arms too heavy, legs like waterlogged trees, you wait in silence for a reason to wake and rise to the surface world- a time to destroy those who left you to drown."

The Underground City As you venture into the underground city, you can hear the rush of water from a waterfall somewhere in the distance, but you also feel the wind on your face, pointing to an air source deeper in the city than you would have expected... Your footsteps and the crackle of your torch are the only other sounds you hear. A soundscape for a RPG underground city beneath an island town.

Blackreach Glowing mushrooms in deep darkness, flowing water from the cave ceiling, strange creatures lurking around every bend. Light a fire where you can - there is danger down here. But also immense beauty.

The Night Is Mine To Have As I would lay down to rest I thought, "Today was not my day", reminding myself that "The night is mine to have".

Angels In The Dark Clouds Storm clouds are rolling in, engulfing you. You breathe them in. They calm you. Set you at ease. You've forgotten all your troubles. Except... weren't you on a boat? Who were those women? They seemed to be singing to you, drawing you to them. Drawing you toward the rocks... No. That never happened. You're fine now, relaxed, floating in the dark clouds, hearing the angels sing as you sink deeper...

Echoes Of Echo Park Hello from wherever you are.

Sleeping Grace Dreams come and go with no name, with no number. Yet they are dynamic and full of significance.

Weightless While Wet Take deep breaths and let your brain do the thinking for you while you work. Submerged up to your ears in cavern lakewater, your body can relax so your workday can flow. :)

What Have We Done? While the angels watch and weep, the last few humans wander across the barren dust bowls. A unified lament to the univese: What have we done??

City Storm That guy who sat next to you on the plane who just couldn't stop yammering about his spectacular job, his wonderful wife, his terrific kids... you're left with a stupendous headache that goes all the way down to your toes. But the open windows of this room you rented on the edge of town treats your senses to a gentle rainstorm and a restful night of pleasant dreams is guaranteed.

Possibilities The possibilities may not be endless, but there are certainly a lot of them.

Nemesis Final Every ship has a sound, even out here in the black. You only have to listen.

Companion Beast Curled up in the shade of the trees, taking shelter from the storm, you lean against the chest of your sleeping familiar. A great feline beast that purrs loud enough to vibrate you to your core. Just barely, you can hear its heartbeat, its slow breaths. Even with the cold of rain still clinging to your body, your companion is warm. And for a moment, all is right and balanced in the world.

Summer Night Campfire Imagine you are sitting by a campfire at night, logs are crackling and crickets are chirping. You feel at ease away from crowded cities and their busy days...

Bigoliogi It's mostly rain and traffic sounds.

My Lady The first day we met, I will never forget. Rain poured heavily as dark clouds loomed overhead. Wind rustled the leaves of trees nearby. As I offer you this umbrella once more - shall we walk together this time around?

Barren Hallway Floorboards continuously creak and your footsteps echo off the walls. The ticking of a clock taunts you, ushering you to hurry to safety. It's about midnight - definitely passed this place's curfew - and this is someone's perfect opportunity to rid of you. (Eerie soundscape, Danganronpa inspired)

Unaware Of The Wound Sometimes we are unaware of the wounds that exist deep inside our psyche, formed years ago by some traumatic event. They wait below the surface, often much closer than we would like. We can only wait for them to get out in the least desired moment... or try to master them in advance.

Cottage Night It's the last week of summer vacation. You and your family have taken a trip to your cottage. You're sitting on a lawn chair in the sand, bundled up in blankets and sweatpants--the fire in front of you doesn't heat you up too much, but it sure toasts some good marshmallows. Somewhere beyond you in the darkness, waves crash against the shore. No one speaks; it's almost time to go to bed.

Rainy Cafe Awning You are at the local college coffee shop. It's 50 degrees and raining, spring is here. You under the awning next to the brick fireplace. You can feel its warmth and the gentle moisture of the rain around. All is good in the world.

Hoki Teriyaki Hut Where else are you gonna go for lunch? It's right across the street. Besides, I heard Van Morrison once ate here.

Vieroth Even in the future, man finds religion. Even if we search for salvation through the cybernetic, we still search.

Gentle Drones It's easy to lose yourself in what at first seems to be pure chaos. There is no pattern, but soon your brain will think it's found one, and follow that until it fades... and then another, and another.

Keep It Working No such thing as spare time, no such thing as free time, no such thing as down time. All you got is life time. Go. (Henry Rollins)

Rm 624 The only thing that's keeping the room from being perfectly silent is the constant echoing beeps from the machines. and the keyboard sounds as information is being entered into the electronic chart. This is room 624, located in the surgical wing of the hospital. You're slowly coming back to the land of the living...

Prayer Calls You feel lonely and as if nobody knows the trouble you're facing in your life. You walk into the service with a heavy heart and hopelessness all around you. The next thing you know, you're praying. A few moments later, the atmosphere seems to shift and you're not the only one crying out to the Creator. This what several prayers sound like as you look for answers.

Glacier Microscopic sounds inside a womb of ice.

Hanging In The Air The black, heavy storm clouds hang above you, barely holding the rain in. The light drizzle is no more than the calm before the storm, soon the world will change forever.

Celebration Keys Relaxing on a rainy New Year's Eve with the record player on.

Blue Forest At the heart of a land unknown dwell spirits, undisturbed they play their music. Their hearts accompany their chimes and the birds that reside here. Get lost in a trance in the blue forest.

Active Studying And Gentle Keys In a library you're studying for your exams accompanied by calming piano tones through your headphones as others read and concentrate around you. With the Beta waves set to a lower volume so you can only slightly hear them, they encourage focus without detracting from the atmosphere.

War Meditation The wind howls ate your back. The temple, a long standing symbol of your faith is besieged. The monks chant a song of blessing as the army approcahed. The calm before the storm, you prepare.

Spirits Abay When spirits are at abay, there are certain sounds that calm them: gentle humming, the striking of sticks, longer chants and instruments. But be wary of experiments, for those displeased will gobble you whole.

Journey 2 This sound is designed to accompany trance journeying.

Quiet Tavern (dnd) Dim torchlight, a glowing mason-work fireplace, the hushed din of curious locals. Immerse yourself wherever the evening takes you and your party with this warm and unimposing ambiance.

Fireplace At The Lighthouse Put your feet up in front of the crackling fireplace in your cozy, safe lighthouse as a rumbling North Atlantic storm thunders outside, making waves crash onto the rocks.

Autumn Mix The forest is cooling as Samhain grows near. You are enveloped by the trees, birds and thunder May boons of harvest and joy surround you.

Incoming Storm In the middle of a field, you watch the sky darken. Thunder rumbles in the distance, the winds pick up, and the temperature drops. All too soon... it arrives. Grass lays flat, the ground shakes, and the only sounds are the wind in your ears and the rumbling above you, threatening to unleash its full strength at any moment. Do you dare to run?

Superiority To Fate Superiority to fate Is difficult to learn. 'T is not conferred by any, But possible to earn A pittance at a time, Until, to her surprise, The soul with strict economy Subsists till Paradise.

Sparkling Source Blue flower – unattainable. Desperately missing you! - Aeneas

The Shaky Vessel Pray the glue holds it together.

A Life Time Animate this a SQO and hear the story play out.

On The Edge Any second now...

Grieve For The Living If you close your eyes you can almost hear the voices of those now lost

Melange 2 Whoever controls the spice, controls the universe. But to keep that control, the spice must flow... (without the rising/falling tone)

The Gavel Of Gravity's Gravel Unravel the depravity.

Anomalous Materials Good morning, and welcome to the Black Mesa Transit System. This automated train is provided for the security and convenience of the Black Mesa Research Facility personnel. The time is 8:47 A.M. Current topside temperature is 93 degrees with an estimated high of one hundred and five. The Black Mesa Compound is maintained at a pleasant 68 degrees at all times.

Low Light God showed me low light; and that's how I learned to see.

Melange Above all, the spice must flow...

Strength And Calm Deep voices, aetheric atmosphere, and lighthearted flutes create a thrumming and peaceful scene for meditation. The powerful sensation surrounds you like a blanket and lulls you to a sense of calm.

In The Sacred Grove The sacred grove is a place of spirit and calm, where nature and worship both have voices that rise together.

Voices In Thunder We waited out the storm and mourned our fallen brothers.

Realm Of The Dysonsphere In a far flung future we've become a type III civilization; in doing so we harvest energy from suns & help watch over the galaxy. Our first Dysonsphere around star ZWEFE-76 is complete with the help of the Annunaki as we colonize the entire Orion Spur. Hydrogen pops, hums, frequencies & mystical sounds result from this beautiful structure & echo deep in the galaxy like a soothing beacon.

Arrow Of Time The Arrow of time is constantly moving forward and as it does, our universe is the only thing immune to its power. These are the sounds and frequencies of the universe as it morphs and changes to its own rules as the arrow of time persists on its journey. Animate lightly and relax to these beautifully synced stems

Apocrypha Why don't you lose yourself in a good book? That's what libraries are for.

5g And Beyond Where will it end? (Perhaps you like to try it half the speed)

Piano Forest A sunlit glade, a creek, birds, wind rustling through the leaves, and... a piano?

Space Elevator Music From the ruins of Old Earth to Geo-Stationary Orbiting Platform #9, it's not quite the muzak you expected, but it certainly complements the views of dilapidated space stations & sleek ships carrying the remaining few wealthy to the outer edges of the universe.

The Ballad Of Joe Drawstring In honor of the late great Senator from Bucksnort, Nebraska

Interstellar Travel Console, final log 55978. The ship is en route to GXR-10553, located in the Gamma galactic cluster 42.7k parsecs away from Sol. The ship will enter Warp after all crew has entered cryostasis, and I am the last one awake. I shouldn't be drinking this now, but I'm just gonna kick back and enjoy this before the long sleep. This is Cap, signing off.

Meeting An Old Friend Old companions, reunited as officers. A room in a warm inn and the good company of a friend long missed. The two have plenty of catching up to do.

Stargazer In space, nothing seems to matter. There's no gravity to weigh you down, nor even sound to disrupt your peaceful thoughts. Just the beauty of billions of dancing lights, surrounding you for eternity. They tell you that everything will be okay. You look at the stars. The stars look back.

Spooky Nightwalk A creepy walk in the night.

Farmlands A quiet Day out of Town on the Farm

End Of Battle The Battle is over and it has started to rain. The Battlefield is now a barren muddy place with only a few survivors of your Infantry-Unit left.

In The City Of Canals You have entered a large, bustling city that is full of movement and trade... but where the roads would normally be, the city is filled with canals. Built as background noise for a TTRPG that I run while the party is in an Elven city based off of Venice.

Elsweyr Oasis Escape from the midday desert sun at a peaceful oasis. Of course, you aren't the only one enjoying the cool water.

Last Days Of Summer Wind rustles the leaves in the hardwood grove; the tall prairie grass bends sways as the sun falls over the wetlands below.

Philadelphia Cream Cheese Smear this on your brain bagel and call me in the morning.

Chaotic Meditations The session started like any other, with the instructor playing a tape of chanting and singing bowls. Somewhere along the way, though, your mind and your wandered into difference places, and now you hear a chaotic mix of sounds on top of it. Is it a new tape, or has your body followed your mind between realms?

Miller High Life In A Can You get what you are served.

Streets Of Ash Haven A medieval city set in a fantasy world, its eternally autumn trees partially shade the bustling stone streets, where travelers and locals throng, searching for hearty food, a place to stay, or a good trade.

Space Grace Now that the Sea of Tranquility has been conquered, it's on to Mars. May the best person win.

Coyote Canyon The night is alive as you sit around the fire, the desert heat finally giving way to a chill that justifies your hoodie. The small camp seems to be in the middle of a meeting place for all kinds of animals... but one, more easily heard than others, seems to dominate the hills surrounding your little shelter. It's impossible to feel lonely out here. It's impossible to feel alone.

Chatterpurr A low soothing purr, indistinct chatter, and random clinks and noise of a cafe. A comforting background to help ease your new cat or kitten's transition into your home, or to leave playing while you're at work to keep them from getting too lonely.

Bone Dry 8 A long ride through the Bad Lands.

Sneaky Ease Relentless, but in a good way.

Fifty Drifting Flippers Keep counting backwards but lean into the future.

Wayfarer The Wayfarer cruises on through space, engines humming and algae pumps gurgling. Somewhere in the walls the techs clank around fixing a broken valve, while another crew member kicks back with some music after a long day. Inspired by Becky Chambers's Wayfarers trilogy.

Truman Newman's Confusion All he wanted to do was make his way back home. Poor Truman Newman.

In The Arms Of The Earth The whisper echoed through the night. "Hush now my Little One." The girl that had no home was safe now. Safe and warm and loved. The goddess rests at last In The Arms of The Earth.

Bonfire It's a cool summer night. The sky is clear, the bugs are chirping, and you're gazing into flames that dance in the slight breeze. It's just you out here, tending to the fire. Maybe you'll go inside soon. Maybe you'll sleep under the stars tonight. But, for now, you're content to just watch the bonfire.

The Greenpath In the video game Hollow Knight, the Greenpath is a cave structure filled with beautiful gardens and waterfalls. A subterranean rainforest is how I imagine this fictional place would sound.

Palatial Spaces It's pretty loud inside my mind.

Stationed Bed You lay down in your bed. Fastened in place and with a privacy curtain, your assigned bed will have to do for now. It's pretty nice. a cool 68 degrees with machinery and artificial stream runnig along the wall will surely put you to sleep. At least you don't have to climb up to get to your bed. Lay your head into the pillow and get some much needed rest. Close the curtain for maximum darkness,

Lost In A Snowstorm Howling winds and driving snow. You've lost your way, and night's coming soon. So cold. It's hard to think. Got to keep moving.

Wind And Rain A quiet stream, with wind and thunder complimenting the bird song. Great for blocking out real world noise while being natural enough to not feel forced.

Antidode It's only a mattter of time to break the code and find the antidode.

Invested Vessel Swells Sail the seas of unease.

Foam Drone Moans aka Burbling Curdled Murmurs

The Brain Technician Feeling a little bit of brain fog recently? Woozy, difficulty focusing? It might be time for a tune-up. Don't worry, this technician is very careful—he's just going to delicately take a look around up there, do some calibrations, and take very thorough notes for you to keep in your records.

Swerving Vertical Curves Across the blurred surface, the words writ in cursive. Better days lay ahead, but in the meantime, here we are.

Clockwork City Very few get to visit the mysterious Clockwork City - so enjoy your time among the bustling streets while you can.

Museum After Hours 3 There is a storm outside and, as you search for an exit in the dim light that the backup generator provides, it's not possible to be entirely certain that the exhibits are staying put in the places where you think they ought to be.

Evergloam Let the soft sound of the birds and chimes draw you away from this earth, and into the realm of eternal night.

Scraping Skeptical Souls It's better to be a live dog than a dead lion.

The Lonely Elf Princess' Forgotten Ponds Once, there was an Elf Princess, pampered and loved but sheltered from even her own dying race. She was very lonely and wished to see more than her forest home and royal palace hidden within. One night, she snuck away while her guards and maids slept. And by morning, she found a family of ponds with waters clear as crystal glass, Forgotten by all but the birds and winds. To them alone, she sang.

Exterior Indifference The slightest changes can make the biggest differences.

Existential Storm I discovered this website while watching an artist live-draw and I found myself painting along. Uneasy, atmospheric sounds and music put me in such a creative mood. I love being able to create my own.

Descendant Of An Antecedent What started as a lark all those years ago has come back to kick the cobwebs away. This is only the beginning.

Semblance Of Sedulous Senses It's a shame the outside world isn't what it used to be but there's nothing you can do about that

Snow Garden Heavy snowfall and wintry streams, against a backdrop of gongs and flutes. The music of a monastery winter welcomes you to a peaceful retreat.

Marking Time The mind floats in a patternscape of thoughts. Never stopping, ever onward.

Three Green Degrees Plus Gravity For those who enjoy ennui to go with their unease

Three Green Degrees It's late autumn, So scrape and scope the skies while you can.

Cataclysmic Amethysts If you keep digging, you'll find yourself on the outside again. But you're not there yet.

Tense Intentions In Session Time spent on the ledge is time well spent

The Dark Lake Enjoy your stay here at the quiet banks of the Dark Lake. Watch as the moon and stars reflect off the gentle waves, how they splash up just the slightest against your toes dipped into the dirt. The wind hums gently across the waves, frogs hop and splash in the blackened water, in the grass crickets sing their gentle songs. Here and now there's only you, only the water, and only the night.

Ajna Chakra 6 with 6 stems. Drawing toward the still point...

Vishuddha Chakra 5 with 5 stems. Filling the depth of space.

Anahata Chakra 4 with 4 stems. Breathe to the heart.

Manipura More fun with chakras: a collection of 3 stems. Continuity, change, and discovery.

Svadhishthana Fun with chakras: a collection of 2 stems. Water and wakening.

Low Notes A collection of 1 stems, deep chords and drones. A soothing depth.

Selected Seconds Whoever said that every moment counts didn't have Godlike powers.

City Slomo The city sleeps and the traffic moves at a slow pace, gently snoring, deeply, over the roads. Rain taps on windows and rooftops as thunder softly rolls over rafters and through the floors.

Most Morose Is the shimmer some sunlight, or are your eyes playing tricks on you again?

Mountaintop Ceremony In the center of the circle, framed by the occasional flashes of lightning against the rumbling sky of foreboding clouds, stands The Figure. Its voice is deep, and the intonations and incantations it repeats will do something... you don't know what, because your job is to stand here and keep the rhythm. Beat the drum... drum beat... Something comes.

The Snide Side Of The Electric Slide Let slow subtle animation be the banana peel on our dance floor.

Sounds For Focus These sound are so I have something to listen to well I write my story.

Melted Molten Motion Going everywhere and nowhere, like a legless limbo.

The Rural Juror The whir and the purr of a twirler girl

The Midnight Bazaar When the desert wind is just right and the moon is absent from the night sky, a teeming city of tents and softly glowing lights of every color imaginable coalesces out of the darkness. Here, one can experience and purchase delights mundane, rare, or even otherworldly.

Take Flight Ever dreamed of how it would feel to fly?

Creepy Curse Of The Unseemly Crease Let the murk do the work of unloading your stress. Animate fast and deep for quick relief.

Cozy Apartment By The Beach I made this for myself, mainly cause its just all the sounds I like. It replicates my dream apartment; Sitting by the fire, hearing the tumble of the washing machine, writing in your journal while hearing the waves and life pass you by. Its kinda specific to me, but I really like the aesthetic of these sounds together, and it blocks out noise really good! Hope you consider publishing!

Imagined Dragon Lying on the grass beneath the windmill, the peasant boy hears many things but imagines more. There are birds and the wind through the grass, but beneath that a lower, more ominous tone... but above all of that, there is the flapping of the sails as they move, and he imagines it to be a great dragon flapping about in the sky.

Haunting Water Holler Wander Sounds of the earth and soul fused to an urgent backbone.

Unica Calm harmonic tone generator.

Thinking Man's Deckchair It's some time in the distant future and we have long since left the planet we used to call home. You are one of the lucky few and you sit each night looking out over the ocean and marvels at the majesty of the cosmos in your virtual deckchair. You have so many questions...

Fertile Earthen Murmurs Deep into nature... or maybe outer space?

Prelude To Apocalypse It's coming. Inevitable doom looms ahead and the clock can't be turned back. The scene is set, the curtain is ready to fall at any moment. Willing or not, beholders hold their breath, awaiting their final spectacle, for now they have all the time in the world. And you've got the first row.

Canadian Lakeside Camping At Dusk Camping in the deep forest of the West Coast at night, the beautiful bonfire rages while you & your friends bbq, eat & drink. As the sun goes down the cicadas, crickets & fireflies come out to play. Owls & wolves start talking from the foothills of the mountains while the lake that you spent the day at can be heard lapping under all the tranquility... you fall asleep with that grin on your face.

Canadian Lakeside Camping At Dawn Waking up deep in a Canadian forest is magical to say the least. Sitting by a lake as the sun rises brings even more magic, like Loons, Canadian geese, finches and a row boat knocking on the dock with chimes in the light wind and the lake lapping. Yes, the echo of a jet plane 40, 000 feet above you but with a deep breath you remember that they maybe the closest humans to you right now.

Rendezvous At 0200 The plan is ready. Everything has been accounted for. You don't know the ones you're working with, but that's the idea. You check your tools one more time, check the routes. You stare out at the night below, a broken cityscape unprepared for your heist. The year is 2173, and you rendezvous at 0200.

The Final Journey The hero's final journey. A train ride to the unknown, rain pounding above and the sound of the wheels below, a hopeful song drives them towards their destination.

Swell Swell, noun, uncountable: A long series of ocean waves, generally produced by wind, and lasting after the wind has ceased. Swell, verb, intransitive: To grow gradually in force or loudness. Swell, adjective, informal: excellent.

Rage Against Society Train your brain to calm down and focus.

Skyloft It feels like it's straight from The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. I highly recommend animating it, reminds me of walking around Skyloft. Flying my Loftwing high above home, exploring waterfalls and caves or just disappointing merchants over and over again by not buying anything.

Neon Dream At night in the middle of a city you don't recognize in this life but surely will in the next, you wait for the bus under the hum of the neon surrounding you and the streetlight overhead. It has begun to rain. The bus stop offers shelter as you listen to the water hitting the cars and asphalt and concrete, and you think - now and then - how you can't wait to see what awaits you next.

Singing, Sharp, Thunder Thunder and rain in the background, a water feature to the side, and singing bowls complete the meditation.

Space And Time Flying away through the vastness of the universe, even if only in the mind, you feel time beginning to warp among space expands infinitely outward. Come away with me, friends.

Night Swimming The hum of the pump, the buzz and click of insects, a whisper of a breeze and your own liquid movements are the only sounds around you tonight. Under the shimmering stars, you take a dip to cool off long after the burning sun has set.

Scenic Green And Machine Drones, dregs, drags, and dirges.

Weightless Wafting Wanderer Some people push through the physical world and don't even leave a trace. This is their soundtrack.

Familiar Fleet You walk through tunnel-like corridors. Blue light fills the halls. Pipes and panels line the walls, ceiling, and floor. No windows, no nearby exit. Just industrially chilly corridors flowing with an alien but familiar calm to them. You have no task. You exist. That is all there is. (based on multiple dreams)

Isaan Rain Northeast Thailand at night in the rainy season, falling asleep beneath the ceiling fan.

Cacophonistic Is that a real word? Whether or not, this sound is the definition.

The Unseen Sea Of Supertranquility Best enjoyed with slow, deep animation.

Rumble City Storm In your hotel room after a long day of travel, a complimentary bottle of beverage imprinted with the squiggly letters of the local language and a comfortable chair on the balcony you listen to city traffic and the rumble of an approaching storm

Catch The Wind "To feel you all around me And to take your hand Along the sand Ah, but I may as well try and catch the wind" - Donovan

Sleeping Sea Sound Sleeping Dragon, slow ocean and crickets. Try it for a minute as it is then turn on animation.

Ocean Mix A slow, breathing ocean sound good for meditation and sleep.

Thundersnow Just because it's winter out doesn't mean that it can't thunder and lightning; my interpretation of a rare weather phenomena. :)

Neuro Shepherd Dragon In The Black Hole This is a story of a sleeping Dragon who fell into a black hole who needs to wake up to lead His people.

The New Jazz Someone lost snapshots trapped inside schedules, yet differently mixed, far to late to be recognised as such, another vison for no reason at all. There's a peace of mind breeding contra timing below anarchy with this lack of undertanding, and says: welcome to The New Jazz, and you know what? - ... Oh, you don't.

Awake At Work A collection of brainwave tones that I've been using at work, usually in concert with other generators. Spaceship is cool. :)

Vampire Hunger I have done my best to adjust. The change hurt more than one could ever imagine and yet here I am. My own heart does not beat yet I can hear every beating heart within a city block, maybe more. The beast within is always calling to me "You know it will make you feel alive, you need this, just a bit of it...they won't even remember it...feed." If I do not sedate it all my humanity will be lost.

The Wolf's Heart The humans came. With their guns and their traps, with carcasses lased with poison and fires blazing. Once the pack was 50 strong, with new pups due in spring. There will be no pups this year, nor any other. Alone he wanders through the woods. Searching, calling, but no one answers.

Distant Lands The war was over.... but few returned. Two black horses drag a rickety cart through the small mountain village. Its people trudge behind it, the rain hiding the tears streaming down their faces. They were heroes. every last one.

Dinner Time Time for a bite to eat! Listen to the people fumbling about in the kitchen, and the creak of the old wooden furniture. Perhaps you will enjoy dinner by the side of a feline companion? Better keep the fireplace going, wouldn't want to get chilly after all - oh! Sounds like it's raining a bit outside.

Fallout Ashes There were lives here. Now there are lessons; neither new nor remembered. History is on the road to repetition, thus the wounds inflicted upon this city and her people are being kept open. Tomorrow, when you have left this ghost town, is when to argue for peace without grief. Today - this moment - is when to learn from grief without peace.

Traffic Falls The drone of muffled traffic and a rumbling waterfall will lull you to sleep in minutes.

Holiday Nap Your friends and family have gathered together to celebrate the holidays, and you ate SO much food⁠—you couldn't help yourself, it was all so good! Luckily you don't have anywhere you need to be, so you can stretch out on the couch while your food coma wears off. Don't worry, it sounds like they already have plenty of help with clean-up. Maybe you'll be joined by the resident house cat?

Quiet Rainy Coffee Shop This downtown coffee shop usually bustles with activity, but it seems like today very few are willing to brave the downpour. The only other patron sits quietly in a back corner, working today's crossword in the newspaper. On a slow day like today, I'm sure the baristas wouldn't mind if you stayed a while—at least until the rain lets up a little bit.

Gossip Talk to the hand!

Cafe In Library Enjoying good coffee in a small cafe within a library. Borrow some books and settle yourself in the cafe on a cold cold day. :)

Tintinabulation Oh, from out the sounding cells, what a gush of euphony voluminously wells!

This Just In: Water Is Wet The wettest possible composite generator. Nothing but water sounds. For the fish that lurks dormant in all of us.

Clonus Inspired by the opening whispers of the cult classic, "Parts: The Clonus Horror". Indecipherable murmurs, a distant breath, a drone.

Exploring The Tidal Pools It's a scorching day on the beach, and while your family is busy throwing the frisbee around , you've headed further down the beach to the rocky pools left by the tide. The sounds of activity fade as the gentle lap of the water and calls of the birds accompany your exploration. The rocks are sun-warm beneath your feet, and you can see all kinds of interesting things in the clear, shallow water.

The Abandoned City After many years, you find yourself back in the city you once lived in. the buildings falling apart with all sorts of plant and animal life moving in. the sound of the creaking buildings and the near by storm makes you feel uneasy but relaxed at the same time. [setting allow you to be at night, or day]

Enki's Call 3600 years have passed since the last visit... is the moment getting closer? You can hear the call faintly in the gusting winds around, beckoning you to recall a memory so faint you wonder if it really happened.

Omnipotence It is said that shrouded within each human there is god. It is the giver of everything, judge of nothing & all being. So... what is it? Listen carefully as it may be closer in space & time than you think.

Inside A Mind Traverse your mindscape, find a world within yourself. Although, it is advised to tread carefully, lest you fall into the abyss of your subconscious...

Saturnalia On the shores of Saturn, under the shade of the fibro-plast trees, we remember Terra -- but only that she once existed. In her honor in a month still called December, we give praise to an old lord whose deeds are not known, in the ceremony named for our world.

Enigma Channeling the ambient vibe of Enigma. Enjoy the mellow beat.

Pirates! Out on the sea enjoying yourself when all of a sudden.... pirates attack!

Train Track Non stop sliding through landscapes about 80 miles an hour.

The Dues Of Intrusion Suspension of disbelief will only get you so far in this drone-drenched landscape.

Static Spackled Sparkles Spend a few minutes with headphones and deep fast animation. You'll meet a part of your brain you didn't know was there.

Midnight Whispers It's a cramped, one meter square space, hardly a "balcony", but you spend your allotted hour at midnight. Rain is still fading gently to nothing, and the persistent buzz of insects both natural and robotic is audible over the thrum of the hovercars. There are gentle whispers coming from the next balcony, but so quiet that you don't understand. You think you see a star through the smog and clouds.

Training Room Preparation is serious business -- involving both mind and soul...

Rain On The Savanah I grew up here. The rust red dust of Africa. She is a cruel Mistress and rain is reason to celebrate. Hear her voice. Feel the warm bloody earth under your feet. Perfect with any rain background.

Coastal Storm This was the sound of the sea on the Gulf Coast as a tropical storm moved inland.

Sanctuary Can you smell the dusty old books and hear the floor boards creaking? Can you see the first rays of sun fighting to glitter through stained glass windows in respectful rainbows?

Limbo A lost realm. The home of the derelicts. The land of the forgotten. Ruins upon ruins, where no one's treaded for a very, very long time...

At The Mountains Of Madness At, but certainly not beyond. The ground is covered with snow and ice, and birds warble strangely over the freezing cold winds. In the heights above you, you imagine you see a mirage of a terrible city, lined with gold but paved with the blood of a million innocents. Do you trudge on?

The Humidity Of Outside Voices Push, pull, up down, light or heavy, it never goes away.

Shibboleth At last, you have found your people. Welcome home.

Steel Sculpture Dynamic abstract metal.

Toxic Storm It happened the same way as last time. The winds picked up, the alarm sirens started, the power went off. You and the family rush inside, sealing the doors, windows and cracks. You start the generator - and wait. How many days will it be this time?

Sirens And Dolphins Diving deep deep down, you discover a choir of merfolk and dolphins singing together. In the distance, the whispers of more malevolent undersea denizens can be heard...

Suburban Aural Omnibus Appropriately hollow, and subliminally sallow.

Deep Mandaic The last known speaker of Deep Mandaic was killed by a runaway horse in early 1693 in Salem, Massachusetts. Although knowledge of what the words mean is now lost, some phrases are still chanted by a select few initiates during specific rituals, when they doubt modern words will suffice to appease those they summon. It is a telling thing to fear the known more than the unknown.

Thunder In A Garden The Shishi Odoshi provides a regular, short interruption that keeps the rest of the noises from fading into the background. The water and birds are a nice natural mix, while the thunder feels relaxing.

Beyond Us Humanity and the heavens; our minds and what's beyond them. All converge here.

Lakeside Picture 3 Winds hurry past trees and across oceans to meet over an unspoiled lake. The area is forested, and a waterfall flows somewhere nearby. The wildlife includes many birds, such as woodpeckers and geese, and also frogs, which can all be heard among the trees and around the lake.

Unearthly Choir Stop. Step away from your computer, go out into the night, look up at the stars and listen. Let the sounds of chittering insects, the wind, your own breath fall away. There is nothing but you and the stars. This is their song.

A Welcome Distraction Here's a little something while we all cheat death.

Phony Cacaphony To some, this is a symphony. That's who this generator is for.

Centre Slow and low frequencies for focus and relaxation.

Skiffy A little sci-fi soundscape to get lost in. Best when animated.

Icy Expanse Cold, so cold... Miles and miles of cold white nothing...

Lakeside Picture 2 Winds hurry past trees and across oceans to meet over an unspoiled lake. A waterfall flows nearby, while loon calls pierce the night. Birdsong can be heard coming from the trees.

Fairy Jamboree In The Rice Fields There, carried softly on the breeze, can you hear them, their tiny drums and hums? They are having a dance! You can always hear them when there's moonlight...

Saharan Thundercave Visitor Center Quickly, come inside! A storm approaches!

Mystical Autumn Valley While travelling, you get lost on an island covered in massive trees bright with autumn colors. While trying to find a way out of the forest, you stumble upon a picturesque valley, painted in reds, umbres, oranges, golds, and yellows. Ancient ruins lie crumbling among the fall trees. You sense a tinge of magic on the air, and sit down to absorb the beautiful atmosphere.

Singing Forest 2 Sleepy winds blow through a forest. Soft rain falls, cushioned by the leaves that helped shape the wind. A storm begins to build, while signs of life can be heard through the trees, distant and vibrant. Somewhere inside, water sings.

Valley Of The Priestesses Deep in a hidden valley shrouded in mists and myth, the high priestesses sing to an ancient goddess.

Fire And Ice Freezing winds, cracking ice, and falling snow. Wolves howl across an arctic expanse, glorious and beautiful.

Lakeside Picture Winds hurry past trees and across oceans to meet over an unspoiled lake. Here, loons call and foxes roam. At midnight, the moon watches them as they run and shriek, finding their place.

Stranded In Deep Space You wake up with the noise of rushing steam in your ears. Slowly you regain your memories. The failed cryosleep chambers of your crew members. The foreign galaxy outside. Your help call. So you had gone back to sleep awaiting the rescue. But they never came. Even after the 250 years you entered into the machine. Will you go back to sleep?

The Long Walk Home When you have a long way to go through miles and miles of endless barren nothingness.

Soft Beef Reset Swimming through the static and stereophonic sludge. Can one be repaired by such sounds? Yes.

Temple Beside The Water A place to retreat on the edge of the world with water running down from the mountains. Sit out by the sea, under a porch roof to listen to the rain, and fall asleep there. (Or change the sliders and go sit out by the leveda to work, or meditate inside with the residents as they make music.)

On The Cusp Of Finding Out It's time to take it to the next level, if there is one.

Mould A hazy scape for headphones.

Reversal Of Thunder A variant of Reversal of Fates, except with thunder as the background noise. Animated.

Quiet Ocean Shimmering waves sail, dolphins whistle, and surface water beckons. Down in the depths of the quiet ocean, whales call and life thrives.

Wind When Nature sings.

Musically Imbued Collusion Shuffle through the seesaw sadness, as they used to say back in the day. Best enjoyed with some swift, subtle animation.

Silence Recreated Block out an otherwise noisy environment... Audio jammer tones silence all the real interference and then, white noise to silence the jammers mummers...

Be Still Time to dream.

Gorogoa Enter the alienating, yet comforting and immersive imaginary world of Gorogoa. If you want to *see* Gorogoa, you can find it on the Google Play Store. The beautifully drawn scenery and the perfectly accompanying soundscape inspired me to create this composite sound generator.

Ghost Ship You're aboard a haunted pirate ship. Chains and iron doors rattle in the distance. The ocean rumbles, and the ships sways. You're surrounded by the souls of the damned.

We Are Gathered Here Together It's obvious that they brought you here for a reason, and that something is about to happen, but by the time you figure it out it may be too late. Best enjoyed with deep animation on slow speed.

Sunday Into Monday From church to chores with a whole lot of summer in between.

Drop Down Look Around You have one job, recon man. Good luck and God speed.

Reversal Of Rain A sequel to Reversal of Fates, featuring rain & animation.

Singing Forest Sleepy winds blow through a forest. Soft rain falls, cushioned by the leaves that helped shape the wind. A storm begins to build, while signs of life can be heard through the trees, distant and vibrant. Somewhere inside, water sings.

Reversal Of Fates Water has always held mystery and magic for humanity. Water gives life: before crossing bridges, it was customary to make an offering to the water and whatever spirits guarded it. But so too does water take away life, with drownings and sickness, with enemies that come in boats and ships... Across the face of water, fate can be rapidly reversed.

Kelpie Seduced by the playful nymph in the water...

Marimbamboogie Get softly brainwashed for free by this sound stream - extra random bubbles added.

Mass Storm The tall brass doors are propped open against the falling rain. They embrace you as you run up the steps to the ancient basilica to escape the downpour. As you step inside, the warm touch of candle light and strong smells of incense fill your senses as you gaze with wonder into the massive interior of the church. The Liturgy of the Hours is being prayed by a small crowd of faithful near the front.

The Ocean's Curse Trapped in the deep with the voice of the ocean.

Study In A Treehouse Your tree house is your sanctuary. It's peaceful here, away from the city. The wind rustles the leaves and your chimes sing. Loons call in the distance. A wolf howls. You're here to be alone and study the wildlife. Life is good.

The Backrooms If you're not careful and you noclip out of reality in the wrong areas, you'll end up in the Backrooms, where it's nothing but the stink of old moist carpet, the madness of mono-yellow, the endless background noise of fluorescent lights at maximum hum-buzz, and approximately six hundred million square miles of randomly segmented empty rooms to be trapped in.

Deep Cave Exploration Your boat never-endingly creaks as you row your way through the submerge cave of quiet yet eerie water. Droplets fall from the ceiling, little streams feed into the main lake, and rushing waterfalls litter the walls. Sometimes, you need a break from rowing, so you stop to let the water slowly and idly move you along before continuing.

Space: The Musical Sounds like the universe picked up a few new instruments. (Pairs nicely with a Huu Chant)

Japanese Retreat The hustle and bustle of transportation are nothing more but distant murmurs. Waters and streams release the build-up of anxiety and tension as they flow through the shishi-odoshi. A soothing fire brings warmth and joy in a far-too-often cold and heartless world. Birds are fluttering as they explore your retreat as you practice your shakuhachi.

Bouquet A small bouquet soothing sounds.

Serial Experiments Lain [layer 02] Here is the second layer of my new series of Composite Sound Gens. I hope you enjoy!~ Let's All Love Lain!~<3 -NaterOfTheWired

Serial Expirments Lain [layer 01] I am making a new series of composite sound generators for the site. I am naming them after the show Serial Experiments Lain with each succesive one as a layer since they can be played in a super generator as layers. I think these two that I am making will be the last I name after Lain and from then on I will name then Serial Experiments Nater. Let's All Love Lain!~<3 -NaterOfTheWired

Eyes Opened This one was made as a kind of calming agent for me. I find that the feeling of focus and "the opening of your eyes", to speak, is more achieved by a drift rather than sharp noises, upbeat patterns, etc. As someone with ADHD, I made this in hopes that someone may find it useful! The humming keeps you grounded, but the rest deters you from shifting focus. For me, at least.

Calling the Spirits The full moon before solstice - drummers and singers have gathered around a campfire to reconnect with their ancestors.

The Calm In The Storm A storm rages all around you, its been 2 hours and has not gotten better . without knowledge of when this storm will end... you just sit listening to the rain and alarms. also the strange piano and guitar that are coming from the storm strangely fit.

The Defender Determination and triumph, the low and the high: this is what training is for.

Immersive - Alchemist A skilled Alchemist-in-training carefully records his observations as his experiment bubbles in the background. He is warm inside his laboratory thanks to a fire burning in the fireplace, while the rain outside taps on the roof.

Multivocal This is just my collection of soothing, semi-random vocals with background noises. It uses vocals in varying languages to create a layered soundscape that is easy to get lost in but not distracting and not meant to be understood. Good for falling asleep or writing.

Mila You may like to rest a while with Mila.

Marimba Madness Marimbas can jam, and so can frogs, who have no trouble keeping up! Gentle madness to help stay awake and focused through the quiet hours of working alone.

Water Song Cave Water + Levadas + soothing El Gray vocals. Simple and relaxing!

Mystic Night A forest temple where birds call under a crescent moon. A fire burns under a canopy of rain while the goddess sings her magic and the air vibrates with secret energies.

Aesthetic Like sitting next to the fountain at the virtual mall

Rainy Day On rainy days the best thing to do is to stay at home, read a book, drink a cup of tea and pet your cat. The comforting noise of the rain and thunder give a comforting feeling. And the cat makes you feel safe.

Heart Of Darkness The boot is slowly drifting along the meandering river. I can smell the endless jungle, veiled by the mist. Rain on my face. This will be the end of our journey - Aeneas

Baron's Castle A war is looming. Days are somber at best, now. You tried so hard to protect your land, your people... but now, all you can do is wait. Pacing restlessly by the fireplace, watching the rain from the window and listening to the lone church bell echoing from the village below your castle. Waiting for the day you must join your army in battle against the invading forces.

Asgard You're in Asgard, next to the well of Urd. You can see the roots of Yggdrasil and hear the gods and goddesses around you. All is well and calm now, and Ragnarok is far away. I've been researching Norse mythology, and I wanted a nice thing to listen to to keep me in the mood for it.

The Calming There are a lot of distractions where I work. I'm in the middle of a high-traffic area. I wanted to create something that blocked office chatter, but helped me stay calm and focused while editing.

Forest Of The First Monster You were asleep in the prison cell--asleep because desperation and constant cries to whatever divine being would listen and help you. But now you are here in this vast expanse of primordial jungle with a presence that asks you one thing; "What do you want, child?" You understand now this is a dream and you are in the presence of something older than ancient. And it wants to make a deal...

Before Battle You sit in silence with your comrades. The artillery has already begun shelling the enemy. Thunder rumbles, but the rain remains mercifully absent. Everything except the crickets and some brave owls holds its breath, and you can hear the staccato rhythm of marching drums in the distance. Your general believes in victory, but you can't shake the grim feeling that this battle isn't won yet.

Temple Of The River God There is a business that comes with a river or stream and the priests and priestess of the temple understand it. Every sound and chime is calculated to bring a constant stream of peace. Meditate on the sounds of the water and allow the chimes and chants to flow through rather than buffet or catch on your mind or in your consciousness.

Don't Stop Hungry mind. Stark make up. Unconditional nightlife. Realtime tension. Running to and fro. Solitude happiness. Gazing strangers. Close up faces. Looks of genuine love. Thick curtains. Blinded at daylight.

The Machine You are clambering through a maze, a maze built of moving parts: great wooden wheels and creaking belts of leather and rubber, throbbing pipes and hissing valves, humming cables and buzzing cathode ray tubes displaying seemingly random images and data. Who built this place? What is its purpose? And what will you find around the next corner?

Writing In A Rainy Space Fire A little Isochronic base to get the cognitive juices flowing. Set over a calming background of a crackling Fireplace and some light rain/thunder a la Distant Thunder. A pinch, which sometimes comes front and center, of the Iceworld drone to keep things steady and a hit of that motivational Take it Easy to starve off any insanity that may be tempted to manifest on those long days/nights of writing.

Comfy Cottage On A Stormy Night The squire and his wife had a delicious meal of chicken pot pie and homemade bread, and now they cozy up together near the fire, a bottle and glasses near at hand, and their cat purring contentedly on the afghan that covers their laps. Let the weather do what it wills; nothing can disturb the peace in this sturdy yet snug cottage.

A Night In The Hebrides As waves crash and lightning streaks, you watch from your tent as night descends on this sodden Scottish beach. No one in sight. No phone reception. No Disturbances. You close your eyes and can finally relax.

Under The Sea This reminds me of searching for treasures in the sand in shallow water near the shore. You try to keep your body underwater so you can marvel at the shells and coral, while the waves crashing overhead make you sway and pull you back to shore.

Rainy Sailboat On a creaky sailboat in the middle of the ocean, rocking gently with the waves, some light rain and windshield wipers to set the mood... Wait, windshield wipers?

The Toll Of The Bells The bells toll. Not counting the hours. Time doesn't count. Never always forever. Eternity doesn't care.

Ghostly You're deep in the old mansion. There are stories about this place, told only in hushed whispers and nervous murmurs. If only you knew the way out... There seems to be none. There are distant, echoing screams coming from the very drafts that blow through the house. Perhaps this will be your final resting place, like so many others who failed to turn back before they became trapped forever.

Temple Garden You enter the garden, the center of the temple. You will be safe here in the monks' care as your wounds heal. You allow yourself to sit quietly and rest. A forgotten harmony descends upon your mind. You remember meditation. The gods bless you with an afternoon of peace. Your heart fills with gratitude. You know there will be more afternoons like this, and your mind begins to let go of its pain.

In A range of strange frequencies is sucking you in. Fluorescent light on blackened walls reveal random stains that form patterns that only exist in your mind – like an ancient code with a deeper meaning.

Playground Pack It's been a uncomfortably long time since morning recess. You and your friends made it to the den before anyone else could claim it. Despite the misty rain blocking out and muffling the rest of the playground to a mere ghost of sunny days prior, you and your friends wouldn't pay them mind anyway... like the full moon, when exposed to recess, you turn into wolves, and your pack has things to do.

Theoretical Submarine Drifting far below the waves, you search the ink-black stillness. It is cold here in the deep. A shimmer of blue light appears, then another, and another. One by one, they glow into existence and the darkness all around you comes to bio-luminescent life. You journey on. You will find what you seek. (This gen is peaceful but stimulating, and it's moderately noise blocking—try it for work!)

Backyard Pond At Night I had to move and leave my pleasant backyard pond behind. This almost perfectly replicates the sound of frogs, water, distant thunder, and my windchimes. Makes me want to have a glass of wine and relax for the evening.

Sideways Glance At this speed, all it takes is one sideways glance for your focus to fail, and the fall from this height going to kill you. Maybe you can recover on the way down, maybe the telepathic thrusters will come back online with a desperate wish... or maybe there'll be nothing left of you to bury. You knew the ultimate price, and now you're about to pay it.

Enhancing The Silence To focus on your work, you need silence. Then you'd better enhance the silence.

Can't Take The Sky From Me Do you aim to misbehave? Do you prefer your space westerns with a little far-east flavor? This is the cinematic montage soundtrack for you. Dodge bullets, curse your luck (in a language that eludes the censors), hold on to your knit beanie, and escape into orbit with the goods ... like a leaf on the wind. Shiny!

Close Breathing The time is now. It's the hour of truth. Keep breathing, surviving. There's no way back.

Forest Cart Journey (day) A horse and cart of adventurers travel peacefully through a nearby forest.

Campfire At Night A camp fire under lonely stars. Drifting away with the sparks. Magic! -Aeneas

Fractal Windstorm Streams of complex numbers whirring in ever-more intricate orbits, some spiraling tightly, some streaming off to infinity.

High Hrothgar Upon the Throat of the World sits High Hrothgar, home of the Greybeards. Their ancient arts are the things of legend, but their cold stone halls boast only a rhythmic drum beat, the occasional gong, and the constant howling of cold, frigid winds. Inspired by Skyrim. [Raise the volume of #10 for the lament to Paarthunax]

The Dreadwood Nobody goes in to the Dreadwood. The beasts who live here are things of legend. Even in bright sunlight, as soon as you step among the trees, a dim coolness sets in, and after only a few minutes you can barely see the ground. You feel uneasy, watched. Keep walking if you dare...

Whispers The whispers come and go. They've always been with you, ever since you were a child. Your master told you it was because you were chosen. Your mistress told you it was because you were broken. The whispers themselves tell you nothing, just indecipherable gibberish. Only one thing about them is certain: they always show up right before something goes very, very wrong...

Japanese Piano Who put this piano in my garden?

Rainy Forest The sound of thunder wakes you from your slumber, the sun has barely risen. You are lost in a massive forest, with no tent and little food. You build a fire just before the rains begin to come down. Your clothes become drenched, but the fire keeps you warm. Yet despite the wet, the hunger, the lack of knowing where you are, you close your eyes and feel calm. Maybe you'll stay just a little longer.

Protector's Hall At Night You are the protector. After a long rainy day you decide to sleep in your hall. You can still hear the storm in the distance, behind the thick walls of the temple. The priests are still talking together outside of the hall. The constant droning of the temple's beacon and the chimes lull you to sleep. You breathe deeply and slowly as you fall asleep.

Major Tom Earth below us. Drifting, falling. Floating, weightless. Coming, coming home.

The Seventh Seal White or black? But before you can decide, the choice is made for you: white. Now, you must play, and play for your life. What shall it be? Hurry, before that too is decided for you! Pawn to King 4.

Firebog Ambience Melodic voices, rhythmic percussion, and a touch of wildlife noise. Inspired by the Firebogs from the long dead MMO, Glitch.

Middle You stare at the abandond playground. The birds have stopped singing. Emotions overwhelm you. This place is wrong. It's off. Time has warped around you, you aren't supposed to be here. This place isn't supposed to be here. It feels like you're dying, the sky is falling. Where are you?!

Monterey Bay Aquarium As you walk farther into the aquarium, the overhead lights slowly dim, until only the deep blue glow of the tanks lights your way. You duck into an empty exhibit: the air here is crisp, almost too cold, and glass surrounds you on all sides. You take a deep breath, watch the jellyfish drift past, and let the resonant, unearthly music quiet your mind.

Animam Amisit Lake You find yourself at an old, creaky dock that has seen better days. The wildlife makes their various noises, unperturbed by the incoming storm. Yet, what seems like it should be peaceful... Isn't. Things seem off, unnatural noises ring through your head as you jump at every little sound. Was that a beast, or just a shadow? As the storm closes in, you settle under a tree. This will be a long night.

Lonely Unease A custom generator attempting to give a feel of a long since rendered unliveable landscape, drawing a bit from the Nuclear City to give a hopefully irradiated feel, as if just being there could be harmful

Time You walk through a hall filled with hundreds of clocks and hourglasses. The sounds of ticking and falling sand surround you.

Dew Drops Dreams Millions of oval jewels made out of liquid crystal shimmer in the daylight. They're fragile in their beauty. Although softly shaken by the wind, they don't drop. In this dream dewdrops never disappear.

Gora Sou The camera pans over a small, rocky island in the middle of lake. A strange man waits there, preparing. Up on the mountain in the distance you see another figure. The camera zooms in slowly and you can see another man walking down a long staircase carved in the mountain. Individuals all over the world are living in contented isolation, but that is about to come to an end.

Portico Waiting in the portico for the rain to end. Bells are ringing outside, but inside you can hear singing. You want to go in and listen, but staying where you are mixes pleasure and mystery.

Air Breath... just breath.

The Long Dark You slog on through the snow, torch in hand. Crows circle over a frozen corpse. Wolf howls come to you on the wind. You try to ignore the gnawing hunger and the ghosts of your past. Where were you when the lights went out? (Inspired by the game The Long Dark)

Peace Of Mind Soothing sounds to ease your soul.

A Deserter In The Cursed Forest Unconcerned about your brothers in arms' fates, you have fled from the battlefield into a gloomy forest. The sounds of distant cannons still reverberate in the damp air, as you walk through the dark woods cautiously. You choose to ignore the eerie laughter that surrounds you, but then something brushes against your cheek, and an uncanny whisper sneaks into your ears...

Rainy Outdoors Listen to a massive thunderstorm without having the close strikes and without all that water ruining your hair.

Fireside Duel Your window through time distorts all of the senses: you see two combatants fighting, gender and form unknown. You hear fire and crickets, and smell the rough smoke of green wood. But just when you think you've narrowed in on who it is that fights, everything shifts around you, and they reset places only to begin again.

Emotional Intelligence A pleasant, energetic and powerful blend of rhythms and drones invoking thoughts of the past and the future, and feelings from sorrow to triumph.

A Forgotten Ritual The fire is lit, the dancers spin and the gong has been run. But where are the worshipers for the ritual? Do they dance and spin in vain? Are the bells played for no-one but the owls and crickets?

Entry Plug You close your eyes. The hum of a large engine drones on all around you as you focus, submerged in fluid that smells vaguely of blood. You're being monitored from outside; heart rate, nerve endings. But you hardly even notice. Right now, the sensations here — strangely enough — remind you of your mother. (Addendum to the other NGE soundscape, this one inspired by the inside of the entry plug)

Strange Limbo While your soul travels through the space between the life that just ended and your next life, something goes wrong and you remain stuck in a strange limbo. You hear sounds from the place you came from, sounds from your future life and sounds that come from beyond life, from the depth of the ethereal void between lives.

Whispers In The Storm The forest spirits lull you to sleep as the wind howls and the thunder rumbles.

Journey 207 There are times when the various instruments play together in harmony, and then play apart, and then play together in dissonance. Against all of it is the wave-like electronic beat and the strange noise that seems as though it's rain, but you swear you smell something... burning? Pseudo-randomly generated.

Arabian Night Garden Welcome, my beloved! ~ Sit with me under the palms at the edge of our garden fountain. Let us enjoy the cool breezes from the desert, while the scents of the night blossoms create an intoxicating perfume. The call to prayer and sounds of the dusty city seem far away now. It is the calls of frogs, night birds and cicadas which serenade now.

Signs Of Life You are Ship. It was a tiring trip through the atmosphere. This world's strange red grass feels soothing as it brushes your underbelly. It reminds you of that pull and tug. Gravity. That's what that is.

Glow Feel the heat.

Devestation Drift Three musicians stand atop a skyscraper, playing for a desolate city at the end of the world.

Ono-sendai "The sky above the port was the color of television, tuned to a dead channel." - Neuromancer inspired soundscape from BURAN

Reactor In honor of the 33rd anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster. Take a walk in the shoes of those who were there on that fateful night.

Black Ice Tundra You are in a magical place where the Ice of the Tundra absorbs light, At night a Structure disperses light, Giving out a harmonic noise.

Classified I'm guarding the area. They call it Project Bath. I know nothing, it's classified. Strange objects all over the place, vague noises. I was told to keep my distance.

Abandoned Base Sneak into the sealed base from Project Bath. The scientists left for good reason: their experiments caused some serious side effects. They could not be stopped. It's growing. It's moving.

Easy Hydrogen The combination of alternating beats against the ethereal organ-like tones of Ice World in the background make for a surprisingly relaxing experience.

Synthetic Black Hole This is like listening to some Drum n Bass while in a Black Hole... -NaterOfTheWired

Song Of The Rice Fields Combines well with Wooden Chimes, for concentration/work.

Western Building a rail line across the Great Desert has been no easy task. Every day the grueling heat pours over the company, sand tearing at faces behind ineffective dust masks. Sometimes the heat and the scorpions are the worst experiences of the day. Other times, there are... bigger nuisances.

Neural Dubstep Hack I combined some Brain Entrainment sounds along with some circuit bending for a nice dubstep-like neural hack. -NaterOfTheWired

Nostalgia You are moving to a new house. As you go through your old belongings, you get a sense of Nostalgia.

Beyond The Void You just had a Near-Death Experience, but you survived. Now your soul must find a way back to your body before it's too late - a journey that won't be easy.

Neurons After a long meditative session you start to hear something, only to find out the sound is coming from the inside of your head. Suddenly you realise, it's the action potential of your neurons - the tiny storms in your brain. You are listening to your thoughts at the level they arise.

Freezing In A Blizzard Journey. You know you need to get there. You must cross the fields of white death. There is no choice. As the storm grows around you, whipping snow against your face, you can feel the chill of cold pierce through your clothes. But still, you cannot help but smile. For you have your faithful companion beside you and a strong heart. No matter how far you must go, this storm will never claim you.

Carel Willink A hommage to Carel Willink (1900 – 1983). The more we stare at the paintings, the less we really see what happened within these inescapable lonely landscapes, behind ten thousand empty windows, or what was hidden beneath gloomy eyes: - his landscapes, his windows, his eyes. May he rest peacefully.

Sea Redux A remastered look at "On the Deck", which unnecessary sounds removed and additional stems added.

Study At Home I use this for study. Maybe it is helpful for you. Try it!

Asmr Lullaby This is what I sleep to. Who knew that the sweep of ocean waves + light hail + ASMR whispers would be so soothing?? You'll feel like a baby, floating peacefully in the womb of the universe. Play with the sliders and customize to your liking - try zeroing out the ASMR, for a relaxing-but-not-sleep-inducing sound!

Nyc Summer Day It's a beautiful summer day, and the city streets are lively. You're strolling through the wonderful chaos, listening to the flow of traffic, a construction site in the distance, taxis beeping, horses clip-clopping on by, an occasional airplane overhead, and people chatting and hollering. Set the animation to "fast" but "subtle," for the most realistic experience! Great for writing.

Forest Survival You're lost. Set only with a tarp and a firestarter, you make a shelter and hide from the ever-nearing storms. Something inside you says something is off... but you're deprived of a good night's sleep so you try to forget.

Shadow Dragon Hack I combined 4 of the sliders from Shade along with Dragon Sleep from Anamnesis along with 4 sliders from a random Brain Hack roll. This feels really trippy and I feel like I am waking up the hidden dragon within my self. -NaterOfTheWired

Peacefuly Sleeping I created this generator because I need sounds to sleep. I think it's relaxing. Enjoy! :)

Floating Journey Slowly drifting along in your mind's eye, sitting on a cloud as your imagination takes you place only you know about.

Bancroft Party, Suntouch House, Aerium, 2384 Welcome to Suntouch House, home of Laurens & Miriam Bancroft. Suntouch House rises high above Bay City, in Aerium, near palatial homes of other Meths. Meths are the super wealthy and virtually immortal caste here on planet Earth in year 2384. Laurens is a powerful political figure over 350 years old, and CEO of Bancroft Industries. Be sure to see the last living Sunspire Tree in the atrium.

Sunspire Tree Lie back on the soft mossy ground and look up into the branches of the Sunspire tree. Iridescent blue shimmers and rainbow lights dart across the bark and up into the branches. Breezes stir the delicate sunspire blossoms and they chime with the voices of angels. Listen to the song of eternity as the tree's roots weave beneath you.

Iteration I: Translation Station Where are you, or when are you? The repetitive female voice and the intermittent tapping of Morse emanate for antiquated speakers, while around you figures with features hard to describe move papers, manipulate bulky machines and speak in hushed tones on telephones. Is this a hut at Bletchley Park? Or some lost Cold War bunker? First in a series of randomisations.

The Raven Hotel Ever since the Envoy stayed here -- you heard that crazy story, right? -- well this AI hotel has become quite trendy again. I'd be honored if you'd join me for a glass of absinthe at the crowded bar, or perhaps we can share a small intimate table. Drinks are on me.

Wind And Rain Plus Solitude On the top of the mountain he contemplates

Barrier A heart. A hole. A barrier. But what does it matter? You can dance anyway. A slow dance around gigantic walls. Like a machine, the rythm never stops. So you won't stop.

Rainy Traffic You're on the road late at night, cars steadily passing by as the storm begins to roll in. Take a deep breath, relax, and let the gentle noise wash away all your concerns. You're almost home.

Downbeat Telecaster Stretched an octave lower, sounds become almost glacial. This is the sound that human statues dance to. This is the sound of mountains thinking, and each interposing fraction of modernity merely serves to emphasise how vast the universe is & how far away we all seem. It is merely a seeming, though, because we are all linked at the speed of electricity.

Mr Rhodes' Atomic Telecaster A mash-up of homonyms: is that an electric guitar, or is it an electric piano working off a similar principle? That booming, looping sound, is it too a guitar, or is it cleverly programmed electronica? The upbeat speed of F# pushes sounds further from their roots and closer towards infinity.

Unforgiven You're the 'Man With No Name' riding through the desert on your way to collect another bounty. You're not worried about the storm on the horizon, or the posse on your your tail. Buzzards gotta eat too.

Medieval Castle You sit in a chair next to an open window, thunder rolls in the distance and rain drips on the cobblestones. You watch as the last riders enter the walls before the castle gates come to a close. In the distant village the church bell chimes the hour. The night is cool and peaceful. All is well.

Shade Liquid darkness reduces the light. Contours fading. Colors melting. Figures disappear in the depth of shadows.

Path You are soaring through an endless dawn-colored sky, as the clouds brush the hull of your vessel, and your sails ripple in the wind.

Twindy Peaks Blinking traffic lights swing on the wind, indifferent to ominous howling of the wind. This rural town hidden withing Washington state's wilderness is deep asleep and you should feel calm, at rest. But you can't shake the feeling that the town, the wind, the lights themselves are signs foretelling coming of dark future past. It is happening again. It is happening again.

Shamanic Trance I made this one to help me get in a trance like state while on my daily 45 min train ride to work and back home. I'm making my first steps in practicing shamanic dream journeys right now, also with the aim of finally dreaming lucidly. The African poly-rhythm was a lucky strike on first try.. but I needed more sounds to cover the noisy train, so I added vocals and a high drone. It blows me away.

No Last Call It was a slow night. But you've got rain on the tin roof, a close fire, and two slightly tipsy jazz musicians improvising a private lullaby.

Shmaptain Shmanet Earth. Wind. Fire. Water... Heart!

Upbeat Walk With your headphones on you make your way down the hill, a spring in your step as you twirl across the street, leaping to your own beat. You can just barely hear the wind and noise above the percussion, but you find yourself absorbed in the life around you either way.

Thunder And Wind Sheltering inside an old stone house on the edge of the sea cliffs as a storm rages outside. The wind whistles through the cracks and gaps in the walls, while below in the distance, the sound of the waves hitting the shore can be heard beneath the thunder.

New Climax You thought that the danger of before had been the worst. You thought that it wouldn't come to this. But alas, you've come far enough that even the universe itself seems to challenge your sense of security. Before your battle starts, you come face to face with the force that had torn your life apart. You come face to face with the void.

Atmosphere The environment is dim and grey, a soft cooling embrace. Washing it all away.

Prayer Before Battle You and your fellow soldiers are preparing for the battle that awaits you at dawn. Everyone knows they might not return from it - some let their anxiety out by sparring, the blacksmith rushes to fix a pile of horse shoes, and you are kneeling in front of your tent, humming your worries away. And yet, your heart races...

Three Friends Of The Black Wind The most ancient voice of all is that of the wind whistling through trees and caves. It is joined by sequentially newer voices as the sound progresses: the human voice intertwines with the bowing of strings, while the guitar and piano electric add their own cadence. Beneath it all, or perhaps on top of it, hiss and ping the faint tones of the future's distant stars, or at least how we imagine them.

Magic Icy Bells For Focus With a blackbird instructing you in how to live with joy.

Camp Down on the riverbank lays a small camp. The wind rushes by and, as you pause, you can hear the faint bubbling from the river and the scuttling of small creatures in the brush. You feel isolated. You feel calm.

Lemurian Ambiance Lemurian Ambiance for Imaginative Atlantean People.

Déjà Vu I must have been here before. Where Am I? What had I done? I can't remember. I only know it had something to do with time and space. Now what?

Busy Library This takes me back to my favorite place to study in the world. The first floor of the undergraduate library near finals week that was a combination of study-session and social-hour. This combines the noises of books, pens, and pencils to paper, with a splash of mellow conversation.

Strings, Wind, Bells At the sound of the bell, cacophony swells and then recedes. They would say "east meets west", but so too does north join south, and inside becomes outside. At the sound of the guitar, a performer seemingly with endless breath picks up the melody, and is shortly joined by others. Behind them all sits a lone figure, plucking expertly at the guqin, and it is they that dream this dream.

Busy Library This takes me back to my favorite place to study in the world. The first floor of the undergraduate library near finals week that was a combination of study-session and social-hour. This combines the noises of books, pens, and pencils to paper, with a splash of mellow conversation.

Drumritualone A simple drum ritual calling back to the ancestors.

Quiet Ride Have a seat in a dreamtime train compartment. Your mind slowly adepts to the cadence of the railroad while you notice some friendly harmonics between the cracks. All is well so you can truly relax.

Bellum Gallicum The Romans have invaded Gaul. To be played with a reading of Caesar's "Comentarii de Bello Gallico" in the background -- there's some good ones on youtube.

Nearer The Stern The piano fades away to a few notes, but the rain and wind do not let up. Nearer the stern of the tanker, you find the source of the bells: yellow-robed monks stand here, their clothes buffeted and their faces drenched but seemingly uncaring of the weather, and together they chant both in harmony and in contrast to an ethereal, flute-like sound from parts unknown. Surely this is a dream!

Murmur Of The Sacred Gently undulating chorus sustains a subtle and deep peace. A patient refuge.

On The Deck On the deck, in the rain, sits the grand piano. As you get closer, the player shifts keys - from C♯ and memories of moonlight & Beethoven, into D♯... or perhaps E♭. It's hard to tell immediately, and before you can dedicate more attention to it, you are distracted by the faint sound of - bells? You wonder if you're still dreaming, but you've never dreamt of cold wind and rain on your face before.

Dragon Asleep It's been a long day. Both you and your dragon could fall asleep on the nearest roost. And why not? As its wing covers you like a blanket, you hear the slow heartbeat and breathing of a large dragon and the magical hum of its firepouch. Warm, safe, and happy, you drift off to sleep.

Humming Umm. Lot's of hummming.

Space Hypnosis Deep sleep-inducing binaural beats and harmonics, spacey tones and a touch of ASMR to lull weary astronauts to sleep. Enjoy the weightlessness of sleeping at zero gravity, safe in your craft while stars and planets light up the endless darkness through the portal.

Clear Nothing moves inside the white room. The medicine is working, that's all you need know. The doctors said that everything is under control.

Open Fields Imagine yourself standing in a giant field, just off the edge of a forest, lying in the grass and staring up at the bright blue sky. And for your benefit, no buzzing bees anywhere around you. You're truly in a paradise.

Forgotten Jungle Temple You step out of the enveloping jungle with your trusty machete and torch, confronted by a mass of stone overrun by vines and moss. You've finally found it: The Temple of Akarin. The doors are sealed shut, but an ancient song rises from within. Do you dare explore the long forgotten temple?

Rpg Tavern Your weary band of adventurers enters the Blackbird's Respite, a popular tavern. The roaring fire in the corner provides welcome heat, and the friendly sounds of human life reach your ears. You've been away too long.

Tanker At The Piano You awaken with a start, dreams forgotten. The weather report radio is already muted, but sound ... music ... is coming from nearby. You don't hear the crew, but you hear... music, in a silence otherwise only broken by rain. You find the deck deserted apart from something impossible: a grand piano that plays itself, while raindrops splatter against the keys.

Melancholy Words can not explain: Another lost soul trapped in a lonely moment that God only knows, finds grace.

Rainy Urban Night A lazy drizzle settles over the urban landscape, driving almost everyone to retire inside for the night. But not you. With the changing lights and the sound of the occasional passing car as your companions, you find yourself at peace in the midst of what will be chaos only hours from now. (Feel free to turn down the Twin Black Lodges slider if you'd prefer a non-musical experience).

Adaline's Magic Night On the tipping edge of sleep the atmosphere sling-shots you deep into the golden sunset as you soar over and through your own personal wonderland of magic. This group of stems will certainly relax you and take you away to THAT place.

Steampunk House You're an Inventor. Your victorian house is near the railroads and is filled with steampowered machines. The smell of oil, steam and metal is in the air. What might your next Invention be?

London Train Heading to the city and it is another rainy day in the South-East of England. The perfect opportunity to get your nose in a book whilst the houses, parks and stations whizz by your window. MIND THE GAP.

Hyper Focus I have ADHD and I find this fusion helpful when I need to focus on the task at hand. Adjust the rain levels to compensate for outside noise. I hope this helps.

Ocean Drive Sit back and relax as you are taken for a drive down the esplanade. Listen to the crashing of the waves without worrying about the spray.

Steampunk Rpg Soundscape Somewhere underground in Victorian-era London, there are factories full of steam and clockwork. Bring your Steampunk RPG to life with this unique soundscape.

Below The Cathedral Welcome to the eerie world below the cathedral. You have no idea how you got here or where this labyrinth will lead, but there is one thing you know for sure: you are terrified. Become immersed in this dark world, the whispers of ancient ghosts accompanying you as the rain beats steadily outside and a bell tolls ominously somewhere above.

Ketchikan Dock The deep waters splash around the dock pylons as seagulls fly overhead. You can hear the foghorns from the ships in the bay and the cruise ships downtown.

Plane In Rain The whole flight.. no one said a word. The only indication anyone was even on board was the occasional chatter from the cockpit. I was only 23 back then. I had my whole life ahead of me, unbeknownst to me at the time for I was sure the coming days were my last on this Earth. But someone had to fight...

Autumn Brook A gentle breeze caresses your face as you meander alongside a small brook, the songs of birds creating the perfect Autumn soundtrack to your day out.

Cosy Night With the rain falling on the roof outside and the warmth of the fire emanating throughout the house, it's the perfect night to cuddle up with a good book and your best feline friend.

Rainy Rainforest As you walk through the tropical rainforest, accompanied by birds and small mammals, a gentle rain begins, its pitter-patter on the leaves instantly having a calming effect. In the distance, you can hear the rumble of a waterfall as you soak up the atmosphere of this beautiful retreat.

Stormy Weather Thunder, rain, wind, hail. You know it should scare you, but somehow, the storm insists on soothing you instead. (Click "animate" for best effect.)

Synthetic Brain In Awe He contemplates what it means to be alive.

Monorail Train The sleek white outer shell streaks past the endless mountains shrouded in fog. The passenger section seems to go on for miles, but at times is very short- only two cars. It stops only for the lone and lost traveller. No railroad end, no stations. Running on its own, it's always in motion. The interior is brightly lit with denim seats that never wear. The anomaly beckons. (Based on a dream)

Metal Waves Ongoing gong sounds.

The Final Frontier Your Spaceship sets off to new worlds, civilizations and unknown wonder.

The Broadening Gap It starts with an almighty clash of voices and instruments. Then each peels off and away, and slowly, almost imperceptibly, it almost fades into nothing. Then there's another clash! This time, like a fugue, the voices dance around each other: concordant meets discordant, then fades to silence. Each repeat, the gap gets ever wider, before suddenly it shrinks to nothing and the cycle begins anew.

New Season A still small voice says: Go on. You don't have to reason. It's a new season.

Deep Breath This is how you know it's a dream: in the cold, dark vacuum of space, hurtling towards a small speck of light that is growing brighter with every passing moment, you should hear nothing. Instead, there is a chorus of deep voices swelling around you. Do they praise you, or is it a song of lament for your death? Something in your soul resonates with it; you close your eyes and take a deep breath.

Repeated Stutter Mother told you never to stand on the cracks, yet here you are... lost somewhere in time and space, but somehow still connected to snippets of reality. Through the cracks stutter music that would be, on its own, interesting or delightful to listen to. But combined in this cacophony, your sense of unease is growing, and the sense that something is reaching toward your leg is unshakable.

My Zen Garden 2 Quiet music for working. Can be played with My Zen Garden, for a very different effect.

Nomad Of The Mojave Your quest is a desolate one, but one you must take alone. Among the cacti and the dry brush, in the setting sun of the vast Mojave desert, you carry on, ever-searching for the answers you seek.

Heart Of The Machine It's not allowed to speak about the Top Secret project. I'm in the heart of the machine. I can hear it breathe.

My Synthesized Composed to play along with My Zen Garden, likewise with deep mode/normal speed animation. Sustaining/sustained music for working into the night.

Swamp Frogs, toads & crows. Watch your step!

The Shadow Walker This isn't a place mortals are supposed to roam. Black skies stretch low overhead and something rolls deep in the dark water beneath you, watching you. It is the same thing that watches from an unspeakable throne and beckons you closer. Lose yourself forever or drift away.

Beachside Picnic You go out for a nice spot of lunch by the seaside, the city and the ocean both complimenting eachother with their own unique sounds, bees come to pollinate the flowers, while the seagulls fly freely in the sky, owners playing with their dogs on the sand further up. soft waves nearing low tide as they make a soft tumble forth.

My Zen Garden Flowing "garden of peace" music with gentle percussive touches for working concentration. Try animation on deep mode/normal speed.

Camping Alone You have been separated from your party. You don't know if you will ever see them again.

Soft Tread lightly in the forest of dreams. Soft moss under your feet, the sound of a gentle stream just out of sight. Animals peer at you between dense, smooth barked trees sheltered by a verdant canopy. The air is cool and smells of green growth, fresh water and fallen leaves. If you are lucky, you might spy the elusive maiden of the forest, her voice a welcome comfort to weary travelers.

A Night With A Celestial A quiet field illuminated by the silvery light of a full moon with only the trickling sounds of water to keep it company and the crickets playing their own song. Suddenly, she's there - the one you were waiting for to appear. The being offers her hand for you to walk with her through the endless field. Will you?

Cautious Step As you take your first step into the unknown, you feel a sense of wonder and excitement, but unease settles in the back of your mind, driving you back towards the familiar sense of truth and... You lock eyes with the void itself. It drives a cold feeling through your heart but you can't just look away. And so you take one last step forwards, and then plunge into the depths of the unknown.

Where Am I ? What had I done? I can't remember. I only know it had something to do with time and space. Now what?

All Over All Of The Time Pour yourself over the planet and feel yourself travel by land, sea, and air.

Chernobyl Walking through the abandoned town, your feet crunching on the overgrown grass, you have only the wind in the trees, the crying of crows and the beeping of geiger counter for company as you approach the sarcophagus...

Stormy Thoughts Your thoughts drift slowly through the void, the thunderstorm outside gently nudging you to sleep...

Active Stasis Faster than light travel might be the most preferred way, but there's something about dropping out of hyperspace, and hooking up your sensors to the old phonograph you found in a junk planet somewhere, and take the slow route home.

Jungle Stream Walk through deep shadows under the dripping trees. The air is cool and mist-laden. Someone has hung windchimes along the path.

Stormy Sea 2 You're crossing the Atlantic in a sailing ship when a storm suddenly hits you. The crew is on deck to manage to get through the storm, while you're under deck hearing the rumble of the storm and the squeaking of the wood. Will you get through the storm?

A Look Into The Void The face in the mirror vanishes. And you see the void... an infinite space of possibilities.

Knight And Jailer Two riders in companionable silence. Sunlight filters through green leaves as they pass meadows and follow streams. The forest holds no fear for them.

The Streets Are Theirs At Night The summer night breeze is pleasant, the cool relief from the sun bringing with it the quiet of evening. From your porch you can hear the sounds of the night children as they play in the street you played in just that afternoon. Though they look no different than you, their animal calls that alert the neighborhood dogs make you wish you were bold enough to join in their feral playfulness.

Climax This is it. You've finally made it. The villain is standing right in front of you. You feel the tension in the room slowly but surely creep along until it reaches your core. What are you doing here? Why were you in this situation? And were you really in the right to be doing this? It didn't quite matter now. Radios scream from either side. It's time to make your move.

Calm Atmosphere Looking at a field in the late summer evening; the sun still warm and the golden atmosphere around you seems to get slower until time nearly stops. You feel at peace with a hint of melancholy.

Three Days In Pripyat You never expected the "mystery destination" of your trip to be Pripyat, of all places. Winds howl through the deserted streets, and strange electronic sounds seem to echo from the past -- for surely no modern source is producing them. Thunder rumbles in the distance, and it seems your "tour group" has vanished without a trace...

Lively Town As you step into the old, rustic style town, you feel welcome. The smell of fresh bread hits you as you make your way past the diner nearby. A quiet child looks up at you from the table, flipping through their book. A stranger smiles as you pass by, giving a small wave as you wander to the hotel. What a lovely town.

Earthquake City The earthquakes have grown stronger over the past few weeks; more frequent... I think today might be the last day for any of us.

New Orleans Sound The ambience of the French Quarter; sitting on a bench in Jackson Square; an outdoor table at a Garden District restaurant. Even better layered with a New Orleans jazz playlist turned down to just audible, to evoke the feeling of music playing from a noisy cafe a few doors down.

An Octave Lower At the junction of the D♮ below B♮, the individual sounds have fallen away and leave a melange in their wake. There is a croaking drone, but surely no frogs could live in black holes? Individual tones seem to last an eon, and the regular marimba-like tones are deeper and darker, as though mallets struck against a txalaparta's wooden slabs. Will you fall forever?

Two Semitones Earlier, in B♮ Two steps further into the black hole, and C♯ falls away to B♮. The time distortion of the black hole is in effect, but still music can be discerned in the deep, rumbling chaos. No longer are those sounds hopeful, though. Instead, they merely just are. Companion to "Interstellar Glass".

Interstellar Glass Music to fall into a black hole to: stray radio signals warble around you and interference buzzes loudly. There is a distant horn, or is it the screams of a long-dead star? Suddenly! -- something is struck. Xylophone? Marimba? Orbital moon? Hunk of space junk? It overpowers the organ-like hum, but you can't shake the funerary mood. Your funeral.

Black Canyon Bells From the window of the Black Lodge you see out over the Canyon; hanging high in the sky and signalling the eventual doom of everything you hold dear is the Black Hole, meanwhile Bells sing slowly and breathy, ringing in your doom. Best experienced when tuned to B natural.

Wolves In The Rain Taking shelter in a long forgotten cabin, you build a fire, warm yourself, and listen to the ethereal songs of the wolves, waiting for the storm to pass.

Castlemania You have entered Dracula's Castle. What a horrible night to have a curse.

Dustbowl Dirty thirties, with some liberties taken with instruments: The farm's dried up. Ma's bad sick and Pa left to look for work. The blowing dust forever hisses in your ears and eyes and nose and mouth. Two lazy brothers of yours fool around on the porch with a guitar and harmonica, but it doesn't sound like they're making music so much as keeping sorrow at bay. What else is there to do?

New Tokyo-iii Perpetual summer has made the shrilling of cicadas incessant. People around you gossip as you hurry to catch the bullet train. A distant steel mill presses rhythmically on, creating parts for the military organization protecting this city. And when you board, you sit beside a young boy who's listening to a walkman, turned up just a bit too loud. (Soundscape inspired by Neon Genesis Evangelion)

Tornado Season The wind whips across fields of golden wheat. On the horizon there's an anvil cloud centered in a grey-green sky. Thunder rumbles ominously, floorboards on the porch groan in protest. You call for the children, herding all of them toward the cellar doors.

Gothic Soundscape You are in the upper tower of a lonely castle -- perhaps you are a prisoner, perhaps a guest. A storm is gathering on the horizon and you can hear the ticking of the tower clock all about you and the distant rattling and creak of the stone structure all about you, eternally settling. In spite of the distant thunder, however, you feel a strange peace. You are not alone.

Love After The Storm True touching love story of two lovable friends.

Armenian Dream A dream of high Armenian mountains, pure lakes and tranquility of the nature. Duduk, piano and some vocal shall help to see that dream.

Unnatural Bells Illogical, mesmerizing, haunting, easing, disturbing, rolling, unnatural soundscape.

Calm You walk through a vast coastal prairie, watching the grass sway and listening to birds. The ocean's waves grow closer and closer as you wander, and you have never felt so at peace. Inspired by Lonesome Traveler, but with more nature.

My Haunted Piano My piano is haunted: whenever I play a note, I hear a ghost. Some are from this world, and some are from another. Some come from beyond the stars, and some from another time. Every note is a different ghost, and every ghost is a different voice, and every voice says a different thing that I can't quite understand. It terrifies me, but still I play... every day.

Viking Journey A viking ship returning to the Scandinavian homeland, waves lapping against the side of the boat as it sails further into the fjord. Birds, wind and the sound of home after a long, long journey.

Purr, Conch, Frog These three sounds seem timeless to me. It made sense to put them together.

Ophelia "She chanted snatches of old tunes; As one incapable of her own distress, Or like a creature native and indued Unto that element: but long it could not be Till that her garments, heavy with their drink, Pull'd the poor wretch from her melodious lay To muddy death." ~ Hamlet: Act IV, Scene VII

Galactic Storm A trip through nebulous storm. Rest assured that your ship is safe on it's passage through the rough patch of space.

Rainy Cafe Blues Rain patters on the window as you wait for your friend at the cafe. Out the window you can see the blurred shapes of car lights passing by, casting a warm glow through the shimmering rain. It's warm and cozy in your booth. The soft leather seating, the gentle hush of the rain outside, and the happy murmur of the patrons around you could lull you off to sleep if your friend isn't here soon.

Rhythmic Progression There is no build up, or relief of tension. There's only stability, focus, and rhythmic progression.

Trippin' In The Rain Various calm, low drones and hums, thunder, and a trippy guitar. You're compelled by an unknown force to take a midnight stroll through the forest, knowing full well the weather is about to turn. Your seeking brings you to a curious mushroom. It joins you, and soon enough, the journey turns inward.

Distance The distance between where you are and where you want to be is only in your mind here. Travel to a stormy coast and get lost in the haunting song carried on the wind.

Selkie Song She slips between the wave-worn rocks and seafoam, singing her solemn solo. A fisherman in his storm-battered boat, the gulls, and the fish, are her only audience.

Pirates Of The Carabbean [ Rowing Through A Pirate Battle ] Pirates of the Caribbean - Like the ride, you are rowing your boat through a pirate battle. Boats on either side as cannons and bullets fly over head. Look out for pirates as they swing from the mast with swords out. Try and keep your head.

Open The Parlor Window She's lazily hitting keys and chords, wandering through stacks of composition paper to find the right notes. A white breeze through gauzy curtains feels indolent somehow, and the slow activity in the hall does nothing to speed her progress.

Underground Ceremony Peeking through the opening into the largest cave, you observe robed figures engaged in a strange ceremony: some sing a haunting song, one seemingly at odds with itself; others stroke the inside of bowls to make a haunting sound; others still sit silent. Behind you, endless water trickles from somewhere into nowhere, and the winds pick up and die down. You're not ready to leave... yet.

Exiled For your crimes, you have been exiled to the forsaken continent...

In The Plane Of Magic Your party did not mean to come here and yet here you are--the long expanse of the plane stretches before you and then suddenly contracts closer. Reality seems to shift and the power of the plane thrums around you with life. This is where all magic emerges from and in the roil unimaginable power you can feel the very patterns that make up the fabrics of existence itself...

Monks The sound of monks, echoed steps in their spaces. Reverent bells and the sounds of music either here or distant. Placed either in the forest or somewhere high in the mountains. Feel the connection to spirituality.

A Bottomless Curse Within a dream long forgotten, a woman guards the secrets among the running waters behind the clocktower, trying to silence the constant dripping with the tune of her voice. But the sea will always be a reminder... Insired by Bloodborne and Lady Maria.

Tuning To A Dress rehearsal has always been a dramatically charged atmosphere. The string section is still learning the dynamics in the second movement, the trombones are fighting off the flu, and the director is desperately trying to tie the piece together. Every week, warming up feels louder and louder. But that wash of instruments always brings you back to the music.

Winter Wastes You walk a lonely road, through a devastated and dead land, not a soul in sight. No cities, no people. Barely an animal crosses your path. You are part of all that is left after the destruction. Snow has fallen on your path now, giving just a little bit of light to the dark, unknown road before you.

Call Of Cthulu You find an abandoned tanker washed ashore on a deserted island, said to have sunk decades ago under mysterious circumstances. You wander in to explore, perhaps to plunder. Metal groans in protest. Your footsteps echo into darkness. What was that? An old rusted pipe somewhere? Did you hear whispering? A deep rumble from the depths? Tread carefully, friend.

HimalAfraTrance If Africa were to connect with India once again, stirring up the Himalaya mountains once more - and if you can wait long enough it will - this is what the music will be in the collision zone.

Curbside You've walked almost twenty city blocks in morning sun and dust, but now it's high noon—time to rest under the awning of an outdoor cafe. The blend of traffic, construction, and people shouting to one another across the street eventually becomes a busy, loud comfort.

Feel The Rumble You thought you were safe. You were wrong.

Hiding In A Bunker Is it safe outside? How long have I been hiding? I don't think I'm alone down here.

Hawaii I am Hawaii. I am your island.

Whispering Pines When we walk in the pine woods, the smells and the sounds of the forest still my mind. The pines rustle and whisper, "Shhhhhhhhhhh."

Shack In A Storm The wind is howling outside and the rain is battering at the roof, but inside is toasty and warm. You hope the storm will blow itself out by the morning, so for now, you huddle closer and fall asleep to the sounds of the wild weather outside, and the fire crackling in the hearth.

Fimbulwinter Fimbulwinter is the harsh winter that precedes the end of the world. Wolves are howling. Dark spirits are whispering from the shadows. Humans gather around the fire to shield themselves from the biting cold, waiting for an end that has been spoken of for centuries.

The Last Tea When you sit hidden from the rain while the last golden sunrays beam through the dark clouds by the faraway horizont, listening to the burying raindrops and the inevitable change of everybody's fate that hangs upon the world, drinking your last cup of tea and hoping for the rightness of your decision, wishing for it, when it's too late for doubt anyway.

Sunken Chapel Lying on your back in shallow water with your ears underwater and your eyes to a metaphorical ceiling, the world sounds quite different. Amongst the muffled cradling of waves, the oscillation gradually transforms into elusive music: It's an ebb and flow of regularity and anticipation.

Song Of The Harvest A quiet day in feudal Japan during the time of the harvest, the sounds of nature accompanied by soothing strings which both celebrate the bounty and remind all of the coming winter.

Sunken Cathedral Captain's Log: The patterns we sighted at the bottom of the trench are not there by accident. The ship's archaeologist is certain that they are part of a sacred site, but she is deeply troubled by questions of who built them and how they wound up at this depth. Two submersible pilots report that they heard faint singing -- I'll have to have the mate run a few surprise drug inspections...

Dune The desert winds themselves merge into the harmonium: are they the air that give it voice? The same wind shakes bells, inspires rhythmic drumming and, above the bustle of the sietch, a lone Fremen voice longs for the ocean. Inspired by Frank Herbert's Dune.

Floating See me floating. See me moving without moving. See me running orbits round my star. See me spinning round my axis. See me floating. See me. Hear me.

WL Nights An atmosphere and white noise generator for sleeping at Disney's Wilderness Lodge. The summer cicadas and crickets, the gentle lapping of Bay Lake, the crackle of a dying campfire, and a distant waterfall.

Thought In Downtown When you're living in a big city and you are in the subway or walking home after a busy workday, you think a lot about things during the travel. you're environnement is noisy but you are in your mind.

Minimal Sometimes less is more.

Tournament Of Kings! My family loves the Tournament of Kings--a medieval-themed show with jousting, sword fights, food, and (most importantly) no silverware! This combination takes you there. Have fun!

Summer Morning The morning is the coolest part of the day in midsummer. The world springs to life before heat crashes the party. That's why you wake up early. It really is the perfect time to read.

Hangin' In The Wind Selected hang drums, duduk drones, and a Native American flute piercing the dissonance. Lend a log to the fire, lay your burdened back in mother earth's arms, and watch the moon-lit clouds traverse an infinite sea of stars.

Padding You bought the last two tickets available. You went to the toilet to ensure a comfortable sit. And now the movie is about to start. The soundtrack is highly anticipating...

Traditional Modern Traditional sound with a modern touch.

Psycho Be prepared for a mind-blowing experience! Not for the lighthearted.

Improvisation Halting at a swiftstreaming creek the three friends and musicians set up their tents, sat by the fire, grabbed their instruments - which appeared to be a bit difficult for the pianist - and started improvising.

Tribal Unity While on your trek through the mountains of southwest Asia come across a very strange occurrence, you can hear both the Himalayan monks and the Tibetian tribes singing and chanting simultaneously, creating a hauntingly beautiful theme to your adventures...

X Set Aninmation to deep and fast to get really dynamic evolving soundscapes out of X.

Cave Dust Saved A 2001 A Space Oddity inspired soundscape. The apes are sleeping in their cave. Tomorrow, the monolith will arrive, but they don't know this.

Deep Space Lullaby "I set a course just east of Lyra, northwest of Pegasus," as a song like a beacon draws me far, far away from home.

Highland Call You awaken one early morning to the sound of thunder. The humidity makes you want to shed your night clothes but there is work to be done. You throw a dress over your shift and tighten it with an apron. The cows have to be brought in before the rain begins. You shove your feet into worn, leather shoes that barely fit you any more, and rush outside.

Enclosure An inner courtyard closed against intrusive sounds, glass walls open to a stormy sky.

Laundromat In The Rain I love both the laundromat and various rain generators. I couldn't decide which to listen to tonight, and the supergen doesn't have a timer, so... I'm writing a story that takes place in a laundromat. And one night, it's rainy. So.

Unexpected Company Unexpected company! What do you do? Act as usually? Or start a new story? A new way to look at things? A new perspective? It's up to you.

Mystical Forest 2 I fell asleep in an enchanted wood. When I woke, the fairies were fluttering all around.

City Noir I visit this cafe often to think. The murmur of the clientele, the sound of the rain on the scaffolding, the gentle rush of traffic; they drown out my other thoughts and let me focus on the case. But I've hit another dead end: my coffee has gone cold. I pull my hat low and step out into the alley, the streetlamp above making patterns in the rain. Maybe I missed a clue at the demolition site.

Meditative Mind A selection of my favorite sounds for meditation. I use it as is, or drop out the humming and pump up the rain and either focus on the the lovely, full bell from Baetae Memoriae or the om from chapel voices.

Raining Psyfi The sounds of rain, while a duduk plays in the back with hints of psyfi.

Sunless Sea Your boat has just left the dock and you hear a bell ringing somewhere in the fallen London. As a deep humming sound rises from the crates, the captain starts to sing an old melody to soothe the spirits...

Secrets In A Storm A distant storm brings rain. He growls. She whispers.

Industrial Water Soft factory noise with underwater sounds and drips. I find it super relaxing.

Voices By A River At dawn sweet voices clear the air.

The Storm's Call The storm has been raging for days. But it calls to you. Pulls you in. What could possibly be awaiting your arrival among the eye of the storm?

Shamamic Reverie Waking from a fitful sleep I know all is well.

Onsen Relax at a Japanese hot spring.

Evening Meditation You are seated on the porch of an old monastery, wearing a thick shawl to ward off the chill. It is autumn, and the trees that sprawl down the mountainside are mostly bare. A heavy rain falls and bells distantly chime as the monks come and go without speaking. You have nothing that you need to attend to, and you feel welcomed and safe in this sacred space.

Still Imagine a motionless state where a second is an eternity.

Distancing This is a suspenseful, disturbing track. It is perfect for an INTENSE chase scene in a film.

Surrealist Relaxation Sometimes you can't relax, sometimes you can when you hear this.

Marine Monster Sounds evocating a tender Marine Monster.

Computer Dream In the digital world, a dream is music...

Lydia Stargazing Your friends are asleep in the cave behind you, warmed by the fire you lit earlier. You're on watch, but there's no danger. The bells of Ravenshead still chime distantly in the valley, lifted on the wind. The ground is dusted in snow, but as the clouds clear, the sky shows you its lights. The constellations seem like family to you, but one star seems out of place, almost as though it sees you...

Vocal Atmosphere A collection of varied vocals from various generators, plus a few instruments, that combine into a soothing, vaguely musical atmosphere.

Dreams In Time Out Of Mind Exhausted you fall. Half asleep. Half awake. Your journey ends.

Medieval Church Service It's time for Vespers. You find peace among the burning torches and whispered prayers, as you ask God to bless the spouse and young children kneeling at your side.

The Rainslick Starship You thrust into the Everstorm Quadrant aboard your trusty starship. This place is a mysterious land of lights and anticipation, with its impossible unyielding galactic rainstorms being just a small reflection of what secrets lie within this dangerous domain. Are you sure you want to go further?

Girl In The Shower You can hear the deep rumbles and swishes of the tub filling from your room. She flicks the water playfully and starts to sing a lovely haunting tune that reverberates beyond the bathroom walls. She turns on the shower and it patters against the shower curtain. The water drips on the floor and you don't even care.

The Planetarium A visit to the planetarium. Gentle, spacey music, a speaker, and a hushed audience. Tune in and space out.

Exploring In The Rain You're being chased in a storm. Someone has you in their sights. Will you escape their clutches? Or will they catch you?

Sunday Night, Third Floor Laundry Room I'm staying in the dorms during summer break. There aren't many students around; definitely not at night. I walk through the labyrinth of hallways to the very last room. The scent of cheap detergent makes my head feel fuzzy. The fluorescent lights cast a hazy glow. I'm alone, but as I feel goosebumps form on my skin (how can it be so cold in the summer?), I swear I can hear someone else.

("Game/Reality") The cruelest revelation: a life forever trapped in the confines of a game, cognizant of the truth, fighting to change an already scripted fate. A place where non-existence may be better than the nightmarish truth. Inspired by Dan's Salvato's graphic novel, Doki Doki Literature Club.

Encounter At The Blacksmith A wandering pilgrim hears the furious hammering and forging of a nearby blacksmith. He decides to take a closer look and walks the path down to the old watermill. Will this encounter intertwine the fates of these two?

Cold Outside, Warm Inside Wet snow beats on the roof, and snow drifts down from the eaves of your cabin. But it's warm inside by the fire.

Angels And Demons Battle on a cosmic scale. The end times have come. Who will prevail? The forces of light fight for life. The forces of darkness fight for destruction. In this generator, an eternal stalemate trancsends all.

Generational Travel This ship has been flying in one direction for 300 years. You're perched on a carefully cultivated oak tree above the main transport deck, trying to take a brief nap before your break ends. You can hear shuttles landing and taking off in the main expanse, which intermittently drowns almost everything out—except for the constant deep bloodflow of the massive engines working tirelessly below it all.

Hang Meditation Beautiful hang drum melody with a couple of odd piano tones and two female vocals gently merging together, while soft wind from the sea carries your stress away...

Rainy Lake Campsite Last year, I went camping with a friend up near a frog-filled lake. When the weather threatened to turn inclement, we strung a tarp over much of our campsite. I still remember sitting in the growing dark, the rain splattering on our covering above us while a small campfire crackled away.

The Captain's Widow A storm is rolling into the village soon, but we can still here her up on the cliffs, singing mournfully for her Tatania. Everything warns to go inside: the distant church bell, the panicking gulls, the threatening roil of thunder itself, but still she sings.

Hold Your Breath You are eight years old. Even though it is against the rules, you are running the bathtub faucet and shower at the same time so you can suspend yourself underwater and hear the drops falling from the inside. Your mother's voice on the phone in the distance is muffled by the ringing thunk of waves against porcelain.

A Mattress Of Pine Needles You've finally settled down for the night, spooning the small campfire at a safe distance. Dry, crackling pine wood nearly masks the gentle clap of waves against the shore. Your tent is set up and ready to go, canvas gently buffeting against the lake breeze, but it feels peaceful to lay here just a moment longer, suspended in time by fireglow and loon-song.

Maximum Cozy You are in a cozy cabin in front of a cheerfully crackling fire, listening to the rain drum gently on the roof. On your lap is a sleeping cat. (Mostly low tones other than some fire crackles, for a gentle meditative drone.)

Focus, naturally It's raining again... In the distance I can hear the thunder, and every now and then the wind is howling around my house. The combination of wind, rain and thunder makes me grateful for the roof over my head... I feel safe and warm, cosy in my own cocoon. The noises from outside are calming and soothing... perfect for sipping a hot drink, reading, writing, drawing and studying...

This Train You're on this train. You're in this car. As you ride in this train you watch. You watch the stars. You watch the rolling hills. You huddle into the corner of this car on this train. The wind whips your hair across your face and you feel the night chill. You're in this car. You're on this train.

Arrival At Attledale Inn You've been following the road for days. Your feet are beginning to ache when you see a sign painted with the words "Attledale Inn." You follow it until you come to a majestic old house. Inside, you are awed by the bookshelves lining the walls. The innkeeper invites you to sit by the fire. You pick a thick volume and settle in. There are many wonders here. You are sure you will find them all.

Forbidden Forest You raise your torch higher. You can't shake the feeling that someone - or something - is watching you. Gargantuan trees surround you. A small stream runs to your left. It should feel magical - but that strange feeling of not being alone won't go away. You turn around - and what you see sends chills down your spine.

Magical Battle Magical spells, exploding fireballs, splashing potions and ominiouos invocations. Can mere humans win in a battle against the ancient and arcane powers?

Viking's Voyage Join Vikings on their long voyage across the sea, humming folk songs to keep time with every stroke.

Realm of Madness Inspired by H.P. Lovecraft. Gaze into the hideous, interminable abyss between dimensions - that terrible black infinity from which the Old Ones hail.

All You Bass Are Belong To Us My hearing is far too sensitive to higher pitched sounds, so I set out to make the ultimate bass drone. This is what happened.

Riven You find a strange and old-looking book, opening the cover to see a moving picture of an unfamiliar world. You touch the image in awe, being transported to the alien land contained within the book's many pages. (Inspired by its namesake, Riven. Am I making too many of these? Maybe. Am I going to use them all? Definitely.)

Vampire Sanctuary You have stolen into the sanctuary below the city to evade the Serafan, your weary nerves calmed by the sounds of a distant organ and fire. Their leader seems to have drank his fill; and offering you respite... For now. (Inspired by Legacy of Kain.)

Silent Hill Not for relaxation, unless you're a crazy person like me. This is a fairly unsettling Silent Hill inspired soundscape. Contains dungchen, steel mill, sweep noise and audio jammer.

Dark Just a little soundscape to capture the show's ambiance while we wait for season 2 of Dark :)

Ancient Ritual You are walking through the woods when everything goes quiet. A soft, continuous ringing fills the air, followed by haunting flutes. Someone is whispering while others chant quietly. The sound of spinning fire and strange birds floats among the trees. You creep away softly. Best not to disturb those who summon the dark.

Redwall Gatekeeper's House You sit in the gatekeeper and recorder's quarters at Redwall Abbey. The kindly mouse has offered you tea. As you sit listening to the spring storm brewing outside, the turning of pages relaxes you. It complements the crackling fire he's built. It's cosy in here. As the first of the rain rolls over the roof, you sip your tea and smile. This is home.

Megillot: Passover - Song of Songs As spring unfolds, the Shulamite and her beloved shepherd find in each other's love a return to Eden. "To love as they do is to enter a garden and be satiated with its abundant fruit and fragrant perfumes. It is to taste again the unalloyed goodness of the gift once given." - Five Festal Garments by Barry G Webb

Finding Nemo This generator feels a lot like the background noise in Finding Nemo. The sound of water beneath the surface, gentle waves rhythmically lapping the shore, dolphins chatting in the distance, and a drone humming simple tones that tie everything together.

Sekundene Før Du Dør You want to die. You are centuries old: breaths and movement taking the energy of a thousand, all creaking joints and crying muscles. Senses die as nerves collapse under the weight of living, following the path higher thought took long ago into your mother tongue — og du er døende, døende! Stillhet, fredelig stillhet svelger alt. |With love from Norway.|

Fading Echoes You wander amongst clusters of oddly-twisted tombstones sprouting from the ground in clusters, broken sections of iron fencing jutting up from seemingly random gaps between. The entire area is cloaked in a dim pall from the stormy sky above, and shrouded by the sounds of rolling thunder, the calls of ominous birds, and the fading echoes of a bell from some tower unseen.

Quiet Study The fire roars in the hearth as you read a book by the window, the first hints of a storm rolling across the horizon outside.

Summer Camping Jam And Chill Your group of friends have come down to chill next to the lakeside for the summer night. A couple of them pull out guitars to just strum together as the rest of you chat among yourselves. A cold beer in your hand, a good friend by your side. All is good.

IceDrone Glaciers sending out messages to the world.

Abandoned Space Station A station floats in the farthest reaches of the Solar System. Communications went dark months ago. Now your crew has arrived to investigate. What will you find?

Voices Voices and duduk. Enjoy!

Feel Like Dancing If you like dancing.... with a little additional magic.

Monks In Space A group of questing Buddhist astronauts set forth to find a new planet of peace...

Rhythmnosis You are not the traveler, you are the journey.

The Magic-Touched Wood The chimes hanging in the trees are what drew you, and the spot's deal location was what made you stay for the night. Your party has fun while you relax by the stream, just at the fire's edge. The full moon's glow illuminates the pastel forest, and the girls' songs almost makes you feel dozy until you remember that the more chaotic of them is practicing her fire magic not ten feet away.

Nightly A quiet night. The crickets are singing, you can also hear an owl just behind the window. It's raining but don't worry, you're inside the house and the fireplace is on. There are other people with you there. Some are chatting quietly, almost whispering. Someone is eating a late dinner. Someone is walking around, deep in thoughts. You are safe. The enchanting humming voices cast warding spells.

Find Peace Here Singing bowls, crickets, a soft piano and gentle tones. This will take you to a peaceful mindscape where you can collect yourself after a rough day. No harsh noises.

Sea Zen Being an Aquarius I love the water, be it rain, streams, the waves rolling in or even the shower. For me it's the ultimate combination of clearing my mind, regaining focus and blocking noise. Nothing like a stroll on the beach, listening to the waves, feeling the water and sand beneath my feet, smelling the salty air, watching the water coming and going... SeaZen!

Empty Mind This is the emptiness of the mind, full of confusion, hypnotics and horrors

The House in Autumn The house has been abandoned for a hundred years or more. Autumn leaves swirl around as crows peer inward at you. You have your trusty pocket watch to keep you company. Thunder mumbles in the distance. The broken window panes crunch underfoot as you make your way to the library. You find some tomes, sealed in crates and boxes, that have survived. You wander around, reading the forgotten lore.

Campcore A weekend get-together with friends and family in the forest; a busy day turns into a night by the campfire, exchanging stories and basking in each others' presence.

Elsewhere You find a bright courtyard in the center of a nightmare. This place feels safe, but you cannot help the feeling that you are being watched...

2049 Flying over the city, the ashen smog and the distant neon glow of the cities below peeking through the heavy rain. The edges of the world soften, and a sense of melancholy washes over you.

Enchanted Woman A strange, ethereal woman sits at the edge of a peaceful lake. When she sings the birds and insects listen, as does any human that comes across her.

Isla Nublar The remote, but well known Island from Jurassic Park. InGen and Hammond are already here, but it sems like they didnt breed or release anything yet. Or have they? Wait - what's that deep rumble?! Perfect for the Audiobook - almost. I'd love to interchange the deep Bass-sliders with some big Reptile steps or far away deep roaring sounds. Thank you Stéphane for another layer of customisation!

The Year Of The Android The sound of a cyberpunk future where androids dream of electric sheep.

Ambient Shore Calmly sitting in my cabin on the loch's edge with the French windows open, I idly tinkle the keys of the piano as a ghostly melody wafts through the crisp spring air. Am I alone?

The Princess Garden There's a party going on in the house, but you have little interest in such things. You'd rather relax out in the garden and listen to the sounds of plants and animals. Music box notes come in off the wind.

Land Of Rain A world of neverending rainfall where amphibians are the rulers.

The Meditation Temple You find yourself sitting among a group of people atop a mountain, inside a temple, surrounded by small fires and incense. The longer you sit, the farther you fall into a deep hole of calm. The humming of the people around you, the light strumming of the water drums, and the warmth of calm.

A Viking Winter It's the Viking Era. You have just come back from a hunt and you carry a small boar on your back. The town is bustling with trade and life. You will never get tired of coming into the village.

Study Room Studying in a cozy room.

Dark Rain A dark, calming rain accompanied by an evening bell and a lonely call.

The Great Library Rows and rows of shelves upon the marble floors, deeply laden with heavy tomes of obscure knowledge and insights. With the dim light coming from the central fireplace, you and your fellow scholars roam the shelves into the twilight in search of the answers lost to time and dust.

Renaissance Festival It's a cool, breezy fall afternoon at your local Ren Fest. Visit the blacksmith, watch some jousting, and don't forget a nice big Turkey Leg and a deep fried twinkie.

Lunarpunk A little futuristic, a little natural, a little crowded, all peaceful.

A Horse With No Name A Horse with No Name gallop on the prairie.

A Rest In The Canyon It started as a lucky hunt, and by now you've made it far outside your usual hunting ground. A few of your packmates, not yet willing to return to the dens with with the rest, joined you in this flight of curiosity... and they join you still, laying by the tiny spring, relaxing in the warm sand before you decide to leave the shade of the canyon to face the desert sun again.

Melodic Zen A syncretic mix of forest echoes and subtle ancient melodies.

They Are Here Time has stopped. The end is near. Their global plan will be unveiled. All minds are cleared.

Melancholic Rainy Gas Station I tried to combine all of my favourite noise elements together, and simulate that certain cousy and sleepy feeling, while sitting in a warm car, listening rain splattering on windows, heavy diesel gas tanker delivering more gas to the station at 4am, and falling asleep while waiting dad to get back in car and continue driving home. Distant traffic noises and also boring silent radioshow.

Dusk On The Bayou Camping by a brook falling gently into the bayou.

Jungle In Your Head Wander through the rainforest that is your mind.

Ethereal Ocean Distant voices echo the swells of the waves as you drift out to sea.

Female Voices A multifarious choir transcends the predawn light.

Planet X Rover We knew it had to be there for centuries and there it was, Planet X; hidden deep in the Kuiper belt. Earth's first scout probe has just landed on it! The Human race listens in limbo as it starts its surveillance mission and for these first sounds its sensors send back. We soon realize we may not be the only ones... there's no turning back now.

Song Of Ice An eerie chant of ice and water, like a temple to a god long since drowned.

Waiting for the Ride One day during a visit to Animal Kingdom, I started getting anxious and worked up. My mom decided to stop for some food at a small food stand right next to Expedition Everest. While I stood to the side waiting, I realized how the drone of people walking by and the soft music with occasional bell rings was incredibly soothing.

Temporary Respite Once out wandering the unknown, you've now been caught by surprise as the sky darkened and dropped its once heavy burden. You've hastily constructed a small camp in order to keep from catching cold, and it seems a creature of the wild has adopted your shelter.

Temple Courtyard As she rests in the peaceful courtyard after a long summer's day, a gentle wind carries the music of the evening ceremony from the temple. With the setting sun to her back, she decides to meditate on the sound of water flowing through a bamboo fountain and buried suikinkutsu.

Journey To Nowhere Sip your tea. Listen to the rumble of the rails, the mutter of the rain, the babble of the dining car. Your destination is unimportant. What you have left behind is unimportant. Right now there is only the scent of your tea, the train, and you.

The Expanse You are travelling through the deep expanse of the stars, the elemental beauty of the universe surrounds you. And yet, humans are no different, still filled with vast emotions that dictate what they do. Listen to gentle vocalising with the gentle hum of your starship, and the occasional explosive reminder of human nature in the distance. Inspired heavily by the book series "The Expanse".

Tristesse When I was younger, I created an imaginary forest where I could go to be as sad as I needed to be, free from those who would prefer for me to be cheery and carefree. I called it Tristesse, a French word for sadness or melancholy. I invite you to sit and relish your sorrows, and remember this place should you ever need it in the future.

Entrance To Hades With the coin placed under your tongue, you pay Charon to take you across the river to the entrance of Hades. He does not speak during this journey, but you can hear the whispers of the unburied souls who cannot yet be taken, and the mournful cries of Cerberus, who guards the gates you approach. Soon you will learn where your soul is destined.

Curious Wanderer A subtle, positive atmosphere to tune your mood and senses into another dimension for a little while.

Gravity's Lodge You are falling into the darkness. The weight of your memories surrounds you, comforting and provoking regret by turns. There's no escape from this well, but you belong here anyway.

Sparkling Hu water While the monk chants his quiet song on the bank of the river, the universe shimmers and sparkles in quiet beauty. All will be well.

Quiet Living Room After a long day, in the evening, you sit in front of the piano in your living room. The fire is crackling in your fireplace, steadily burning the last log you have put in it. You feel the warmth on your skin. Rethinking about the gone day, you play a somewhat melancholic melody, while nobody's listening...

Hephaestus You are in a forge. It would be more appropriate, even, to say you are in The Forge. Work in here is continuous, but there is a warmth to the place. You watch the presses, sitting next to the fire, and you wait.

The Basement The heroes journey into the basement, their last stop scouring the Lord's manor for clues. What they find there will shake them to the core... for the goings on were far more ghastly and sinister than anyone could have imagined...

Winter With You A cozy winter night with your head on someone's chest.

Consciousness Technician The soldering of Dendrites, sorting of the senses, filing & disposal of memories & the repairing of cells; all while preparing your nights dreams... While you sleep the technician works feverishly as time ticks away to ensure a full days reconciliation until the morning chord strikes...

Dusty Streets You walk through the empty, dusty streets of a forgotten city. The gleaming structures that surround you stand lonely against the pale sky. This place was full once. Light catches the particles of dust hanging in the air, surrounding you as you feel at once lost and found.

Nerves Electric pulses, is it anxiety or excitment ? Are those stomach butterflies or just noisy interferences ? Relax, try to take deep synthetic respirations...

Witch Study When the night falls and rain plays its tone against the window, the Witch submits herself to study the old magic books, fireplace keeping her warm and cozy during her studies.

Wind Meditation The wind is the best tool to meditate with. Hold your breath for several seconds and then exhale over the course of another five count. When you think you can't exhale any more, keep blowing from the deepest depths of your lungs....

Village Hidden In The Clouds Clouds. Thunders. Rain. Falling on the tin roofs of kampongs still commonly found in certain parts of Southeast Asia today. A sound that many SEAsians living since before the 80's may find familiar. A sound like home.

The Scots March To War The Highlands are alive with the sounds of Scottish warriors on the march. Droning bagpipes and thundering drums drive the morale as high as the sunlight sky.

Homeworld Angular, gleaming buildings tower all around you, set against a strange pink sky. This strange, towering world is home to Gems, an inorganic species made of minerals and light. This is the seat of The Great Diamond Authority and the heart of their tyrannical intergalactic empire.

Mellow Yellow The vibes of the credits music after a fantasy movie.

Christmas Ambience The magical feeling of spending Christmas in front of your fireplace, listening to the snowstorm outside. [Recommend using any animation on 'slowest' for this one]

Introverti Your heart rushes, your sense of romanesque overwhelms you. You need to go out and hear what nature has to say about the situation.

Zen Canyon Wooden flutes, the trickle of a nearby fountain, and the gentle ring of a windchime.

In The Sky With Rhodes Ethereal voices meet calming instruments for zen experience.

The Time To Fight Stop running and pick up your sword. Turn yourself around and make fate your design.

Peaceful Night In The Suburbs The crickets are running a noisy concert while you're out on the porch tonight. You can see the city skyline just barely before the sun calls it a day. Only the bright and vibrant neons remain, hanged high on the proud skyscrapers. The cars going by remind you to get your favourite mix of soothing tunes. I recommend using this with Telecaster Licks or any other calming songs or tracks you have.

Fear Is Coming Something is wrong and you're not sure what. The air is off, and with every passing moment your heart seems to twinge in anticipation. A general, low-intensity, and scary background noise.

Taniere A den, a shelter from the rain. A calming breath. The sound of a heart growing towards calm, confidence to go back oustide for new adventures, after a peaceful rest.

LoFi Christmas Time Lo Fi Christmas Time radio-transmitted from Georgia.

Steampunk Workshop Using the raw elements of water and fire to power your workshop, you tinker away at components of what is sure to be the next greatest invention of all time. Clockworks, steam, and fire set the mood, and give your mind something natural and something repetitive which allows you to find 'the zone'.

Mr Rhodes In Space Mr Rhodes wakes on an interstellar ship, his keyboard floats in front of him.

Recess A little rain won't stop anybody from playing. Your jacket is zipped up tight, and you and your friend are huddled underneath a tree to stay dry before you run back out to join the others... You can hear distant voices across the field, the rattling of the chains on the playground as your peers run back and forth across the bridge and, most of all, the warm rain that is only a mild inconvenience.

Around The Fire It's time to tell YOUR story.

Hidden Meadow The rustling in the bushes attracts your attention, and as you slowly and softly draw forwards, you find an otherworldly entrance. The chiming of soft bells and whispers old as time seem to follow you through this new place. A still but calm meadow, hidden away from everyone's reach. Although, something tells you it has been hidden for a reason... But why?

Sad Story I retraced the path I had left behind.

Abyss Beacon Drifting through darkness towards a point of bright light on the horizon, the shadows guide your path.

Dis The sounds of an otherworldly machine, discovered on the edge of space by weary travelers.

Subnautica A soundscape based on the experiences of a lonely astronaut stranded on an ocean planet.

In Meditation Sit down. Breathe. Let the sounds of peace clear your mind.

Walk With We Just footsteps from ten different generators. Especially fun when animated, deep mode gives the impression of taking a stroll through worlds.

War Is Coming Don't try to sleep with it :)

Stormcaller A woman stands on the shore, watching the clouds roil around her as her voice echoes out, stirring the storm and sea. She is unfazed, peaceful, and unmoving even as the wind whips around her.

Clarity I just wanted something for my meditation and this picture came to mind. You are in the country house, it is raining. You are sitting on the top of the stairs near the house's entrance, looking at the deep gray-blue sky, feeling the water running down your hair and face. You feel every second of your presence. There is nothing to do, nowhere to go. Welcome to the moment.

Male Voices Only Just a collection of soothing, yet motivating hums and a cappella melodies, harmoniously ever-changing - perfect for those who enjoy their deep voices.

Old North Sea Ply the ancient Celtic, Norse, and Frisian trade routes over endlessly rolling waves, accompanied by the sounds of gulls, drums, and droning pipes.

The Last Train Railroad Drone Cabin Ambient

Tavern And Rain It's a rainy evening in the Thirsty Bowman, a common haunt for weary adventurers or locals in search of a hot meal. The fire in the corner crackles, where beside it sits an instrumentalist lazily picking his guitar. There is no reason not to prop your cold feet up beside the hearth and stay awhile. If you stay long enough, you might catch a story or two from the people around.

Illusion Some things we see are not real, and some sounds... (But this is real)

Etherial Flux Allow the ambience of pure sound direct you to a landscape created by free thought. Breathe deeply, set controls for a deep and slow experience... and drift away...

Soothing Storm By The Fireside As a soothing fireplace surrounds you with warmth and shelter from the gathering storm, you can lose yourself in the complexity of the soundscape, slowly drifting off to sleep as nature cleanses Earth and soul.

Little Movements Steps in a steppe ambience.

Suspiria Volk. The dance of the people. Sighs, tears and darkness. Famous dance academy in divided Berlin. Ancient witch coven. Twisted love.

Lantern Tower The sun is at its highest meridian on a warm summer day, breaking overhead as you look out over miles of landscape, breathing in the living silence.

The Busy Bakery Close your eyes and you can smell the cookies!!! Well, almost. I run a bakery and this is very close to what it would sound like day to day. Listen close and you can hear the turning of the mixers, packing and vacuum machines, the clang of the trays, staff talking, orders coming in and going out, oven timers ticking and ringing and lastly, the boiling water. Animate subtly for authenticity.

Charmer You find yourself in the middle of a ritual. A vague distant figure chants on the language you don't know. Grey shapes dance around you, fire licks your feet and you do not feel any pain. The Will incarnated in words of the magician swipes back and forth. Ancient power infiltrates you.

Dinner Party The fancy outfit your mother bought you has a scratchy collar, and the new shoes are so hard that you're stubbing your toe with each step, but it's all a small price to pay as you leave your heavy coat at the door and take in a house bathed in warm golden light and tempting smells.

Ethereal Flight Feel as if you were a white angel, flapping your wings high above the clouds, so feather-light and free... close your eyes, take to the skies, and enjoy an Ethereal Flight!

Beyond The Veil A place of restless spirits.

Stormy Sea The weather on the ocean is a strange thing. One moment you can be under full sun, and not one hour later the worst storm you've ever witnessed swirls above you with clapping thunder, crackling lightning and an absolute downpour of blinding rain. Maybe you are on deck, bracing yourself and your boat against the waves, or perhaps you are seeking shelter in the cabin, hoping for it to blow over...

Keicoe Grove The fae live in those woods, they said. And night fell, and lost you still were, when the sounds began. Were it not for tracks of upright creatures on paws, you might think the cries were from animals. The fire was there when you awoke. You are not alone... The colorful lights fill the forest, twinkling like fireflies, and something flits around your campsite, eyeshines just as big and bright.

The Big Black Engine The black engine never stopped and will never have enough... it needs no sleep. We all are part of a big unknown machine - society is a factory of truth - where is the core? The institutions are the hardware of a nation, the ideology is the software, and the law is the glue between. Who will change the hardware? Who will care for the software? Get out of this machine or change it...

Analogic Landscape Analogic Landscape where Rain mixes itself with Vintage Sounds

Dawn By The Streams Rubbing your eyes as you awaken high up in the clouds where the magic streams congregate. Mesmerized by the sounds of mother earth as the nocturnal animals of the mountains slowly fade away for another spin around the sun.

Forest Rain Inspired by the sound of the rain falling in the New Zealand bush.

A Cargo Full Of Emptiness A Cargo Full of Emptiness to travel around the seas of Rest.

LoadMaster Onboard a C-130 Hercules packed with cargo... you signed for it and you're in charge. The chilly air seeps through the flight suit as you walk around the pallets making sure all is safe and secure fore and aft. The aircrew just brewed a pot of coffee and it time for a hot cup or two... Make sure to start the animation and after a minute your ears will feel like they're going to pop.

Wet Stagger Down The Eightfold Path A Metaphorical Journey to enlightenment, representing the stormy, calm, repetitive, unexpected, disappointed, inspired, tiring and exciting pieces of life that make up each of our stories and paths we take to get there. This one is a wet, bewildered stormy path that you can here familiarity and calm in the distance as you arrive in the arms of sleep. Tomorrow your journey continues!!!

Mystical Forest Surround yourself in a surreal, magical environment that will immediately transport you away from the stresses of life. The generator contains deep male choir hums, airy female vocals, and a variety of pleasant ambient nature sounds to solidify a strong, mystical feeling place.

Christmas Air The chimes, chants, and gentle bonfire of Christmas. Soft falling snow meets a sparkling white blanket covering treetops and houses. Kids laugh and play, ice skating and snowmen building. Magic is in the air~

Jungle Strike You're far, far away from home in a very dangerous place. But you're not here for holidays, you're here to infiltrate the enemy's line from behind. Close your eyes and listen to the rain, the bugs and the gunshots. Perfect for setting a fictional ambient for writing bellic novels or playing wargames.

Drops Drops are falling into a strange situation.

Babble Birds Chirping people and talking birds in a relax surrounding. Great to fill the quiet space while working at home!

Star Dust Imagine you are a cloud of space dust travelling through the infinite cosmos. What weird and wonderful discoveries lie in wait as you travel between galaxies?

Piano Onboard It's four in the morning on the cruise ship, passing through the shoals on way back to port. Seems like you're the only one awake onboard. On the top deck bar you sit down at the piano and let the rhythm of the waves guide your fingers over the keys. To fully appreciate this version, animate but leave the mode and speed in default then set the key to F# and lower the speed with one click.

Chrysalism You are indoors during a thunderstorm, working quietly on a project as rain patters on the windows and music plays softly in the background. For all the chaos outside, you are safe here - warm, dry, and lost in your own little world.

Maddening Whispers The voices--what are they saying? If you concentrate you think you can make out individual words, but as your understanding of the hidden message sharpens, your understanding of petty things like morality begins to fall away...

The Storm of Apollyon It was the last storm on earth to be named--not because it was so bad, but because there's no one left to name anything.

Sound of Snow All other sounds are dampened by the snow, and the silence sinks. In that silence, the sounds of you and your friends polding thru the snow, feels quite loud in comparison.

RPG Forest Ritual I love the spooky feeling this combo gives me! Creepy voices, footsteps, fire, and thunder!

Living On A Dirt Road Sitting on the porch of the old farmhouse on a warm summer evening. You brought out a couple of cold ones from the fridge and the radio, but while you were fiddling with the dial you stopped and listened to the sounds around you that make this place your quiet and peaceful home... Keep the volume low and let your ears relax to the soundscape.

Gloria Dei You pause outside the monastery chapel, listening to the monks perform the evening office.

Melodious Humming, chanting, and singing you gently to sleep.

Flight Of A Crying Dragon Flight of a Crying Dragon over his ancient family's valley.

Rainy Car Trip You're the passenger on a long car trip. It starts to rain. There's a rumble of thunder in the distance. Good thing you're not driving. You can just close your eyes and listen.

RPG Duel Two armies clash in the valley, while their generals face each other for a final time upon the mountain. A lone musician is witness and soundtrack to their battle.

Victorian Cemetery It's autumn. It's night. It's foggy. Over the wall of the cemetery there are carriages going back and forth, but here, you are alone with the dead and your own thoughts.

T Tinnitus blocker. Hope it helps.

Embrace The Night Close your eyes and be transported to a tranquil night walk. A light breeze brushes your face while the many sounds of night rise in symphony to the starry sky. Who knew night in the country could be so immersive? (Play around with the sliders to choose a spot closer to the loon lake, or in a quiet garden)

Ceremony Facing The Sea A ritual ceremony in front of the sea, at the sunset, on a distant island...

Desert Longing A long walk to the tents of your people. Their voices are carried to you on the wind, the same wind that brings sand to your face. It has been a long journey. You wish for the comfort of your tent and the laughter of your family. And yet, almost home, the desert solitude calls you again, knowing that the songs of your people are in your blood and bone.

Aquatic Laboratory Deep in the ocean, or near the stormy surface the low hum of your ship purrs along with the sounds of water.

Hurricane Party Despite all warnings you and your friends decided to stay at the beach house and ride out the storm...foolish people. Make sure to animate... deep mode works great.

The Shire Close your eyes and be transported to the Shire; you sit on the garden bench outside your hobbit hole. You see hobbit homes dotting the landscape, large fields of wildflowers, hobbit children playing beneath a tree, bees gathering honey. It all blends into a calming lull... (Turn up the plum slider for music or play around with sliders to create the Shire at dusk)

Noise Blocker A mix of water, rain, and forest ambiance to block out unwanted noise.

Nightime Tribal Ritual Close your eyes and be transported to a tribal village in the African plains. Flames leap into the night sky from the massive bonfire surrounded by drums being beaten by native villagers. You have never heard anything like it...

Sunset In Burjai Close your eyes and be transported to a rooftop parapet looking out over a small desert city. Peddlers are packing up to go home in the street below you as the sun begins to set over the desert dunes. (Play around with the diverse range of sliders and tune the city to your liking)

Lovecraft A space between India and dark storytelling.

Japanese Festival Wandering around a festival. Listening to the sounds of pilgrims, fireworks and the shrine.

Fatal Error This is like as if an Android has been damaged or corrupted.

Rainy Voyage You escape to finally have your time alone, when you see dark clouds rolling. You frantically try to head back to shore but you can't because the waves are pushing you away from land. You make one decision. You wait the storm out and try to get rescued.

Explorer's Camp You are exploring a tropical rainforest at dusk; you have just lit your campfire and now you lay back, absorbing the incredible atmosphere you could never find back at home.

Radio Alternative Zen Shortwaves Radio Transmission for a distant-from-self Zen Meditation

Nunc Stans Another endless journey among the skerries in a little boat. Seagulls hovering above.

Rainy Car Ride Lying in the back seat, you stare out the window. The rain hits, then smears along the glass. It's only another fourty-five minutes until you get home. As you close your eyes, you feel as if this car ride could last an eternity; there would be nothing wrong with that at all.

Prometeus Prometeus is a titan friend of humanity and progress: he steals fire from the gods to give it to men and suffers the punishment of Zeus who chains him to a cliff on the edge of the world.

Chillin' with Weasley Mr. P. Tone chillin' with his cat by the fire during a rainstorm.

Fog of War Ominous echoes in the darkness reveal what the eye cannot see: the war of the ages has come, and light has fled from the earth. Even the dead have scattered from their graves in search of the warmth of the earth, but only cold wasteland remains. There is nothing that comes after this. Nothing.

Starshine Drifting between black holes and dark matter lies the place starlight goes to die.

Winter Forest You retreat from the chaotic world and escape into a frosty forest, where your busy mind is soothed by the crackling of ice, the soft sounds of hail and snow, the flowing of frosty rivers and the twittering of the few birds brave enough to brave the frost...

An Evening on Storm Lake Imagine camping by a calm mountain lake one summer evening and a soft storm rolls in one evening. Cozy inside your tent you let the sound of the rain on your tent, accompanied by the soft crooning of the frogs and the mournful call of a loon lull you into a state of relaxation.

Cozy Company It's raining, you're curled up by the fire with your cat, a friend snoozes next to you, and something good is cooking in the other room...

Infinite Cavern Waiting for rebirth.

Houston To Venice A hypothetical journey from Texas to Italy, getting lost in self-forgetfulness.

Arabian Shift An Arabic Shift over an Unparallel Mind.

Night Is Coming A collection of some of the relaxing sounds I've turned to time and again. :) Rain, thunder, cicadas, and frogs...

Fight On The Shore A confrontation on the stony shore; a storm draws in, but neither combatant minds.

Forest Temple The wind rushes through the trees. Windchimes dance and clank. In the distance, someone plays the flute.

Darkest Dungeon As scary as it gets. (Turn off the lights)

The Last Chance Two Kings in the battle. The defending King lost a last mans squad. Everything is on fire. Nothing is left. It's over. Suddenly the allies will arrive to help. And Now, We have The last Chance.

Medraun If you make your own, have the noise you select at a curtain volume first.

Menacing Forest You've crashed in a forest on another planet. You're scrambling to repair your ship, swatting the obnoxious insects and hoping the rain doesn't get any harder. But as you work, you gradually become aware of eerie sounds around you. Some of them are getting closer...

Cramond Island You're on Eilean Chathair Amain. It's night, and you can't get off, as you were surprised by the quickly rising tide that flooded the walkway that would otherwise have led you over the Drum Sands, back to land. There is no reason at all to be afraid, and the only thing you need to do is enjoy the salty winds from the Firth of Forth and explore the bunkers that testify of its turbulent past...

Moonbeam Bay You find yourself gazing upon the secluded beach of Moonbeam Bay. A warm midnight breeze nudges the make-shift windchimes hanging from the roof of your beach shack into a relaxing melody. As your hammock rocks effortlessly in the breeze, you drift deeper and deeper into this relaxing and peaceful place. After a short time, you fall into a deep and restful slumber.

Delightfully Out There I imagine a tribal space colony of bursting with extra-terrestrial life. Odd shaped denizens going about their day. Unusual beasts and perplexing plants on an off colored landscape. Multiple moons are in view and there are two suns. Maybe we will discover something like it one day. ~Novi

Something In The Deep You have gone overboard in the dark of night, and fallen into the ocean. Your eyes are hardly of use but you can reach out with your ears... and there is something in the deep.

In The Galaxy Outside At each breath you realize the journey began. Where it will lead you? Your imagination will tell...

Tavern by the Sea The gentle lull of the sea rolls beneath your feet and becomes a dim percussion to the constant chatter of people in the tavern. The bards in the corner play a quiet and sad song that meanders through the patrons and out into the ocean-swept shores beyond. Occasionally, your feet feel the creak of the old, re-purposed wooden planks and the squeak of retired masts that now act as support beams...

Something Else A spiritual battle takes place. They sing their song to protect your body from harm as you go to another plane to protect your home from a greater threat.

Rain in the City After a warm and humid day you are sitting on the porch. While the first raindrops fall on the roof you listen to the thunder rolling in. Everyone is hurrying home to stay dry except that one crazy neighbour that is still mowing the lawn.

Rainy Restaurant You sit in a corner of a restaurant near the outside. A storm's on the way, but no one seems to mind. A man idly fiddles with the keys of a piano. The wind of the storm blows the chimes outside. People still go about their day, heading in and out. This is the peace of every day life.

Crazed You're sitting in your room, crying. Suddenly, you see your best friend, Tom, asking if you could play a game. You shake your head, saying that your computer broke down, and to stop asking. Tom says alright, then walks out of your room. You try and follow him, but he disappeared. You try to remember why this happens so much, but all you respond with is "Sc...nia." You can't remember what it means.

Ryswyck You're standing sentinel at the top of a tower on a lonely island coast. It's deep night and the spring rains have come; you keep the lights up and the lines open, waiting for the change of watch.

Now Floating... You've just completed a tough mission, losing most of what you had but saving the future of your squad. Now, you grab a shuteye in the cot of your spaceship as it hurtles towards your next destination through the vastness of space at faster-than-light speed. Your eyes are closed, but your mind is hardly quiet...

Racing Game You're excited to finally boot up the newest GT Racing game in your favourite franchise. You open the game and are greeted with this title screen.

Alpine Meadow You're on an Alpine Meadow somewhere on a mountain in Austria, lying in the grass near a mountain spring while the cows wander around you munching on some grass.

Undersea Voyager Exploring the sea, uncovering its mysteries.

Interstellar Spacecraft Picture yourself under the stars, lying in the clear-domed meditation room aboard an interstellar spacecraft.

Create Your Own

Use a laptop or desktop computer, as you will be asked to use keyboard shortcuts.

To create your custom composite generator, browse the site for slider contents: open any generator on myNoise, and select the sliders you want to use in your custom set by 'zeroing' all others, then hit [c] to collect all active sliders into a hidden stack. Move to a next generator and repeat the process until you have accumulated 10 sliders. Now hit [shift+c] to render your custom composite generator. At any point, press [x+c] to clear the hidden stack.