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Electric Sheep
Vintage Sci-Fi Movie Soundtrack
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November 2019 was coming soon

Welcome to "Electric Sheep," a sonic journey inspired by the iconic Blade Runner soundtrack. Released on October 1st, 2019, this tribute arrives just a month before the future envisioned in the original movie, set in November 2019.

Blade Runner has always been a masterclass in blending science fiction with existential questions. Its soundtrack, composed by Vangelis, plays a crucial role in establishing the movie's haunting ambiance. This generator aspires to capture that same essence, creating soundscapes that transport you to a dystopian world.

We hope you enjoy this auditory experience as much as we've enjoyed crafting it. Take a moment to relax, listen, and explore the sounds of a future that once was imagined but is now a part of our past; a world both foreign and strangely familiar.

Published by Stéphane on October 1st, 2019

User Stories

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  There is a certain warbling sound on the Number Stations that I always thought was a recording of a dove, just like the dove in Blade Runner! I didn't realize it was from the voices until recently.

  Pairing this with about four other generators for a 'storm heard from an underground lab' atmosphere for writing...

  The display emanated a steady dancing light in the tiny otherwise dark enclosure. Kira stared at it and felt she was staring directly at the sun and unable to blink. Everything would change now. Humanity would never be the same.

  I have an older 3D printer that makes its own set of noises. This soundscape works perfectly to add the needed dimension so I can work and sleep. Set to a slightly-higher volume than the printer, I can see the machines humming in the background of a future world, making the things humans need, and experimenting with upgrades for themselves.

  The file had to be retrieved. No file, no credits. And I needed those credits. But I didn't have the necessary specs to narrow the noise of data far enough. I wasn't a hacker either. Not on that level anyway. And the hackers I knew, well, let's say: There's a point where you don't want to ask anymore, you wanna get there yourself. I needed to get out to clear my head. Cigs were empty anyway.

  For 6 billion years Genesis One had searched countless worlds. Endless and solitary it's G.O.D (Genesis Origins Delivery) A.I. Swept across countless oceans, skimmed vast mountain ranges, across aching tundra and volcanic wastes. Origins long lost to corrupted code, Genesis ached for an unknown destiny, driven to seek out and seed life amongst the stars. Time past, an endless wanderer.

  The physical world is not the dystopia, but the one in the brain. There may be colors and sensations you experience, but your experience of humans is gone. You can not connect with people's minds, because externalizing the inside is a crime at best, and a sin at worst.

  You're drifting on your broken spaceship out in the open void of space. It's cold, dark, and lonely. You pick up your receiver, hoping to get a signal to command. Unintelligible noise quickly becomes the only thing you hear. You look at the small screen on your device. It says: "Signal Lost".

  Feels like the cup of noodles the neo-german-japanese Shopkeep gives me while I balance the transparent umbrella, search lights roaming the street, trash rustling in the wind, people minding the business... very good vibes.

  Intense, beat-driven thinking/problem-solving scene. Building to a climax.

  This sounds surprisingly "composed", complete with modulations and appropriate transitions, when paired with the new(er) "Implanted Memories" - another amazing generator inspired by the iconic "Blade Runner". I've been listening for 3 hours straight now and it is still absolutely fresh. Thank you!

  Creating tension. I love it. Sounds so good.

  The ruined lands are the only thing surrounding you, "they" are somewhere nearby. You run, and you aren't sure can you hide or not.

  Just excellent!

  My T.V. inside became muffled as my unbelieving gaze rested on the thing in the sky. It was a dark color, too dark to make out any features on it so it looked like a massive two-dimensional shape hovering miles off of the ground. It started moving. To where, I didn't know until it reached its destination. It covered the sun. Sweeping through my town, an enormous shadow blanketed the snow. Screams.

  This soundtrack is also amazing for writing sci-fi themed stories, it's going into my list for whenever I'm writing Mass Effect fiction!

  (How many of you remember the name of the short story Blade Runner was based upon?). I'm getting gentle mountain rain in this mix ... reminds me of the night I spent in a castle in Kingman :)

  ← "You're on a spaceship and /they're/ looking for you. Hide." Whoever 'they' is is up to you. Have fun listening!

  Pair it with 'White Rain' and be back in one of the saddest death scenes in cinema - "All these moments will be lost, like tears in rain".

  Wow! I'm a huge Blade Runner fan and this was so evocative of the score. It really put me on an emotional journey.

  This is unbelievable! Immediately when hearing the soundscape, the whole dark dystopian atmosphere and scenes of Blade Runner rush in front of my mental eye. Fantastic work again!

  I am a monthly donating patron because of stuff like this! I have been offline for a while do to the real world, but when I returned, I always check the New. I caught in on "Electric Sheep". (How many of you remember the name of the short story Blade Runner was based upon?). Thank you, Stephane. I look forward to the album.

  As someone who religiously listened to Slow Motion throughout my 6th grade, this is just as motivating and I love it. Thanks from a 7th grader!

  This is already such an effective tribute! I can't wait to hear the "real thing." I watched the film for the first time this year (I know, I know) and it hit me like a ton of bricks. Just listening as I type this takes me right back to that place. If only our actual dystopia was so beautifully grimy and seductively dreamy.

  I've heard things you people wouldn't believe... - "More human than human is our motto", said Tyrell. - "More Blade Runner than Blade Runner is our motto", Stephane replied.

  Noice. Although, I'm confused; is Vangelis cooperating with myNoise on the upcoming release? [Editor : haha, unfortunately not]

  Always loved the Blade Runner soundtrack, so this is great. This setting with Animation turned on mixes with Rain in the City in a second player to complete the scene.

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