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Music for Passive Listening

Confined to the studio, with musical instruments around me, it is hard to resist creating music.

I deliberately use the word "creating" rather than "composing".

Composing implies a conscious and active act of creating a piece of music. It would then require active listening, to discover the full extent of the work that has been put into it.

myNoise is different. myNoise creates sounds for passive listening. The craft is to avoid developing anything that is either too exciting or too boring. It must sit just in between.

The sounds on myNoise are not intended as entertainment, but to offer your ears a pleasant sonic blanket. Covered by such a blanket, your mind can pursue other activities without interruption. Without your noticing it, time will pass more quickly, will be more enjoyable; you will be happier at work, or sleep better (not at work, please).

Creating music for passive listening calls for a more passive compositional process, mostly noodling around without intentions. When something nice happens, almost coincidentally, I save the recordings for future use. Once sufficient material has been collected, it is time to glue the pieces together.

Sometimes I spice them up with the help of an external contributor, like I did here with Franco Donadio, who added a wonderful blue jazzy touch to the background tracks.

Franco is a contemporary jazz guitarist and music composer from Buenos Aires, Argentina - a city known for its intense music scene. He enjoys using improvisation as a composition tool, mixing electronic sources and creating immersive and rhythmic tracks. He creates music for movies and video games.

If you have a particular musical talent, and want to help with the final spicing of musical sound generators, you are welcome to contact me! I am always delighted to team up with musicians around the world.

Published by Stéphane on December 28th, 2020

User Stories

Write your own here. Click the blue bulletsto load associated settings.

  This is great with Noir for a jazzy, moody, smooth workflow.

  This really gives off those lo-fi vibes!

  I think we could use some epic music, but overall since I’ve started using this, I’ve had the best sleep in my entire existence. Highly recommended, so keep using myNoise!

  This one sounds really cool!

  There was a song I used to listen to as a kid when I wanted to fall asleep to music, a Rhodes piano composition that I haven't been able to track down yet because the name eludes me. This generator feels like its spiritual successor, like the song never truly left and continues to comfort me as an adult.

  I love it.

  One of the most soothing generators on the sight. Highly recommend.

  This paired with 88 Keys is amazing!

  I really needed this <3

  This is the perfect generator. It mixes soothing, natural sounds with ambient and soothing Jazz guitar playing. Perfect for blocking out noise and listening to background noise.

  This feels like a head massage.

  Try mixing with cafe restaurant: it's amazing! Keeps me focused and blocks out noise.

  My friend was the first one to find this, and started to play it out loud when we were working. From then on, it just has seemed to be an all in one, especially study, noise generator. I listen to it through headphones very regularly when I am doing homework, or any other work for that matter. Not only that, it seems to just suit any occasion. Basically, I love this generator. Thanks so much :)

  Woah, this works so well, it makes it so much easier to concentrate on schoolwork!

  Very much worth donating to :D

  Ah, jazz. Just what this generator needed. Now we have the perfect vibe.

  I love this - helps me focus and my time just flies by. Thank you.

  It feels like I'm listening to a lofi stream except this is 10x more soothing, yet mysterious.

  This reminds me of playing Borderlands when I was younger... Not sure why, but I love it!

  This is something to sit back against, rest your eyes to. The sun is setting. Another day done.

  I love this! Just like every other generator, this one takes me to another place. Thanks for all you have done for us. Thank you Dr. Ir. S. Pigeon and Franco Donadio!!!

  This is absolutely beyond relaxing. The low pick sparks a certain joy I never knew.

  Gives me coffee shop jazz vibes. Perfect for passive listening.

  So beautiful! Keeps me focused during schoolwork, especially math. I LOVE this. THANK YOU, So so much! Stéphane and Franco Donadio.

  This is great! Especially when played with 'Hands of Time'. Makes me feel like a Private eye wandering the urban jungle.

  This is breathtakingly beautiful; set to a slow animation mode and paired with Mr. Rhodes (in the key of E) it's an endless, shifting, morphing, but always relaxing dreamscape. Thank you again, Dr, Pigeon and Mr. Donadio. Peace and love.

  This setting with Distant Thunder on Calm Storm is so calming. Perfect for staying calm, yet focused during a busy work day.

  This is my favorite, very calming.

  This is an amazing website! I have severe misophonia and I have been using for a couple of months to help when I get triggered and it has been helping, tysm!

  "Night Blue" is my personal favorite noise out of all of them, I love the jazz guitar and it fits so well with thunder. tysm <3

  This is real slow like an opening to Pink Floyds songs. I love it!

  Nostalgic for some reason... <3

  I love pairing this with "Distant Thunder." The two combined soothe me and send me to sleep in no time. So incredibly grateful for this website as a whole! :)

  Incredibly soothing - I used to listen to smooth jazz music when studying as a teenager, and this is even more relaxing due to it's passive, background nature.

  It's been an especially bad month for me. My abuser has been active again, my cat's in poor health, and her days are numbered. My heart is in shambles. but listening to this gives me solace, even if for only a little bit. My life has always been characterised by my anxiety, and this website is a saving grace. Thank you for this.

  This sounds like Pink Floyd.

  This is absolutely flawless; combine this with In The Sky and you have officially been released to heaven.

  This is great. The pacing is just right. Not too fast or too slow. I can listen this for days.

  Loved this track, and the intro you wrote for it!

  Thank you so much for this. This is one of my favorite soundscapes so far, and it's helped with a lot. Thank you.

  A quiet, lonely but content night. Introspective me time. (I prefer listening to this in mono.)

  I love it! One of your best generators yet,,, very relaxing after a long day.

  The best one yet.

  Just turn down the guitar. It's amazing with thunder and rain.

  Moody and versatile! I love this one with one of the rain noises or Autumn Walk, plus maybe some vinyl sounds for a more lo-fi vibe. It eases the burden on my heart.

  It's no longer about music anymore, it's only about human well-being, that's our future!

  I've been going through some difficult times and the music on this website is great. It's not complex, which means I can play it in the background at any time, even during live lessons. It's helped me feel better and concentrate on my work.

  Love animating this while also playing the normal rain noise gen on bedroom... soft rainy nighttime vibes.

  Wow! Combine just the jazz guitar of this, Night Blue, with just the piano of 88 Keys--perfect match!

  This is soothing and peaceful. This is perfect for a poet to write to, I was having writer's block and this was the sledgehammer to my rescue. Thank you and keep up the good work.

  I don't know what to say. I just like it.

  I had long been waiting for a nice jazzy generator to stay in the zone while working, this is just what I was hoping for. May I just ask, is the quote of "Le Cygne" by Saint-Saëns deliberate or not? It immediately caught my ear! ;)

  Getting some lo-fi vibes from this gen, absolutely love it!

  This is so soothing. What a beautiful sonic blanket to help ease anxiety otherwise induced by a restless mind.

  Transports me to a relaxing world. I am glad I discovered this site. I am naturally very distracted, and working at home, with little kids has been terrible. Slipping a pair of headphones with sounds from myNoise provide me little bits of oasis... till one of my kids walks in and has something "important" to tell me...

  Lovely sounds, as if I am lazing around under a starry sky, watching the heavens float on by, carrying all my worries with them…

  Cramming through my organic chemistry portions... this keeps me running...

  Perfect for writing. Thank you!