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Focus • Relax • Sleep
Use the noises you enjoy most to mask the noises you don’t want to hear! The concept is simple, works extremely well, and doesn’t require active noise cancelling headphones.

Discover our impressive catalog or let yourself be guided.

The Ultimate Noise (Masking) Machine

We can use noise machines in a variety of ways throughout our daily lives; whether we are working, studying, relaxing, or even sleeping.

With its 10 color-coded sliders, myNoise delivers frequency-shaped noises, focusing on the frequencies one wants to block. This ensures higher masking efficiency, and quieter masking levels than any other noise machine on the market and online.

Candy for your ears...

Listening to myNoise noise generators in a quiet environment makes sense too, and is even recommended to enjoy their optimal sound quality! Our noise machines are extraordinary to experience, especially with your favorite set of headphones.

Tailored to your hearing thresholds

myNoise generators cover the whole audible frequency range, from 20Hz to 20kHz, over 10 color-coded sliders. Through a simple but accurate calibration process, all myNoise generators can be shaped to your personal hearing thresholds and compensate for your audio equipment and listening environment deficiencies, including the presence and nature of background noise. Calibration is unique to this website, and makes calibrated noise machines stand out from regular white noise machines. During the calibration process, we are able to measure your personal hearing levels, and adapt our noises accordingly. If you are suffering from age-related hearing, you'll be surprised to hear frequencies you thought were lost. The video below explains it all.

myNoise at the Office

Offices can be either too quiet or too noisy. In one situation, the slightest sound becomes distracting; in the other, ambient noise makes it impossible to concentrate. Open offices often benefit from sound masking devices, as the added noise covers existing sounds in the area, making workers less distracted and more productive.

I live alone, so having now worked from home for over 5 weeks now, I was slowly losing my mind in the silence. Even though I obviously know they're not real sounds around me, these background sounds really do make the situation feel a little more normal. Love it!

Posted from myNoise's Calm Office page.

On another issue, private offices often appear to provide privacy but are poor performers in terms of acoustics. Sound masking between adjacent offices can be used to ensure that confidential conversations remain confidential. Either the masking sound is played inside the room where privacy should be guaranteed, or on the outside, depending on the application. For example, a doctor who does not want those in the waiting room to overhear a private conversation with a patient, will provide sound masking in the waiting area, not in his office.

Studying with myNoise

Students with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) often have difficulty staying on top of homework. Others cannot study when it is too quiet. Noise generators have been life-savers in these situations for many of them.

I have ADHD and Autism and the sound of rain really helps to clear my over active mind a little. I hope this site exsists forever, because it's perfect! Wolfie, England

Posted from myNoise's Rain Noise page.

Baby Sleep

Noises and noisescapes are known to help soothe babies to sleep, and sleep through the night. It helps parents too, when all sleep in the same room: healthy sleeping newborns can be pretty noisy as they move and make noises while they sleep. Playing some low-level noise in your bedroom will help you sleep through the wiggles and soft squeals your baby makes.

My three months old newborn and I love this soundscape. As soon as I turn it on, she drifts right off to sleep. Because we both keep rather odd sleeping hours — I'm on her schedule now — it also helps mask outside noise, if we have to sleep during the day as well to get our cummulative needed hours of rest. Thanks for building this site! Keep up the great work.

Posted from myNoise's Osmosis page.


Sound affects many areas of the brain and has an undeniable effect on the body. A good way to test if a particular sound is relaxing to you is to check your pulse: if it slows down, then you have found the sound that is calming you. Keep listening to it and you will relax, reaching a state of increased calmness and reducing your levels of anxiety, stress, or anger.

I have been using myNoise for months and I always keep coming back to this generator, especially when I'm having an anxiety attack. I can calm down in minutes while listening to this and many other generators on this site. I showed this website to my therapist, and he is now suggesting it to other patients with anxiety and depression. Great work!

Posted from myNoise's Himalayan Voices page.


The idea that you should listen to music while meditating is very common. This probably comes from the fact that many alternative health practitioners play relaxing music in the background, whereas there would simply be silence or ambient background noise to accompany traditional meditation. Indeed, it is very hard to listen to music and fully concentrate on your body, as the rhythmic nature of music will impose its tempo on your body, such as your heart rate or breathing. That's the reason why natural noises such as rain, ocean, and waterfalls are often preferred during meditation. myNoise does offer tonal noisescapes as well, which offer a great source of inspiration, and drones, which are just the opposite and designed to wash your thoughts away.

Tibetan bowls use the power of harmonics to help with meditation. Here you can tailor the sounds to suit your personal needs. Love it.

Posted from myNoise's Singing Bowls page.

Sound Therapy

Sound Therapy was common in the world of the Ancient Greeks. Pythagoreans used mathematical techniques to create harmonic structures for emotional balance, spiritual and relationship healing, and overall health. Although science and medicine evolved in the meanwhile - harmonic structures are now perfectly understood as resulting from the laws of physics - many people still rely on sounds as a natural healing method, with no side effects yet known.

I've experimented with various types of sound therapy before, but nothing has been comparable to this one. It's beyond soothing, and I feel incredibly at ease after just a few minutes of listening.

Posted from myNoise's Catt Purr page.

myNoise and your Hearing


Tinnitus is the perception of sound in the absence of any external stimulus, such as a ringing or buzzing in your ears. The most effective treatment for tinnitus is to eliminate the underlying cause. Unfortunately, in many cases, the cause of tinnitus remains unidentified. External sound sources will help you reduce your tinnitus awareness. Tinnitus maskers are particular noise machines designed to cover up your tinnitus. Because our noise generators take your own hearing threshold and the nature of your tinnitus into account, we are able to generate noises with a higher efficiency, at lower levels.

I am literally in tears as I write this. Due to Multiple Sclerosis, I've had constant tinnitus for years. I've tried other white noise generators, but nothing's ever worked like this. Almost instantly, my pulse slowed and I began to relax. In just a few minutes I was able to remove my headphones and hear QUIET. I had forgotten what quiet sounded like. Thank you!

Posted from myNoise's White Noise page.


Hyperacusis is the medical term used to describe abnormal discomfort caused by sounds that are tolerable to normal hearing persons. Hyperacusis is not caused by a malfunction of your ear, but your brain, which interprets quiet sounds as being uncomfortably loud. The common treatment for hyperacusis is to listen to long periods of broadband noise at a volume that is just audible, allowing your brain to re-acquire proper reference levels. Our noise generators take your own hearing sensitivities into account, and will generate quieter sounds, compared to conventional pink noise generators, with a higher efficiency.


Misophonia is a condition in which certain sounds trigger excessive emotional or physiological responses, such as anger or panic. If a particular sound drives you crazy - the colleague in front of you eating an apple for example - myNoise will provide a sonic blanket for your ears, that will help cover the adverse sound.


Our ability to hear relies on hair cells, small sensory cells in the inner ear. Hair cell loss results from a variety of factors including noise exposure, aging, toxins, or infections. When hair cells are damaged, hearing loss occurs. There are no known treatments to restore hearing, because auditory hair cells do not regenerate once lost. However, as long as your hearing cells are not completely damaged - such as with presbycusis, the scientific name given to age-related hearing loss - our noise generators are able to compensate for your hearing loss, and give your brain the acoustic simulation that is missing from unprocessed sounds.

After doing my hearing profile, I began listening to the Tibetan Choir. Without thinking much about it, I hit "calibrate" and the change in what I heard moved me to tears. The richness of the drone ... I had forgotten that the world of sound was so textured and varied. Thank you for letting me hear all the sounds again.

Posted from myNoise's Tibetan Choir page.