Custom-shaped Noise Generators

Contributing visitors are able to create and load their own super generators: up to five generators combined in one unique, sleek browser window... just like this!

SuperGens can be saved as bookmarks or shared as URLs between contributing users. There is even a Subreddit on Reddit for that very purpose, and a repository.

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June 26th • Meet Purrli

June 12th • Polar Expedition added

May 30th • Japanese Heritage added

May 25th • launched!

May 15th • Twin Black Lodges added

May 2nd • Tropical Rain added

April 24th • New UI • New Slider Animation Control

April 11th • Sound Journey added

March 27th • Polders Windmill added

March 21st • Magic Drone added
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Create your Own Super Generator !

Copy and paste the individual myNoise sound generators' URLs into the text fields below, then hit 'Generate'.

URL Generator 1
URL Generator 2
URL Generator 3
URL Generator 4
URL Generator 5

If you are interested in a SuperGen that plays various noises one after the other - which is ideal to program precisely timed meditation sessions - switch over to this interface.

It is now possible to play a YouTube video on top of your Super Generator, click here to enable a YouTube entry field.

The myNoise Subreddit

myNoise subReddit is the place where all happy myNoise users meet! Many of us have already shared our own SuperGens there. Have a listen, then share your own! See you there!

How To?

1. Open the index page and select a sound.

2. Change the slider settings, load a preset, turn animation on, etc. Customize the sound to make it yours.

3. Right-click the link that says Save in URL and select the option to copy the link.

4. Paste this link into one of the five slots to the left of this page.

Instead of copying and pasting, try dragging links with your mouse, from one browser window to the other. This often works too!

5. Repeat this process with up to four more generators, then hit the "Generate" button!