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Discover our Magic Generator Series... for Patrons Only.

You may have been amazed by a couple of myNoise sound generators before, but these ones will quite literally surprise you, always! Our Magic series is a bonus for the people who support this website. Every time the page loads, stems are blindly drawn from our large pool of high quality audio recordings, creating an ambience that is unique to this moment. Enjoy your lucky draw - now - as this particular combination will probably never happen again!

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Testimonials - write yours here

•  myNoise is already pretty damn great, but these magic generators are something else. First time I got a pretty, calm soundscape that was just what I needed for my headache, but then I drew an absolutely hypnotic combination of choirs, indian drones and sounds of thunder, and I was transfixed. I love this, I'm more than sure I'll keep coming back.

•  Fantastic! Great for meditation. Worth the monthly donation.

•  Very delighted with this one. Chilling all morning with it. C

•  This soundscape is perfect for meditation. I like the fact that it is different every time yet always evokes such peace and tranquility. I love this site and the magic generators are definitely worth the very affordable donation.

•  Working from home has never been more relaxing! Perfect generator for practicing breathing techniques or just to have in the background :)

•  Perfect for keeping myself present during lectures or lessons - I love listening to people speak but I need something exactly like this (and always a little different, yay!) to keep me attentive. Thanks again for everything!

•  So far the best web resource I ever stumbled upon for recent 25 years. Why didn't i know about it ever before?

• Welp, that's it lads and lasses, this particular configuration is the one I order. I really love how well Zen Garden pairs with others. For a real treat, try to default listen to Zen Garden with Rainy Days, and then for the ultimate experience throw in Windy Day. All 3 playing at the same time are pretty magical.

• My favorite of the magic generators. Love it when I get some birds, some bells, some trickling water, and a drone or two.

• I started using Cave Water as white noise when my baby was young, and got hooked. Now I'm obsessed with the tonal drones and atmospheres, which I use at work when I'm feeling distracted. There's enough variation in them that I can let my mind go there and listen for a moment, then come back to work - way better than music or tv in the background. I donate at least once a year, if not more!

• The best money I've ever spent was being a patron to this website and having access to the amazing magic generators and ability to combine a range of my own sounds. My favorite is definitely the tibetan choir mixed with the sound of rain. It just keeps me so relaxed and zen while being mystical at the same time. LOVE THIS!

• I'm sitting here in a peaceful aural garden of my own, completely relaxed after a long week. Thank you for these wonderful sound textures, I am so grateful to find this site.

• I am under a lot of stress right now and this is perfect for calming myself down. I love this website so much, it keeps me sane.

• Something about the wooden chimes in combination with the rest of the sliders is magical. This sound turns on my ASMR (which is rare, as so few things do these days). I thought my days of feeling tingles were over. I've been feeling down as I've had a death in the family. This sound reminds me that I'm still alive and there are good things to look forward to in the future. Thank you for this. :)

• I am a patron but I only really listened to rain and nature sounds. But this is something else, thank you! I love it and will come back to it again and again! The surprise element is exciting and the fact that although it's "random" the sound stems are so well prepared that "it just works" - very awesome from a technological point of view. Thank you!

• It is such a privilege to have access to these magic generators for a small price. Honestly if you haven't donated yet what are you waiting for? Take it from this random internet stranger, you WILL NOT regret it!

• Just so good. I love listening to this while I'm studying, going to sleep, or just relaxing throughout the day. This website genuinely enhances the quality of my life.

• I don't usually venture into the magic generators much, but Zen Garden always surprises me in a good way. I'd never heard of a duduk before this website and now I can't imagine a life not knowing its beautiful sound. This generator always pairs beautifully with some sort of rain noise, too; I have the Rainy Day radio stream on with my current magic gen :)

• I listen to this generator while I'm at work to help drown out the noise of the computers. Each time I listen, it is something different and that is what I like best!

• Amazing. This will be my go-to for meditation sessions. All the generators have helped me unwind but this one is very special. Thank you immensely.

• Chimes, soft hand drums, light strings, an ethereal female voice, and some kind of deep ambient background tone running beneath it all. This is exactly what magic sounds like. Well worth the donation.

• I love this magic generator. I got a fantastic mixture of chimes, birdsong, a sort of horn drone and a general background hum. I donated mainly out of gratitude (myNoise helps me order my thoughts when I'm about to sleep, aiding in avoiding insomnia, and also enhances my writing.) Near all of the tracks and generators help me envisage some sort of scenery or other imagery. More than worth it.

• Where else can you find an idyllic garden that stretches for miles in the middle of a busy city if not on myNoise? I live in a concrete jungle but this generator transports me to a distant monastery somewhere high up in the mountains where winged angels help me focus on my work. I've visited this garden everyday since I found it and it's worth much more than what I've donated so far.

• For some reason this Zen Garden one always helped me with my studies. I an studying right now actually at 4 AM for an exam today and this has completely calmed me to the point that I can actually understand what I'm studying.

• Just donated earlier last night and this lucky draw of the Zen Garden was just what I needed. Ambient drone, void, the still, quiet voices from the Cosmos. Namaste!

• This generator is a huge release for any kind of anxiety. I feel transported to a world where everything will be okay.

• This generator is so relaxing and centering. I love combing the Zen Garden with Healing Water :-)

• This was very pleasant to listen to. I used it as background-tune for my creative writing and the words truly flowed easier that way. It occupied enough of my awareness to tune out any distracting thoughts and enabled me to work concentrated for much longer than usual.

• This has been so relaxing and soothing and... gah, it's just perfect.

• There is nothing better in the world to sleep/zone out/work/meditate/relax to.

• I fell in love with this one immediately. I hate closing the window and losing each particular experience, but the next one is always just as good.

• Wow, I got a beautiful mix tonight - a soothing, hypnotic combination of thunder, didgeridoo, Yakutian voices and Tibetan percussion. Just the thing for a meditative evening at home.

• Wow, this one is really powerful. I feel like I'm in a temple with monks and it immerses me into a peaceful world.

• Wow what a great experience! I am in Medical School, and have tons of books to read, and lots of articles to study, these beautiful generators help me relax and enter the "zone" and focus. Sometimes I feel I have a cloud in my brain: all my personal worries such as tasks, problems, etc. When I enter the Meditation Room, it feels like all that clutter in my mind vanishes, thus concentrating 100%.

• I put the Groovy setting of African Trance behind the Zen Garden meditation generator and it was incredible for settling into a longer trance session!

• It is here that I learned that The Three Friends of Winter, Digeridrone and Wind Chimes go together so perfectly that I end up falling into a nap even during the middle of a sunny afternoon. On the Supergenerators I put them to a low splattering rain and I feel like I have no troubles in the world.

• I played this with my meditation group and we meditated on sound. Quite a fantastic journey over a 30 minute sitting. We were all really held by the place from which this springs. Pure sound. Pure attention. :)

• This one is pretty dope I'll admit

• This one has become one of my favorites.

• Wow. Just. Wow. Thank you. I love it. The site was worth my donation because it's already great. I didn't expect this benefit as well. Thank you.

• I'm working on a post-apocalyptic novel in a pseudo-Oriental abbey, and this mix has been *perfect* in terms of ambiance for developing new plots and bringing life to this world I've created. I love it! I'll be listening to it going forward during my writing spells. :D

• Sick as a dog nothing like a little white noise to help wash it away :D Thanks Dr. Pigeon, you sir are the best.

• This is beautiful and I admit I subscribed just to have access to the magic generators - it's brilliant, and with the animated sliders on it's ever changing. Perfect for listening to while working.

• Wow, this is beautiful. I got a soothing mix of Tibetan drone, a patter of raindrops and some delicate chimes. A very peaceful mix. This site is so wonderful. The tiny donation is totally worth it.

• I am so glad I have this site. Sharing an office with a noisy eater - that's putting it lightly - I am so happy I have this site to drown out the chewing and slurping and grossness. THANK YOU.

• After another sleepless night, I turned on the Zen Garden and leant back in my chair. Closing my eyes, I allowed the sounds to wash over me, clearing away doubts and anxieties. After a few moments I smiled, and genuinely felt happy inside.

• Omg! This Three Fields of Winter one is dope!

•  To have access to these generators for such a small donation is a blessing - I urge you to donate, you won't regret it. As a busy medic this zen generator offers a piece of calm in a busy day, the ideal backdrop for studying or meditation. I'd highly recommend it to anyone with a hectic work schedule, it brings instant tranquility. Thank you Dr Pigeon, these sounds are wonderful! x

•  This Magic Generator is very soothing. I was having a rough morning and this lightened up my mood very quickly. I highly recommend becoming a patron to be able to enjoy all the special generators. I'm very glad I did. Thank you, Dr. Pigeon!

•  Fantastic to listen to while at work. Using this with the animate function and refreshing the browser once every hour you are sure to get a unique experience throughout the whole day!

•  Do not worry, that feeling you're experiencing is just pure bliss. It may be a foreign concept, but let it be known, let it be comforting.

•  This magic generator specifically, Zen Garden, works wonders when writing papers for finals. It soothes all the frazzled nerves.

•  I'm just trying to get better, and nothing helps more than this escape.

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