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With thousands of visitors on the site every day, it's getting harder to answer all incoming emails. Be aware that there is only one person behind this site. If your inquiry relates to a technical question, please browse this page before contacting me. It may already answer your question.

myNoise on the Web

Where can I follow myNoise - the original - on social media? These are @audiosampling on Twitter, MyNoise on Facebook, and myNoise on YouTube.

Mobile Apps

Any mobile app available? Yes, myNoise is available as an iOS App (iPod/iPad/iPhone). Android is available too, but we still have a lot of issues with the android app and do not recommend it at the moment. The website should plays well on all mobile devices. If you are an Android phone user, try accessing myNoise from your mobile internet browser: we recommend the Opera Mini browser as it keeps playing the website even when your device enters power saving mode!

Do you link donations on the website and In App purchases, and the other way round? No myNoise doesn't - technically it is currently impossible, but it is also not the philosophy. What you are requesting, is a universal access across platforms (iOS, Android, Web). Offering a universal accesses is often associated with subscription services. myNoise works with one time, lifetime purchases/donations instead: you pay only once for the platform of your choice. Don't be mad at me. Since myNoise is very attractively priced, paying for all supported platforms, will still end up in a cheaper alternative than any subscription!

But I donated on the website, why can't I access all sounds on my mobile app? Because money donated on the website cannot cover the costs of developing the mobile apps. So, each platform has to fund itself to exist, while the website both provides substance to itself and the project contents, funding the development of new generators. This situation may change in the future, if the website donations increase to the point of covering the costs of a full time mobile developer - see here.

But purchased the full package on the mobile app, why can't I access all sounds on the website? Because you already can access these. Google for your favorite myNoise sound, and you will most probably find it as the first search result (include myNoise as a search term). The website is mostly free, so you don't have to pay anything extra on the website to access the sounds you like on the mobile version. There are some extras on the website to thank donors for their contribution, but this is more like icing-on-the-cake, which will be available to you too for as little as a fiver for a lifetime (competitors typically charge a five or more... every month!)


Are there any headphones you'd recommend? My preference goes to the the Sennheiser HD600 (open design). I use them all the time to design the sounds on myNoise. They are my reference headphones. If you are on a really tight budget, Samson SR850 (semi-closed) are my top pick! Incredible performers (for their price). In between, the Beyerdynamic DT 770 (closed) are great performers. You won't regret purchasing any of these three headphones. If you are looking for earbuds, not headphones, try the KZ ZST (approx. USD 20). They blew me away!

Disclaimer : all links in this section are Amazon Associate links, but opinions are mine and sincere.


Are there any restrictions on using myNoise? Yes. The sound generators on this website are provided for personal/private use only. All other uses are prohibited, unless otherwise specified here.

What do I agree with, when using myNoise.net? You agree to use the myNoise generators for personal/private use only, and allow myNoise to use the information you explicitly send back to the website (e.g. testimonials and custom generators settings) on its website and derivatives (e.g. the myNoise YouTube channel). myNoise will never use your patron email address for marketing purpose nor share it with others. When connecting to myNoise.net, you may share your connection statistics with Clicky (a GDPR-compliant alternative to Google Analytics) - and Amazon (some product links on myNoise are Amazon affiliate links meaning myNoise will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase).

Who runs this website? My name is Stéphane Pigeon. I am a signal processing Ph.D. engineer with a strong passion for sounds. Besides being a consultant in the field of digital signal processing and a professional sound designer, I am running different audio-related websites such as AudioCheck.net - the biggest repository of online audio tests on the Internet - HearingTest.online – an unbiased and free online hearing test and audiogram printout – and this website, myNoise.net. More about me on my personal page.

So, there is only one person behind this website? Yes, indeed, with a little help from myNoise friends. Keeping the site alive and growing takes a lot of time and resources! Your donations help me to assign part of my professional time to the development of this website.

Why did you do all this? Because I am crazy, if you are looking for a short answer. For more details, please read my Interview by Sarah C. Rich.

Help... I need some help! Before contacting me, have a look at the various video tutorials. Type [H] - for Help - when you are on a generator page to understand how the player interface works and learn a couple of tricks.

I am a patron of yours, and have favorited many sounds but can't find them anywhere... On the main index page, entries associated with a favorite of yours are tagged with a blue star. Above the section that greets you, you will find a similar star. Click on that star to show your favorites only.

How much efforts does it take to design a single generator page? Read the answer here.

Where can I donate to show my appreciation and keep the project running? On the donation page.

How well is this website currently doing in terms of user support? Have a look to our monthly statistics.

Is a donation the only way to help this site growing? Spreading the word about myNoise is always helpful and much appreciated! If you have a particular sonic talent — or have access to a location that might produce a great soundscape — sharing them with me is a fabulous way to help too!

Is there anything like a monthly recurring donation? There now is. Look for blue donation button on the donation page. Recurring donations are implemented by PayPal and can be paused or stopped anytime from your PayPal account. If you have already contributed and want to donate again but not with a recurring donation, click the little stars associated with your account on the index page. They will bring you to a page where you can top up your account with the amount of your choice.

How do I keep updated with new features and generators? Follow @audiosampling on Twitter, like the MyNoise Facebook page, or simply read the blog every once in a while.

May I suggest a new noise? I was open to suggestions in the past, but today I cannot keep answering all the requests anymore. So, please contact me only if you have a suggestion AND are willing to help me record it (by yourself, or by giving me access to the sound source/location). You can contact me at email

Browser Issues

What technology are you using? myNoise noise player does not rely on any proprietary technology, but requires a browser that is compatible with the Web Audio API. All modern browsers now are.

What is auto-play? Auto-play is the ability for a webpage to play audio automatically, without any user interaction. myNoise relies on that feature to start playing sounds without requiring further user interaction. Unfortunately, that ability has been abused by many websites and ad-providers. To deter websites from autoplaying audio, most browsers now block autoplay unless the user explicitly allows the website to do so. If you want myNoise to play as soon as you load a sound generator, please go to your browser autoplay preferences and add mynoise.net in the list allowed websites. Google Chrome : chrome://settings/content/sound • Safari : Preferences > Websites > Auto-Play • Firefox : Preferences > Privacy > Permissions > "Block websites from automatically playing sound" > Exceptions

Does myNoise use streaming? How much data does it require? myNoise does not stream audio. The sound is dynamically generated by the browser. All the data required is loaded right before the sounds starts. Therefore, you can keep listening to a generator without worrying about your internet usage: there won't be any, other than during the loading process (typ. 10MB).

Sounds becomes wavy after an hour or so... myNoise relies on your browser to produce the sound (see above). Therefore, the audio output depends on your computer power saving settings. Some computers will put the web browser in idle mode if it detects no user interaction, such as when myNoise is running in the background. This power saving mode is often fatal to myNoise, which translates into that wavy sound - the symptom. To solve this problem, try to prevent your computer from entering sleep/power savings mode, e.g. by leaving your laptop connected to the power supply.

Sound Issues

Some sliders do not produce any sound! These sliders probably produce frequencies that are beyond your speakers' or hearing range. On calibrated noises, frequencies associated with the first slider (brown) are so low - almost in the subsonic range - that they will require a sub-woofer to produce an audible output. Frequencies associated with the last slider (violet) are almost in the ultrasonic range, and will require perfect hearing. It may also happen that the slider is not playing any sound, as the play head may be located in a silent passage, like between two bird calls, for example, in a natural soundscape.

How do I know if I sill have a good hearing? Try an online hearing test. Beware, not all online hearing tests perform equally well. Here are my favorite ones: 10 Truly Useful Online Hearing Tests.

How can I better hear those extreme frequencies? By using good headphones, and using myNoise calibration (only for calibrated noise generators).

Why are myNoise sounds so quiet compared to other sounds on my computer? By default, myNoise sound generators play at relatively low levels, indeed. The reason is very simple: if all sliders were located on the top of the user interface, there would be no room left for the calibration to boost frequencies associated with hearing losses. If your audition is fine, or you don't want to compensate for your headphones' frequency response, you can easily increase the overall sound level with the volume buttons located below the sliders.