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“ I'm in heaven. This is the highest quality coloured noise simulator I have ever come across. I use this while studying, and it really helps to block out distracting thoughts and keep me calm. ”
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Dec 11th • Forest Breath added

Dec 3rd • Aeolian added

Nov 26th • Be Calm added

Nov 19th • Custom Generators have landed!

Nov 12th • Modular Life added

Nov 8th • Magic Sound Engine updated

Nov 5th • Calm Waves Album Release

Oct 29th • Open Sea added

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Terms of Use

The sound generators on this website are provided for your personal use only. All other uses are prohibited, unless you received my explicit approval. Reverse-engineering myNoise sound engine code, downloading the individual stems, or resampling the generators' audio output are strictly forbidden. myNoise's audio playback engine relies on my original work and remains my intellectual property.


Any use other than personal requires a license. Before contacting me, please carefully read the next sections.

myNoise sounds are NOT available under anything like a CC:BY license. In other words, myNoise sounds are not traded for a credit, even if your project is non-commercial.

Please make an offer first. Inquiries without an offer will not be considered. Describe your project, then the value of my sounds in such a context. Be fair. As a professional sound designer, I am aware of the value behind high quality sounds, and I know how much effort has been put in my soundscapes. There won't be any negotiation: I am an engineer, not a business man. So, I will not discuss your offer... but may reject it. Play the game: quote a price that is a good deal for you, but fair for me. If your offer hits my acceptance threshold, we will both be happy. If not, it simply means that we have different ideas of what premium sounds are worth, and we are probably not made to work with each other. We should both be comfortable if such a situation arises.

License Types

I work with two different licenses, depending on your intended use of myNoise sounds.

The first license − the streaming license − covers the use of myNoise sound generators outside a personal environment. Think of a doctor's waiting room, a spa, a meditation center, a museum, a corporate, or a public space. In this context, the streaming license allows you to play back the myNoise website and its entire range of sound generators. It will be renewed on a yearly basis. The streaming license does not entitle you to record myNoise generators' output and use these recordings to your liking.

The second license − the embedded license − allows you to use specific myNoise sounds in a product, such as guided mediation audio files, music, videos, films, games, apps, software, or hardware. I will produce these sounds, from the original material, in a quality that is even higher than the online version. The embedded license clears my sounds for unlimited but non-exclusive use.

In both cases, you should contact me and make an offer first.

To help you understand what is allowed in a professional context, and what is not, please refer to the following example. You are a hypnotherapist and your patient is dealing with anxiety disorder. Recommending this website to your patient does not require a license: your patient will use it for his own personal use. Using our sounds in your waiting room, or during your therapy sessions, will require a streaming license. Using our sounds, or their recordings, in one of your products - such as a guided hypnosis soundtrack - will require the embedded license.

Send your inquiry and offer to email

Questions and Answers

I would like to use your noise generators to block noises at work. Is that OK? Yes, of course: this is for your personal use.

We are an open office, and we would like to use your noise generators to cover noises in our whole building. Do we need a license? Yes, you need a license, probably of the first category.

May I use your noise generator sounds in a video or a music project of mine? If it is a personal project, yes. If is distributed outside your family and friend circles, no. Making it accessible on the Internet is not allowed.

What? myNoise sound generators aren't like virtual intruments I can use for my own music compositions? No, they are not. They should be considered as the equivalent of an artist's song, though the unique technology used produces an always changing sound, and provides a high level of customization.

But I am a supporter of the site... Purchasing Taylor Swift's latest album won't allow you to use her songs outside the scope of a personal use, though you paid for it...

Ooops, I used one of your sounds in my latest YouTube video. I gave credit to myNoise and posted a link back to the website though. Will you forgive me? You are not supposed to do this. If your video is highly creative - and I am in awe - you probably won't hear from me, or if you hear from me, it will be in a good way. If it's a video with myNoise playing in the background, because you were listening to myNoise when you recorded that video (e.g. role play gaming), that will be fine too. Please then use a hyperlink to refer to the website in the video description.

So, I can post a video with a still image and one of your generator playing in the background? The answer is a clear NO. Not with still images, not with moving images, nor with added voice-over.

May I use your noise generator sounds in a game or a documentary? I mean, for free, but sure, myNoise will be credited. No, myNoise sound generators are not available for free, nor under a CC:BY-like license.

I am a doctor and want to use your noise generators as a treatment for my patients. Do I need to ask for permission? Using this website at your office or in your practice, will require a license. However, recommending this website to your patients, and having your patients use our generators privately at home, is totally free.

Your Jungle Noise is awesome. Can we use it for our next movie soundtrack? Not for free.