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Winds of the Sahara
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Desert Winds, Take 2

After being thrilled by Villeneuve's movie Dune, I went back to my archives and dusted off some field recordings I did in 2015 in the Sahara Desert, to hear those wind sounds again. These recordings have already been exploited in Desert Winds, an early myNoise generator. At that time, I was obsessed by recreating the classic noise colors - white, pink, and brown - and used a resynthesis technique to ensure that the generator could be calibrated, not only to those spectral colors but also to the listener's hearing. This process was, unfortunately, not entirely sonically transparent, though most listeners didn't notice anything wrong with the sound generator.

Since then, I have found new ways to apply the calibration without compromising the audio quality. I am, therefore, happy to republish these desert noises, in a different format and with premium audio fidelity this time. Compared to the original generator, each slider now offers a full-bodied sound, whereas the original offered narrow frequency bands, like an equalizer.

And now, protect your face with a turban, and get out of your tent to see the sandstorm coming on the horizon.

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  This is the first 'custom noise' I have tried and it is truly amazing. It gives me that feeling of safety and comfort and works as great background noise to write my thesis!

  Desert Wind was always one of my favourites. This has a powerful warmth behind it - the five channels on the right are incredibly dynamic! Thank you. The element of Air rules all.

  An unexpected favorite of mine. Been listening to this for hours for sleeping or just trying to add flavor to an otherwise quiet room.

  Blending this with the flap noises on paraglide and a slight amount of desert wind, perfect dune escape, thank you! From a fellow wind lover.

  Thanks a lot for this one, I was listening to Desert Winds since seeing the new Denis Villeneuve's Dune. A true gift, thanks!

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