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Desert Wind
Frequency-Shaped Wind Noise Generator
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The Sahara is a very silent place... until wind blows!

We often hear wind as only wind, and find it a challenge to interpret and describe the vast variety of sound it can have: wind through the leaves, over the sea, throughout desert sands. In many languages, the vocabulary doesn't exist to accurately describe a sound. There are barely no names for timbres, meaning the colors of sound, such as 'white' noise. Take the sound of the Sahara Desert — now demonstrated to you — and its trickling of sand particles carried on dry, hot winds. What sound color could it be?

A few words about sound colours and myNoise generators. This sound generator is calibrated, which means that if sliders are all horizontal, its output will resemble to a a pink-like noise. Since this does not replicate the original sound recording, the default slider curve has been altered to recreate the audible environment of the Sahara. Now you understand how myNoise works: what you hear here is the result of a re-synthesis, controlled by the sliders. And as these sliders are under your control, you can experiment and recreate any sound color you want as well, including the many ones that haven't been named yet.

Published by Stéphane on November 30th, 2015

User Stories

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  The colour I see in it is tan. Maybe a little bit darker.

  Love this one! The default position of the sliders looks like a sand dune. Coincidence? :)

  I have pretty bad tinnitus, to the point that the sound of mouse clicks sometimes hurt. This soundscape (combined with the one with bamboo chimes) allow me to manage both my tinnitus and my tendencies to get sensory overloaded.

  It wasn't until I muted this tab that I realized how soothing this noise generator is. Great for staying focused or dreaming of a land with two moons. Long live the fighters!

  This is such a relaxing sound. I love turning up the bass end of the spectrum and pairing it with The Pilgrim with slider animation on. Great for studying!

  It reminds me of when I went to the Sahara when I was 5. Feel the hot air and see the endless landscape of sand dunes. You're in.

  I hear nature's music, again. It's undefiled, firm, yet gentle, and it blows away any negativity. It brings tears to the corners of my eyes or is it the sand?

  This also works very well for snowy day -- windy is windy, and the high parts can easily be imagined as snowflakes blowing over and bouncing off the frozen snow covered ground and through the bare trees.

  My tinnitus is close to 8hz. So I use this and my calibration and it's a really nice T mask. Thanks!

  Peaceful and calming, helps me sleep alot!

  Desert Wind and Duduk Song work so well together, the melancholy of the duduk and the vast wind scape combined with the timbre sand drizzle create a vivid picture in my mind. I've drifted away into 1001 Dreams in so many restless nights and I never grow tired of it.

  This reminds me of windy days up at my cottage :D

  Perfect with Bagpipes, such a nice atmosphere of isolation.

  Thank you for your amazing work over the years <3 This website deserves so much more attention!

  I pair this with a personalised Canyon Drone for an ethereal, all-encompassing soundscape. It's so relaxing and beautiful.

  Combining this with Mournful Chimes, Wooden Chimes and Canyon Drone then animating them makes a mystical environment to escape to when you're at the office.

  With some settings this is really close to the sound of someone breathing on a microphone. I'm getting goosebumps but it's a really amazing and relaxing atmosphere at the same time!

  Trying to block out the neighborhood leaf-blowers. I think this is it.

  When I need to study for my CCNA exam, that is the best way, by far, to be 100